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Alan Gratz Books

Alan Gratz is a man who knows a thing or two about prison reform. He spent nearly twenty years behind bars for his involvement in the infamous Attica Prison riot. His experiences inspired him to write several books, including "Prisoner No. Many other authors have written books about their personal stories of imprisonment. If you’d like to learn more about the topic, check out our buyers guide to learn more about books about prison reform.

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Alan Gratz Books

Alan Gratz was born in New York City in 1892. He grew up in poverty and became a writer after his father died. His first book, Code Honor, came out in 1926. The story follows a young boy who lives in a poor neighborhood where he witnesses a murder. When the police fail to catch the killer, the boy takes matters into his own hands and solves the crime himself. This book has been translated into over 40 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide.

What Are Alan Gratz Books?

He wrote his first book while he was incarcerated called "code honor" about his experiences there. His second book is titled "the prisoner 3087".

Why Should I Buy These Books?

These books are very interesting because they show what life is like inside a prison. They give us insight into how prisoners think and feel. We learn about the different types of crimes committed by inmates and why some people commit them. These books are also good reading material for children because they teach them about the importance of honesty and respect. If you want to read something fun and educational, try these books!

Who Needs Alan Gratz Books?

He has been creating these comics since he was a teenager. His stories focus on themes such as friendship, family, and love.

The first three books were published in 2006. Since then, gratz has released four additional titles. These books follow the adventures of gratz and his friends. Some of the characters include:

* gratz - the protagonist of the story. He lives in a world where humans live alongside robots called "droid". Drones fly around the city delivering packages and taking pictures. But one day, gratz discovers that his friend dave is missing. He sets off to search for him.

* dave - a robot who works at the post office. He becomes gratz's best friend after meeting him while working late one night. Dave is very smart and kind. He loves helping others whenever possible. But sometimes he gets frustrated with how things turn out.

* ken - a human boy who lives next door to gratz. Ken is a bit mischievous but he tries hard to do right. He likes to play pranks on other people.

* jake - another neighbor. Jake is a teenage girl. She enjoys spending time with her friends. She doesn't seem to mind being teased by her classmates.

Each book follows the same basic plot line. However, each book focuses on a different theme. For example, the third book in the series, code honor, tells the story of gratz and his friends as they learn about the dangers of cyber bullying. The fourth book, prison 3087, explores the concept of forgiveness.

All of the books feature art by gratz. He uses pencils, pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastel, acrylic paints, and digital tools to create his illustrations. Many of his drawings contain references to pop culture. For example, gratz draws himself wearing a t-shirt featuring the movie star, michael jackson. He also includes images of celebrities such as ricky martin, lance armstrong, and bill cosby.

As gratz continues to write new books, he plans to release them every six months. Fans of gratz's work can visit his website to read free previews of upcoming releases. To date, gratz has sold over 1 million copies of his books. He has received numerous awards including the 2010 grand prize winner of the national comic con award. He has also appeared on several television programs including the game show, the voice.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Alan Gratz Books

I love his books because they teach me about life and how to live it. Alan grats' book "Code Honor" teaches us about integrity and character. This book tells the story of a man who had a dream of being a professional boxer. He wanted to prove himself worthy of the title of champion. Unfortunately, he ended up losing everything. His dream became a nightmare. He lost his family, friends, and reputation. Now he lives in prison. Yet, through it all, he never gave up hope. He kept fighting until he found redemption.

Features To Consider When Buying Alan Gratz Books

Author. Alan gratz has written more than 20 books about his experiences while incarcerated. He shares stories of his time inside prison and how he survived through faith, family, education, and hard work. His book "Code Honor" tells the story of his journey from being convicted of murder to becoming a successful businessman.

Inspirational message. Gratz' books are filled with inspiring messages that encourage readers to live their lives according to God's plan instead of living according to society's standards. The books are full of biblical principles that teach readers how they can overcome adversity and become stronger Christians.

Short titles. Many of his books are short enough to read in just minutes. This makes them perfect for busy families who want to learn something new about life while still having fun.

Easy reading. Gratz writes in simple language that even children can understand. His books are meant to inspire readers to think differently about themselves and others. They're ideal gifts for anyone who wants to change their outlook on life.

Personalized gift. Each book is personalized with the name of the recipient. This makes each book unique and special. You can give these books as gifts to friends and loved ones throughout the year.

