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Product Description

After using this adult scooter for several weeks, I can confidently say that it is a well-built and sturdy mode of transportation, perfect for those seeking fun and convenience. The foldable design adds to its appeal, making it easy to carry around or store when not in use.

One of the standout features of this adult scooter is its smooth ride and easy maneuverability, allowing me to effortlessly navigate different terrains. The adjustable handlebar caters to people of all sizes, providing a comfortable grip that ensures safety during use. However, some users might find the release mechanism for folding the scooter a bit tricky.

Overall, this adult scooter is an excellent investment for anyone looking to add some excitement to their daily commute or leisure activities. Its versatility and strong performance make it a top choice among similar products in the market. Despite minor drawbacks, such as the slightly tricky folding mechanism, the benefits and enjoyment it brings make it a worthwhile purchase for anyone seeking an alternative mode of transportation or outdoor fun.

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Product Description

I recently picked up the AOVO Pro foldable electric scooter and have been using it as my primary mode of transportation. This scooter is a game-changer, featuring an impressive 350W motor that propels you up to 30 kilometers per hour. With a 10.5 AH battery, I've found that the long battery life provides plenty of juice for my daily commutes without worrying about running out of charge. The fast charging feature is icing on the cake, allowing me to quickly top up when needed.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this scooter is just how easy it is to set it up - you can have it assembled in no time at all! The sleek and modern design adds points to its visual appeal, while being comfortable to ride even on bumpy roads.

In terms of ease of use, anyone can hop on this scooter and start riding like a pro in no time. While there are concerns regarding its ability to handle off-road terrain, given its intended purpose, I find this scooter performs exceptionally well on smooth surfaces like sidewalks and bike lanes. All in all, this electric scooter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable yet high-quality mode of transportation that won't let you down.

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Product Description

The Apollo Air is a powerful e-scooter that offers unmatched speed and range for a smooth, enjoyable ride. The dual suspension system and pneumatic tires effectively absorb shocks from bumpy roads, making for a comfortable commute to work. The regenerative braking system not only adds an extra layer of safety but also extends the battery life.

The front-dual suspension does an excellent job absorbing shocks from rough terrains, providing a comfortable riding experience every time. With its IP66 water resistance rating, one can confidently ride in all-weather conditions without worrying about damaging the scooter.

One downside is that the scooter may struggle on steeper hills due to limited power, which could pose difficulties for heavier riders. Additionally, assembling accessories such as phone holders can be challenging given the non-standard shape of handlebars. Another area of improvement would be allowing independent settings for three gear modes to better control desired speed limits in different circumstances— this could also enhance ease of storage. Despite these minor drawbacks though overall this is still an exceptional luxury eco-friendly transportation option!

It's important to note that setting up was very easy with the included tool kit and detailed instructions from Electric Kicks – their customer service has been top-notch throughout my purchase journey! The self-healing tires are an innovative addition that saves time and money from getting regular repairs or replacements needed with other models on market today - definitely enhancing your daily riding experience if you choose this product!

Product Features
  • Battery - 36V 15Ah

  • Brakes - Front drum + rear regenerative brakes

  • Charge Time - 5-7hrs

  • E Scooter Weight - 17.5kg

  • Ip Rating - IP66

  • Lights - 500-Lumen front light, indicators and brake light

  • Max Hill Climb - 10 degrees

  • Max Range - 55km

  • Max Speed - 34km/h

  • Max Weight Load - 100kg

  • Motor - 500W (max 900W)

  • Power Modes - Eco, Normal, Sport

  • Recommended Ages - 16yrs+

  • Suspension - Front dual fork suspension

  • Tyres - 10" pneumatic self healing tyres

Product Description

I recently had the opportunity to try out the BTMWAY Compact 4 Wheel Electric Powered Mobility Scooter and I can say it's been a great experience. With a 4.9 mph maximum speed and up to 16 miles per charge, this scooter is incredibly easy to maneuver. The seat is pretty comfortable thanks to its high-density sponge cushioning, which helps minimize shock and jolts while driving.

One feature that stands out is the rear suspension – it makes for a smooth ride even on bumpy roads or uneven surfaces. Assembly was straightforward and simple, taking no more than 20 minutes to put together. And with an intuitive control panel, operating the scooter is effortless with just your fingertips or thumbs.

