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Amcrest Security Cameras

Security cameras are essential tools for protecting your property against theft. If you live in an apartment building, you may already have a surveillance system installed. But if not, you might consider installing one yourself. It could prevent potential burglars from breaking into your house while saving you hundreds of dollars.

Amcrest security cameras are affordable and easy to install. This means that anyone can set up a system without having to hire a professional installer. Plus, they work well in almost any environment. That includes indoor and outdoor settings.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about Amcrest security cameras and how to select the best ones for you.

Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera, Varifocal 8MP Outdoor POE Camera Dome, Security Camera, 2.7mm~13.5mm Lens, IP67 Weatherproof, IK10 Vandal Resistant, MicroSD Recording (IP8M-VD2793EW)


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera! This top-of-the-line camera is perfect for capturing high-quality images and videos. With its wide viewing angle and long-lasting battery life, this camera is sure to capture all those precious moments in stunning detail. Plus, it works with our cloud backup service so you can always retrieve your footage should anything happen to your computer or device.


This 4K Ultra HD dome camera is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and will last for years. The weatherproof housing has been tested to withstand rain, snow, sleet, and extreme heat. This dome camera features a 2. 8mm lens, which provides a wide viewing angle of up to 105 degrees. It also features a CMOS 1/2. 7" 8MP progressive CMOS image sensor for superior low-light performance. The camera comes with a powerful IR LED for night vision up to 98 feet. The camera is equipped with a MicroSD card slot for recording high-quality video. The camera is also compatible with a variety of mounting options including wall mounts, pole mounts, and floor mounts. It is powered by an AC adapter or a battery pack. Optional wireless options are available for even easier setup. The camera is compatible with a variety of NVRs including the Amcrest Pro and Pro Lite.

Amcrest reconsidered. I have consulted with our technicians, and they have assured me that our firmware updates are working correctly. This is most likely caused by the power being disconnected during the installation process. The firmware update was done via the web interface while the camera was still mounted on my house, connected to an Amcrest POE injector installed in my garage, and continuously powered so I am not sure how the power could possibly have been interrupted. The purchase of a replacement camera is an excellent move. Due to the update to the firmware, the camera is stuck in a reboot loop. The camera was working perfectly until I pressed the Upgrade button on my browser to update the firmware to V2.622.00AC000.0.R.201022.bin. The camera starts up, displays live video for a few seconds, then reboots. I contacted Support. They were not able to resolve the problem. They suggested that I contact the RMA group, which I did. The camera was purchased one year and six months ago, so the warranty expired. Amcrest does not warranty firmware updates. Perhaps it was a coincidence that the camera failed during the firmware update. The problem did not have anything to do with the firmware itself. I've had experience with this camera, and I believe that it would have worked flawlessly today if I had not installed Amcrest's latest firmware on it. I will not update the firmware of any of my Amcrest camera. I have been using Amcrest IP cameras for several years now for home and business security. I bought this camera to be my primary camera covering my driveway and front yard. It has an 112 degree field of view, which is perfect for my application. The daytime 4K video is amazing but I was surprised by the great night vision quality compared to the other models I have used. I highly recommend this camera. This is a POE camera, with an optional 12V power connector. I chose Amcrest's POE Injector for ease of installation. I just connected an Ethernet cable from my network to the DIN port on the injector. Then connected the camera to the injector with a second cable. I am very pleased to discover that the Weather Seal has been redesigned so that Ethernet cables and RJ45 connectors can fit through the seal cap, allowing premade cables to work great. The camera has numerous options for where video is recorded. I would prefer to have a copy locally stored on the camera. It requires the installation of a micro SD card. I am using a Samsung 64GB 100MB/s Ultra3. The motion and sound trigger recording at the highest resolution, highest frame rate, and highest quality gives me about four days of stored video. Installing the SD card was more complicated than I had anticipated. Other Amcrest cameras have a small weather sealed panel that can be removed revealing the SD card slot. This camera requires removing both the back cover and the camera board inside. There are five screws to remove and it is not a difficult process, although the documentation is not very specific. I believe the problem is not as significant as this is a single task. This is a very straightforward procedure that will lead you through the whole process stepbystep. When the event was finished I could view it from almost any location. I can also play back the recorded recordings as well. In addition to the app on my phone, I use Amcrest Surveillance Pro on my PC. The application is free and is the primary way I monitor multiple cameras simultaneously during the day. Once the camera was set up, I went through the extensive customization options provided by the camera. Amcrest has done an excellent job of providing you with access to virtually every aspect of the cameras operation. I went through the more detailed configuration options to specify motion detection recording and sound detection. The options are excellent. You can specify the hours and days that you want motion detection to be active, the thresholds for the amount of motion required to trigger the recording, and likewise, sound detection allows you to define your schedule and threshold by viewing a live graph showing the sound level. Once the sun came down, I was able to check the night vision capabilities of the camera. It was obvious that this camera does a better job than the three or four MP models from Amcrest. I do not have a problem seeing people walking 70 feet away from one another, whether or not they are due to the new Starlight sensor, or the improved builtin IR illuminator. The camera maintains a good shutter speed, so moving people or cars are not blurry. I like the night vision performance because the builtin microphone is very sensitive. I have no issues hearing people in my yard barking and birds singing sirens, among others. The camera has a noise reduction option to filter some of the background noise. I found the audio quality to be better without noise reduction. Overall, this is a wonderful, versatile camera. The Daytime 4K video performance is excellent, Night vision is great, and the audio recording is impressive. It is very good at home and away from home. The PC app works well, but I would say that it is due for an update. Alternatively, Amcrest recommends purchasing Blue Iris software which works well with their cameras. This is an excellent value considering the features and performance this camera offers for a relatively little extra cost.

I already own the same type or the model, but it is from Hikvision. I needed to increase the view angle of the driveway, so I replaced an extra fourmm with the new 2.8mm. It is connected to BlueIris CCTV software and is highly recommended if you have a spare PC with the recommended specs. The picture quality is good. It has a builtin microphone. To change the on screen location of date and time, you will have to connect to the camera using the web browser. It was okay until I was informed that you need a plugin. The pluggable link on the webpage redirects you to the PDF document. After talking to the support staff, they said that I need the SeaMonkey browser which is an open source browser. With that I was able to view the video feed in the browser and then realign the time stamp. The SeaMonkey webpage stated that the browser will be discontinued in the future. That will be interesting. I hope Amcrest is working on a solution. You can ignore the previous paragraphs if you are only connecting the camera to a DVR. An additional point is a PoE switch for a camera. You will need either a 12V power supply or an Ethernet plug for the cam. I saw a negative review complaining that he has to purchase a PoE switch or a power adapter.

This is a 4K camera, with a nice quality. I changed out one of my two thousand camera and it was as simple as unplugging an RJ45 connector and plugging it back into this camera. The resolution is very high. I got more viewing area that my previous camera. The night vision is good, even though there are no visible IR LEDs. I also have cameras with red glowing IR lights that are visible during the night and can give away the presence of a camera. Grab the camera and turn any direction that you need. The best upgrade was the integrated one way audio. I have a camera at my front door, so I can hear everything. There is no additional setup or wiring required. The PheE connection allows for it. The quality of the camera construction feels very strong.

For medium to far security, this is one of my favorite Amcrest 4K fixed lens cameras. The camera and the IR are separated to prevent debris or pollen reflecting back from the dome. I prefer the IR fill, especially that which is 5-30 yards wide, in contrast to most domes that provide a fuller view at night. I am still comparing moving object captures in daytime and night conditions, but I think they will also be a little better than the dome cameras I have tried. The camera aim is much easier with one Allen screw to loosen the turret for positioning. The other cameras required the unscrewing of three dome screws to remove the cover and adjust the camera. Be mindful of the IR led positions to eliminate housing reflection into the lens. I will update with images, to compare.

