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87 Key Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular among gamers. This is largely thanks to their ability to produce crisp, clear sound while remaining quiet. If you enjoy playing games like League Of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive or Overwatch, then you may be interested in purchasing a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are generally quieter than standard computer keyboards. Because they lack moving parts, they won't emit annoying clicking sounds. Instead, they rely on rubber dome switches to create the tactile feedback needed to play video games. Most mechanical keyboards also include additional buttons such as media controls, volume keys and function keys.

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Frequently Asked Questions About: 87 Key Keyboard

What is an 87 key keyboard?

A standard keyboard has 65 keys. Most keyboards have between 60 and 70 keys. An 87 key keyboard contains all of the letters of the alphabet plus numbers 0 through 9.

Where Did The Name "87" Come From?

The number 87 was chosen because it's the sum of the digits 1 through 8 plus the digit 7.

Does Every Manufacturer Make An 87 Key Keyboard?

No, most manufacturers don't offer an 87 key keyboard. However, some companies like Razer and Corsair do produce 87 key models.

Which Company Makes The Best 87 Key Keyboard?

That would probably depend on your preferences. If you're looking for something cheap, then you should look at Cherry MX switches. They're inexpensive and reliable.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An 87 Key Keyboard?

You'll get more room for symbols and special characters. Plus, you won't accidentally press the wrong letter when typing.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Having An 87 Key Keyboard?

Some users complain about the lack of space on the right side of the keyboard. Also, some people say they feel cramped when using an 87 key keyboard.

What Types Of Games Are Played On An 87 Key Keyboard?

Most gamers prefer an 88 key keyboard. That way, they can use their fingers to move around the game instead of relying on WASD.

What Type Of Mouse Pad Is Ideal For Playing Video Games?

Many gamers prefer a mouse mat. These pads provide extra surface area for your mouse pointer.

What Is The Difference Between A Mechanical Keyboard And A Membrane Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards contain individual parts. Membrane keyboards are built out of layers of plastic. Mechanical keyboards tend to last longer than membrane keyboards.

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