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American Made Toys

American Toys is a toy manufacturer based in New York City. It was founded in 1884 and remains family owned and operated. Today, the company produces a wide range of products ranging from educational toys to board games.

American Toys offers a number of unique toys that appeal to children of all ages. From building blocks to puzzles, American Toys provides kids with a wide array of options. If you’re interested in purchasing toys for yourself or someone else, check out our buyers guide to learn more about American Toys and how to shop for quality toys.

Shape Sorter Bench - Made in USA

Maple Landmark

The Shape Sorter Bench is a handy tool for people who want to organize their home. This bench features 4 different-shaped pegs, so you can accommodate multiple storage styles. It's made from locally harvested maple and comes with 3 each of the 4 different-shaped pegs. There's no paint or finish on this bench, just laser etched details. It measures 6.75" long, 4" wide, and 4" high with these dimensions. Made in Middlebury, Vermont, USA.

EveStone Reborn Baby Dolls Set, 22 Inch Realistic Newborn Real Life Baby Alive Dolls Girl with Giraffe Stuffed Animal, Lifelike Soft Silicone Babies Born Doll with 11PCS Interactive Accessories Toys


Do you want to give your kids a fun and stimulating way to learn about health and safety? Check out our EveStone Reborn Baby Doll! This lifelike soft silicone baby doll is perfect for playing doctor or nurse, and comes with everything needed for a complete first aid kit. Plus, the movable hands and legs make it easy to get the right angle when giving injections, and the included magnetic pacifier ensures that your child is always well fed. Order now and we'll throw in a free nursing bottle too!

Kidzlane Toddler Bath Toys | Water Toy Set of 2 Fishing Poles and 8 Rubber Ducks | Toddler Pool Toys for Kids Outdoor | Water Table Toy Learning Numbers, Shapes and Colors for Girls and Boys Ages 18M+


It's time to get out there and have some fun with the Kidzlane Toddler Bath Toys! This set includes two fishing poles and eight rubber ducks, all ready to go when you are. These easy-to-use toys are perfect for stimulating early childhood development, promoting hand-eye coordination and encouraging early math skills. Plus, they're BPA free, non-toxic and certified safe for kids to use. So why wait? Get out there and have some fun with the Kidzlane Toddler Bath Toys today!

Gizmovine 2Pcs Engineering Truck Toys Set, Excavator Toys with Lights and Sounds, Powered Dump Construction Vehicles for Boys Girls Kids, 1:16 Scale


Looking for a way to keep your kids entertained? Check out our selection of durable and high-quality toys! Our team at Gizmo's has been creating innovative and unique toys for over 20 years. We specialize in making toys that are both entertaining and educational, so you can enjoy playing with your child while also learning something new. So don't wait any longer, order your set today!

Uncle Goose Classic ABC Blocks - Made in The USA

Uncle Goose

Do you want to build a house of classic, stylish furniture? Check out the Uncle Goosestudio for the best selection of high quality, affordable pieces! Our custom made furniture is sure to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, so you can create the perfect look for your home. With our expertise in printing, cutting, and assembly, we are able to provide you with a great value. Don't miss out on this must-have piece of furniture!

Play Brainy Magnetic Toy Cars Set for Boys and Girls - Brilliant Educational Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Montessori Toy is Load of Fun & Helps with Developmental Skills - 42 Piece Set

Play Brainy

Your child will love playing with the PlayBrainy Magnetic Toy Car Set! This set includes 42 pieces of classic, magnetic toy cars that they can enjoy for years to come. The cars in this set are easy to assemble and disassemble, and each part is packed well to ensure that there are no missing pieces. Plus, the included storage bin ensures that all of the parts are easily kept together. Your child will love playing with this set for years to come!

Washable Kids Makeup Girl Toys - Non Toxic Real Kids Makeup Kit for Girls Nature Make Up Set for Child Toddler Children Princess Christmas Birthday Gifts Present for 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old Girls Gift

For Ideahome

Your child will LOVE playing with the For IdeaHome Kids Makeup Kit! It's easy to use and makes it fun to experiment with different looks. Plus, it's super affordable so you can try it out even if your budget isn't too tight. Your child will love playing with the colorful array of makeup accessories included in this kit.

LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train - Learn to Count 10954 Building Toy; Introduce Toddlers to Numbers and Counting; New 2021 (23 Pieces)


Introducing the LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train! This cool little train is packed with lots of great features, including a sleek design and plenty of bright colors that are sure to appeal to kids of all ages. Plus, it comes with 10 numbered bricks so you can learn how to count up to 100 without any hassle. Order your set today and experience the joy of counting with the LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train!

BOBXIN 15 PCS Baby Blocks Toys Soft Stacking Blocks Baby Sensory Ball Teether Infant Bath Toys Squeeze Play with Numbers Shapes Animals Fruit and Textures Toy for Babies Toddlers 6 Months


Your child will love playing with the BOBXIN 15 PCS Baby Blocks Toys! They're soft and easy to squeeze, so you can easily do some serious damage if you're not careful. Plus, they're super cute and look like real rocks, so your child will want to keep them forever. Order your set today!

GETIANLAI Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toys Shape Color Sorting Block Puzzles for Boys & Girls


Introducing the GETIANLAI Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toys Shape Color Sorting Table Top Puzzle! A fun and creative way to teach your child basic skills like counting, colors, and shapes. Made from high-quality wood, this puzzle is perfect for stimulating imagination and promoting hand-eye coordination. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure you're making a great investment with the GETIANLAI Wooden Educational Preschool Toddler Toys Shape Color Sorting Table Top Puzzle!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best American Made Toys

The rise of mass production has meant that today, almost every kid in America owns a toy - and not just any old toy either. These days, toys come in all shapes and sizes, and each type comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. This article will help you decide what kind of toy is best for your child, whether he/she likes playing outside or inside, and even what age group they fall into.

What Are American Made Toys?

American Made Toys are toys manufactured in America. They are typically more expensive than imported toys because they require higher quality materials, labor, and time to make. American made toys are also built to last longer, making them safer for children to play with. The best part about buying an American made toy is that you know where it was made! You will find many different types of American made toys including dolls, trucks, cars, trains, action figures, board games, and much more.

Who Needs American Made Toys?

Do you know where your toys were made? Most of us do. But did you ever wonder how they were made? Did you know that most toys are actually manufactured overseas?

In fact, only 10% of toys sold in America are made here. And only 3% of toys sold in China are made here. That's right - 90% of toys sold in this country are imported from other countries.

The sad truth is that American workers aren't paid enough to produce toys. As a result, we import toys from places like China and Mexico. We then sell these toys back to you at inflated prices. Then, we ship them back to our factories to be resold again.

After all, they can charge higher prices for toys that cost less to manufacture. However, it doesn't make any sense to consumers.

But there's another reason why Americans shouldn't support foreign imports. Toys that are made abroad are usually unsafe. Many of them contain lead paint and toxic chemicals. Some of them are even banned in other countries.

That's why it's time to stop supporting foreign imports. These two retailers offer products that are made in America. And they use safer materials.

Plus, they're affordable. When you purchase toys from these stores, you'll save money while helping to create jobs in America.

Don't let big corporations take advantage of you. Shop smart and boycott foreign imports. Support American made toys today!

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality American Made Toys

There are many reasons why buying American made products is so important. First off, most Americans believe that buying American made goods makes America great again. Secondly, by supporting American jobs, we are able to provide better working conditions and pay for employees. Finally, buying American made products supports small businesses like yours. So if you want to buy something that is truly American made, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for American Made Toys. When you purchase toys, try to find toys that were manufactured in the United States. This means that they were made in factories that employ American workers who receive fair wages and benefits. You'll notice that most toys sold in stores have "Made in China" stickers on them. These are usually placed on toys that are cheaply made overseas. While it may seem like a bargain, cheap Chinese made toys often cost less because they use lower labor rates. Unfortunately, the toys are often poorly constructed and lack durability. They tend to break easily and are often unsafe. On the other hand, toys that are made in the USA are typically durable, safe, and affordable. They are also designed to withstand rough play and last a lifetime.

Buy American Made Products. When you purchase items such as food, household supplies, and clothing, try to buy American made versions of those products. For example, instead of buying a product that says "Made in China", look for one that says "Made in USA". There are several websites where you can search for products that say "American Made".