It is an excellent external camera with high definition, power over Ethernet, and one way audio. The quality of the video is superior to domed cameras, such as Amcrest cameras. The infrared emitter is unobstructed by any glass, so there is no back glare in the dark. It is useful for gathering additional information because of the one way audio. The best use case would probably be to provide a backup or complement to your video door bell to provide a broader situational awareness. The Amcrest camera was a replacement for the older PoE camera so the Ethernet wiring was already in place. A feature of Amcrest cameras, is the ability to record videos onto a micro SD card. You may want to consider remote storage without power adapters, but perhaps also consider cloud recording. The setup would be difficult if your PoE hub isn't in an accessible location or if you don't have another external camera power adapter available. It appeared compatible with my previous Amcrest external wifi camera's power adapter. It is not theftproof, so do not mount it in an easy to reach spot. The design of this hardware configuration caused us to lose the quality of night vision, but we still lose color. Lowlight technology in surveillance cameras makes images more lifelike and colors in darkness. If you already have an external POE hub and wiring installed, you might find this feature useful for identifying suspects. The 1-way audio allows you to listen to what is going on in the field of view with reasonable fidelity. It does not have a speaker and you cannot talk through the app. The best use case is as a backup to your video door bell.

Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom AI IP PoE Camera, Varifocal 8MP Outdoor IP POE Camera Bullet, Face Detection, Human & Vehicle Detection, 2.7mm~13.5mm Lens, IP67, 5X Optical Zoom, (IP8M-VB2896EW-AI)


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom AI IP PoE Camera! With its wide lens and high resolution, it can capture clear pictures even at long distances. Plus, the built-in infrared LED and human/vehicle detector make it easy to use regardless of the lighting conditions. And the best part? The Amcrest Cloud remote video backup service lets you securely store your footage off-site in case of a disaster. So why wait? Get the Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom AI IP PoE Camera today!


The Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome Outdoor Security Camera is a high resolution 3840x2160P (2160TVL) camera that provides best in class video quality and clarity. Crystal clear night vision allows the camera exceptional video quality even in low light or night time conditions. The heavy duty metal outdoor IP67 Weatherproof can endure even the harshest climates. Connect your Amcrest 4K camera to an Amcrest 4K DVR to view record and playback video from anywhere in the world in superior 4K UltraHD resolution. Amcrest 4K Camera is compatible with the following Amcrest DVRs ASINs: B07R6TBM7Y B07HPB7D9F B07HPCYLQ5. Not compatible with 3rd Party DVRs. Built in microphone allows for one way audio.

I purchased these cameras for my perimeter and some less expensive dome cameras for my interior. I have been replacing less expensive domes with these quality units one by one. The camera housing and mounting devices are made of metal to protect them from electromagnetic interference without disturbing the function of the camera. It's simple. IR Illuminator Lights are strong but intelligent. Bullet cameras utilize an infrared beam of energy that is focused on hot spots. They have a wide focal angle with no hot spots and no intensity is reflected in the infrared light source. You can use it with a quality monitor or HD television. There is a world of difference between these units and most other consumer related dome or bullet cameras. Image definition. You'll immediately recognize the difference in image quality. Additionally the IR photosensor which turns on the IR is not as sensitive as other cameras I've had. The result is that the image is displayed in color, and that coloration is truly spectacular and defined. You should not invest in lesser priced cameras, invest in quality.

It has an excellent sound. I have the ability to hear anything. I enjoy that it captures a wide variety of images. We have owned the same quality of cameras for years, and have always been satisfied with the quality of the camera and its support.

This is my only 4k camera right now, and it is far clearer than my 5mp cameras.

Grace was polite and helpful when we had problems with setup of Amcrest cameras.

Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom AI IP Camera, Varifocal 8MP Outdoor IP POE Camera Dome, Face Detection, Human & Vehicle Detection, 2.7mm~13.5mm Lens, IP67, 5X Optical Zoom, (IP8M-VD2893EW-AI)


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom AI IP Camera! This top-of-the-line camera features human detection and vehicle detection, plus the ability to filter out unwanted events. Plus, it comes with face detection and night vision up to 131.2 ft. And it's easy to use - just connect it to your WiFi and then download the free Amcrest cloud app.


This Amcrest has a two-year warranty and is backed by a dedicated team of experts who are ready to help you 24/7/365. Product Features:1. 8GHz Quad Core Processor and 128GB SSD Storage. 2. 4GHz Dual Band WiFi. 802. 11ac Wave 2 wireless technology with dual antennas for the best range and reliability. 3. 5mm stereo headset jack. 8CH recording (HD, SD, and 2MP Photo). 10/100Base-T LAN. USB port. Built-in speaker. Built-in microphone. Remotely view live video and playback on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. QR code scanner. 4 x 5MP IP Camera (2592x1944). IP67 rated. Starlight illumination and mic. Motion detection. 1-year limited warranty.

I utilized two 4K Amcrest POE cameras, two Reolink 4MP POE cameras with Blueiris, Wyze V2 cameras, and Eufy cameras. Blueiris is a wonderful software. This is a very simple system. They work directly from the start. Cameras The bracket and mount for the camera is extremely easy to install. I will choose the easy installation. Due to my wire configuration, I had to install sideways for two of the cameras. They are correctly oriented, since the image was rotated 180 degrees. The only issue is the pictures stretch out when I make the fit to screen. I did not know what is not supported. I conducted a quick Google search. I found that my television is not up to date, nor does it display high definition images. When I switched the television to a monitor, the NVR was set up quickly and easily. I have trouble setting up an alarm. I set up an alarm and they appeared, but only for a short time and then it went away. The actual messages have disappeared, however the message screen is still up. I do not see a way to set them up so that alarm messages do not go away until I delete them. The motion detector detects every bit of pixel shifts of the scene. I understand why every moment can cause motion detection to go off because these cameras are not AI capable as Eufy is. I like that Wyze will highlight the motion in green boxes to show what caused the camera to trigger. It would be easy to track the reason of motion alerts if Amcrest could implement something similar to it. When I turned on the face detection in the app, it turned on and saved the setting. I have not noticed any facial detection. I see only normal motion detection. I find that taking pictures is helpful when sifting through a video. I hope that they are useful.

I installed all of my equipment and powered it up. The region was set to Uzbekistan and English, but the colors had gone gray and could not be changed. I was able to change it using the web browser. I log in to the web admin, set region correctly, checked NVR firmware and the site was up to date. I looked into the cameras and it was obvious they needed an update. The hardest part was finding the appropriate camera firmware to download. I really like that you could update all the cameras from one central location. The setting up cameras in Blue Iris was easy simply provide the IP address and login information and it detected the first camera quickly and gave me a picture. The settings of the first camera were copied and edited, and the subsequent cameras were also simple. The cameras are well built and give a clear picture in Blue Iris. The way the camera attaches to the wall bracket seems firm enough, but I probably would have preferred a screw to make theft of the cameras a little more difficult. The supplied cables have ends that did not fit the waterproof coupler that comes with each camera. I was able to cut away the strain relief with a knife and the coupler then worked perfectly. The NVR has quite comprehensive features. I found the only thing that I did not like, was the ability to fast forward through sections of recording. The manual is lacking and there is no builtin assistance. I recommend a camera system that is similar to this, I find the picture quality better in the daylight and night time.

After my cousin was impressed by the responsiveness of my blue iris system and Amcrest system, I installed this product in his home. We had to drill holes in his walls to run the CAT5e cabling from his bedroom to the living room where we placed the NVR. We connected his NVR to his 75inch 4K television and it gave an impressive image. The image given over the included Amcrest View Pro software is crisp and fluid. The lighting situation on my cousin's porch is complicated because the porch light is always on. A Circle K located across the street with extremely bright lighting. Amcrest's OSI is more responsive than some other systems I have used. I also like that it maintains full ONVIF compatibility, allowing you to be as creative with your setup as you want. You can completely disable the P2P features, run the camera system on a separate, internal network with no internet connectivity, and set up your own NVR system using the software of your choice. This is important because the camera system you have mounted on your walls may exist longer than the company you purchased from. This is the third Amcrest camera system I have installed in the past two years. This one uses all Amcrest manufactured hardware. The other two are a hybrid system using Blue Iris, Amcrest NVR and Amcrest Cameras. They are now my best recommendation for work and at home surveillance.

