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Air Hammers

Air hammers are useful tools that are commonly used by carpenters, roofers and other tradesmen. This tool allows users to drive nails into wood or metal without having to pound them in with a hammer. It works by creating a powerful stream of compressed air that drives the nail straight through the material. Air hammers are lightweight and easy to carry around, making them convenient for anyone who wants to work on projects around the house.

Ingersoll Rand is a manufacturer of quality products such as air compressors, air conditioners and air filters. They produce a wide range of products that are suitable for everyday use. If you’re interested in purchasing an air hammer, check out our buyers guide to learn more about the product and where to buy it.

Pile Driver Hammer - JACKCHEN 2 Stroke 52CC Gas Powered T Post Driver Hammer Drills, Air Cooling Single Cylinder Gasoline Petrol Garden Fencing Tool Machine with 2 Post Driving Head


The Pile Driver Hammer from JACKCHEN is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly and easily drive posts into the ground! This powerful hammer has a 2-stroke design that allows it to hit hard while providing comfortable, controlled strokes. It's also got a wide application range, making it great for any project. Get yours today!

Shake'n Break Pneumatic Hammer 3/8 Inch Bolt Breaker Air Hammer Attachment Scaler Chisel for Removing Stubborn Fasteners Torx Bolts Nuts

If you're having trouble getting rid of those pesky fasteners, the Shake'n Break pneumatic hammer might be able to help. This handy tool attaches to your air hammer and provides vibration so you can break away hardened fasteners or frozen nuts and bolts. The imported material 40CR makes it more durable than other pneumatic tools on the market. So why wait? Get the Shake'n Break Pneumatic Hammer today!

FreeTec 4pcs Pneumatic Air Hammer Bits Set,Smoothing Pneumatic Air Chisel Bits Tool Set with Spring


Need a versatile and reliable pneumatic air hammer? Check out the FreeTec 4pcs Pneumatic Air Hammer Bits Set! This set includes all the necessary bits you'll ever need, including a spring-loaded trigger system that makes it easy to use. With a 1. 97" (L) x 3. 15" (W) x 3. 15" (H) bit configuration, this air hammer can handle any job you throw at it. Plus, the included spring provides a comfortable, controlled blowback. Get yours today!

13-piece Air Hammer Set with 5pcs Chisels, Quick Change Retainer and Spring Retainer, 3500BPM Air Chisel Hammer with Rubber Sleeve Handle, Heavy Duty Air Hammer Kit


If you're looking for an air hammer that's both accurate and comfortable to use, the YON.SOUTH Korea 13-inch barstools are a great option! These stools feature a sturdy wooden seat and back with thick cushions, making them perfect for any project. They also have a lightweight plastic seat that's easy to clean and doesn't hurt the environment. Order yours today and see the difference it makes!

Chicago Pneumatic CP7111 Air Hammer with Round Shank and Pistol Grip, 3,000 BPM

Chicago Pneumatic

The Chicago Pneumatic CP7111 Air Hammer is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that can be used for both professional and domestic applications. This hammer features a standard .401" round shank and a pistol grip handle, making it easy to switch between left or right hand operation. It also has a fast cutting action and is versatile and cost-effective, making it the perfect choice for any project.

AIRCAT 5200-A-T: 0.401-Inch Shank Composite Long Stroke Air Hammer 2,100 BPM


If you're looking for a powerful and reliable air hammer that won't shake your hand too much, the AIRCAT 5200-A is the perfect choice! This tough little hammer can deliver up to 2, 100 blows per minute and features a heavy-duty ball-lock quick change chisel retainer for added safety and convenience. Plus, the ergonomic handle provides maximum comfort for the user. Get the AIRCAT 5200-A today and see the difference it makes in your work!

Craftsman CMXPTSG1010NB Air Hammer, Red and Black


The Craftsman CMXPTSG1010NB Air Hammer is the perfect tool for anyone who needs a powerful and reliable hammer! This hammer features a 2800 blow per minute rate and an anti-slip rubber handle to reduce vibration. Plus, it comes with a flat-blade chisel for easy cutting and removal of nails and a dust cover to keep debris out of your eyes. With average air consumption of only 4.4 SCFM, this hammer will last for years to come!

WORKPAD 190mm Long Barrel Air Hammer with Quick Change Chisel Retainer and 4-Piece Chisels Set, Pneumatic Tools


Looking for an air hammer that is both powerful and convenient to use? The WORKPAD 190mm Long Barrel Air Hammer with Quick Change Chisel Retainer and 4-Piece Chisels Set is just what you need! This hammer features a barrel design with 3,500 BPM (beats per minute) and a quick change chisel retainer, making it easy to switch out the chisel every time you use the tool. The aluminum alloy housing with anti-slip grip makes this hammer comfortable to use, and the heat-treated construction ensures long-lasting durability. With the 4-piece chisel set, this hammer can meet your various cutting needs.

