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Alabaster Table Lamp

Alabaster is a beautiful stone that looks like marble but feels softer. It’s easy to carve into designs and patterns, making it a popular material for decorative items such as vases, bowls and tables. Because of its unique appearance, alabaster is commonly used in interior décor. If you’re interested in adding a touch of elegance to your living space, consider purchasing a table lamp made from alabaster.

Alabaster is a natural stone, so it won’t stain easily. This means that you can clean it regularly without worrying about damaging it. Also, unlike other stones, alabaster does not absorb moisture, so it won’t crack or chip. As a result, it’s a safe and reliable material for indoor lighting.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about alabaster table lamps and how to select the best one for you.

Metro Planes 'n' Posts Mission Farmhouse Style Table Lamp with Table Top Dimmer 23.5" High Bronze Alabaster Art Glass Shade for Living Room Bedroom House Bedside (Color May Vary) - Franklin Iron Works

Franklin Iron Works

The Franklin Iron Works Metro Planes 'n' Posts Farmhouse Style Table Lamp is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your d�cor! This beautiful lamp features a classic mission-style design, with a natural alabaster glass shade and a bronze metal construction. The twin on-off pull chain switch allows you to easily operate the lamp, and the included table top dimmer lets you control the light level. With a 150 watt maximum rating, this lamp is perfect for any room in your home or office.

Modern Accent Table Lamp 21.5" High Coral Reef Glass Gourd Alabaster Dome Shade for Living Room Family Bedroom Bedside Nightstand - Color + Plus

Color + Plus

The Color+Plus Modern Accent Table Lamp is a great way to add some much needed light to your home or office! This beautiful and contemporary lamp features a coral reef glass dome, bronze metal bracket, and twin on-off pull chain switch. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So why wait? Get this amazing lamp today!

JONATHAN Y JYL5021A Eliza 23" Alabaster LED Table Lamp Glam Transitional Bedside Desk Nightstand Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Office College Bookcase LED Bulb Included, White


Introducing the JONATHAN Y table lamp! This beautiful table lamp is perfect for adding a touch of style to any room. It's made of alabaster stone and has a classic look that will never go out of style. The lamp is also available in a variety of colors to suit your individual taste. With its clean lines and sleek design, the JONATHAN Y table lamp is sure to make a statement in any room.

Ella Modern Luxury Table Lamp with Night Light 29.5" Tall Alabaster Glass Brass Metal White Fabric Drum Shade Decor for Living Room Bedroom House Bedside Nightstand Home - Possini Euro Design

Possini Euro Design

The Ella Modern Luxurious Table Lamp is a perfect way to add some glitz and glamour to your d�cor! This beautiful lamp features alabaster glass body, brass finish metal accents, and a white fabric tapered drum shade. It also comes with a built-in nightlight so you can enjoy lighting up even after dark. Don't miss out on this must-have lamp!

ORE International 8193 32-Inch Alabaster Table Lamp with Night Light


This table lamp is both beautiful and practical - perfect for adding a touch of style to your d�cor! Check it out today! This elegant and stylish lamp features a classic design and an ornate base, making it a great addition to any room. It also has a long lifespan so you can enjoy it for years to come! Order yours today and see the difference it makes in your space!

Mulholland Bronze and Alabaster Glass Table Lamp Set of 2

Kathy ireland

Looking for a classic, elegant and timeless piece to add some extra charm to your d�cor? Check out the Mulholland Bronze and Alabaster Glass Table Lamp Set! This set features two beautiful lamps that are both sure to turn heads and invite compliments. The shade is made of white alabaster glass and has a faux marble urn shape. The lamps are also cast resin with a bronze and gold finish. They may be shipped in multiple boxes and arrive at different times. So why wait? Make your home more stylish and add a touch of class to your d�cor with the Mulholland Bronze and Alabaster Glass Table Lamp Set!

Mindy Modern Contemporary Style Table Lamp with Nightlight 24.75" High White Alabaster Gold Metal Rectangular Shade Decor for Living Room Bedroom House Bedside Nightstand Home - Possini Euro Design

Possini Euro Design

Looking for a modern and contemporary table lamp that will add some style to your home d�cor? Check out the Mindy table lamp with nightlight! This stylish lamp features a gold metallic finish and includes a bulb, shade, and 4-way switch, making it perfect for any room in your house. The alabaster and metal construction of this lamp makes it durable and long-lasting, while the included bulb, shade, and 4-way switch make it easy to use. Don't miss out on this must-have lamp!

PINYAN Handcrafted Natural Alabaster Stone Globe Table Lamp with Marble Stand, 3.93 inch Mini LED Modern Moon Nightlight


Looking for an elegant and timeless piece that will add a touch of style to your home? Check out the Pinyan Handcrafted Natural Alabaster Stone Globe Table Lamp! Made of high-quality natural alabaster stone, this lamp is both beautiful and practical. With its classic design, the Pinyan table lamp would look great in any room in your house. Plus, it's easy to install with the included hardware. Best of all, our 2-year warranty guarantees your peace of mind. So why wait? Get the Pinyan Handcrafted Natural Alabaster Stone Globe Table Lamp today!