This is a great NVR and camera package. I had the standalone NVR (NV4108HS) nonethernet version of this and a few cameras. This would be a good option for you if you are considering a nonethernet version. I have a full system Ubiquiti network, and the cameras are having difficulties connecting to my Ethernet switch. With this one, there is no problem whatsoever. Connect the cameras to the NVR and they are working. Additionally, the NVR was supplied with a hard drive. The NVR has an easy to use and intuitive setup wizard. I found it was very convenient because it was already installed. The NVR will take you through the necessary steps to set it up, including adding the cameras, when it goes to power on. You are ready to go. Mine came with the newer firmware, however, upgrading the firmware is not too difficult. Newer NVRs have much better user interfaces than analog NVRs. It makes them an attractive option to many of the subscription based cameras such as Nest, Arlo, Wyze, and many others. I enjoy having the recorded video stored locally and being able to use them without paying anyone. During setup of the NVR, it guides you through a peer to peer setup of their Amcrest View PRO app that allows you to access your NVR remotely. Amcrest facilitates a secure connection between your device and the NVR without subscription fees. The best thing about this is that you do not have to open any ports or anything in your router. The connection is automated and transparent, but the notification system does need some work. You tell the app when you tap on the notification as they were comparable to my Nest Outdoor Cam and Wyze Cam. The IP5M cameras are excellent and have two open view options. Their low light performance is the reason they are so good. I really do not enjoy using infrared, however, you can see more detail without infrared, if you have enough ambient light. Recently, on my neighborhood Facebook page somebody posted a video of someone trying to break into a car. You might have seen the license plate had IR been turned off, it looked brightly reflections when it was turned on. The IP5M cameras work extremely well in low light conditions. The pictures are comparable to my Ubiquiti G4 Pro (440$). The cameras feature an excellent microphone that provides detailed audio when the audio filter is disabled. I would strongly encourage doing that, since the audio filter makes it sound as if the microphone is underwater. You can disable the camera's microphone filter in the camera's web interface. Speaking of cameras, the web interface. The NVR camera is accessible using the web interface. It may differ, but you will use a URL similar to this http://nvr-ip>,100. It is the NVR's IP address and then a port. You can see this if you use a browser to connect to the NVR and then select Cameras. I would suggest changing the password again after you have finished the setup. I believe you need to change the password before you add the cameras. The cameras have the default login. The camera's password will be updated once the cameras have been added. The camera's web interface is accessible even if you are not authenticated to the NVR. I cannot tell if the NVR runs hot, but it does run fairly quiet. With roughly seven cameras connected with IR running it was using around 35 watts as measured by my kill a watt meter.Performancewise I would feel pretty confident that this NVR could record from six to seven 4K cameras running at their full FPS and resolution. I connected five IP5M cameras and two IP8M cameras which recording at their highest resolution and maximum FPS and set to record constantly. It was only using approximately 55Mbps out of 88Mbps of its available bandwidth. Even though it does not sound difficult when recording, in an attempt to playback the recordings you may be able to select 1-3 channels, before it says over decode ability. I will search for cameras one at a time, so it is not the problem. It will not play the main stream from all of the cameras. It intelligently balances which stream it is showing in the matrix view pretty smart. I like playing recordings and found motion events easy to see in the yellow blocks on the timeline. Downloading videos is difficult. I would recommend using SmartPSS and then watching a video on YouTube entitled How to Playback and Export CCTV Video Using SmartPSS from Auckland Security Cameras. The method in the video works pretty well because the video is nice and clear. My favorite way to browse motion events is using the NVR itself. The Amcrest App will need many upgrades before its value can match those of its competitors. This NVR with a mobile app from Amcrest is a game changer because it is simple to configure and operate, offers motion notifications, and is connected to the internet through an embedded Ethernet bus. The IP5M cameras are the best value in Amcrest's lineup because of their quality and lowlight performance.

I own several Amcrest cameras as well as a few other brands. I have been using Blue Iris at home and an Amcrest NV4108HS 4K8CH NVR at a vacation home. I enjoyed the simplicity of the NVR at our vacation home. It also required more cameras at home so I decided to add this NVR kit containing four cameras. I already own a couple of the IP5M and T1179EW cameras so I knew they would provide a great picture and high performing starlights during the night, especially considering the price Yes, there are better performing cameras with larger sensors that perform best at night. But they cost roughly three times what these cameras do. With the NVR located at my vacation home, I knew what information I needed. It is the only difference that my other NVR did not include the POE ports. I prefer that setup, as it allows me to run one cat5/6 cable to the back of the NVR and use static IP addresses that I setup on my router. The camera webguis are easily accessible through a standard web browser. For example, you have to run all the cables back to the NVR from each camera versus only one cable from your router or switch, etc. However, you still have the option of adding other cameras to the NVR through its LAN port versus the POE ports, so it does still give you the same flexibility if you want it. My main router will give out addresses in the range of, while NVR addresses have their own IP range depending on your choice. For example, The camera webguis are not readily accessible through a web browser, because the IP address range is different from my router's range. You can access them if you log into the NVR from a PC or mobile device and click on the link next to the camera. It will open the webgui of the individual camera. In order to enable virtual host, please make sure that the checkbox for Virtual Host is checked on the Network page of the NVR. It's a way to resolve the address that is not in your router's range. I had no trouble accessing the cameras that were plugged into any of the POE ports other than Port 1. Amcrest uses a modified address, such as the NVR, plus a port number, to access each camera. In my port 1, the camera was given an internal IP address of There are many different options available for opening the browser port. It involves overriding the behavior of the browser you are using. Search Google Unblock Port 10080, which has workarounds for your browser. Regardless, it is something Amcrest should change with a firmware update that removes the use of that particular port. It is something Amcrest needs to address with a firmware update. The port range cannot be changed from within the NVR. If you're searching for top of the line nighttime low light performance, then you'll have to pay more and move up to cameras with larger sensors, such as a 1/1.8 image sensor at 4mp or 1/1.2 at 8mp, to get more low light capability at night. The amcrest IP5M-T1179Ew cameras included with this NVR kit have a 1/2.7 image sensor at 5 mp. The higher the resolution of a sensor, the less sensitivity it offers in low light. Unless you make the sensor larger to compensate for the extra pixels, over all this system works well and the cameras give a decent, midrange product quality picture. The majority of the user will be thrilled with the picture quality, both day and night.

Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome Outdoor Security Camera, 4K (8-Megapixel), Analog Camera, 164ft Night Vision, IP67 Weatherproof Housing, 6mm Lens, 55° Narrow Angle, Built-in Microphone, White (AMC4KDM6-W)


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome Outdoor Security Camera! This top-of-the-line camera features 8 megapixels, infrared LED illumination, and a long distance transmit range of up to 2296 ft. Plus, it comes with a separate purchase of the Amcrest 4K DVR, which you'll need to operate the camera.


This ultra HD outdoor POE IP camera features a heavy-duty metal weatherproof IP67 housing as well as a built-in IR LED and a low lux image sensor to achieve amazing low-light capability and night-vision up to 98. 4 feet. Dual H. 265/H. 264 compression allows for maximum encryption with the latest technology as well as backward compatibility with legacy platforms. This camera is compatible with Amcrest NVRs and has limited compatibility with third party NVR's. SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you automatically store your videos off-site in a third-party location hosted and secured by Amazon AWS.

I use Zmodo Ring and Wyze for my cameras. This camera is better than all the others. It has great pictures and options and this camera is very well built, with the most important component being the mount. The mount is very secure and feels beefy. Once set up, the camera has no movement. It also integrates with Alexa and is very easy to setup. Create an account and link it to it. There are many resolutions to choose from. This camera is designed to provide cloud storage, motion detection, and photo editing. It has support for the 720 resolution, and from 1280x720 up to 4MP. For the price, this camera allows you to reach the motion detection area. Please understand that before you buy this camera, it requires a Poe switch to be powered up. They are very inexpensive so it is not a problem to have. It is a well built camera and mount, so Amazon has a lot of nicely priced poe switches to choose from. It is larger than I thought but not huge.