The LED lights both front and rear provide added visibility during low light conditions, making it easier for me to navigate safely when out late at night or early in the morning. Storage has been made easy with its ability to disassemble into smaller parts for convenient storing away when not in use. Overall, this mobility scooter has given me greater independence and freedom of movement that I have come to cherish deeply.

Product Features
  • Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H - 44.00 x 20.00 x 36.60 Inches

  • Assembled Product Weight - 94 lb

Product Description

I recently purchased the Varla Eagle One electric scooter, and I've been thoroughly impressed with its performance. The dual hub motor delivers an exhilarating ride, and the 52V/18.2Ah lithium-ion battery keeps me going for up to 40 miles on a single charge, depending on the mode I choose. Additionally, the hydraulic brakes with ABS provide excellent stopping power and control, ensuring my safety during each ride.

One of my favorite features is the scooter's ability to climb angles of up to 30+ degrees, making it versatile for various terrain types. The QS-S4 LCD display is also incredibly user-friendly, displaying important information like speed, battery life, and mode selection - making it easy to monitor my ride while on the go. While charging times vary based on how many chargers are used (around 8-9 hours with a single charger or 4-5 hours with two), having this option allows me to quickly get back out there riding again.

On the other hand, some cons to consider are the weight of the scooter (77 Ibs) which may be challenging for some individuals to handle or store as well as its maneuverability in tight spaces due to its size. However, these minor drawbacks don't diminish what is otherwise an exceptional product that has earned high ratings across platforms from users who praise its speed, durability, ease of setup and use, comfort level during long rides and long battery life among other things!

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Product Description

The FIIDO Seated Electric Scooter - Without Suspension / Black has transformed my daily commute into a more enjoyable experience. One of the first things I noticed about this scooter is how easy it is to use, mainly thanks to its twist throttle and responsive disc brakes. The built-in storage space, including a plush seat and multiple bags, allows me to bring all my essentials along for the ride.

This model boasts a maximum range of 18 miles, giving me peace of mind that I can cruise around town without worrying about running out of juice. Although it lacks suspension, the 12" air-filled tires do an excellent job at absorbing most bumps on the road. The headlight makes riding at night safer while the electronic horn lets me signal to pedestrians or other riders during daytime.

Solid frame and fold-down handlebars make storage and transportation a breeze. My only minor concern is its charging speed, as it takes some time for a full charge. Despite this, the FIIDO Seated Electric Scooter definitely adds fun factor into routine commuting duties due to its practicality aspects such as storage and safety features like security key fobs and alarm system. Furthermore, its sleek black colorway complements its visual appeal making it a worthy contender in electric scooters segment!

Product Features
Product Description

As someone who recently got my hands on the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter, I was impressed by its comfort and powerful performance. From the moment I started riding it, the longer and thicker saddle proved to be a significant improvement over previous models, making long rides enjoyable. The 4000W powered dual motors and 60V 30Ah LG battery provide an impressive top speed of over 50 mph and a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, perfect for commuting or just cruising around town.

The new VoroMotors LCD display paired with the twist grip throttle is easy to use and offers intuitive controls while riding. One thing that stood out was how smoothly this scooter handles bumps in the road thanks to its twist throttle, new sine wave controllers, and dual suspension. Overall, the RoadRunner Pro truly lives up to its reputation as one of the most comfortable seated scooters for daily use.

With its power, range, comfort and smoothness of ride combined in a compact design, it's clear that VoroMotors has paid attention to customer feedback in designing this remarkable vehicle - making my purchase of the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter a decision I'm truly happy with.

Product Features
  • Brakes - Hydraulic 2-Piston Zoom Disc

  • Charging Time - 10.4 Hours

  • Deck Lights - No

  • Dimensions - 56.7" x 30.7" x 43.3"

  • Handlebar Dimensions - 25.4mm x 22.2mm x 600mm

  • Hill Clime Angle - 30 Degrees

  • Max Load Capacity - 330lbs

  • Motor - 2000W Dual Hub = 4000W Peak Output

  • Tire Size - 14"x2.75" Tubeless

  • Top Speed - 50mph (82kmph)

  • Water Resistance - Riding under light rain is alright

Product Description

After thoroughly testing the HOVERFLY F1 Adult Electric Scooter Unisex, I have to say it's a fantastic option for anyone in need of a reliable and speedy mode of transportation. Its 300W motor packs quite a punch, allowing you to reach speeds up to 15.5 mph - which is impressive for an electric scooter in this price range. Plus, with two gear modes (9.5 mph and 15.5 mph) at your fingertips, thanks to the control on the LED dashboard, adjusting your speed has never been easier.

