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8 Pin Connector

Wire cables are essential tools for connecting electronic devices. But sometimes wires can get tangled up and become difficult to manage. That’s where 8 pin connectors come into play. This handy tool allows you to connect multiple cables quickly and easily. It’s easy to install and remove, so you won’t have to worry about losing track of them.

8 pin connectors are useful for connecting cables such as audio, video, data and power cords. If you frequently move your electronics around, then you may want to invest in a set of 8 pin connectors. Read our buyers guide to learn more about 8 pin connectors and how to choose the right ones for you.

SbE-rsyun 8 Pin Female Panel Connector 16mm GX16 Mount Circular Metal Connectors Adapter Microphone Plug Pack of 4


If you're looking for a way to connect your microphone to your speaker, look no further than this SbE-rsyun adapter! This handy little device is made from durable zinc alloy and nickel plated steel, and can be used with a maximum diameter of 5mm wire cable. Plus, it comes in a convenient 4-piece package so you can easily install it on your own.

CNLINKO M12 Waterproof Connector PBT Plastic Sliding 8 Pin Adapter Signal Panel Mounts (8pin)


If you're looking for a durable and waterproof connector, the CNLINKO M12 Waterproof Connector is exactly what you need! This tough little guy can withstand any harsh environment, including subzero temperatures for long winters and cold nights, and even underwater for up to 30 minutes. Made of high performance plastic with a hard metal core, this connector is built to last. So don't wait any longer, order your CNLINKO M12 Waterproof Connector today!

JRready 473PCS Waterproof Electrical Connector kit, 31 Kits 1 pin/2 pin/3 pin/ 4 pin/6pin Automotive Wire Connector with 1 PCS Pin Removal Tool Automotive Cable Repair Accessory Kit ST6249


The JRready 473PCS Waterproof Electrical Connector kit is perfect if you're looking for a water-resistant and durable electrical connector that's also great at resisting corrosion and damage. Made of durable materials, this connector is built to last and makes a great addition to any vehicle or project. With a water-resistant design that protects both your vehicle and your family from the elements, this connector is sure to become a favorite among drivers and engineers alike.

ALLMOST 5 Kit 8 Pin Way DT Series Connector Gray Receptacle IP67 Waterproof Heavy Duty 14-20 AWG 13 Amps Continuous DT04-8P DT04-8S w/Wedge Lock W8P W8S (5 Kits, 8 Pin)

The ALLMOST 5 Kit is a great way to connect your LED lights! This kit includes five heavy duty connectors in different colors that are perfect for any application. With a current rating of 13 amps, these connectors can handle any job. Plus, the rectangular, thermoplastic housing ensures excellent contact alignment and retention. Don't miss out on this must-have connector kit - order yours today!

Deutsch DT Connector Kit in 2,3,4,6,8,12 Pin Configurations, Size 16 Stamped Contacts, Sealed Automotive Electrical Connectors, with 35 Pairs Barrel Style Solid Terminals Pin Sockets 14-20 AWG


If you're looking for a durable and reliable automotive electrical connector, the Deutsch DT Series is exactly what you need! Made from durable nylon, this connector is perfect for any type of application. With a continuous capacity of up to 16 amps, it's also easy to install and remove. Plus, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you're making a great investment with the Deutsch DT Series!

Molex, 8 Circuit Connector -2 Complete Set- Wire Conn. with Pins - Molex Mini-Fit Jr


Do you need an easy way to connect your LED lights and power sources? The Molex 8-Circuit no-flicker, wire-to-wire connector is the answer! This complete set includes two 8-circuit connectors that can be used on both sides of the circuit board, as well as a male and female crimp pin for each pole. Don't miss out on this must-have tool for any serious DIYer or professional!