I was not aware of installing a camera such as this. However, I knew I wanted a hardwired camera that would not require recharging or charging the batteries. I searched cameras on Amazon and YouTube and was able to uncover a PoE camera. It was simple to install. I used the Cat 6 cable from my camera to an additional item that I needed. I purchased a PoE switch on Amazon. A short coaxial cable to go from my router. I also purchased a 256GB SD card for continuous recording. I used the Amcrest Pro View software on my iPhone and tablet and the Amcrest Surveillance software on my desktop. In the past it was super simple to install but at the time it was a learning experience. I probably spent two hours installing the camera and setting it up, and another three or four hours getting to know the software. The website and Amcrest Quick Start Guide contain a lot of information. I would not have been pleased with a narrow view, but the wide angle lens is very beneficial. The higher resolution provides a nice view. I would recommend using the SD card for recording, because it makes me less liable for cloud services, but I still have the ability to view the camera remotely. Overall, I would not be happier with the camera and would recommend it for ease of installation and great view.

I really like the ability to switch to various quality modes, since that means that you do not necessarily require the bandwidth to play a video with the higher quality. Amcrest has an app that is compatible with Fire TV. You can see the whole camera body on the computer, your phone, and your TV. I have attached two photos of the camera view. I will need to dig more into it, since I want to try the length of all four ports used with cameras at the same time and expecting to be able to run up to 100ft each.

The price and quality of this camera makes it a good deal compared to more expensive brands. A higher resolution is going to be the best quality at a lower price. This camera is simple to set up. You can plug it in, run the app, find the camera, add it to the app, and view. The app for mobile devices is similar to the one you'll see across other brands. It seems to be a bit better, is easy to use and setup. Follow the instructions that Amcrest supplies with the camera. You would only need 30 minutes to get live viewing on your phone or computer. I tested the power over Ethernet (POE) and power directly to the camera if your switch does not have POE. Both worked great. The camera is hooked up to a Network Video Recorder but not to Amcrest and works great, which is a good option if you are looking to switch brands. Is it great to see Amcrest is ONIVF compliant? The only drawback is that the IR light is not the best for large outdoor areas at night. If you are trying to illuminate a large area in dark hours, try to find a model with more than 98 feet of IR distance. Amcrest has models that range in height from 131 to 164 feet. The distance range is in IR but the price is not great. Amcrest watermark video requires greater image quality and ease of setup.

I have installed over twenty Amcrest installations, and about ten installations of other types. The Amcrest camera is the most durable and produces the best quality picture The pictures were taken using the UltraHD 5MP Outdoor POE camera 2592 x 1944p during both day and night, in an environment that showcases the camera's quality. Both daytime and nighttime footage is exceptional. These cameras support native POE with the ability to get power using a wall-wart. The Cat5 Cable features the necessary components to provide water protection. The camera case and base are made of cast metal and have a single Allen bolt that allows for easy positioning of the camera. When the bolt is tightened, the camera will not move even in 40mph winds. The Night Floodlight does not have a red glow like my older, Vandal Proof, Amcrest. It is invisible at night, unless you know where to look. The lens and the light share a common optic but the lens is against the glass, which removes ghosting caused by internal reflection. In addition, the wavelength of light does not seem to attract insects. Both pictures were taken from a screenshot of the video, Night Time, was taken in the rain. The crispness of the video shows a solid 25fps to my NVR, and it also supports backup recording on the camera itself. This camera does not require a special plugin to access, which makes it much nicer than the older offerings. Motion detection is very sensitive which is a pain in the butt, but if you are utilizing a NVR, you can set up zones and adjust your own sensitivity. I did not check, however the camera might have a way to set up zones. Amcrest has a free app for you to view your camera on your Android and Iphone. It is necessary to poke through your firewall. Unless, you use their cloud service. I will be purchasing more of these cameras in the future, because I believe their price and performance is unparalleled.

2-Pack Amcrest UltraHD 5MP Outdoor POE Camera 2592 x 1944p Bullet IP Security Camera, Outdoor IP67 Waterproof, 103° FOV, 2.8mm Lens, 98.4ft Night Vision, 5-Megapixel, IP5M-B1186EW-28MM (White)


Protect your family and property with the Amcrest UltraHD 5MP Outdoor POE Camera! With its high quality and reliability, this camera is sure to keep you and your family safe. This powerful camera is perfect for capturing moments both large and small, and features a wide-angle lens for great viewing. Additionally, the simple, reliable design means you'll be able to use it with confidence for years to come. So why wait? Get the Amcrest UltraHD 5MP Outdoor POE Camera today!


The Amcrest ASH42 is designed to work with the Amcrest Smart Home app and must be configured to the SmartHome app. Limited Live-Viewing to Amcrest View Pro app after initial setup. Experience magnificent 4-Megapixel / 2560x 30fps) video on this wireless security camera. Features an extra-wide 101 viewing angle which allows you to cover more ground and keep more of what matters to you safe. Works with Alexa through Amcrest Smart Home Cloud. SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP The optional Amcrest Smart Home Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you automatically store your videos off-site in a third-party location hosted and secured by Amazon AWS. This way if something happens to your local PC/NVR/SDcard/NAS the footage will be safely recorded. SMARTER SECURITY Receive motion alert notifications and review footage via your smartphone with the Amcrest Smart Home app.

I a receptive to the value/price ratio. Hello dear readers, here is my review about this camera. I bought it for the inside of my garage because my garage door sometimes does not close. I also use Amazon Key Service and Delivery guys do not close the door sometimes, as I am a fan of Amcrest products. This one did not disappoint me as well. The quality is excellent. The camera body is made of plastic, but I would say it is some sort of ABS hard plastic. It is the same with the mounting bracket. The good news is that Amcrest includes a MicroSD card slot on board. So, even if you do not plan to get a cloud subscription or do not have an external NVR to record the footage you can simply plug in for example a 64GB memory card which can be purchased here on Amazon for $10 and set up an event recording scheduled recording or even continuous 24-hour recording. I was able to connect the camera to my Synology NAS for 24/7 Continuous Recording. The camera is equipped with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, which can be found inside. If your wireless network is not working or you just want to be safe turn your wi-fi connection off and use an ethernet cable. Overall, happy with the purchase and I would definitely recommend to friends.

I hope that this answers some questions about this camera. You need to download the Amcrest Home app to your phone to setup this camera. Amcrest Surveillance Pro could not access mine because of the initial setup on my wireless network. The Home app makes it really easy to do it. Once it is done, you no longer need that app. The application Surveillance Pro and Live View will allow you to tailor this camera to your desired specifications. I have all settings available to help set this up the way you want to use it. Yes, including setting a static IP. Yes, the product has an IP address, so it is an IP camera. It does not require a web page login, which is a requirement for many IP cameras for tuning purposes. Once it's on the network, it is not needed. Surveillance Pro or Live View will access it for you. The photo quality of the day is exceptional, with ideal coverage. To meet my needs, my f2.8 lens is perfect for 101 FOV. I enjoy Night Vision, but it is not great for that price range. It takes a while to understand the settings and what they do. Once you get it down, it works flawlessly as does the Live View phone app. I have finely gotten away from all the mix of oddball cameras using iSpy and decided on Amcrest, Rebadged Dauha's, which are very good cameras. I am very pleased with the quality of these cameras in all areas. It is highly recommended for the average residential use. Is it possible that a wireless camera will disconnect periodically? In my case, rarely, the placement of the router is crucial. It will reconnect with all of its original settings. I see where some folks complain about the motion detection. That is an issue with software, not the camera. The camera does not feature motion detection. I found an excellent software program for accurate motion on Amazon. Its AI driven and eliminates 99% of motion detection issues.

The night vision is very good. It is fantastic. One of the most important features for me is motion detection. It is necessary in order to inform me if I move in certain places, based on whether or not I am home. The motion detection for this camera is similar to my indoor PTZ camera. I was also able to use the Amcrest Smart Home app, which includes this camera. The Amcrest View Pro instructions call for a home automation solution. My favorite app is Amcrest Smart Home. This is more intuitive and modern. I use Amcrest View Pro as well, since it now has both my cameras added. The camera itself is very beautiful, together with reliability and great functionality. It looks nice and modern, very compact compared to similar cameras from other manufacturers, and feels very sturdy. I am pleased that the camera has never had to experience any damage, or bear any stress. The material is very strong and PEO, to that end, is very beneficial for this camera. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants a good feature set that is very reliable. I have always had amazing experiences with their support for queries.