One of my favorite aspects about this scooter is its large 8.5-inch rubber pneumatic tires that provide excellent shock absorption while riding over uneven terrain or bumpy sidewalks – it makes for an incredibly smooth ride every time! Additionally, the longer and wider deck (20.8" L x 5.9" W) offers ample space for standing comfortably during longer rides without feeling cramped or unstable – perfect for city commutes or leisurely strolls through parks and boardwalks! And let's not forget the scooter's max weight capacity of 220 lbs - it caters well to a broad range of users regardless of their size or build type!

In terms of safety features, the rear wheel disc brake & E-ABS deliver quick and effective stopping power whenever needed; while the rechargeable battery pack (capable up to ~15 miles under optimal conditions) ensures you won't be left stranded mid-journey due to unexpected power loss - always great peace mind when commuting on busy streets! All things considered: ease usage combined with quality build materials make HOVERFLYF1 ideal choice if looking reliable electric commuter solution within reasonable price range available today’s marketplace - highly recommended product overall!

Product Features
  • Age Range - 8 to 90 Years

  • Amps - 6.0 A

  • Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H - 40.40 x 8.70 x 17.30 Inches

  • Assembled Product Weight - 37.4 lb

  • Battery Size - 36v

  • Battery Type - Lithium-ion battery 36v 6Ah

  • Bell - Yes

  • Brakes Kind - Rear wheel disc brake + electromagnetic brake

  • Charging Time - approx 4.5 H

  • Chassis Frame Material - Aluminum alloy A6061

  • Climbing Degree - approx12 degree

  • Cruise Control - Yes

  • Display Screen - LED digital display

  • Foldable - Yes

  • Is Foldable - Y

  • Led Light - spotlight

  • Lumin Of The Headlights - 100 lm

  • Maximum Speed - 15.5 mph

  • Motor Power - 300 W

  • Motor Size - 8.5 inch

  • Number Of Wheels - 2

  • Operating Temperature - -4F-160F

  • Power Type - Battery

  • Rider Weight Range - 66-220lbs / 30-100kg

  • Tire Size - 8.5 inch

  • Waterproof - IPX4

Product Description

I recently got my hands on the RoadRunner RS5+ 2.0 scooter and I must say, it's a game-changer! The improved design offers better quality by incorporating enhanced materials and construction methods that provide a more durable and comfortable ride. The smoother rides are attributed to the upgraded suspension system, which absorbs bumps and uneven terrain more effectively than its predecessors.

The responsiveness and efficiency of the brakes are impressive, providing great stopping power with minimal effort. However, it is important to handle them with care as they are quite sensitive.

A standout feature of this scooter is its detachable 28Ah LG battery, allowing for longer rides without worrying about running out of juice. It also boasts dual motors that can tackle steep hills with ease but beginners should exercise caution until they get accustomed to handling this power boost.

Overall, the RoadRunner RS5+ 2.0 is ideal for those seeking an electric scooter with superior performance, reliability, and smoothness in their riding experience. Just remember to be cautious when unleashing its power capabilities!

Product Features
Product Description

As a frequent user of the G2 Pro Electric Scooter, I can confidently say that this scooter is a superb investment for anyone in need of an efficient and reliable commuting solution or simply seeking fun ways to explore their surroundings.

One of the most impressive aspects of this scooter is its incredible performance. The 1000W brushless motor effortlessly propels you up to speeds of 35mph and provides an excellent range of up to 35 miles on a single charge. In my daily commute and running errands, it has been nothing short of reliable, making getting from point A to point B quick and enjoyable.

The build quality of the G2 Pro Electric Scooter is top-notch as well. It's constructed with lightweight aluminum that can support up to 150kg while maintaining portability due to its foldable design. The suspension system is another standout feature – featuring front spring suspension and rear air suspension – ensuring a smooth ride even on rough terrains. Plus, responsive disc brakes give me peace of mind when I need to come to an abrupt stop.

