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Air Suspension Kits

Air suspension systems are becoming increasingly popular. This system allows you to adjust the amount of lift and shock absorption provided by the vehicle. It works by inflating or deflating air bags located under the car’s frame. By adjusting the pressure within the bags, the vehicle can be lowered or raised. Suspension kits work well for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Air suspension kits are easy to install and remove. All you need to do is inflate or deflate the bags according to your preferences. If you’d like to learn more about air suspension kits, check out our buyers guide to learn more about suspension kits and how they work.

TS - Compatible with Dodge 3500 4wd Pickup Truck 14-21 Towing Assist Air Ride Suspension Kit Complete With Air Management Control

The TS - Compatible with Dodge 3500 4wd Pickup Truck 14-21 years old. This kit includes heavy duty air springs, precise mounting brackets, SAE grade hardware, an in-board management system and decal. It's easy to install and increases your truck's towing capacity by 50%. Plus, it improves your vehicle's stabilty and makes it more durable for long term use. So why wait? Get the TS - Compatible with Dodge 3500 4wd Pickup Truck today!

TRQ Air Ride Suspension Compressor with Dryer & Rear Shock Absorber 3 Piece Kit Set for 2007-2014 Cadillac Escalade / 2007-2014 Chevy Suburban/Tahoe/Avalanche/GMC Yukon New


If you're in need of a new air ride suspension compressor? Check out the TRQ Air Ride Suspension Compressor! It's powerful and easy to use, making it perfect for any vehicle with an air ride suspension. With a dryer and rear shock absorbers included, this compressor can handle any job. Plus, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your purchase is of the highest quality.

Strutmasters Air Suspension Conversion Kit compatible with 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Conversion Kit With Light Fix Module (DR14FM)


If you're looking for an easy way to improve your car's ride, look no further than this Strutmasters air suspension conversion kit! This kit includes everything you need to easily upgrade your car's suspension, including new coil springs, struts, and an upper mount with high quality fluids and seals. The kit is also fully assembled, so you'll be able to enjoy your new improved ride in no time!

Vixen Air Suspension Kit for Truck/Car Bag/Air Ride/Spring. On Board System- Dual 200psi Compressor, 5 Gallon Tank. for Boat Lift,Towing,Lowering,Load Leveling,Onboard Train Horn VXX1209FW/4852DBF

Vixen Air

Upgrade your car's ride with the Vixen Air Suspension Kit! This kit is designed for higher air demands, including trucks and cars with heavy loads. It features a 5-gallon tank with nine ports, two 200 psi compressors, four 26000-style air bags, high flow electric air valves, water traps, a dual gauge panel with 4-way switch control, and basic hardware for installation. The onboard air system with increased capacity and speed is perfect for any driver looking for a boost.

Air Lift 88341 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Air Suspension Kit

Air Lift

If you're looking for an easy way to level your truck or SUV, the Air Lift 88341 is exactly what you need! This fully-adjustable air spring will easily accommodate any type of load, and features up to 5,000 pounds of load leveling capacity. The installation process is also simple, and the lifetime warranty ensures lasting quality. So why wait? Get the Air Lift 88341 today!

TORQUE Air Spring Bag Suspension Kit for 2011-2016 Ford F250 F350 and 2011-2013 Ford F450 [up to 5,000 lbs. of Load Leveling Capacity] (Replaces Firestone 2597 Ride-Rite) (TR2597)


Upgrade your car's suspension with this brand new set of high-quality torque rods! These heavy-duty metal rods are stronger and more durable than standard steel rods, so you can rest assured that your car will always handle tough roads with ease. Plus, they include all the necessary hardware for easy installation, plus two pieces of advice on how to properly maintain your car. So why wait? Make your car or truck truly comfortable today with the TORQUE Air Spring Bag Suspension Kit!

Vixen Air Suspension Kit for Truck/Car Bag/Air Ride/Spring. On Board System- 200psi Compressor, 5 Gallon Tank. for Boat Lift,Towing,Lowering,Leveling Bags,Onboard Train Horn,Semi/SUV VXO4852B

Vixen Air

If you're in need of a new air suspension system for your car or truck, the Vixen Air Suspension Kit is the perfect solution! This kit includes everything you need to install an air suspension system, including a 12v 200PSI compressor, a 5 gallon tank, and all necessary hardware and instructions. The Vixen Air Suspension Kit also comes with a remote filter, pressure switch, drain valve, and relay with pre-installed plug and mounting hardware. Don't miss out on this must-have automotive accessory - order your Vixen Air Suspension Kit today!