I picked this camera up on 11th and 17th of September, 2030th of September, 2030th, and it was packaged well. The instructions were easy enough to follow to run the initial setup and connection to the Amcrest SmartHome app. The first few days, I had it connected via wifi to test the connection. The sound from the camera was clear. I formatted, installed a Micro SD card, and signed up for a free trial of the can recording. I really enjoy the motion detection in the app and the ability to select zones within the app to alert for motion detection. I do wish I was able to get the black one because I think it would have blended in better. I had no complaints regarding the physical design of the camera. After a while, and some connections issues, which I will address later, I connected the camera to Ethernet. It was fairly easy, but it would require a reset on the camera in order for it to be successful in connecting to a direct internet connection. Now I want you to consider the disadvantages. I had trouble connecting to the camera when I was not on the same network as the camera while connected to my wifi and hardlined to my internet. The connection issues I had were a major turnoff to me. Even though it is best on Ethernet, it is better on Wi fi because it is advertised as a WiFi camera. The camera's performance is good due to the quality of its video, the wide angle which it provides, the ability to listen in, and the night vision. I am not sure if I would recommend this camera to my friend until the problem with the streaming via an app is fixed, but overall, I am happy with the product. The app is streaming high definition video to my phone through the smarthome app, however, only if I am not connected to my workplace WiFi. I would pay approximately $50 for this product. I could also spend approximately $65, if the issue with the app connection was fixed.

The Amcrest SmartHome 4MP Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera Bullet is perfect for someone who wants an easy and quick setup. After ordering the camera on Amazon, I received it in less than two days. The camera arrived in the original box, not inside an Amazon box however, it was well packed and everything inside was intact. The box included the bullet style camera, the power cord, CAT5 cable, mounting screws, camera installation paper template, and a weatherproof housing for the CAT5 connection. The camera was extremely simple to setup, I didn't need to read any instructions. Before I started the camera, I opened the latch behind the unit so I could insert my SD card. There is no SD card included so be sure to purchase one when ordering the camera. Upon closing the latch, I noticed a rubber gasket seal the SD card and all the internal components from water. It is comforting knowing the camera is made to last and is not just advertising hype. After plugging the power cord in, I waited for the front lens to blink green. I already had the Amcrest Smart Home app from my other device so all I had to do was add the device using the QR code on the camera and enter my password.After testing the camera inside, I installed the camera on my porch using the screws it came with. This enables the installation of the camera onto any surface with ease. The power cord is approximately 9 to 10 feet long so if you plan to install the camera outside of 9 to 10 feet to the nearest outlet, make sure to get an extension cable. Intentionally, I installed the camera near an outlet, so I would not need an extension cable. The camera is affordable and has great features. I appreciate it being the first frame in a 4MP format. It allows me to see everything clearly without blurring it out. I was not used to 30 frames per second with my previous camera, and this is important because it makes the video smooth without lag. Even at night, I was able to clearly see my porch through the infrared lights. The 101 viewing angle is something I had not previously with my previous camera. Now I have access to the front side of my porch and do not have to select which side I would like to view. The Smart Home app features many features such as motion detection zones and more. I prefer to use an SD Card with no cloud service. The camera is very well constructed and will last me several years. This is a must, as it will ensure that you don't have to use a CAT5 cable to access your home and have access to an outlet that will allow you to install the camera using a decent Wi-Fi network.

Amcrest NightColor Turret AI IP POE Camera w/ 66ft Full Color Nightvision, Human/Vehicle Detection, Face Detection, Built-in Microphone, Cloud, 113° FOV, 2.8mm Lens, [email protected], IP4M-1048EW-AI


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest NightColor Turret AI IP POE Camera! It features human detection, vehicle detection, face detection, and more, making it perfect for any surveillance needs. Plus, its easy to use and reliable, meaning you can sleep soundly knowing that your security is always protected. And if anything ever does happen, you have the option of saving your footage in a safe and secure cloud backup. So why wait? Get the Amcrest NightColor Turret AI IP POE Camera today!


The Amcrest Pro-HD WiFi Camera is a high performance outdoor camera with 2-way audio, motion detection, night vision, 2-way audio, HD video, and much more. The Pro-HD WiFi camera has an extra wide viewing angle of 114 degrees and can be mounted on a pole, fence, wall, or any other vertical surface. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor surveillance applications.

I would like to start by stating that I have installed hundreds of security cameras for my clients and probably half as many flood lights. I have not been a fan of combo devices because they usually offer a functional tradeoff in one side of the device. I jumped at the opportunity to review this security camera and light combo at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review. The included instructions were straight forward and included easy to follow along diagrams. You should not have a problem installing this device if you feel comfortable with turning off the circuit breaker and have the ability to attach three wires. Consult a qualified electrician for assistance. The installation process required twenty minutes of labor to remove the old floodlight and install the new one. Detail instructions for downloading the app and getting it up and running were provided. When I have an iPhone, the app was easily available and easy to download. This was my first Armcrest Smart Home device so I required a registration and a user account. This occurred just in time to verify my email address. When I paired the device with my phone and Armcrest account, I realized that the device initially had some problems communicating to the cloud. This was caused by the app developer deciding to use nonstandard ports for communication to the cloud. I do not know why the developer felt this was necessary. It's not, and after I allowed the exception in my firewall security settings for both my phone and the hardware I was up and running with no problems. Please do not worry, because you will most likely not be affected. If you are familiar with what I'm talking about, enable SSL outbound over all TCP ports and you will be fine. The app streamlined the process and completed in about 3 minutes. If you are unable to have motion in view of the camera, then this is excellent. I have two large trees that when blowing in the wind triggered the alert. I was able to easily set up motion zones to ignore the trees and alert on the walkway. If motion is detected, I do not only receive a push notification but I also receive a video clip of the event that triggered the vent. If you want to know about past events while you were not home, and do not want to review all of the video footage, then this is very useful. When it is dark outside and motion is detected, I have the device configured to turn on the flood lights. This is an excellent deterrent for people who are not supposed to be outside in the dark. The led lights are nice and bright. You can easily configure how long you want the flood lights to stay on after motion was detected. When you turn on the live view to see something you don't like, a single press of the button in the app will sound a very loud siren when you turn on the floodlight. It is loud, and can be heard over two blocks away. I am excited to report that this device changed my opinion on combination devices it is possible to have both a great camera and great light in one package. In conclusion this is an excellent consumer grade device with tons of options that make it a great purchase.

There are so many great things with this flood light camera, that I find myself having trouble figuring out where to start. When I received its good packaging, it could have fallen from 50 feet and still be alright the protection of its packaging was great. As I took it out, I noticed that it even came with a hanger that you can use that holds it while you wire it into your house. I have installed many floodlights but I have never seen a floodlight come with that before. It is done because it is hot, neutral, and ground. After I connected the device to my house, I opened up the app, scanned the QR code, and was able to see the camera view instantly. Previously, on flood lamps, you had to keep climbing ladders making adjustments to sensitivity and length of time it stays on, but with this, I was able to mount it, come down my ladder, and from my living room chair I can adjust all the settings from my phone. I already have several IP Cameras around my house in other locations, and I also have the Blue Iris Security Camera Software. I connected the IP address that the app readily lists in its Device Information, and Blue Iris was receiving the live video feed immediately. I am able to view my driveway from the Amcrest Smart Home App. I can choose when and where it should record a motion. Even when the flood lights are not on, the camera has greatIR lights, that enable it to see everything even during dark nights. Upon arrival at home, there's not a dark location. Only lights out. I tried to sneak past it but it picked me up from every angle that I am in the line of sight. It is above my garage and when I walk out of my garage the lights come on. I went ahead and added a MicroSD card to the top of the camera when I installed it. The camera itself keeps a good history of all motions detected. If the blue iris on my computer went down, or was missing, it would be saved as well. You can view or download it directly from the app. You can even format the SD card from within the app. The Flood Light Camera System has many functions that it could accomplish. This is an appropriate solution for my lighting and security needs.

