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Anne Rice Books

Anne Rice is a bestselling author whose works include Interview with the Vampire, The Queen of the Damned and Christ the Lord. She is considered to be one of the world's leading vampire writers. Her novels have sold millions of copies worldwide and she has won numerous awards for her writing.

Anne Rice is famous for her series of vampire novels. She started publishing her first novel in 1976 and has written dozens of books since then. Many of her novels have been adapted into films such as Interview with the Vampire (1994), The Feast of All Saints (1996) and Let Me Live (2000).

Rice's work has inspired other authors to write similar stories. For instance, Stephen King wrote his own vampire novel called Thinner (1981). Other popular vampire fiction includes Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, True Blood by Charlaine Harris and Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about Anne Rice books and how they can benefit your reading habits.

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Anne Rice Books

Anne Rice has been writing since she was just 14 years old, but her first book wasn't published until 1989. Since then, she has written over 20 novels, as well as several short stories and nonfiction works. She also writes under the pen name Anne Rice. This list contains her complete bibliography, along with links to where you can purchase her work online.

What Are Anne Rice Books?

Anne Rice was born Anne Rampling in London in 1947. She lives in New Orleans with her husband Christopher Bram and their two children.

Interview Vampire

He is a vampire who drinks blood to survive but cannot feed without killing his victim first. In the film version he appears as Louis de Pointe du Lac, portrayed by Tom Cruise.

Books Order

In this story, a young woman named Victoria goes into a bookstore and asks for some books about vampires. She picks up several titles, including "Vampires" by Anne Rice. After she leaves the shop, she finds herself pursued by a man who wants to buy all these books at once.

Who Needs Anne Rice Books?

Anne Rice has been writing since she was a teenager. She started her career with short stories and poetry before moving on to novels. Her Vampire Chronicles series includes Interview With the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, and The Mummy. While these works were originally published separately, they now appear in one volume called Anne Rice's Vampires.

In addition to being a writer, Rice is also a professor of English literature. She teaches at the University of New Orleans where she lives with her husband and two cats.

Rice is best known for her vampires. These creatures are immortal beings who feed off human blood. Their existence is controversial because they are considered monsters by most humans. However, they are viewed differently by other supernatural races such as witches and warlocks. Some believe that vampires are simply misunderstood while others view them as evil. Still others see them as heroes.

The Vampire Chronicles are set in modern times. Most of the characters live in Louisiana. Others live in France and England. All of them are connected through family ties. Many of the characters have had past relationships with each other. This allows readers to follow the story closely.

While the main character in the series is Louis de Pointe du Lac, he isn't the only vampire in the book. He shares his life with Claudia, Lestat, Armand, Marius, and Mekare. Each of these characters has its own unique personality. Readers learn about them over time.

First, she writes very fast. Second, she knows how to use dialogue effectively. Third, she uses vivid descriptions to bring her characters to life. Fourth, she creates interesting plots. Fifth, she makes her characters likable. Finally, she doesn't shy away from controversy. As a result, her books sell millions of copies every year.

Her books contain graphic sex scenes. But, she does not shy away from showing violence either. She describes the pain and suffering experienced by her characters. This gives her books a realistic quality.

Her books aren't for everyone. Some readers dislike the subject matter. Others think that the language is too strong. Still others complain that the plot moves too quickly. But, if you enjoy reading about vampires, then you'll probably enjoy her books.

Anne Rice is an American novelist. She began her career as a poet and short story writer. Then, she moved on to novels.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Anne Rice Books

I love her Vampire Chronicles series. She writes about vampires who have lived for hundreds of years, yet they remain human. They live among us, yet they do not age. They feed off of blood, yet they cannot die. Anne Rice is a master storyteller. Her novels are filled with suspense, romance, mystery, and intrigue. You want to read every word she ever wrote. So, if you haven't already done so, go buy a copy of her latest novel, Interview with the Vampire. It's available now. Read it and fall in love with it just like I did.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any articles online that discussed her character. Instead, I decided to write about the importance of buying quality books. Why? Because I believe that we should treat books the same way we would treat people. We shouldn't take them for granted. Books are expensive. They cost money. And, sometimes, we may even lose them. So, when we purchase a book, we should try to ensure that we are getting a quality product.

I recently bought two copies of Anne Rice's newest novel, An Evil Cradle. One of the reasons I chose to buy this particular book was because it had a beautiful cover. The cover art is stunning. It depicts a young man sitting alone in a dark alleyway. He looks sad. His eyes are closed. His head rests against his knees. A girl walks past him. She smiles at him. He doesn't smile back.

Features To Consider When Buying Anne Rice Books

Anne Rice has been writing about vampires since her first novel was published in 1976. She's written more than 30 novels, including The Vampire Lestat series, Interview With the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, and many others. Her most recent book, "The Tale of the Body Thief, " came out earlier this year.