ALPHA HD Rear Air Suspension Kit compatible with Dodge RAM 1500/2500/3500 2003-20


Upgrade your car's suspension with our high quality rear air suspension kits! These kits include everything you need for a quick installation, including aluminum end caps and 20 support wires. The double convoluted design provides maximum strength and durability, while the powder coating ensures that the kit will remain corrosion resistant. With a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that your new rear air suspension will last for years to come. So don't wait any longer, get your ALPHA HD Rear Air Suspension Kit today!

Air Lift 57341 LoadLifter 5000 Air Suspension Kit

Air Lift

The Air Lift 57341 LoadLifter is an easy and reliable way to level your vehicle when towing or carrying a heavy load. With up to 5,000 pounds of load leveling capability, it's perfect for any application where you need a sturdy and durable lift. Installation is a breeze and the Air Lift 57341 comes with a lifetime warranty. So why wait? Get your Air Lift 57341 today!

TORQUE Air Spring Bag Suspension Kit for 2005-2022 Toyota Tacoma 4WD and Prerunner 2WD [up to 5,000 lbs. of Load Leveling Capacity] (Replaces Firestone 2407 Ride-Rite) (TR2407)


Upgrade your car's suspension with this TORQUE Air Spring Bag Suspension Kit! Made from durable materials, this kit is perfect for increasing your car's carrying capacity, improving its performance, and making it more comfortable to ride. Plus, it's easy to install and adjust, so you'll be enjoying new cushioned bliss in no time!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Air Suspension Kits

Air suspensions have become increasingly popular over recent years. They offer a number of benefits, such as improved handling, better road holding and increased safety. However, they also come with their own set of problems - namely, cost. If you're thinking about getting yourself an air suspension system, then this article will help you make sure that you get the best deal possible. We'll show you what to look out for when shopping around for an air suspension kit, and give you our recommendations for the best ones available today.

What Are Air Suspension Kits?

An air suspension kit is an assembly of components that allows for the lowering of the vehicle's chassis, thereby making it easier to drive over rough terrain. Air suspensions are typically found on off road vehicles like Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, and 4x4s. They allow the driver to lower the height of the vehicle without having to raise the tires up off the ground. This makes driving over uneven surfaces much more comfortable.

How Does An Air Suspension Work?

The air suspension system consists of two main components - the shock absorbers and the springs. The shocks absorb the impact forces created by bumps in the road while the springs provide support for the weight of the vehicle. These two components work together to make sure that the wheels remain level even if there are large changes in elevation. If the vehicle has no air suspension, the shocks would need to be raised or lowered manually whenever the vehicle goes over a bumpy surface. With an air suspension, this process is done automatically.

Who Needs Air Suspension Kits?

Air suspensions are becoming increasingly common among off road vehicles. But before you rush out and purchase one, you need to know how to install one properly. Otherwise, you could damage your vehicle.

An air suspension kit consists of two main components - a shock absorber and a spring. These two pieces must be installed correctly to ensure proper functioning. Here's how to do it right.

The first step is to remove the old shocks and springs. Then, clean the area where the new ones will be mounted. Use soap and water to wash away any dirt or grime. Next, use sandpaper to smooth down the surface. Finally, apply a light coat of grease to prevent rust.

Next, measure the distance from the front axle to the rear axle. Make sure this measurement matches the length of the shock absorbers you plan to use. Also, check the height of the vehicle. You want the top of the shock absorber to be level with the top of the frame rails. Once these measurements match, mark the position where the shock absorbers will mount. Now, drill holes through the frame rails using a 1/8 inch bit. Drill a hole every 3 inches along each side of the frame rail. Be careful not to hit the ground while drilling.

Once you finish drilling, insert the bolts through the holes. Tighten the bolts until the bolt heads touch the bottom of the frame rail. Repeat this process for the other side of the frame rail. When finished, tighten the bolts again. Check the alignment of the shock absorbers. If everything looks correct, attach the shock absorbers to the frame rails. Attach the lower end of the shock absorbers to the frame rails using the provided hardware. Now, connect the upper ends of the shock absorbers to the vehicle's suspension system.

Finally, adjust the height of the shock absorbers. To do this, loosen the bolts holding the shock absorbers in place. Remove the shock absorbers and move them back and forth until they fit snugly against the frame rails. Reattach the shock absorbers to the frame rails using the supplied hardware. Drive over the shock absorbers several times to test the suspension system. If everything works fine, replace the original shocks and springs.

Now, you're ready to drive around town. Remember to follow the instructions included in your manual. If you encounter problems, contact your local mechanic.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Air Suspension Kits

Air suspensions have become increasingly popular among car enthusiasts. They offer many advantages over coil springs, including increased handling performance, improved fuel efficiency, reduced tire wear, and better ride height control. Air suspensions are often used by offroaders who want to enjoy their vehicles' capabilities even after they've reached their destination. For those reasons, it's important to purchase a quality air suspension kit. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying one:

Look for a reputable company. When looking for a quality air suspension system, it's best to buy from a reputable company. This ensures that you'll receive a reliable product that meets industry standards. You should never buy anything from a company that doesn't list any certifications on its website.