TanGuYu 8 Pin PCI-E to 2 PCI-E 8 Pin (6 Pin + 2 Pin) Power Cable, Splitter PCI Express Graphics Card Connector PC Power Cable GPU Graphics Video Card Wire for Graphic Card CPU Miner 7.8inch


If you're looking for a long-lasting and sturdy power cord, the TanGuYu 8 Pin PCI-E to 2 PCI-E 8 Pin (6 Pin + 2 Pin) is your best bet! This tough cord is made from 1007-18AWG tin plated copper wire and can withstand up to 60 amps. It's also backed by one year warranty and friendly tech support. So why wait? Get the TanGuYu 8 Pin PCI-E to 2 PCI-E 8 Pin (6 Pin + 2 Pin) power adapter today!

Giom MFi Certified Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter Male to 8- -Pin Female Connector Converter with iPhone Charger Cable Cord Compatible iPhone 13 Pro 12 11 X 8 7 6P 5S 4S 4 3 3G 2 /iPad/iPod White


If you're looking for a way to extend your battery life, the Gionee PX243 is exactly what you need. This ultra-lightweight laptop is perfect for on-the-go computing, with a long-lasting battery that keeps up no matter how many checkmarks your to-do list demands. Plus, its super-compatable with most smartphones and tablets, so you can easily charge your device while on the go. And if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we'll be happy to refund you in full without questions asked. So why wait? Get the Gionee PX243 today!

IWISS 188PCS Deutsch DT Gray Connector Kit with Size 16 Solid Contacts in 2,3,4,6,8 and 12 Pin Configurations, Environmentally Sealed Automotive Electrical Connectors


Reliable and robust, these connectors are sure to see plenty of use! Made from durable materials, they'll last for long after your vehicle has been fixed. So why wait? Get the IWISS 188PCS Deutsch DT Gray Connector Kit today! This kit includes everything you need to install a new solid socket on your vehicle, including a durable metal housing and a removable plastic wedge. With a maximum rating of 13 amps, this connector is perfect for any application where extra juice is needed.

DIYhz GX16 8 Pins Panel Metal Mount Circular Metal Aviation Connector Adapter Male Female Plug Socket (5 Pcs)


If you're looking for a way to connect your device to an external power source or if you need a spare connector, the DIYHZ GX16 8 Pins Panel is exactly what you need! This widely-used aviation adapter can be found in many different applications, including data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechnical equipment, audio/video, communications, automotive and other industries. With a rated current of 15 amps and a voltage of 250 volts, this plug connector is perfect for any application requiring a reliable and robust connection. Plus, with its copper exterior and silver-copper antenna pattern, it's sure to provide a decent electrical connection every time. So don't wait any longer, order your DIYHZ GX16 today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 8 Pin Connector

A lot of electronic devices have cables attached to them, but they often come with a variety of different connectors. This means that you may not always get what you expect when you plug something into a socket - sometimes you might end up with a short circuit, or even worse, damage to your device. Fortunately, there are ways around this issue, and in this article, we'll show you how to pick the correct type of connector for your needs.

What Is A 8 Pin Connector?

An eight pin connector is an electronic component that connects two devices together. The number of pins indicates how many connections there are between the two devices. For example, a four pin connector would connect two devices together using only 4 pins. An eight pin connector would connect two devices together using all 8 pins.

Why Does My Device Need An 8 Pin Connector?

Most modern electronics require at least some form of connection to function properly. This could be through wires, cables, or even just air. In order to make these connections, we need to use connectors. Connectors come in different shapes and sizes depending on what type of connection needs to happen. Most common types of connectors include plugs, sockets, jacks, and headers.

What Is A Plug?

A plug is a male connector that fits into a female socket. Plugs are most commonly found on computer peripherals like keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones, etc. They are typically made of plastic and metal.

Who Needs A 8 Pin Connector?

8 pin connectors are useful for connecting cables to devices such as printers, scanners, monitors, speakers, and other electronic equipment. But do you know how to use one?

The most common type of 8 pin connector has eight rows of contacts arranged in two parallel columns of four contacts each. Each contact is made up of a metal spring and a plastic insulator. When the contacts touch, electricity flows through the wires connected to the contacts. This allows you to connect any number of wires to the connector.