Rice says she writes primarily to entertain readers who enjoy reading about vampires. But she also hopes they learn something new about themselves along the way. In fact, she says she gets letters from fans telling her how much her work helped them understand their own lives better.

I'm always amazed at how much my books touch people, Rice said. They say I've changed their lives.

She says she doesn't write about vampires just for the sake of being controversial. Rather, she tries to explore issues such as religion, race, gender, and sexuality through her characters.

Read reviews. This gives you a chance to ask questions before you spend your hard-earned cash.

Look for a bargain. Many times, Rice's books sell well enough to warrant multiple printings.

Check the cover art. Some Rice titles feature striking covers that can give you a clue about the story inside. Others are simple black-and-white illustrations that show little detail. Be wary of those that appear to be cheaply produced.

Be careful with audio versions. While audiobooks are convenient, they often lack the visual cues that can help you follow along during a difficult passage.

Different Types Of Anne Rice Books

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series is one of my favorite reads ever. I've read every book in the series multiple times and am always excited to see what happens next. Anne Rice has written a number of non-vampire related works including two cookbooks. She has also published three novels under her own name. Here are five of my favorites.

I love how Anne Rice takes classic fairy tales and makes them her own. Her vampires are powerful and mysterious creatures that live among us. Their stories are told through the eyes of Louis de Pointe du Lac. He is a young man who becomes a vampire after his mother dies. His story follows him throughout life as he struggles to understand why he was turned. He meets other vampires and learns about their lives. Eventually he finds himself becoming romantically involved with Claudia, a human woman who falls in love with him. Together they travel across America encountering various supernatural beings. Along the way Louis discovers that he is part of a long line of vampires dating back hundreds of years. He eventually realizes that he is destined to become the leader of the vampire race.

This novel tells the story of Vittorio Ricca. He is a wealthy Italian businessman who travels to New Orleans to meet with a friend. During his stay he gets caught up in a murder investigation involving a voodoo priestess named Lilith. When she is murdered, Ricca begins to suspect that someone close to him might be responsible. He soon uncovers a plot by a group of witches to use him to resurrect a demon called Memnon. Ricca teams up with a detective named John Madden to stop the ritual. They discover that the witches plan to sacrifice a child to bring Memnon back to Earth. Ricca tries to save the child but fails.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Anne Rice Books

What is an anne rice book?

Anne Rice's first novel was published in 1976 when she was 23 years old. Since then, she has written more than 20 novels, including her most recent release, Interview With A Vampire. Anne Rice is best known for writing about vampires, but she has also written about werewolves, witches, angels, demons, ghosts, and even mermaids!

Who Wrote The Anne Rice Books?

She co-wrote Interview With A Vampire with Richard Laymon, and she wrote the screenplay for the movie version of Interview With A Vampire. Her husband, Christopher Rice, helped her write the screenplay for the movie.

When Did Anne Rice Start Writing?

In 1969, Anne Rice started writing stories at age 12. By 1973, she had already sold three short stories to magazines like Playboy magazine.

Which anne rice books should I read first?

If you're new to Anne Rice, we recommend reading Interview With A Vampire. It's the first book in the series, and it introduces us to Lestat de Lioncourt, the main character of the entire series.

What Is The Difference Between The Anne Rice Books?

Each book in the series follows its own unique storyline. Each story features a different protagonist, and each book focuses on a certain type of supernatural being.

What Are The Anne Rice Books About?

The anne rice books focus on vampires, werewolves, and other types of monsters. They include:

Interview With A Vampire

This book tells the story of Louis de Pointe du Lac, a young man who becomes a vampire after he drinks blood from another vampire named Armand.

Queen Of The Damned

This book follows the life of Claudia de Lorelei, a woman who falls in love with a vampire named Armand. He turns out to be a serial killer, however, and his actions threaten to destroy their relationship.


Louis travels back in time to medieval France to meet his maker, Lestat de Lioncourt. He learns how to control his powers and eventually marries a mortal girl named Akasha.

Memnoch The Devil

After marrying Akasha, Louis discovers that he needs to feed off of human blood to survive. He begins hunting humans, and eventually kills a priest named Father Merrin. After this event, he loses his immortality and must spend eternity searching for a way to regain it.

Prince Of Darkness

Louis finally finds a way to restore his immortality, but he soon realizes that he will have to sacrifice himself in order to save humanity.


Louis' son, Marius, grows into a powerful vampire hunter. He helps Louis defeat Memnoch, and they fall in love.

The Tale Of The Body Thief

Marius and Louis travel to New Orleans during Mardi Gras to investigate rumors of a body thief. While there, they discover that a group of vampires are trying to resurrect Pandora, a legendary witch who died centuries ago.

The Witching Hour

Married to a mortal woman named Annette, Louis struggles to keep his true nature secret from his wife. Meanwhile, Marius battles against evil forces in New York City.

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