Shop Local. Instead of going online to order your favorite toy, go to your local toy store and ask them about their selection. Toy stores often carry unique items that aren't available online. Plus, you can talk to the owner and learn more about how he/she operates his business. Ask questions about the manufacturing process and whether or not the company employs American workers.

Features To Consider When Buying American Made Toys

Made in America. When you're shopping for toys, you'll want to make sure they were made in America. That way, you know where your toy was manufactured and how many workers were employed during its production process.

American Made. Toys that say "made in China" may seem appealing, but they could actually be made overseas. The truth is, there isn't always a direct link between the country of manufacture and the quality of the product. In fact, Chinese manufacturers often cut corners to produce cheaper goods. This means their toys may not be as durable or well-designed as those produced in other countries.

Fair Trade. Another reason why you should only buy American made toys is because they support fair trade practices. Fair trade ensures that producers receive a living wage and that children who work in factories are treated fairly. These standards ensure that the toys you buy are ethically sourced.

Durable. Toy makers must adhere to strict safety regulations. They must test toys for durability and strength, ensuring that kids' toys are sturdy enough to withstand rough play. Additionally, toy makers must follow child labor laws to protect young workers.

Environmentally friendly. Many companies now source their materials from sustainable sources. This means they're using resources responsibly and protecting our environment. Some companies even recycle old toys to create new ones.

Innovation. As technology advances, toy makers constantly strive to improve upon existing designs. By investing in research and development, toy makers are able to develop innovative toys that appeal to kids today.

Quality. Quality control is another important factor when purchasing toys. Companies must inspect each toy for defects and ensure that it meets industry standards. They must also conduct rigorous testing to ensure that toys are free of harmful chemicals.

Safety. Safety is one of the most important factors when buying toys. Children shouldn't be allowed to play with toys that pose a choking hazard or that contain sharp edges. Toys must also be tested for lead content and phthalates, which can cause cancer.

Different Types Of American Made Toys

The United States is known for its manufacturing prowess. We produce everything from cars to computers to clothing. But did you know that we also manufacture toys? Yes, America makes toys! Here are some of our favorite American Made Toys.

Toys. Tons of toy companies are located right here in the US. From Fisher Price to Mattel, every company produces toys that are manufactured in the USA. Toy makers use materials produced by local manufacturers to create toys that are safe and durable. For example, Fisher Price uses plastic that was molded in Pennsylvania. Mattel uses metal parts that were stamped in California.

American Cars. When it comes to car making, the United States leads the pack. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan all make vehicles that are built in the states. All of these companies rely heavily on domestic suppliers to build their cars.

American Apparel. American Apparel is a clothing manufacturer that relies on domestic production. Their clothes are made in Los Angeles, New York, and Mexico.

American Crafts. American craftsmen craft beautiful furniture and home decor items. Companies like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Pier 1 sell products that are crafted in the USA.


Frequently Asked Questions About: American Made Toys

What are American Made Toys?

American made toys are toys manufactured in America. They are often referred to as "Made in USA" toys.

Where Can I Buy American Made Toys?

You can purchase American Made toys at your local toy store. Many stores will have a section dedicated to American Made toys.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Buying American Made Toys?

Buying American Made toys helps support our economy. When we make things here in America, we create jobs. These jobs pay well and provide good wages for those working hard to produce quality products.

Does the CPSC test every single toy?

No, they don't. Only about 1% of all toys sold in the U. S. are tested by the CPSC.

Who Tests The Rest Of The Toys?

Most toys are tested by third-party companies. There are two types of testing organizations: independent testers and government agencies.

Independent Testers

These testers inspect toys for defects like broken parts, missing pieces, and sharp edges. They also check toys for compliance with federal regulations.

What Happens When A Toy Fails Cpsc Testing?

If a toy fails CPSC testing, then it cannot be imported into the U. S. If the product was already in the country, then the company responsible for importing the product would be required to recall the product.

What Happens When A Toy Passes Cpsc Testing But Isn'T Labeled As Being American Made?

This means that the toy has been produced in another country and shipped to the U. S. without passing through customs. The manufacturer is responsible for recalling the product once it arrives in the U.

What Happens When A Toy Passes Cpsc Testing But Doesn'T Say It's American Made?

This means that the toy has been produced outside of the U. S., but the manufacturer claims that the toy is made in the U. The manufacturer is responsible for recalling the product once it reaches the U.

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