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Alfie Comic

Alfie comics are a popular brand of children's books. This British publisher produces a wide range of titles for kids ranging from picture books to novels. Each title includes a storybook format that allows parents to read along with their child while they listen to the audio track. Some of the stories include characters such as Spiderman, Batman and Harry Potter.

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Alfie Comic

What is the Purpose of Alfie Comic?

An alfie comic is a type of webcomics which features a character called Alfie. Alfie comics are created by cartoonists who draw pictures of him. He's known for his big eyes and round face. His body shape resembles that of a baby rabbit. Alfie has been around since 2000. Today he has become famous among young people. Alfie comics are mostly drawn in black and white. But sometimes artists color them too.

Who Created Alfie?

The creator of Alfie was named Alan Moore. He started drawing Alfie comics in 2001. Since then, he has published several volumes of Alfie comics. Each volume contains 10 stories. All of them revolve around Alfie.

What Are Alfies' Characteristics?

Alfie is a cute and cuddly animal. He loves eating carrots and playing games. He enjoys being tickled and hugged. He likes to sleep and play outside. Alfie is always happy and smiling. He doesn't talk much. Instead, he uses gestures and facial expressions to communicate with humans. Alfie comics are written in English.

What Does Alfie Stand For?

Alan Moore wanted to create a character that represents innocence and purity. He chose the name "Alfie" because it sounds like the word "alive". Alfie stands for happiness and joy. He symbolises childhood innocence and fun.

Is Alfie Popular Among Kids?

Yes! Children love Alfie. They enjoy listening to his stories and seeing his drawings. Alfie comics are great entertainment for kids. Parents appreciate them because they teach kids good values and morals. Alfie comics are suitable for ages 6 years old and above.

Does Alfie Have Friends?

No! Alfie only has friends within his own species. Humans are his favorite audience. Alfie comics are perfect for sharing with family members and close friends.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Alfie Comic

I've been collecting comics my whole life. My dad was into it too so we'd go to the local library together and check out old issues of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, We'd read them cover to cover and discuss each issue's plot line. Then he'd give me his copies and I'd trade him mine. He always wanted to know which ones I liked best. I remember being really excited when I got my hands on the latest issue of Xmen. That was my favorite series! Nowadays, I'm lucky enough to own several collections of vintage comics. But, I still love going to the library and checking out new titles.

Why Are Comics Important?

Comics are important because they teach us lessons about ourselves and our society. They show us how far we've come and where we might be headed. They inspire us to strive towards greatness and to never stop dreaming. They remind us of the good times and bad times in our lives. They tell stories that connect us to each other and to history. They bring joy to millions of fans around the globe.

Which Type Of Comic Am I Talking About?

There are two main categories of comics; superhero comics and non-superhero comics. Superheroes are characters whose powers exceed normal human abilities. Examples include Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Daredevil. Non-superhero comics are written by humans and illustrated by artists. Examples include Archie, Disney, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Dynamite, Boom Studios, Valiant, Titan, and Zenescope.

What Makes An Alfie Comic Special?

An alfie comic has something special about it. First, it tells a great story. Second, it's well drawn. Third, it's funny. Fourth, it makes you laugh. Fifth, it teaches you something about life. Sixth, it inspires you to dream big. Seventh, it reminds you of the good times and bad times in your life. Eighth, it connects you to other people. Ninth, it brings happiness to its readers. Tenth, it shows you that anything is possible.

Features to Look For When Buying Alfie Comic

The following features are important to look for when purchasing an alfie comic. First, it's essential to know which type of comic you'd like to purchase. If you're interested in collecting comics, then you'll probably enjoy browsing through the entire collection. However, if you only plan on buying individual issues, then you might prefer to browse through the archives section.

Comics Type

There are two main categories of alfies - single issue and collections. Single issue alfies contain one complete story arc. Collections consist of several stories that share a common theme. Generally speaking, single issue alfies are cheaper than collections. However, collections are great for fans who enjoy reading multiple stories within a series.