ApplianPar Pack of 5 Heavy duty Smoothing Pneumatic Air Hammer Pneumatic Chisel Bits Extended Length Tools Kit with Spring


If you're looking for a heavy-duty pneumatic tool that can handle tough projects, the ApplianPar Pack of 5 Heavy Duty Smoothing Pneumatic Air Hammer is exactly what you need! This powerful tool features a 180mm (5/8 inch) long handle and 100mm (3/8 inch) flat head, making it perfect for use as an air rivet hammer, pneumatic chisel or gas shovel. The package also includes 1 x spring to make sure the tool is ready to use when you are.

Ingersoll Rand 116 Standard Duty Air Hammer, 116 - Tool Only

Ingersoll Rand

Need a powerful air hammer that can handle tough tasks? The Ingersoll Rand 116 Standard Duty Air Hammer is the perfect solution! This tool can deliver up to 3500 blows per minute, making it ideal for use on a variety of projects. With a long life alloyed steel barrel and heat treated piston, this air hammer will last for years to come.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Air Hammers

They were originally used by blacksmiths to work metal into shape, and today they continue to be used for similar purposes. However, their use has expanded greatly over the years, and now they are commonly used for everything from woodworking to construction projects. This article will help you decide whether an air hammer is right for you.

What Are Air Hammers?

An air hammer is an impact tool that uses compressed air instead of a mallet to strike objects. Air hammers are commonly used for driving nails into wood, metal, concrete, plastic, plaster, tile, brick, stone, etc. They are also useful for breaking up old concrete and removing paint from surfaces. An air hammer has two parts: a handle and a striking head. The striking head contains the air compressor and valve system. The striking head is attached to the end of the handle. The handle connects to the air hose, which runs to the compressor. To operate the air hammer, you turn the trigger switch on the handle. This turns on the air compressor, which forces air through the hose and into the striking head. As the air strikes the striking head, it compresses and sends a powerful blow to whatever surface you're hitting.

Who Needs Air Hammers?

Air hammers are useful for everything from cleaning to painting. But did you know that they can actually do a whole bunch of other things too? Here are five uses for these handy tools.

1. Cleaning. Air hammers are perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like tile floors, countertops, and sinks. All you need to use one is water and a sponge. Simply spray down the surface, then wipe away any dirt using the sponge. Repeat this process until the area looks clean.

2. Painting. Air hammers are ideal for painting walls, ceilings, and trim. To paint a wall, simply apply two coats of primer, wait 30 minutes, then apply two coats of paint. Use a roller to smooth out the finish.

3. Removing wallpaper. Wallpaper removal is usually messy. However, an air hammer makes the job fast and simple. Spray the wallpaper with water, let it sit for 10 seconds, then remove the paper using the tool. Repeat this process until the entire wall has been removed.

4. Staining wood. Wood staining is a messy task. However, an air hammer makes it easy. First, coat the stain with mineral spirits, then rub the stain into the wood using the hammer. Let the stain dry completely before moving furniture back over the stained areas.

5. Cutting nails. Nails are sometimes difficult to cut. An air hammer makes cutting nails a breeze. Simply hold the nail against the head of the hammer, then strike the end of the nail with the hammer. Repeat this process until the nail breaks off.

No matter how you decide to use an air hammer, you'll love its versatility. Whether you're cleaning, painting, removing wallpaper, or cutting nails, an air hammer is sure to become part of your home improvement arsenal.

How To Build A Wooden Birdhouse

Birdhouses are a wonderful addition to any garden. Not only do they add beauty to your yard, but they also attract birds.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Air Hammers

If you have ever worked on construction sites, then you probably understand how important it is to purchase quality tools. You never want to work on a job site with substandard tools. This could mean that you'll end up damaging your project or even injuring yourself. So, if you're looking to buy a tool set for your home improvement projects, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for quality materials. When buying tools, it's important to look for quality materials. For example, you should avoid buying cheap plastic tools because they may break easily. Instead, opt for metal tools that are strong and durable. Metal tools tend to hold their shape better than plastic ones do.

Consider the size of the tool. Tools come in many different sizes. Make sure that you select the correct size for the task at hand. For instance, if you're working on a small project, you might want to use smaller tools. On the other hand, if you're working on a large project, you might want to use larger tools. Consider the size of the tool when selecting it.

Think about durability. Durability is another thing to consider when buying tools. For example, you shouldn't buy woodworking tools that aren't designed to withstand heavy usage. Invest in tools that are built to last. They won't let you down.

Make sure that the tool works properly. Before purchasing any tool, make sure that it functions properly. Check the instructions included with the tool to see if it's easy to operate. Take note of any warnings regarding safety. If the tool doesn't function properly, you could damage something.

Don't forget to take care of your tools. Keep them clean by wiping off dirt and dust regularly. Store them away from moisture and heat. Use proper storage containers so that the tools stay safe and dry.

Keep in mind that tools are expensive. Be careful when making purchases. Buy quality tools instead of cheap ones. Quality tools will save you money in the long run.

Features To Consider When Buying Air Hammers

Powerful tool. An air hammer is a great way to loosen stubborn nails and screws. But, if you've never used one before, you may wonder how they work. Here's everything you need to know about these power tools.