I appreciate that the designers paid extra attention by incorporating unique side lighting into the baseplate which catches attention effortlessly when riding at night – truly setting it apart from other scooters in its class. Additionally, installing the aftermarket headlight was a breeze and has significantly increased my visibility during evening rides, providing extra safety measures while cruising around town.

However, there are some areas where this electric scooter could be improved upon – such as tire durability which tends to wear faster than expected but are thankfully easy and affordable to replace when needed. Despite this minor issue though, I wholeheartedly recommend the G2 Pro Electric Scooter for anyone looking for an efficient commuting solution or simply seeking fun ways to explore their surroundings because with its quality build, amazing features (from dual suspensions systems down through attractive touches like side lightning), along with comfortable ergonomics - it delivers exceptional value at every turn!

Product Features
  • Brake Style - Rear Braking, Front Braking

  • Charging Time - 8 Hours

  • Handlebar Type - Adjustable

  • Handle Height - 47.6 Inches

  • Included Components - User Manual, Tool Kits, Electric Scooter, Charger

  • Model Year - 2023

  • Null - 25.6 Miles

  • Number Of Wheels - 2

  • Product Dimensions - 45.3"L x 16.5"W x 47.6"H

  • Special Feature - Seat, Lights

  • Sport Type - electric scooter

  • Style - S2 Pro with Seat

  • Suspension Type - Dual Rear Suspension

  • Weight Limit - 220 Pounds

  • Wheel Material - Rubber

  • Wheel Size - 10 Inches

  • Wheel Type - Solid

Product Description

Having used the Circooter electric scooter for several months now, I can confidently say that it's a fantastic choice for adult commuters. With its powerful 1600W motor and off-road tires, it has a great range of up to 31+ miles depending on battery selection. I have found the long battery life to be incredibly convenient, as I can ride all day without worrying about recharging.

One of the standout features for me is the adjustable handlebar. Being able to customize it to my comfort level makes riding more enjoyable. The front and rear suspension work together seamlessly to provide a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces. Setting up this electric scooter was also surprisingly easy, and its maneuverability makes it great for navigating busy streets or narrow paths.

However, there are some potential drawbacks I've noticed with this scooter. For one, while Circooter is affordable when compared with similar models, it might still be out of budget for some people who simply want an e-scooter for basic transportation needs – perhaps they would prefer something cheaper but with fewer advanced features like extra mileage or suspension system included in this model offered by Isinwheel GT2 version! Additionally, at just under 70 lbs., it might not be ideal for those who need a lightweight scooter for easy transportation or storage purposes (although its weight does contribute towards its durability). Lastly - though minor - charging time could stand improvement; currently taking upwards around 8 hours from flat till full power mode which may not suit everyone especially if relying heavily upon public infrastructure such as charging stations located within cities limits where availability may vary between regions/countries..

Overall though despite these few shortcomings listed above - each person will have their unique set requirements when considering an electric scooter purchase so do bear them mind accordingly before deciding whether invest into buying yourself one too – after using Circooter regularly throughout various terrains & conditions over extended period time overall performance proved satisfactory making worth considering among other options available within market today provided you're willing spend bit more cash acquire better quality product than say those cheaper alternatives found elsewhere.. So far hasn’t disappointed me regarding reliability efficiency safety aspects thus far which matters most end day right?

Product Features
Product Description

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Nanrobot D6+ electric scooter and I must say, it certainly exceeded my expectations. The scooter's dual motors and suspension system make it a pleasure to ride on and off-road in urban settings. One aspect that truly impressed me was its braking system, equipped with front and rear hydraulic/disc brakes coupled with EBS, providing reliable stopping power when needed.

The two hydraulic spring shock absorbers add an extra layer of comfort during rides, while the 10-inch off-road tires enhance its performance on rough terrains. Another highlight is the impressive speed this scooter can reach – maxing out at around 34-40 MPH (54-65 KM/H) – while still maintaining stability thanks to its wide deck. The setup is fairly easy too despite its weight (77 lbs / 35 kg).

One of the most significant selling points for me has been its long battery life – you can easily travel up to 60 miles per charge! Plus, there's an eco mode option too if you want to extend your range even more or conserve energy when not going at full throttle!