It was well organized and very spacious, therefore I was pleasantly surprised by the size. I am unsure why traditional manuals are missing from the latest cameras or doorbell products. Maybe the setup process has been simplified and I had no issues since I was familiar with the product, but for new customers this may be an issue. I have this camera with Amcrest number 9 installed, and I am very happy with the products. I am simply replacing old camera with the newest version. There has been no issue so far. When there is one, they will fix it with a firmware update. This camera works with Alexa devices and Fire TV. Motion detection works great. At level three, it is smart and the light sensor is accurate. It turns on time when motion is triggered and when it is dark. I can force control lights from an app and it works great. App functionality works well on SmartHome and older apps. I have some old cameras and use the old app to have everything together. Camera itself has a great look and overall product look great above my garage door and it didn't look strange. Cam and Light is very similar to RING Floodlight, and I like this better. It feels like a good quality product, made of plastic for the camera and metal. It comes with the hook that will help you during the installation process. I was impressed. Floodlight is very strong, and provides good coverage. You are able to tilt and adjust it to many directions. The SD Card option is the best thing about being able to save footage with a SD card. I have activated both motion detection and continued recording on 64GB. That will be a good recording in HD for 7-8 days. If you only perform motion detection, it will be a month with high quality. I am very happy with this product and I am sure it will be a good sell.

I have switched my cameras from Ring to Amcrest. I normally use their 4K cameras, but the 1080P camera has done very well for me. The motion light system is very effective. I caught some skunks using the camera the other night. The pros are I use one app for my Amcrest cameras. The camera has local storage so if you don't disconnect it will still work. The LED lights are extremely bright for motion detection. Twoway audio is very good. To be honest, I was surprised, since my previous camera ring, while I was working, was never clear. There are the same Internet elements, but the issue with the current Internet does not affect anything. Blue Iris works with them because it is not forcing you to the cloud. I have replaced an existing motion light with a motion light.Cons If you do not know electrical, please have a licensed electrician install the motion light. If you have previous Amcrest cameras such as the 4K then there is a new app for this and the doorbell. The setup was simple.

Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera, Varifocal 8MP Outdoor POE Camera Bullet, 4X Optical Zoom Security Camera, 2.7mm~12mm Lens, IP67 Weatherproof, IK10 Resistant, MicroSD Recording, (IP8M-MB2546EW)


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest 4K Optical Zoom IP Camera! This high-quality camera is perfect for capturing moments with superb 1080p HD performance and features a wide array of protection technologies to ensure a great experience. Plus, it comes with a 1-year US warranty for your peace of mind.


Two packs amcrest ultraHD 5MP Outdoor POE Camera 2592x44p Bullet IP Security Camera Outdoor IP67 Waterproof 103 FOV 2. 8mm Lens 98.

I purchased two of these to add to my camera system around my home. In the past I have used wireless cameras but my wireless network was getting overloaded and the cameras were starting to drop out once in awhile. These are capable cameras with power over Ethernet. These servers work better since they are hardwired and have a higher bandwidth and speed. The set up was easy and the video is excellent. They can be powered separately. Hardwired, and not using a POE switch. Because the cameras have connection, the camera is water resistant. As I replace some of my wireless units, I want more.

Amcrest UltraHD 4K Varifocal PoE Dome Outdoor Security Camera, 4K (8-Megapixel) 3840x2160P, 164ft Night Vision, 4X Optical Zoom, Motorized Varifocal Lens 58°-110°, White (IP8M-2454EW)


Keep your eyes open and your hands on the keyboard when working on your laptop today! The Amcrest UltraHD 4K VARIFOCAL POE Dome Outdoor Security Camera is ideal for anyone who wants to protect their home or business. With its high-quality footage and intelligent alerts, you won't ever forget a moment spent watching the monitor. So why wait? Get the Amcrest UltraHD 4K VARIFOCAL POE Dome Outdoor Security Camera today!


Amcrest 4MP ProHD Indoor WiFi Camera, Security IP Camera with Pan/Tilt Two Way Audio Night Vision Remote Viewing 2.

I am very happy with this camera so far. I use it with my Milestone system and the video quality is great. It offers some nice features. The performance is adequate for broadband internet with a 2.4GHz processor. It's not perfect, but it is functioning well enough. The camera supports OnVIF, however, I had some difficulties getting it connected in Milestone at first. Oddly enough, when I used the Address Range option to add it to Milestone, it worked. The device has a speaker and a microphone that allow for two way communication. This works in milestone but I am having trouble talking from my phone on the mobile app into the camera. I had an Ethernet connection and the P2P app that I used to program it. I really wish the camera used a USB-C instead of Micro USB. I think I am able to run it off of a portable battery for quite a bit. I used it when I was having a party, where I wanted to monitor who was in certain rooms. I like the little plastic adjustable screw mount that comes in the box. I am always happy with the affordability of Amcrest cameras and the fact that the App does not require you to use a cloud service or sign into some account to setup the cameras. The configuration is straightforward.

I have had numerous types of cameras in the past. My first move into this format of camera was when I purchased a Foscam FI8918W 10 years ago as a baby monitor for my firstborn. These little cameras have come a long way. I prefer that this camera's power is supplied using a standard USB connection compared to the wall wart power adapters on older cameras. As a professional user, there is probably a limit to how much tech one can fit into a compact camera. This can also be done with the Amcrest View Pro app. The instructions begin by connecting the camera to the network and then over the Wi-Fi network. The configuration setup and beginning was very straightforward and easy to follow. This is the seventh camera that I purchased at my house. I have recommended them to many of my extended family and friends. The View Pro app has a great two way audio, and the PTZ controls are fine. The View Pro app made it very straightforward to review the footage or watch the camera live on my smartphone. The camera's web interface is similar to other Amcrest offerings and I am pleased to see like other newer Amcrest cameras the image stream did not need any additional plugins or settings and displayed directly. I set up the camera to detect motion and record to the SD card internally using the web interface. It recognized a 64GB Micro SD card which I grabbed from my shelf and placed in it. The detection sensitivity graph does not work correctly on my current release of Edge and Chrome. It would also be nice if the PTZ function was slower when set to speed 1, even with a rapidly short click of a mouse the camera would move farther than I intended. In my opinion, I am also using the device to connect to my Milestone Digital Video System. The Milestone camera wizard is unable to locate the camera over my WiFi connection however I located it on the first go through the wired connection, having the Milestone DVR software set up the camera through the wired connection and then updating the address to the correct IP address when connected via WiFi. I was able to use Milestone to test the microphone and listen to audio from the camera. However, I was unsuccessful in getting the speaker to output sound onto the camera or get the PTZ function working. I believe it's a configuration problem on my end. I've had the camera for a couple of weeks. My wife and I use it primarily to watch our furbabies go around the house while we were away. These types of cameras are more affordable than traditional baby monitor devices and available at major retailers that cost more than $200. These cameras can be easily access while at home or while out and about with your cell phone information. As an IT professional, I recommend Amcrest cameras to people in my organization who ask for guidance on kid or pet cams where this camera succeeds, or other Amcrest offerings if something with a more security focus is needed.

I have had the opportunity to try a few different models of this camera that I had previously purchased with the Amcrest Pro app. Connect the camera to your router or switch, open the app, select Device Manager and select Add Device. Click the QR code and follow the instructions from there to add your WiFi. Once you add it to the wifi network then remove it from the router and you should be able to see it in the app. If you mount an image upside down on the ceiling, you can still view the photographs correctly, you have the option to mirror or flip the image. There are a few new features on this camera that I have not used on previous ones. They were interesting to try. The first option is Auto Track. There, the camera will attempt to pan and tilt to track a person or an object moving through the room. The camera works fine, however I do not feel that I would leave it on as an everyday option. The camera points directly at its base, which will not see or record video.

I really enjoy the ability to create a storage system, control your recording media, and direct access to the video stream. I also have an Amcrest NVR, which connects seamlessly to it. So I have all of my recordings in the same box. It has pan and tilt functions, giving you more area to view. For the price and functionality, I would highly recommend. It is simple to setup and install the software. I needed more length to the power supply as the one provided was not long enough for my needs. I have been surprised with the wifi connection and zero dropsouts to my NVR. I used the hooks I had on a previous camera, although one was provided. The search function makes it easy to locate the camera. Move detection is the best option if you want to eliminate areas that are not of particular interest. It has motion tracking which works well, though it sometimes gets lost4. This device has an ultra HD resolution of fourMP and great picture quality, as well as adjustable settings as needed. Night vision is great, but if you are extending the power source make sure to provide adequate power otherwise the IR will flicker5. Using an SD card or connecting the RTS stream to a dedicated NVR will increase the amount of storage. There are many options, but I enjoy using the cloud backup option. It also has an API for integration with other smart home products. Smart Home Hub integrates with smart home hubs, so you can view streams easily from an Alexa or Google screen. One of the things that I dislike about that item is number one.