Safavieh Lighting Collection Delilah Alabaster White 30-inch Bedroom Living Room Home Office Desk Nightstand Table Lamp (LED Bulb Included)


Looking for a stylish and modern lighting option? The Safavieh Lighting Collection is exactly what you're looking for! With its sleek and timeless design, this collection is sure to add a touch of glamour to any room. Made of high-quality alabaster, this lamp is perfect for adding a bit of life to your dull and dreary home office. Includes one 30-watt LED bulb, which provides enough light to get by without straining your eyes. Screws into place easily and securely. Best quality assurance: Each one of our lamps undergoes stringent testing to ensure top performance. We offer a 3-month free trial so you can try it out before buying. If there are any questions about the installation or use of this product, please feel free to contact us via Amazon message board or click the blue font "SAFAVIEH" for help.

Kathy Ireland Alabaster Glass Mulholland 2-Light Table Lamp

Kathy ireland

Upgrade your home lighting with this stylish and trendy table lamp from the Kathy Ireland Alabaster Glass collection! This beautiful table lamp features a classic and timeless design, as well as a sleek and modern appearance. The shade is made of white alabaster glass, while the rest of the lamp is crafted from cast resin. With its urn-shaped silhouette and aged bronze and gold finish, this lamp is sure to add a touch of style to any room.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Alabaster Table Lamp

Its softness makes it ideal for use as a light source. This article explains what alabaster is, where it comes from, and why it is such a great choice for lighting. We also explain how to care for it properly, and give tips on choosing the right size and style of alabaster table lamp for your room.

What Is A Alabaster Table Lamp?

Alabaster is a type of marble made from limestone. The word "alabaster" comes from the Arabic word for white stone. In modern times, alabaster has been used to create decorative items like vases, bowls, and figurines. Today, many people collect alabaster pieces because of its beautiful appearance and unique texture. There are many different types of alabaster available today, including natural, imitation, and synthetic. Natural alabaster is mined directly from quarries, while imitation alabaster is produced through chemical processes. Synthetic alabaster is manmade using various chemicals and additives.

Where Can I Find An Alabaster Table Lamp?

You can find alabaster table lamps at most department stores, home improvement centers, and antique shops. You may even see some online retailers selling these items. If you want to buy an authentic alabaster table lamp, make sure to look for a reputable seller who will ship the item quickly and securely.

Who Needs A Alabaster Table Lamp?

Alabaster is one of the most beautiful stones. People use alabaster for everything from jewelry to statues. But did you know that this stone is perfect for creating stunning table lamps?

The beauty of alabaster is its translucency. It looks almost transparent. When light shines through it, it creates soft shadows. These shadows add depth to any space. Alabaster is also very durable. It doesn't chip easily. And it's naturally hypoallergenic. So, it makes a wonderful addition to any home.

When choosing a table lamp, look for one made of alabaster. It will create a warm glow in any room. And it will last forever.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Alabaster Table Lamp

If you want to create a warm atmosphere in any space, then lighting is one of the most important factors to consider. Lighting plays a big role in creating a welcoming ambiance. When selecting a light fixture, it's important to think about how you'll use the space where the light fixture resides. For example, if you have a dining area, you may want to select a table lamp that provides soft ambient lighting. On the other hand, if you have a living room, you may prefer a floor lamp that offers bright illumination.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a light fixture is whether or not you'd like to place the light fixture on a table or wall. A table lamp is great for illuminating a small surface such as a desk or coffee table. However, if you would rather illuminate a larger area, then a floor lamp might work better. Floor lamps typically provide brighter illumination than table lamps.

One final consideration when selecting a light fixture is whether or not you'd like the light fixture to be dimmable. Dimming allows you to adjust the brightness of the light fixture depending on the amount of ambient light available in the space. This feature makes it easy to set up a light fixture so that it illuminates properly regardless of the surrounding conditions.

When looking for a light fixture, it's important to take into account the type of light source used by the fixture. Each type of bulb produces a unique color temperature. Incandescents produce a very warm light, while CFLs tend to be cooler than incandescents. Halogens produce a medium-warm light similar to that of incandescents.

To determine the best light fixture for your needs, start by determining the size of the space where the light fixture will reside.

Features To Consider When Buying A Alabaster Table Lamp

Style. The first thing you'll notice about a table lamp is its style. There are many styles available, including traditional, modern, transitional, and contemporary. Traditional designs tend to feature simple lines and clean shapes. Modern design features sleek curves and sharp angles. Transitional design combines elements of both traditional and modern design. Contemporary design tends to incorporate bold colors and bright patterns.