Safety features. Air hammers are powerful tools, so you'll want to make sure they're safe to use. Look for models that feature safety guards to protect against accidental contact with fingers and other objects. And, make sure the handle is comfortable to hold.

Easy to operate. Most air hammers are simple to operate. All you do is turn them on and let them run until the nail pops loose. Some models even allow you to adjust the speed of the blow.

Lightweight. The lighter the weight, the easier it is to maneuver. Look for lightweight models that weigh less than 10 pounds.

Versatile. Because most air hammers are powered by compressed air, they can be used to remove paint, cut wood, sand concrete, smooth surfaces and more. They're also useful for driving screws into drywall and removing staples.

Portable. Many air hammers are portable, allowing you to move them from job site to job site. This makes them perfect for contractors who travel frequently.

Compact. Compact models are ideal for tight spaces. These models usually take up less space than larger versions.

Toolbox friendly. Many air hammers are compatible with standard toolboxes. This means you can store them easily and quickly access them whenever needed.

Easily stored. Many air hammers are compact enough to fit inside a tool box. This allows you to store them easily and quickly access them whenever needed.

Different Types Of Air Hammers

Air hammers are used by carpenters, painters, plumbers, roofers, welders, and construction workers. They are also used by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. Air hammers are powered by compressed air rather than electricity. Air Hammers are commonly referred to as pneumatic tools. Air Hammers are also known as power tools.

There are two main categories of air hammers. Single stroke and double stroke. A single stroke hammer uses one piston to drive the tool head forward. When the trigger is released, the piston returns to its original position. Double stroke hammers use two pistons to move the tool head. One piston moves the tool head forward while the second piston retracts the tool head. Both types of hammers produce a powerful blow. Air Hammers are useful for driving nails, drilling holes, and breaking concrete.

Single Stroke Air Hammers. Single stroke air hammers are the most basic models. They consist of a handle attached to a metal cylinder. Inside the cylinder is a spring loaded piston. When the trigger is pulled, the piston compresses the air inside the cylinder. When the trigger is released, the piston expands and drives the tool head forward. Single stroke air hammers are inexpensive and simple. They are good for beginners and those who don't plan on doing any heavy duty work. These are also suitable for light carpentry projects.

Double Stroke Air Hammer. Double stroke air hammers are slightly more advanced than single stroke air hammers. They consist of a handle connected to a metal cylinder. Double stroke air hammers are better suited for heavier tasks. Air Hammers are also more durable.

Ingersoll Rand Tools. Ingersoll Rand is a well known manufacturer of hand held power tools. Their line includes drills, saws, sanding machines, grinders, and impact wrenches. All of their tools feature ergonomic handles and comfortable grips. These are built to last.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Air Hammers

What are air hammers?

Air hammers are tools designed to use compressed air to drive nails into wood. They are often used when nailing boards together to create furniture.

Where Did They Originate?

They were invented in 1892 by William C. Ingersoll, a carpenter in New York City. He was looking for a way to make his job easier. He came across a device known as a pneumatic hammer. This tool allowed him to hit pieces of lumber without having to bend down to pick up each individual nail.

What Types Of Air Hammers Exist?

There are two main categories of air hammers: hand-held and benchtop models. Hand-held air hammers have handles that allow users to easily control their power. Benchtop models are more powerful than hand-held ones but require more space to operate.

What Are Some Advantages Of Using Air Hammers?

Using air hammers allows you to quickly and efficiently pound through wood. This makes it easy to install screws and bolts in hardwood floors.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Using Air Hammers?

You should never use an air hammer near water. Doing this could result in serious injury.

What Are Some Safety Precautions To Take When Using Air Hammers?

Always follow manufacturer's instructions when operating your air hammer. Never attempt to repair a damaged air hammer yourself.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Air Hammers?

If you're working with soft woods like pine, fir, cedar, etc., then you'll probably want to purchase a lower PSI model.

A: Nails should always be at least 1/8th of an inch longer than the diameter of the hole you're trying to drill.

What Type Of Air Compressor Should I Use With My Air Hammer?

If you plan to use your air hammer outside, then you should invest in a portable air compressor. These units run off 12 volts DC and produce between 5 and 20 PSI.

What Type Of Air Hose Should I Use With My Air Hammer?

Hoses should be rated for continuous operation. That means that they won't burst under high pressures.

What Kind Of Tips Should I Use With My Air Hammer?

Tips should be pointed toward the head of the hammer. This helps to direct the flow of air and reduce backpressure.

What Is The Best Brand Of Air Hammers?

Ingersoll Rand has been making quality products since 1891. Their line of air hammers includes everything from handhelds to bench top models. Check out our selection of air hammers below.

What Is The Difference Between A Pneumatic Nailer And An Air Nailer?

Pneumatic nailers use pressurized air to push nails into wood. On the other hand, air nailers use a piston to move the nails forward. Both devices are powered by air compressors.

What Is The Difference Between A Pneumatic Nail Gun And An Air Nail Gun?

Nail guns use pressurized air to shoot nails into wood. Pneumatic nail guns are similar to pneumatic nailers except that they don't include a compressor. Instead, they rely on a tank of compressed air to provide the necessary power.

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