Amcrest Fisheye IP POE Camera, 360° Panoramic 5-Megapixel POE IP Camera, Fish Eye Security Indoor Camera, 33ft Nightvision, IVS Features and People Counting, MicroSD Recording, IP5M-F1180EW-V2 (White)


Protect your home and family with the Amcrest Fisheye IP POE Camera! It's perfect for surveillance, and it can even be used as a fixed-position camera if desired. This camera features a wide-angle lens and a built-in microphone, making it perfect for any home security needs. Plus, the cloud storage feature means you can always find a backup of your footage.


The Amcrest 1080P HDCVI Security Camera is a high resolution 1920 x 1080 (1920 TVL) camera which provides excellent video quality and clarity. Connect your camera to the Amcrest HDCVI Security System to view and record in HD quality. View your camera anywhere in the world from a mobile device or tablet when connected to the Amcrest 1080P HDCVI Security System using our Amcrest View app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. 20 Powerful IR-LEDs for Night Vision IP66 Weatherproofing and Long Distance Transmit Range up to 984ft. Camera Power Supply and Coaxial Video Cables are not Included but are Required and Sold Separately.

My previous cameras were in 720P and worked fine. The resolutions shown are 1080p (2M) and the image is much better quality. The lower image of a 720p camera is that of a 1080p/2M camera which is in color mode but still has a significantly darker subject area. The best part is that these higher resolution cameras are about the same or cheaper than the older ones.

I tried different dome cameras, but they were all returned, and I purchased another one of these.

I bought these cameras to go with my Q See 16 channel DVR because my Zosi cameras had terrible night vision. These cameras are superior to any other I own so far, they have excellent resolution, great color during the day, and very good night vision. None of my other cameras will do this, or even come close to the resolution of these cameras. In the next few months, I intend to replace all of my cameras with these. I am hopeful that they will not decide to stop selling them before I get what I want. I have purchased these cameras before I bought the Amcrest DVR so I think this camera will work with other DVRs They are even more clear on the Amcrest DVR than the Q See DVR, which I had, so I also highly recommend the Amcrest DVR. The Amcrest DVR is excellent. I have purchased a 720P Video Security DVR, 16 Channel Digital Recorder for 1080P, supports 960H and HDCVI, but cannot be connected to a phone. I have only had them for six months, however the amount have far exceeded my expectations. My other cameras worked well for the Amcrest DVR, as well, and had better resolutions than the old DVR. This purchase was a good purchase. I will update this post if anything changes over the next few months.

It was better than the original cameras that came with the system. Infrared is bright and has fewer but brighter LED's. The 720P camera that I am replacing, with the 1080P resolution, is better then that, but in my honest opinion, I do not see what I would consider true high definition when I search and playback images. Day or night, it is difficult to clearly perceive people and other objects. The color saturation during the daytime is true to life. I think of CNN on directv in high definition, with all the details in perfect clarity. Amcrest cameras provide the best picture I have seen from them. I believe that they have more features and have a very good price. I certainly would disagree that they record and playback at true 1080P. I rate these cameras as the best value due to their affordability and excellent quality.

This camera gives a 1080P CVI feed at up to 20 frames per second. You can remove the base screws, then you have four screws holes for which to use Phillips screws and drywall anchors, if needed. Once that is mounted, you can place wire through structure or run wire under the base you screwed on using one of the four slot holes on side of circular base if needed. I did this and it works fine, and you can't see the wire in my install, because I did not want to drill a hole into the porch. I do not think that this is a digital or an IP camera. It is necessary that you are able to view the image from a conventional television. A good camera overall.

Amcrest SmartHome 4MP Outdoor WiFi Camera Bullet 4MP Outdoor Security Camera, 98ft Night Vision, Built-in Mic, 106° FOV, 2.8mm Lens, MicroSD Storage (Sold Separately), ASH43-W (White)


Protect your family and property with the Amcrest SmartHome 4MP Outdoor WiFi Camera! It's easy to set up and use, and it comes with all the necessary hardware and software. With its simple design and reliable performance, the Amcrest SmartHome 4MP Outdoor WiFi Camera is the perfect choice for any home security needs. Plus, it comes with a 1-year US warranty for your peace of mind.


Amcrest 4K AI Bullet PoE IP Camera, Security Outdoor Camera 98ftNight Vision 2. 8mm Lens (108) IP67 Weatherproof 4K (3840x2160) 30fps White (IP8M-2696EW-AI) - Bullet PoE Camera with human detection and vehicle detection event filtering. IVS features (tripwire and intrusion) for perimeter protection. Face detection is available and works independently with this camera. Facial recognition (recognize search authenticate) is only available through an Amcrest AI NVR (ASIN B08CJMRQPY). Offers 4K video with a super-wide 108 viewing angle. A PoE injector or switch is required not included. SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you automatically store your videos off-site in a third-party location hosted and secured by Amazon AWS.

I a receptive of the Nest CamIQ Outdoor in particular for its large dynamic range. The 4K streaming is very bandwidth consuming, and it requires a lot of storage. However, h264 encoding reduces that to a good degree, so the detail in the stream is just impressive. It is very easy to setup. It offers many choices and works seamlessly with the Synology Surveillance Station. PoE makes wiring fairly straightforward. However, you will need a waterproof junction box if you are mounting this outdoors and running the cabling on (versus in) the wall. It is expensive but it is also the easiest to use and install with many thoughtful details. The waterproof connector housings that come with the camera inside the Amcrest box don't fit and that is a bit foolish on Amcrest's part. The 2.8mm lens is ideal for close range surveillance when a very wide field of view is required. For many applications, I would recommend the 4mm version, which captures a lot more detail past 20 feet distance. One last thing, please check your Amazon cart carefully. It is an older version that looks identical but doesn't do 30FPS at 4K resolution. Even the latest firmware for the older Mac is problematic, not in itself. The new firmware version has resolved those issues.

I have tried many IP camera, including Hikvision, Trendnet, Reolink, Sunba, and Amcrest. This particular model is the Black Bullet 2.8mm 4K 161FT model. I did not like them very much until I purchased a Turret 2.8mm. This is a good camera with audio and an SD card slot, which I wish the Bullet had. In my opinion, the quality is better. It has a lens aperture of f1.6, which means it can let in more light at night. It means there is less need for full noise reduction to achieve less grain in the picture. Another great feature is the angle of view. It is surprising that the Bullet does appear slightly wider at the same angle of view as the Turret. In vertical view, the turret is higher. It is marginal, especially if you do not need to look up at the sky. I felt the bullet was a bit sharper than the turret. This unit has very good build quality. It has an appealing form factor and a relatively small size. I enjoy how easy it is to place the camera and be able to angle it without the wide distortions the turret gives you if you are off center of the mount. You mounted it on an angle instead of straight ahead. Do not hesitate on using the 4mm camera because your preference may be for a more accurate image than the 2.8mm camera. I believe that you can view the whole globe horizontally at 87 degrees or on a 122 degree view. It is not possible to regret purchasing the bullet. I paid for all of my cameras with my own money, so I was not in bed with the company. The installation was simple. It is currently being used with Blue Iris. Motion detection features seem to be working well. I purchased Black because I want my front security cameras to be seen from the street to be a deterrent.

I love these cameras. It is far superior to my previous cameras. The video quality is excellent, the low light capability is greatly improved, the smoothness of video is better than my 15fps 4K cameras. The 6mm option is excellent too, although not as zoomed in as I had imagined. I do not have an audio recording so I will have to wait for a model that includes those for the front side of the house but I will get a more zoomed out pair for the back side of the house soon. Both of them have the same settings. For example, I use Blue Iris Tools with BLC enabled, and Color Mode.