Story Arc Length

This refers to the length of each story arc. Story arcs range anywhere between 10 pages to 100+ pages. Usually, shorter arcs are found in single issue alfies while longer ones appear in collections.

Art Style

Some alfies are drawn by hand while others are created digitally. Handdrawn alfies are considered rarer than digital versions. Digital alfies are usually produced by professional artists. However, amateur artists can create digital alfies too. Regardless of whether you choose a handdrawn or digital version, it's always advisable to read reviews before making a decision.

Cover Art

Each alfie has its own unique cover design. Cover designs vary depending on the artist. Sometimes covers are simple while others are complex. Although cover designs differ, they almost always depict the same character.

Colors Used

Color schemes are another factor to consider when choosing an alfie comic. Each color scheme represents a specific mood. For instance, red signifies anger while blue indicates sadness. Different shades of green represent happiness. Other colors include black, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, grey, brown, and silver.


Prices for alfies vary widely. Prices depend on factors such as the number of pages, the quality of paper, and the amount of ink used. Prices also fluctuate based on demand. High demand leads to higher prices.


Finally, check the dimensions of the alfie comic. Size matters because larger comics take up more room. Smaller comics are ideal for storing in drawers or filing cabinets. Larger comics are perfect for display purposes.

Different Types of Alfie Comic

The following list contains information regarding different types of comics created by Alfie.

Archive Binge - An Archive Binge is where Alfie creates a series of comics based on a single topic. He has done several of these so far. His latest was called "Binge" which focused on binge eating disorder.

Story Art By Incase - Story Art By Incase is a web comic written by Alfie. Each page features a short story told by Alfie.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Alfie Comic

What is Alfie Comic?

Alfie Comic is a webcomic about a boy named Alfie, his friends, and their adventures.

Who Created Alfie Comic?

He has been drawing ever since then. My brother drew him into comics form when he was 13, and we have been working together ever since.

Does Alfie Comic have a theme song?

No. There isn't really a theme song. We just sing along to songs whenever we feel like it.

When Will Alfie Comic End?

We're hoping to keep going until at least 2020. If we make it past 2020, we'll probably continue making new comics every month.

What's your favourite part of Alfie Comic?

My favourite parts include all of my characters' personalities. They each have their own quirks and interests, and they bring out the best in each other.

What's Your Least Favourite Part Of Alfie Comic?

The most annoying thing about Alfie Comic is that it takes forever to update. Sometimes it feels like it never updates at all.

Which Character Would You Want To Play In A Movie Adaptation Of Alfie Comic?

I'd love to play myself in a movie version of Alfie Comic. I think it would be hilarious.

If Alfie Comic Were Real Life, What Would You Call Yourself?

I'm not sure how this question relates to Alfie Comic, but I'd say I'm a writer/artist.

What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?

I mostly listen to pop punk, emo, alternative rock, and indie rock. I also enjoy listening to classical music sometimes.

What's your favourite colour?

Blue. Or purple. Or pink. Or green. Or yellow. Or orange. Or red. Or blue again. Or white. Or grey. Or brown. Or silver. Or gold. Or turquoise. Or navy. Or light blue. Or dark blue. Or light green. Or bright green. Or lime. Or aqua. Or teal. Or lavender. Or magenta. Or fuchsia. Or lilac. Or violet. Or indigo. Or royal blue. Or deep sky blue. Or pale blue. Or mint. Or lemon. Or lime green. Or chartreuse. Or forest green. Or olive drab. Or emerald. Or azure. Or cerulean. Or cobalt. Or sapphire. Or midnight blue. Or periwinkle. Or slate. Or taupe. Or aquamarine. Or cornflower blue. Or electric blue. Or cyan. Or eggshell. Or sea foam green. Or baby blue. Or celadon. Or kelly green. Or jade. Or khaki. Or grassy green. Or avocado. Or pistachio. Or marigold. Or burgundy. Or plum. Or peach.

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