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Alesis Recital 88 Key

Alesis Recital 88 Key Digital Piano is a wonderful instrument that offers excellent sound quality and performance. This digital piano provides a wide range of sounds and tones, making it easy to play songs and melodies. Its compact size allows you to carry it anywhere you wish.

Alesis Recital 88 Key Digital Piano is a great addition to anyone’s music collection. It is not only affordable, but also portable and user friendly. If you’re interested in purchasing this item, check out our buyers guide to learn more about this amazing product.

Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano / Keyboard with Full Size Semi Weighted Keys, Power Supply, Built In Speakers and 5 Premium Voices (Amazon Exclusive) (Renewed)

Amazon Renewed

The Alesis Recital is a great way to learn how to play the piano! This digital piano has all the features you need, including 88 full-sized, semi-weighted keys and a powerful processor that can handle any task. With its connectivity technology, you can easily connect to a speaker or amplifier, and enjoy your favorite songs anywhere. So why wait? Get the Alesis Recital today!

Alesis Recital | 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano/Keyboard with Full Size Keys & RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Infinitely Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps


The Alesis Recital is a great way to start playing the piano! It's easy to use and has plenty of features. This 88-key digital piano comes with a full size electric keyboard, perfect for any player looking for a challenge. With its premium sounds and connectivity, this machine is sure to inspire.

Digital Piano Bundle - Electric Keyboard with 88 Weighted Keys, Built-In Speakers, 12 Voices and Sustain Pedal – Alesis Recital Pro and M-Audio SP-2


The Alesis Recital Pro is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable digital piano! With its sleek design and high-quality build, this baby grand piano will last for years to come. This digital piano comes with everything you need, including a 88-weighted keyboard, 12 built-in voices, and a sustain pedal. It also comes with a variety of features, including standard, split, layer, record, and lesson modes with 128-note polyphony. So why wait? Get the Alesis Recital Pro today!

Alesis Recital Grand - 88 Key Digital Piano & RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Infinitely Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps


The Alesis Recital Grand is an upgrade you won't soon forget! This powerful and versatile piano delivers authentic piano sound and feels, making it perfect for beginners and professionals alike. With its 88-key keyboard and sturdy metal frame, this piano is built to last. So don't wait any longer, get the Alesis Recital Grand today!

Alesis Recital Grand - 88 Key Digital Piano & RockJam Adjustable Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps & Quick Release Mechanism


Do you want to play the piano but don't have a piano player? No problem! Alesis has the solution with their recital grand. This 88-key digital piano is perfect for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. With its authentic sound and great features, it's sure to become a favorite among pianists and non-musicians alike. So why wait? Get the Alesis Recital Grand today!

Alesis Recital Grand - 88 Key Digital Piano & M-Audio SP 2 - Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboards, Digital Pianos & More


The Alesis Recital Grand is the perfect digital piano for you! With its sleek, modern design and powerful features, this piano is sure to inspire. This 88-key piano has a stereo microphone for an authentic sound, and comes with 16 multi-sampled voices for a rich, expressive tone. Additionally, the Alesis Recital Grand also features a 1/4" (6. 35mm) headphone jack for a private, personal audio experience, as well as a USB-MIDI output for use with educational software or virtual synth plugins. And finally, the compact, lightweight construction ensures that the Alesis Recital Grand is easy to carry from room to room. So don't wait any longer, make the upgrade to the Alesis Recital Grand today!

Alesis Recital Pro - 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard & ChromaCast GoDpsMusic CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand


The Alesis Recital Pro is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable digital piano. This universal-responsive keyboard offers plenty of variety, with 88 premium full-size keys and 16 soft cushions that can be adjusted to suit your personal playing style. Plus, it comes with built-in speakers, a sustain pedal input, and a headphone jack for private practice. And if you're interested in taking your skills up a notch, the Alesis Recital Pro also features standard, split, layer, record, and lesson modes with 128-note polyphony and built-in FX: chorus, reverb, and modulation. So don't wait any longer, order your Alesis Recital Pro today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Alesis Recital 88 Key

If you're looking for a new keyboard, then you might have heard of Alesis Recital. This brand has been around since the 1980s, and they make great quality instruments. They also offer a wide range of accessories such as stands, pedals, and even a microphone stand. If you're interested in learning more about their products, read our review below.

What Is A Alesis Recital 88 Key?

The Alesis Recital 88 Digital Piano is an affordable digital piano for beginners who want to learn how to play music but don't know where to start. The Recital 88 features 88 white plastic keys, a built-in speaker system, and a USB port for easy connection to any computer or MP3 player.

Why Buy This Product?

If you're looking for a simple yet effective beginner's digital piano, the Alesis Recital 88 may be just what you need. This inexpensive instrument will help you get started learning how to play music without breaking the bank. You'll find yourself practicing more frequently because you won't feel intimidated by the large number of notes on the keyboard.

Key Features

88 Plastic Keys - White plastic keys make it easier to see the notes on the black keys.

Who Needs A Alesis Recital 88 Key?

The Alesis Recital 88 Digital Piano has been designed specifically for the home musician. With its compact size, this keyboard offers a wide range of features including a built-in speaker system, USB port, headphone jack, MIDI connection, and a large display screen.

This instrument comes equipped with a powerful sound engine which delivers rich tones and realistic acoustic effects. Its 88 note polyphony allows you to play chords and melodies simultaneously.

It also includes a number of useful functions such as automatic accompaniment, metronome, and practice mode. These allow you to practice playing along with music tracks while listening to the sounds of the piano.

In addition, the Recital 88 provides a variety of other features. For instance, it has a built-in speaker system which makes it possible to listen to the piano sounds through headphones.

