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Action Man

Action Man is a toy brand that has enjoyed success for decades. Originally created in 1969, the first toys included a soldier figure dressed in military gear and a robot called Roboman. Since then, the collection has grown to include hundreds of characters, vehicles and accessories. Today, Action Man continues to be popular among children and adults alike.

Action Man products are sold in stores across North America and Europe. If you’d like to learn more about Action Man, check out our buyers guide to learn more about the history of the brand and where to buy the latest Action Man products.

Aberoot Spiderman Movie Hero Series Spiderman Action Figure Spiderman Toy Sneamk Spiderman Doll Black


Your favorite superhero is finally getting his own action figure! This beautiful little guy is made of solid wood and features a sleek black finish, making him look just like he does in the movies. He's also easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can take him apart and put him back together again whenever you want. Plus, he comes with a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

Castle Toy ,Toy Soldiers,Knight Action Figures,Knight Toys for Boys,Army Men Action Figures Simulation Siege Warfare, Castle Toy For Children'S Intellectual Development.


If you're looking for a high-quality and durable toy that will help develop your child's hand-eye coordination and stimulate their imagination, the Kangkang Castle Toy is exactly what you need! This medieval-inspired plastic castle comes with one ladder, one stone wall, three shields, and one pair of wooden doors. It also includes 12 army men in various poses, perfect for simulating real-life scenarios. Plus, it's easy to assemble with no tools required. Your child will love playing with this exciting new toy!

Masters of the Universe Origins Sun Man 5.5-in Action Figures, Battle Figures for Storytelling Play and Display, Gift for 6 to 10-Year-Olds and Adult Collectors

Masters of the Universe

The Masters of the Universe Origins Sun Man 5. 5-Inch Action Figure is now available! This powerful plastic figure features 16 movable joints for easy positioning, plus a mini comic book that helps tell the story of He-Man and his friends. It's also a great gift for adults and children age 6 and up.

HiPlay TBLeague 1/6 Scale Collectable Action Figure Set, Super Flexible Body+Head Sculpt+Bikini (S07 (Pale))


Do you have a favorite character? Make them come to life with our amazing selection of collectible action figures! Our 1/6 scale figures are perfect for kids and adults alike, and you can change their heads and clothes to make them your own. With seamless body and flexible joints, they're also great for posing. So don't wait any longer, order your set today!

Invincible Action Figure


The Invincible action figure is based on the popular comic book and anime series, and features a blue color scheme. It comes with two different arms and legs to allow for more versatility, and can be switched between right and left hand. Plus, it has a removable helmet so you can display or hide your favorite feature. With a 16 point of articulation and multiple interchangeable hands, this action figure is sure to capture the imagination of young and old alike.

Invincible: Omni-Man Action Figure


Diamond Select Toys and Skybound have teamed up to bring you the Invincible action figure! This figure is based on the popular comic book and anime series, and features a 16-point articulation system for all-around flexibility. With multiple hand options, you can switch between left and right hands as needed, and even use both hands at once. Don't miss out on this must-have toy for any superhero or sci-fi fan!

Ghostbusters Plasma Series Mini-Pufts 3.5-Inch Movie-Scale Collectible Afterlife Action Figure 3-Pack for Kids Ages 4 and Up

Sub Brand: Ghostbusters

It's time to spookify your home with the latest edition of the popular kids toy, the Ghostbuster LED Light Stringer! This string of light is perfect for illuminating any dark corners in your house and it's also great for creating a fun atmosphere. With its bright green color and long life span, this light is sure to last! Order your set today!

DC Comics Batman 4-inch Batman Action Figure with Transforming Tech Armor, Kids Toys for Boys Ages 3 and Up

DC Comics

Transform your ordinary play into an epic adventure with the DC Comics Batman 4-inch Batman Action Figure. This cool action figure comes with authentic tech armor that transforms into a powerful suit when you want to battle evil super villains. Plus, it's easy to pose the arms any way you like, so you can fight in style. Don't miss out on this must-have toy for any superhero or villain lover.

DC COMICS Aquaman Orm 12" Action Figure

DC Super Friends

The DC Comics Aquaman Orm 12" Action Figure is now available! This true-to-life action figure features the brand new, multi-color design from the upcoming Aquaman movie as well as 11. 5-inch scale and 11 points of articulation. Choose to battle it out with the Aquaman, Mera or Black Manta figures. Each action figure is sold separately, so you can pick your favorite!

Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Ram-Man Action Figure, 6-in Battle Character for Storytelling Play and Display, Gift for 6 to 10-Year-Olds and Adult Collectors


The Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Ram-Man Action Figure is now available! This powerful figure features 9 points of articulation, making it easy to switch between fighting poses. It also comes with exciting battle accessories and a special swappable head, making it a great choice for both display and storytelling.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Action Man

Action heroes have been around since the beginning of cinema, but they really took off during the 1980s. This was a golden age for the genre, as Hollywood churned out countless movies featuring superpowered men who could leap tall buildings in a single bound. These characters were usually played by actors whose real life skills didn't quite match up to their screen presence, leading to hilarious results. Here are our top picks for the greatest action stars ever.

What Is A Action Man?

An action figure is an action hero who fights crime and saves people. Action heroes are typically portrayed as brave men who fight for justice and freedom. They may wear costumes and carry weapons, but they don't need super powers to defeat evil. Instead, they rely on their skills and training to take down criminals. An action figure is a collectible doll made up of plastic, rubber, metal, or some combination of these materials. The first action figures were created in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, there are many different types of action figures available, including comic book characters, video game characters, movie stars, sports players, historical figures, and more.

Where Did Action Figures Come From?

Action figures originated in Japan. In the early 1900s, Japanese children would play with dolls dressed like samurai warriors. These dolls had movable arms and legs, allowing them to move around and strike poses. Soon after this, American companies began making similar dolls. By the 1930s, most of the major toy manufacturers in America were producing action figures. During World War II, soldiers needed something to represent themselves while fighting overseas. This led to the creation of action figures.

Who Needs A Action Man?

Action heroes are everywhere. From movies to video games, we love watching these characters do amazing things. But did you know that real men aren't always perfect? Sometimes, they struggle with everyday problems. Like dealing with bullies. Or getting angry. Or being afraid.

That's where action figures come in. These collectible figurines let us pretend that our favorite hero isn't human. He doesn't have feelings. He doesn't get scared. He never loses his cool. And he always wins.

But does this mean that action figures are bad? Of course not! Action figures are a great way to teach boys how to act like real men. They can learn how to stand up for themselves. How to deal with anger. And how to take charge. All while playing with dolls.

There are several reasons why action figures are such a great tool for teaching boys. First, they allow boys to practice skills that they see in real life. When boys play with action figures, they learn how to fight. To solve problems. To speak up. To defend themselves.

Second, action figures are educational. Boys can use them to learn about history. About science. About geography. About math. Even about sports. By pretending that their action figure is really a superhero, boys can learn about teamwork. Leadership. Responsibility. Sportsmanship.

Finally, action figures are fun. They're exciting. They're challenging. And they're a great way to spend time with friends. After all, nothing says "I'm sorry" better than punching someone in the face.

So, next time you're shopping for action figures, think about giving one to your son. Not only will he appreciate the gesture, but he'll also learn valuable lessons along the way.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Action Man

Action figures have become increasingly popular among kids and adults alike. From superheroes like Spiderman to video game characters, everyone loves playing pretend. So how do you decide whether or not to purchase an action figure? Read on to learn about the different types of action figures available and how they differ from one another.

Dolls - An action figure is a toy doll that moves. A doll is simply a plastic figurine that doesn't move. Dolls come in many shapes and sizes. They may even include accessories such as hair, makeup, and clothing. Dolls aren't toys; they're collectibles.

These figures usually feature realistic faces and uniforms. They often come with weapons and other accessories. Toys soldiers are great for roleplaying games because they provide a sense of realism.

They are usually highly detailed and poseable. Collectible figures are perfect for collectors who want something unique. You'll find them in comic books, movies, television shows, video games, and so forth.

They are large and poseable. They are meant to represent actual people in uniform. They are ideal for those who enjoy military history. For example, you might buy a WWII soldier if you love World War II movies.

They are designed to closely resemble their original counterparts. They are perfect for fans of historical reenactments. For example, you could buy a Civil War soldier if you enjoy reading about American History.

They are very popular among children. There are hundreds of superhero characters. Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc., are just a few examples.

Features To Consider When Buying A Action Man

Action figure. Action figures are fun toys for kids. But they can also be great gifts for adults who love collecting them. And if you're planning to give an action figure as a gift, there are several features to think about when selecting the right toy.

Quality. The first step when purchasing an action figure is to ensure it's quality. Look for toys made of durable materials such as plastic or metal. Toys made of these materials tend to hold their shape well over time.

Collectible. Collecting action figures isn't just for children anymore. Adults enjoy collecting action figures, too. Some collectors even collect certain characters based on movies or TV shows. Make sure the character you select is something you'd actually want to own.

Fun. Kids may prefer playing with action figures than dolls. However, many adult fans of action figures still enjoy playing with them. Choose an action figure that allows you to play games or do other activities while enjoying the toy.