Though there are some minor cons such as waterproofing that could be improved for better protection against rain or wet conditions, overall I believe the Nanrobot D6+ is worth every penny spent due to all its features plus overall build quality. Highly recommended!

Product Features
  • Brake - Dual disc / Hydraulic brake

  • Charger - 2 ports (comes with 1 charger)

  • Charging Time - 10 hours with 1 charger, 5 hours with 2 chargers

  • Dual Drive - 1000W x 2

  • Lithium Battery - 52V 26A

  • Load Capacity - MAX 330 lbs / 150 kg

  • Max Speed - 34-40 MPH / 54-65 KM/H

  • Net Weight - 77 lbs / 35 kg

  • Tire - 10 inch Off-road Tires

Product Description

As a reviewer, I had the opportunity to test out the Osprey Dirt Scooter, and it definitely stood out from regular freestyle street scooters due to its construction and features. Here’s what I discovered:

One aspect that really impressed me was the off-road rubber tires. They provided excellent traction during downhill runs - even on rocky and bumpy terrain. Plus, the aluminum deck proved very durable and could withstand quite a beating. The max grip handlebar grips allowed for a secure hold while navigating challenging conditions - a true lifesaver! The triple-stack threaded headset also contributed greatly to smooth rides. Lastly, the stainless steel rear brake was particularly reliable in stopping power when needed most during any environment - ensuring both performance and safety.

That said; assembly may be slightly tricky initially due to its complexity but definitely manageable with patience or guidance from customer support (which provides decent service). Overall, there were more positives than negatives when it comes to this product! It's an exciting option for anyone looking for thrilling all-terrain adventures or downhill scootering experiences – just remember that you shouldn't have any issues as long as you assemble it correctly. So if adrenaline is your thing – go ahead; give Osprey Dirt Scooter a try!

Product Features
  • Brake Style - Rear Braking

  • Frame Material - Aluminum

  • Handlebar Type - Adjustable

  • Handle Height - 76 Centimeters

  • Included Components - 1 x Dirt Scooter

  • Item Dimensions Lx Wx H - 20.87 x 33.46 x 34.65 inches

  • Model Year - 2020

  • Number Of Wheels - 2

  • Style - White

  • Weight Limit - 220 Pounds

  • Wheel Material - Aluminum

  • Wheel Size - 200 Millimeters

  • Wheel Type - Pneumatic

Product Description

I was thrilled to try out this powerful scooter with a 2000W rear hub motor. It has exceeded my expectations when it comes to speed, reaching up to an impressive 32 mph. The fat tires provide excellent stability and traction on any terrain, making it perfect for city streets or off-road adventures.

The hydraulic brake system is smooth and secure, giving me peace of mind while riding. The motor is pleasantly quiet, which I appreciate as I don't want to cause unnecessary noise pollution in my neighborhood.

There are some areas where the scooter can be improved though. Adjusting the tilt of the handlebars initially was quite difficult; a user guide could have made this process much easier for me. Another point is that charging time takes 4-8 hours, so remembering to charge it overnight without fail has become part of my routine.

Nonetheless, this scooter offers great performance and versatility that makes every journey enjoyable and head-turning!

Product Features
Product Description

The Isinwheel GT2 Pneumatic Tire Off Road Electric Scooter has quickly become my go-to mode of transportation, thanks to its powerful 800W motor and impressive top speed of 28 mph. This scooter makes tackling hills and various terrains a breeze, while its pneumatic tires and front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride even on rough roads.

One of the standout features for me is the adjustable handlebar, which enhances comfort during long rides. The foldability of the handlebars also makes it easy to store when not in use or take along for trips. While there are no highlights listed in the description, this electric scooter boasts reliable performance capabilities, long battery life, durability, attractiveness, and ease of setup - making it worth considering if you're in search of an off-road commuting option that won't break the bank.

Product Features
Product Description

I recently got my hands on the Jetson Shield Electric Scooter and I'm impressed. This e-scooter offers top-notch security features, including an electronic lock system, retractable cable lock, key cards, and app customizable settings that give me peace of mind while I'm riding or leaving it unattended.

The 8.5” pneumatic tires and rubber deck provide a smooth ride even on rough terrain, making it ideal for both leisurely neighborhood strolls and work commutes. The quick set cruise control with three speed settings adds to the convenience factor. Plus, the integrated Bluetooth tracking device ensures you never lose track of your investment.