These cameras are my favorite to use with BlueIris security systems that I build and install for customers. The image quality is definitely the best for the price you pay without going into a professional brand series. The only feature they did not have over their older 15 fps model is an SD slot. I wish they had, however, it is not completely necessary for my installations. Night vision works well. I've fixed the cameras up to do color night vision because it does not need much light to keep the image bright enough at night to get the job done. The camera interface should now load without any flaw or the need to install extensions, should you wish to access them directly via IP address. For me, it was a nice bonus because, prior to using models, I disliked having to use slow and clunky browser extensions. If you are looking for a top end camera with features and great color and night vision at a reasonable price, look no further.

I purchased this camera to replace a failed GW Security IP camera. I setup the camera on a fixed IP address and point it to our NVR. If your unit does not have an outlet for this, you will need to use a power supply or PoE switch. I was able to power the camera using my Unifi US-8-60W switch, or my BV Tech non managed POE switch. To give you a sense of the camera, I established internet access and updated the firmware on my Unifi switch. I was very impressed by how easily the camera was configured with the web interface and Chrome. I decided to try a lot of features before installing our NVR. I like to save motion alerts to a Google Drive. It worked well. I have had no issues connecting via ONVIF either to my Synology NAS or Dhaua NVRI. The resolution was lowered to five megabytes, to match my other cameras. The camera has a good view field and night vision.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Amcrest Security Cameras

Amcrest has been making quality CCTV products since 1984. They have made their name by producing affordable yet reliable video surveillance solutions. Their range includes everything from entry level IP cameras to professional grade HD cameras. If you are looking for a good value for money security system then you may want to check out our review of the Amcrest DVRs here.

What Is A Amcrest Security Cameras?

Amcrest security cameras are small, easy to install, affordable video surveillance devices that allow you to monitor your property at any time of day or night. They come in many different sizes and styles, including dome, bullet, fixed, and wireless models. The best part about these cameras is that they are very easy to set up and operate. You don't need to hire an expert to help you install them; all you need to do is plug them into an electrical outlet and connect them to your computer using a USB cable. Then you will be able to view live footage from anywhere in the world through your web browser.

Who Needs A Amcrest Security Cameras?

Amcrest has been around since 1994. Since then, they've become one of the most trusted names in video surveillance products. Their line includes everything from motion sensors to outdoor cameras. But did you know that they offer a wide range of indoor security cameras as well?

Whether you need a simple doorbell cam or a complex networked system, Amcrest offers a variety of solutions. Here are three reasons why you should add an Amcrest security camera to your home.

One of the best things about Amcrest security cameras is how easy they are to install. All you need is a standard screwdriver and a Phillips head screw driver. Once you do this, you'll be able to place the camera anywhere in your house. No drilling required!

These models usually include night vision and 2-way audio capabilities. However, you can upgrade these features to higher quality versions for only a slight increase in cost.

This type of sensor captures images using light particles called electrons. Unfortunately, these types of sensors aren't very sensitive. As a result, they struggle to capture clear pictures in dark areas. This makes them perfect for capturing details in dimly lit rooms.

In addition to being more effective, CMOS sensors are cheaper than CCDs. Because of this, they're ideal for budget minded homeowners.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Amcrest Security Cameras

If you want to protect your family and property, then you'll want to invest in a reliable surveillance system. There are many different types of surveillance equipment available, so it's important to do your research before making any purchase decisions. One type of surveillance equipment that is often overlooked is security cameras. While they may seem like just another gadget, security cameras have become increasingly popular because they provide peace of mind. They can help deter burglars by giving homeowners a clear view of their surroundings. When combined with other forms of protection such as alarms, door locks, and window guards, they can greatly increase the safety of your home and belongings.

Surveillance cameras cost less than most people think. For example, one of the best selling models is the HD 1080P IP Camera System. These days, even digital cameras are relatively affordable. So if you're looking for a cheap security camera, you won't find anything better than a basic digital camera. And even those are getting pretty affordable.

A security camera allows you to monitor your home 24/7. You can see who enters your house and when they leave. This gives you the opportunity to catch potential criminals red handed. Plus, you can use the footage to identify them later. This makes it easier to file charges against them.

Security cameras come equipped with various features that let you watch live video feeds. This means that you can see exactly what's happening in your home whenever you want. This lets you stay informed of suspicious activity.

So whether you're looking for a simple camera to keep an eye on things or something more advanced, you'll be happy with whatever you decide to purchase. Just make sure you buy a quality product.

Features To Consider When Buying A Amcrest Security Cameras

Motion detection zones. Motion detection zones let you set specific areas of your property where motion triggers alerts. This lets you know if someone has entered your house while you're away.

Easy setup. The more complicated a system is, the less likely you are to install and maintain it properly. Look for simple setups that allow you to easily add additional cameras later on.

Remote viewing. Remote viewing allows you to view live video footage from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This means you can watch over your kids from work, check in on your elderly parents, or even catch burglars in the act.

Night vision. Night vision lets you see clearly in low light conditions. This makes night time monitoring easier than ever.

Smart features. Smart features give you access to important information about your system such as battery levels, temperatures, and other useful data.

Wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity gives you freedom to move your system wherever you want. No wires!

Weatherproof housings. Weatherproof housings protect your system from rain, snow, sleet, and other weather elements.

Low power consumption. Low power consumption saves electricity and extends the lifespan of your batteries.

24/7 support. 24/7 customer service ensures you always have someone available whenever you need assistance.

Amcrest security cameras are great options for anyone who wants to monitor their homes and businesses.

Different Types Of Amcrest Security Cameras

Amcrest security cameras are among the top selling brands in the industry. Their reputation speaks for itself. When it comes to quality, reliability, and customer service, Amcrest security cameras are unmatched. Here are some of the main features that set them apart from the rest.

Wireless Technology. Wireless technology allows users to place their cameras anywhere without having to worry about running wires. This makes installation quick and simple. Users simply plug their cameras into any AC power outlet and connect them to the internet through Wi-Fi. This means that they don’t need to run cables across their property. This saves space and eliminates the possibility of tripping hazards.

Motion Detection. Motion detection is a feature that automatically activates the camera whenever movement is detected. This helps prevent false alarms by alerting users when someone enters or leaves the area covered by the camera. It also prevents unnecessary alerts when pets move around the house.

Night Vision. Night vision lets users see what happens outside their homes even when it gets dark. This is especially useful for monitoring areas that are poorly lit. For example, it can be helpful when checking on children playing outside or when watching over a pool.

Pan/Tilt Head. Pan/tilt head functionality enables users to adjust the angle of view of the camera. This is particularly useful for getting a better look at things happening behind walls or under furniture.

Time Lapse Recording. Time lapse recording lets users record video clips that last up to 30 days. This gives users the ability to watch videos later and review events that happened long ago. It also provides peace of mind knowing that footage is stored safely.

Remote Viewing. Remote viewing lets users control their cameras remotely. This is done through a smartphone app. This means that users can check live feeds, change settings, and turn off cameras whenever necessary.

Smartphone App. Smartphone apps let users access their cameras from anywhere. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Apps are free to use and are compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Amcrest Security Cameras

What is an Amcrest Camera System?

Amcrest is a company that makes video surveillance equipment. They make everything from motion-activated doorbells to networked IP cameras.

What kind of features do Amcrest Security Cameras have?

Amcrest has a wide range of options when it comes to their security cameras. From 1080p HD resolution to night vision capabilities, they offer something for everyone.

Does Amcrest Security Cameras Have Audio Recording Capability?

Yes, all Amcrest security cameras record sound. If your system includes microphones, you will hear what's happening around your property even if no one is watching the live feed.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted Indoors?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be placed inside buildings without issue. Most models include mounting brackets that allow you to mount them anywhere.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted Outdoors?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted outside. Many outdoor mounts feature weatherproofing technology that keeps the camera working during inclement weather.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Windows?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on windows. Most window mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Walls?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on walls. Most wall mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Ceilings?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on ceilings. Most ceiling mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Fences?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on fences. Most fence mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Trees?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on trees. Most tree mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Cars?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on cars. Most car mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Boats?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on boats. Most boat mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Homes?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on homes. Most home mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Businesses?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on businesses. Most business mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Sheds?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on sheds. Most shed mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

Can Amcrest Security Cameras Be Mounted On Garages?

Yes, Amcrest security cameras can be mounted on garages. Most garage mounts feature suction cups that keep the camera secure.

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