Furthermore, the instrument has a USB port which lets you connect external devices such as MP3 players and CD players.

Finally, the Recital 88 has a large LCD touch panel display which displays information such as song titles, tempo, volume levels, and time remaining.

With these features, the Recital 88 is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano.

However, it is worth noting that the Recital 88 does require some initial setup before use.

To begin, you must download the software provided with the instrument. Then, you must install the software on your computer. Finally, you must plug the instrument into your computer via the USB port.

As mentioned earlier, the Recital 88 has a number of useful features. However, you do need to understand how to operate each one of them.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Alesis Recital 88 Key

If you've ever played a keyboard instrument, then you already understand how difficult it can be to find a quality instrument. You have to consider many different factors when buying a keyboard instrument. For example, you'll want to pay attention to the type of music you play, whether you prefer acoustic instruments or electronic ones, and even if you plan to use the instrument primarily for practice or performance.

However, one factor that often gets overlooked is the soundboard material used in the construction of the instrument. This is especially true when you're looking for a digital piano. There are two main types of materials used in making a digital piano: wood and plastic.

Wooden pianos tend to produce a warmer tone, while plastic pianos tend to produce a brighter tone. Both types of keyboards offer excellent value for their price point, so it really depends on your personal preference. Regardless of which type of keyboard you decide to purchase, here are three things to keep in mind when selecting a digital piano:

A smaller keyboard may work better for beginners who are just learning the basics of playing the piano. On the other hand, larger keyboards are great for intermediate players who enjoy playing complex pieces. Keep in mind that most digital pianos come equipped with a built-in speaker system, so you won't need any additional speakers.

Weighted keys provide a realistic simulation of the experience of playing an actual piano. They also add stability to the keyboard, which makes it easier to control the volume and sustain pedal.

Digital pianos typically come with a limited warranty, which means they should be covered under normal usage conditions. However, extended warranties are available for those who want peace of mind.

Features To Consider When Buying A Alesis Recital 88 Key

Weighted keys. The weighting system used in this keyboard makes playing easier than other keyboards. This means that you won't have to press down hard on each note to produce sound. In addition, the keys are spaced evenly apart, which allows you to play chords more easily.

Easy to read music. With a standard keyboard, notes appear in rows across the top of the keyboard. But with the alesis recital 88 key, they appear vertically along the side of the keyboard. This makes reading music easier, especially if you've never played a keyboard before.

Multi-function buttons. These buttons allow you to control volume, mute, and change presets while you're playing. They're located below the keyboard, so you don't have to reach over to adjust them.

Stereo speakers. The stereo speakers give you two channels of audio output. This lets you listen to music through headphones or connect external speakers.

USB port. Most USB ports are found on computers, but many portable devices now feature built-in USB ports. This gives you another way to charge your device while you're using it.

Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth technology connects to compatible mobile phones and MP3 players. This lets you stream music wirelessly from your phone or player to the keyboard.

Battery power. Many electronic instruments run off batteries. The battery lasts longer when you use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones.

Volume controls. Volume controls let you set how loud you want the instrument to play. Some models even let you adjust the bass and treble settings.

Different Types Of Alesis Recital 88 Key

The Alesis Recital series was created by Yamaha’s German division. It features 88 note polyphony and includes a built in sequencer. It also offers a wide variety of sounds including pianos, organs, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, guitars, synths and vocals. Each instrument has its own dedicated controls allowing you to adjust volume, panning, pitch bend, modulation and effects.

This model is the entry level version of the Alesis Recital range. It does not include any of the extra features offered by the higher end models. For example, it doesn’t feature a MIDI interface, USB connectivity, speaker outputs or headphone jacks. It does however offer a full sized keyboard and a large display screen. It also features a number of preset songs that can be played through the onboard sequencer.

If you are looking for something cheap and cheerful, this might be what you are looking for. It is certainly cheaper than the top of the line models. However, it lacks some of the advanced features included in the higher end models.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Alesis Recital 88 Key

What is the difference between the alesis recital 88-key and the alesis recital 88-weighted?

Both the alesis recital 88-key and the alesis recital 88-weighted have 88 weighted keys. However, they differ slightly in their design. The alesis recital 88-key has a more traditional feel than the alesis recital 88-weighted.

Which Keyboard Should I Buy?

If you want something that looks like a real grand piano, then the alesis recital 88-key would be your best choice. If you prefer something that feels more like a regular piano, then the alesis recital 88-weighted would be better suited for you.

Does The Alesis Recital 88-Key Have Weighted Keys?

No, the alesis recital 88-key does not have weighted keys. However, the alesis recital 88-weighted does.

Where Can I Get My Hands On The Alesis Recital 88-Key?

You can purchase the alesis recital 88-key at most music stores. They will likely sell it alongside the alesis recital 88-weighted.

Is The Alesis Recital 88-Key Worth Buying?

Absolutely! Not only is the alesis recital 88-key great looking, but it's also incredibly easy to play. Even though it doesn't have weighted keys, it plays almost exactly like a grand piano.

What Makes The Alesis Recital 88-Key Stand Out?

One thing about the alesis recital 88-key that sets it apart from its competitors is its unique soundboard. Instead of having a solid wooden board underneath the strings, the alesis recital 88-key uses a hollow soundboard. This allows the strings to vibrate through the soundboard instead of directly against it.

What is the size of the alesis recital 88-key?

The alesis recital 88-key measures 24 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 4 feet tall.

Is the alesis recital 88-key hard to transport?

Not really. Most pianos are fairly heavy, but the alesis recital 88-key isn't too bad.

Is the alesis recital 88-key good for beginners?

Yes, the alesis recital 88-key is perfect for beginners. It's got all the bells and whistles that make playing a piano easier.

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