Lighting options. Table lamps come in a variety of lighting options, including incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and more. Each type of bulb has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, incandescent bulbs produce warm light, while LEDs create cool white light. Halogens produce soft yellowish light. Compact fluorescents give off a bluish tint.

Size. Size matters when it comes to table lamps. Smaller sizes work well for smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Larger sizes work well for larger areas, such as dining rooms and kitchens. Make sure you measure the space where you plan to place the lamp to ensure it fits properly.

Lampshade material. Lampshades are made from fabric, paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, and other materials. Fabric shades are usually preferred over others because they allow light to shine through them. However, if you prefer a darker shade, you may opt for a solid color instead of a patterned fabric shade.

Color. Color plays a big role in determining how a lamp looks. Neutral tones, such as cream, gray, black, and brown, are classic colors that complement most decors. Bright colors, such as reds, yellows, greens, blues, purples, oranges, and pinks, add vibrancy to a room. Dark colors, such as grays, blacks, dark blue, and navy, bring warmth and depth to a room.

Finish. Finishes range from matte to glossy. Matte finishes are typically used on furniture pieces, while gloss finishes are often applied to floor lamps.

Different Types Of Alabaster Table Lamp

Alabaster is a beautiful stone that is commonly used in interior design. It is a soft white color and is known for its ability to absorb light. Alabaster lamps are becoming increasingly popular due to their beauty and versatility. Here are some of the main types of alabaster lamps currently available.

Table Lamp. A traditional style alabaster table lamp features a round base and a clear glass shade. The shade allows light to shine through the top of the lamp. Table lamps are a good option if you want something simple and elegant. These are also suitable for any room in your home.

Lamp. An alabaster lamp is shaped like a cylinder. Its shape makes it stand out amongst other styles of lamps. Lamp shades are usually black and feature a small hole at the bottom. Lamps are a versatile option and can be placed anywhere in your house. These are particularly useful if you want to create a specific mood in a particular area of your home.

Wall Lamp. Wall lamps are a modern alternative to table lamps. They look great in rooms with exposed brick walls. Their cylindrical shapes are reminiscent of old fashioned wall lights. Wall lamps are a great option if you want something stylish without spending a lot of money.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Alabaster Table Lamp

What is an alabaster table lamp?

A table lamp is a light fixture that hangs above a table. A typical table lamp has a bulb at its base that sits atop a metal pole. The top of the pole holds a glass shade that contains the lightbulb.

Where Did The Name "Alabaster" Come From?

Alabaster was originally known as "white marble, " but this term became outdated when scientists discovered that alabaster actually contained more than 90% calcium carbonate.

What Materials Make Up An Alabaster Table Lamp?

Most alabaster table lamps contain a clear glass shade that covers the entire lamp's body. Sometimes, however, manufacturers will use colored shades instead of clear ones.

Does Every Alabaster Table Lamp Have A White Color Scheme?

No, most alabaster table lamps feature a white shade. However, some manufacturers offer their products in a wide range of colors.

What Size Should I Buy My Alabaster Table Lamp?

You should purchase your alabaster table lamp based on how much light you want to illuminate your room. If you plan to sit around reading books all day, then you'll probably want a smaller lamp. On the other hand, if you're planning to watch television or play video games, then you'll likely want a larger lamp.

Should I Get An Alabaster Table Lamp With A Dimmer Switch?

Some people prefer to turn their table lamps off completely rather than having them automatically go out after a certain amount of time. Dimmer switches allow you to control the brightness of your lights manually.

What Kind Of Bulbs Should I Use In My Alabaster Table Lamp?

Your alabaster table lamp should include a standard incandescent bulb. Incandescents produce warm light, which makes them ideal for illuminating rooms during winter months.

Which Brand Of Alabaster Table Lamp Should I Choose?

When shopping for an alabaster table lamp, you should consider price first. After all, you don't want to spend too much money on something that won't last forever.

Next, look for features like adjustable arms and a dimmer switch. These two options allow you to customize your lighting experience.

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Alabaster Table Lamp?

To keep your alabaster table lamp looking new, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Avoid cleaning it with harsh chemicals, since they could harm the finish.

Can I Put My Alabaster Table Lamp Near Windows?

If you live in a cold climate, you shouldn't leave your alabaster table lamp next to a window. Instead, position it away from direct sunlight.

Can I Use My Alabaster Table Lamp Outdoors?

Yes, you can use your alabaster table lamp outside. Simply set it on a sturdy surface, such as concrete or wood.

Can I Use My Alabaster Table Lamp Indoors?

Yes, you can use your alabaster table lamp inside. Just remember to protect it from dust and dirt.

Can I Use My Alabaster Table Lamp In High-Traffic Areas?

Yes, you can use your alabaster table lamp anywhere. Just be careful not to knock it over.

Can I Use My Alabaster Table Lamp In Bathrooms?

Yes, you can use your alabaster table lamp in bathrooms. Just be careful not to splash water onto it.

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