Look for a warranty. A warranty protects you against defects in the product. Make sure that the air suspension kit you purchase includes a warranty. If it doesn't, then you may end up having to pay for costly repairs if something goes wrong.

Consider the cost. There are two types of air suspension systems available: active and passive. Active systems use sensors to monitor vehicle speed and adjust the air pressure accordingly. Passive systems do not require sensors, so they tend to be less expensive. However, they aren't as responsive as active systems.

If you plan to install an air suspension system, you'll probably need to replace several components. These include the shock absorbers, struts, valves, hoses, and other items. Be prepared to invest a significant amount of money in order to obtain a quality air suspension kit.

Features To Consider When Buying Air Suspension Kits

Air suspension systems. Air suspension systems work by using air bags under each wheel to raise or lower the vehicle. This allows you to adjust how low or high the car rides.

Adjustable shocks. The shock absorbers on most cars are fixed. That means they only allow you to set them at certain heights. An adjustable shock can be adjusted to fit your needs. This makes it easier to fine tune the height of the car.

Easy installation. Most air suspension kits are fairly simple to install. They usually involve removing the factory springs and installing new ones. Some kits even include instructions.

Quality. Make sure you buy a quality kit. Check to make sure there are no leaks and that everything fits properly. Also check to make sure the system has been tested and inspected.

Cost. Don't pay more than you have to. Shop around to compare prices on different kits. You may be able to find a discount if you buy multiple kits.

Warranty. Buy a warranty that covers both labor and replacement parts. Many manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 1 year to 5 years. Ask about this when you're shopping.

Different Types Of Air Suspension Kits

Air Suspension Kits are becoming increasingly popular among car owners. Air Suspension Kits are essentially shock absorbers that connect between the frame of your vehicle and the body. When you drive down the road, the shocks absorb bumps and vibrations caused by uneven roads. By connecting the springs to the body instead of the frame, the shocks are now connected to the body. This allows the body to move up and down freely without affecting the frame.

There are two main types of air suspension kits. Single Shock Air Suspension Kits and Dual Shock Air Suspension Kits. Both types use air pressure to raise and lower the body. A Single Shock Air Suspension Kit uses a single spring to lift the body. A dual shock kit uses two separate springs to lift the body. Each spring is controlled separately allowing the driver to adjust the height of the body independently.

Single Shock Air Suspension Kits are cheaper than dual shock kits. Air Suspension Kits are also less complicated to install. On the downside, they don’t offer as much adjustment as dual shock kits. Dual shock kits are better suited to larger vehicles. They are also more durable and last longer than single shock kits.

If you are considering installing an air suspension system in your vehicle, make sure you choose the right kit. Make sure you know what kind of vehicle you own and how big it is. Also check the size of the tires on your vehicle. For example, if you have large wheels, you might consider a bigger kit. If you have small wheels, you should go for a smaller kit.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Air Suspension Kits

What is an air suspension kit?

An air suspension kit allows your vehicle's shock absorbers to raise and lower themselves automatically when needed. Air suspension kits are often referred to as ride kits, suspension lift kits, or suspension lift systems.

How Do Air Suspension Kits Work?

Air suspension kits use a valve system to control how much fluid flows through the shocks. When the car hits bumps, the valves open and allow more fluid into the shock. As the car continues to travel, the valves close and less fluid enters the shock. This causes the shock to compress slightly, absorbing the impact.

Does This Mean My Car Will Bounce Around Like Crazy When I Drive Over Rough Roads?

No, air suspension kits don't make your car jump around. Instead, they absorb most of the energy from the road. If you want to feel like you're driving a sports car, then look for a coilover suspension upgrade instead.

How Do Air Suspension Kits Compare To Coilovers?

Coilovers have springs inside their dampers, whereas air suspension kits have no springs at all. Coilovers are generally better suited for high-performance vehicles, but air suspension kits are great for everyday drivers.

Will Air Suspension Kits Ruin My Car's Handling?

If you've ever driven a car with air suspension, then you know that it doesn't change the way your car handles. Your car's tires will continue to grip the ground just as well as they did without the air suspension.

Should I Buy An Air Suspension Kit?

Absolutely! An air suspension kit makes your car safer, quieter, and more comfortable than a traditional coilover setup. Plus, you'll save money on gas too.

Where Should I Go To Get An Air Suspension Kit Installed?

You can install an air suspension kit yourself. Many shops offer installation services, though. To learn more about installing an air suspension kit, visit our guide here:

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