Accessories. Many action figures come with accessories. These accessories can add more fun to the toy. For instance, you could attach a gun to an action figure and pretend he's shooting someone.

Value. Be careful when shopping for an expensive toy. Check online reviews to learn how others rate the toy before buying.

Different Types Of Action Man

Action Man was originally created by Mattel in 1979. He quickly became a household name and his popularity grew exponentially throughout the 1980s. Action Man came in various shapes and sizes and had a wide range of accessories. Today, Action Man continues to be produced by Hasbro and is still going strong. Here we look at the different types of Action Men that exist today.

Original Action Man. This is the original version of the character. His head was removable and could be attached to any body part. He wore a blue jumpsuit and carried a gun. He was released in 1979 and was discontinued in 1985.

Modern Action Man. This is the modern version of the character. He wears a black suit and carries a pistol. He was introduced in 1986 and remains popular today.

Superman Action Man. Superman Action Man is a variation of Modern Action Man. He wears a red cape and has a yellow belt instead of a gun. He was released in 1987 and is still popular today.

Masters Of The Universe Action Man. Masters Of The Universe Action Man is a variant of Supermans Action Man. He wears a green cape and has a sword rather than a gun. He was released in 1988 and is still popular today.

Transformers Action Man. Transformers Action Man is a variant of Masters Of The Universe Action Man. He wears a purple cape and wields a lightsaber. He was released in 1989 and is still popular today.

Robots In Disguise Action Man. Robots In Disguise Action Man is a variant of Transformers Action Man. He wears a robot costume and wields a blaster rifle. He was released in 1990 and is still popular today.

Star Wars Action Man. Star Wars Action Man is a variant of Robits In Disguises Action Man. He wears a Jedi robe and wields a light saber. He was released in 1991 and is still popular today.

Marvel Comics Action Man. Marvel Comics Action Man is a variant of Star Wars Action Man. He wears a Captain America outfit and wields a shield. He was released in 1992 and is still popular today.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Action Man

What is an action figure?

Action figures are toys that depict characters from movies, television shows, video games, comic books, etc. They often include accessories like weapons, vehicles, costumes, and more.

Where Did Action Figures Originate?

Action figures originated during World War II when soldiers were issued toy guns to play war games at home. These early action figures included plastic rifles, pistols, machine guns, tanks, and even airplanes.

Who Was The First Person To Create An Action Figure?

In 1947, Kenner created the original GI Joe action figure. He later sold his company to Hasbro, which continues to produce GI Joes today.

When Did Action Figures Begin Being Produced In Large Numbers?

During the 1960s, companies began producing action figures in larger quantities. By the 1980s, most major toy manufacturers had their own lines of action figures.

Which Popular Action Figures Have Been Discontinued?

Many action figures have been discontinued due to changing trends in entertainment media. For example, G. I. Joe's popularity declined after the end of the Cold War. Similarly, Star Wars' popularity waned after George Lucas stopped making new films.

GI Joe, Transformers, Marvel Legends, and DC Universe Classics are among the most well-known action figures.

What Makes Certain Action Figures Collectible?

Collectors value action figures based on rarity, quality, and condition. Rarities tend to command higher prices than mass-produced figures. Collectors also look for high-quality production values, including accurate details and authentic materials.

What Is The Difference Between A Vintage And Modern Action Figure?

Vintage action figures are those manufactured prior to 2000. Modern action figures are those manufactured since then. Vintage figures are generally less expensive than modern figures.

What Is The Difference Between A Die-Cast And Soft Vinyl Action Figure?

Die-cast action figures are metal figures that feature detailed sculpting and paint applications. Soft vinyl action figures are cheaper versions of die-cast figures. Vinyl figures lack detail but are easier to clean.

Does Collecting Action Figures Make Money?

Some collectors earn income through selling their collections online. Other collectors sell their collections at conventions or flea markets.

What is the average age of an action figure collector?

Most collectors start collecting action figures when they're young. Many collectors continue to collect throughout adulthood.

What Is The Oldest Living Action Figure Collector?

A Japanese collector named Takashi Yamaguchi claims he's the world's oldest living action figure collector. He started collecting action figures in the 1970s.

What Is The Largest Collection Of Action Figures Ever Assembled?

According to Guinness Book of Records, the record holder for the largest collection of action figures is held by a British collector named John Williams. His collection includes 1, 500 figures from various brands.

What Is The Smallest Collection Of Action Figures?

The smallest collection of action figures belongs to a Canadian collector named Michael Hirschfeld. He owns fewer than 20 figures.

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