What really stands out is how comfortable this scooter is to use – from its ergonomic design to easy storage options; it checks all the boxes for anyone seeking convenience in their daily lives without compromising safety or security.\xa0\xa0\xa0

Product Features
Product Description

After using this electric scooter for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it has been a game-changer in my daily commute. The 500W motor provides ample power to tackle the hilly streets of my city without any strain on the motor.

One of the most impressive features is its long-range of up to 18-24 miles on a single charge, allowing me to run errands and commute to work without worrying about finding a charging station midway through my day. The max speed of 18 MPH is perfect for urban areas, enabling me to keep pace with traffic while easily maneuvering through crowded sidewalks or bike lanes.

The large, 10-inch tires provide excellent shock absorption capabilities along rough city roads, ensuring a comfortable ride experience even when traveling over bumpy terrain. Additionally, I appreciate the foldable design as it makes storage in my car trunk or under my desk at work incredibly easy.

Although I did encounter some uneven pavement that caused an increase in noise level as the scooter struggled over those surfaces, customer support was helpful in providing possible solutions for future rides. Overall, this product delivers solid performance and comfort with no major disappointments.

Product Features
Product Description

I recently had the opportunity to test out the M YUME Scooter Y10 and I have to say it has been a fantastic experience. The electric scooter is equipped with two independent drive motors up to 2400W, oil brakes, and a 52V 23.4AH lithium battery, giving it an impressive top speed of up to 40 mph and an equally impressive range of up to 40 miles.

One feature that really stood out for me was the digital speedometer with its multi-functional driving system. It made it super easy for me to adjust my speed depending on my local requirements. The dual motor control and power modes are an added bonus, enhancing my riding experience even further. The classic frame is also stylish in design and built with durability in mind; it can handle some tough terrain without any issues.

The rear super large suspensions were a game-changer when riding on uneven surfaces as they drastically reduced bumps while improving driver comfort. The well-sized pedals - at 21 x 9 inches - provided me with plenty of room when riding, which I found very comfortable. Another great feature was the LCD smart screen that displays time, gear, battery life, speed, and comes equipped with a USB function so I could charge my mobile device while on the go! Plus, the scooter folds in seconds making it easy to store or transport anywhere I go!

Overall, using the M YUME SCOOTER exceeded all expectations as it offers incredible performance along with an array of amazing features that make every ride enjoyable! However, one downside I noticed was that the charging time can be quite long (6-8 hours), which may be inconvenient for some users who need their scooter ready more frequently throughout their day. Nonetheless, this minor drawback doesn't take away from how much fun I had using this electric scooter!

Product Features
  • Ambient Lights - Yes

  • App Monitor - Yes, Minirobot APP(Bluetooth Connectivity)

  • Battery Capacity - 48V 15Ah 720Wh

  • Bell - Yes

  • Bluetooth - Yes

  • Brake Lights - Yes, Red LED (Flashing)

  • Charger S Input Voltage - AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 2.5A

  • Charger S Output Voltage - DC 54.6V 2A

  • Charging Time - 6-8 H

  • Climbing Angle - 20%-25% hill climb

  • Cruise Control - Yes

  • Folding Mechanism - Easy 3 steps folding (require hand)

  • Frame Material - Aluminum alloy

  • Front Brake - Mechanical disc brake + E-ABS Electronic Brake

  • Info Display - Full coloured info dashboard display

  • Lights - Front LED + Rear LED lights

  • Maximum Power - 800 W

  • Max Range - 24.8-28 miles / 40-45 km

  • Max Rider Weight - 330 lbs (150kg)

  • Max Speed - 28 mph (45 km/h)

  • Mount - Under the deck

  • Nfc Technology For Un Lock - No

  • Rear Brake - Mechanical disc brake + E-ABS Electronic Brake

  • Reflectors - Yes

  • Shock Absorption - Dual front and rear suspension

  • Smart Battery Management System - Yes

  • Turn Lights - Yes

  • Tyres Size - 10 inches/25.4cm

  • Tyres Type - Honeycomb solid off road tire

  • Water Resistance - IPX4

  • Wheel Drive - Rear wheel