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Amalgam Comics

Amalgam Comics is a small publisher based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2013, the company publishes original graphic novels featuring characters created by Canadian artists. This includes books like "The Adventures of Mandy" written by Michael DeForge, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," written by Jason Mewes (CJ Cregg) and "Doom Patrol."

Amalgam Comics is not your typical comic shop. Instead of selling pre-existing stories, the company focuses on creating original content. That means that while you may recognize some of the characters featured in their titles, you won't find anything similar to other companies' works. For instance, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series is completely unique. It tells the story of five teenagers who discover that they possess superpowers and must band together to defeat evil forces.

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Amalgam Comics

What is the Purpose of Amalgam Comics?

Amalgam comics are a type of comic book where the characters share similarities with each other. Characters in amalgam comics appear to be related to each other. But, they actually belong to separate fictional universes. The idea behind amalgam comics was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Their goal was to create stories that combined elements from multiple genres into one story line.

How Does Amalgam Comics Benefit My Life?

The amalgam concept has been applied to several media forms. MCU combines elements from both the superhero genre and science fiction. The MCU includes movies based on Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Antman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Each character appears to be unrelated to the others. Yet, they all exist within the same universe.

Can I Make An Amalgam Comic Book?

Yes! If you enjoy creating original content, you can start making amalgam comics today. All it takes is creativity and imagination. Start by brainstorming ideas for your amalgam comic. Then, draw pictures of your characters. Next, think about which storylines you'd like to tell. Once you've decided on a storyline, begin drawing panels. Be sure to leave room between each panel so you can insert text boxes. Lastly, write captions for each panel. Now, you're ready to publish your amalgam comic.

Is Amalgam Comics Right For Everyone?

No matter what kind of person you are, amalgam comics might appeal to you. First, amalgam comics combine two or more genres together. Second, amalgam comics are fun to read. Third, amalgam comics give readers something unique to experience. Fourth, amalgam comics are inexpensive. Fifth, amalgam comics are easy to produce. Sixth, amalgam comics are simple to understand. Seventh, amalgam comics are easy to market. Eighth, amalgam comics are flexible. Ninth, amalgam comics are versatile. Tenth, amalgam comics are accessible.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Amalgam Comics

Amalgam comics are a great way to enjoy comic books. Although they're considered "adult" material, they're actually quite entertaining. Amalgam comics are printed on paper and bound together into a single volume. Each issue contains several short stories.

What Are Amalgam Comics Made From?

Comics are traditionally created using ink and paper. But, today, technology has advanced so that we now have digital versions of our favorite characters. Digital comics are produced using computers and software programs. Because they're digitally based, they're cheaper to produce and distribute. Unfortunately, however, they lack the tactile experience of traditional comics. That said, they're perfect for anyone who wants to read comics but doesn't want to invest too much money.

Can Amalgam Comics Be Read Online?

Yes! With the advent of the internet, you no longer have to purchase physical copies of your favorite comics. Instead, you can simply download them onto your computer. Once downloaded, you can view them offline or share them with friends and family members.

Is Reading Amalgam Comics Safe?

Reading amalgam comics isn't dangerous. However, it does involve sitting close to someone else. Since they're printed on paper, they can cause eye irritation. Additionally, they can stain clothing and carpets.

Should I Purchase Amalgam Comics?

It depends on whether you prefer reading print or digital media. If you'd rather read something tangible, then you should definitely purchase amalgam comics. Otherwise, you might want to check out ebooks or audiobooks.

Features to Look For When Buying Amalgam Comics

Amalgam comics are a great way to enjoy comic books. They combine the fun of reading a story with the excitement of playing games. If you've never tried it before, you might think that amalgam comics are only for kids. But, amalgam comics are actually perfect for anyone who enjoys reading stories and playing video games.

What Are Amalgam Comics Made From?

The main component of amalgam comics is paper pulp. Paper pulp is a type of material that's commonly found in newspapers. It comes in sheets which are cut into strips. Each strip has its own unique shape and thickness. Then, each strip is folded and glued together to form a single page. Afterward, the pages are bound by staples or glue.

Do Amalgam Comics Have Games Inside?

Yes! Amalgam comics contain several game elements. First, they have puzzles. Puzzles involve solving problems based on logic and reasoning. Second, they have roleplaying games. Roleplaying games give players the chance to create characters and interact with other characters. Third, they have boardgames. Boardgames are played on flat pieces of cardboard called boards. Players compete against each other by moving around the board and making choices. Fourth, they have card games. Card games are played using cards. Cards are thin pieces of paper with pictures printed on both sides. Lastly, they have trivia quizzes. Trivia quizzes test knowledge about certain topics.

Can I Play Amalgam Comics At Home?

No. Amalgam comics are meant to be read in person. That's why they're sold in stores. However, you can play amalgam comics at school or during recess. Just remember to bring along your pencils and erasers so you can draw and color inside the panels.

Different Types of Amalgam Comics

Amalgam comic books are a type of comic book which combines two or more genres into one story. Usually, amalgam comics combine elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, action adventure, mystery, western, crime drama, comedy, war, and so forth.

What Are Amalgam Comics Used For?

The main reason why amalgam comics exist is to create stories where characters interact with each other in ways that wouldn’t normally happen. Sometimes, amalgam comics are created by fans who enjoy combining several genres together. Other times, creators choose to mix genres simply because it's fun. Regardless of the reasons behind creating amalgam comics, readers love them!

Types of Amalgam Comics

There are three major categories of amalgam comics: superhero/fantasy, sci fi/western, and horror/comedy. Each category has its own unique characteristics. Superhero/Fantasy amalgam comics involve superheroes interacting with fantastical creatures. Sci Fi/Western amalgam comics blend elements of science fiction and Western culture. Horror/Comedy amalgam comics contain both scary and funny elements.

Superhero/Fantasy Amalgam Comics

These amalgam comics combine elements of traditional superhero stories with fantasy tales. Examples include Batman & Robin vs Dracula, Superman Vs Frankenstein, Spiderman Vs Godzilla, Captain America Vs Wolverine, and Xena Vs Hercules.

Sci Fi/Western Amalgam Comics

This genre blends elements of science fiction and Western culture. Examples include Star Trek Vs Wild West, Doctor Who Vs Zorro, Iron Man Vs Wyatt Earp, and Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack Sparrow.

Horror/Comedy Amalgam Comics

In contrast to the previous two genres, horror/comedian amalgam comics incorporate elements of humor into their plots. Examples include Scooby Doo Vs Freddy Krueger, Ghostbusters Vs Alien, and Buffy Vs Predator.


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