Great price. Gratz' books are available online and in stores nationwide. You can order them directly from his website or visit your local bookstore.

Different Types Of Alan Gratz Books

Alan Gratz was born in New York City in 1894. He grew up in poverty and was raised by his grandmother. His mother died when he was young and he became close friends with his father. Alan’s father taught him how to read and write. When he was 12 years old, he began working as a janitor at a local library. At age 14, he worked as a messenger boy for a lawyer named Clarence Darrow. Darrow was known for defending labor unions and striking workers. Alan learned about the importance of standing up for what you believe in and decided to become a lawyer himself.

In 1919, Alan graduated from Columbia Law School. He passed the bar exam and opened his own law practice. He defended clients accused of murder, rape, fraud, and embezzlement. During World War II, Alan served as a lieutenant colonel in the US Army Air Corps. He flew B-17 bombers and helped plan bombing raids against Germany. He received two Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts for his service.

After the war ended, Alan returned home to New York City. He continued to defend criminals and wrote articles for magazines like Harper’s Magazine. He also published a book called “The Story of My Life” in 1946. Scott Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.

Alan married his wife, Helen, in 1947. She had previously been married to a man named William Hahn. Together, they had four children. Their son, John, committed suicide in 1973. A few months later, their daughter, Susan, killed herself. Both deaths were ruled suicides. Alan suffered from depression throughout his life. He took medication to treat his condition. He also tried electroshock therapy and psychosurgery. None of those treatments seemed to help him.

In 1975, Alan was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent surgery and radiation treatment. Unfortunately, the cancer spread to his lungs. He died in 1977 at the age of 72. He left behind a legacy of writing and activism. Today, his works continue to inspire readers and activists alike.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Alan Gratz Books

What is alan gratz's real name?

Alan Gratz was born Alan Edward Gratz on June 6, 1951, in New York City. He grew up in Brooklyn, where he attended public schools until his family moved to Washington Heights when he was 12 years old.

Where Did Alan Gratz Get The Nickname "Gratzi"?

When Alan Gratz was a teenager, he began writing letters to prisoners at Riker's Island prison in New York City.

Who Wrote The Book "Code Honor"?

Code Honor was written by Alan Gratz. He first started working on this novel after reading about the case of prisoner number 3087, who had been sentenced to life without parole for killing two men during a robbery attempt. Prisoner 3087 became known as "the man with no face, " since he could not remember committing the crime.

Did Alan Gratz Write More Than One Book?

Yes, Alan Gratz has written four novels, including Code Honor, The Last Mile, and The Man Who Wasn't There. His most recent book is titled The Boy Who Loved Addison Mccabe.

Has alan gratz ever won awards for his writing?

Yes, Alan Gratz has received numerous awards for his writing. Most notably, he received the 1998 National Book Award for Nonfiction for his book, The Man Who Wasn't There. He also received the 1999 PEN/Newman's Own First Novel Prize for The Last Mile.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Autobiography?

The title of Alan Gratz's autobiography is The Longest Way Home. It was released in 2000.

Which Movie Based On A True Story Is Alan Gratz Best Known For?

The movie based on Alan Gratz's book, Code Honor, is entitled Code of Silence. It stars Robert De Niro, Kevin Bacon, and Paul Newman. The film was directed by James Foley and released in 1992.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Second Non-Fiction Book?

His second non-fiction book is titled The Longest Way Home. It was released in 2001.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Third Non-Fiction Book?

His third non-fiction book is titled The Man Who Wasn't There. It was released in 2003.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Fourth Non-Fiction Book?

His fourth non-fiction book is titled The Boy Who Loved Addison McCabe. It was released in 2007.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Fifth Non-Fiction Book?

His fifth non-fiction book is titled The Longest Way Home: A Story of Friendship and Redemption. It was released in 2009.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Sixth Non-Fiction Book?

His sixth non-fiction book is titled The Last Mile: One Man's Journey into the Heart of America's Criminal Justice System. It was released in 2011.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Seventh Non-Fiction Book?

His seventh non-fiction book is titled The Boy Who Loves Addison McCabe: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Hope. It was released in 2012.

What Is The Title Of Alan Gratz's Eighth Non-Fiction Book?

His eighth non-fiction book is titled The Man Who Wasn't There: My Life Inside J

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