There are several types of 8 pin connectors. Some are designed to fit only certain sizes of wires while others can accommodate a variety of wire gauges. Others are designed for specific applications. For instance, some connectors are meant for computer peripherals while others are intended for audio equipment.

When choosing an 8 pin connector, look for one that fits the size of the wires you plan to use. CC connectors are best suited for short runs where AC connectors would be better. However, AC connectors are usually cheaper than CC connectors.

Some 8 pin connectors are designed to accept multiple sets of wires. These connectors allow you to easily attach additional wires to the original set. To remove the extra wires, simply pull off the cover plate.

To avoid damaging the contacts inside the connector, never force the contacts apart. Instead, gently push down on the top of the connector until the contacts snap back into place.

Remove the protective cap from the end of the wire. Then insert the wire into the connector. Push down firmly on the wire to ensure that the contacts make firm contact. Remove the cap again and tighten the screw.

Repeat this process for each wire. Once you've finished installing the wires, replace the cap.

Now you're ready to plug everything together. Connect the power cord to the wall socket. Plug the device into the port on the side of the connector. Finally, connect the other ends of the wires to the ports on the device.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 8 Pin Connector

If you've ever worked with electronics, then you already know how important it is to purchase quality equipment. This goes double if you work in the field of technology. When working with electronic devices, it's essential to have reliable equipment. You never want to risk damaging your device by using inferior components. Fortunately, there are many different types of connectors available. Each type of connector serves a specific purpose. For example, there are male/female connectors, female/male connectors, and even single pin connectors. Knowing what kind of connector you should use for a particular application can save you a lot of frustration later on.

Look for connectors that are rated for the current draw they will handle. A common mistake people make is buying connectors that are rated for less current than their circuit needs. While this may seem like a great idea, it could damage your component. Make sure that the connector you buy is capable of handling the amount of current your circuit draws. If you plan on connecting multiple circuits together, make sure that the connectors are designed to connect safely. If you aren't sure about the rating of the connectors you're considering, ask the seller to provide you with this information. They'll usually do so quickly and easily.

Consider the physical size of the connector. There are two main categories of connectors: small and large. Small connectors are typically used for smaller connections such as those found on audio cables. Large connectors are often used for larger applications such as power supplies.

Features To Consider When Buying A 8 Pin Connector

Connector type. The first step when shopping for a connector is figuring out what kind of connector you need. There are three types of connectors available: Pin header, barrel jack, and mini DIN. Each has its own pros and cons.

Pin header. This style of connector is most commonly used in breadboards and prototyping boards. They're inexpensive and easy to work with, but they only accept standard 0.1" pitch headers. That means you'll need to solder them directly onto the board if you plan to plug into a breadboard.

Barrel jack. Barrel jacks are more expensive than pin headers, but they're great for connecting devices together. They're compatible with both 0.1" pitch headers and female sockets. And they allow you to connect multiple devices together using just one connector.

Mini DIN. Mini DIN connectors are similar to barrel jacks, but they're smaller and easier to handle. They're perfect for connecting components together in tight spaces.

Size. Size matters when it comes to connectors. Smaller connectors are less bulky and take up less space. But they're harder to solder and may not fit well in certain applications.

Pitch. Pitch refers to how closely two adjacent contacts line up. Higher pitches mean there's less room between each contact. Lower pitches mean there's more room between each contact.

Placement. Placing a connector where it needs to be isn't always simple. Some connectors are placed horizontally, while others are vertical. Horizontal connectors are usually found on breadboards and prototyping boards. Vertical connectors are often found on motherboards and other larger projects.

Wiring. Wires matter when wiring up a project. Make sure you've got enough wires to do the job and that you know exactly what you're doing. You don't want to accidentally short something out.

Length. Length matters when it comes to cables. Longer cables are generally thicker and heavier. Thicker cables are stronger and tend to be stiffer.

Different Types Of 8 Pin Connector

8 Pin Connectors are commonly used in electronic devices. They connect two pieces of equipment together by connecting the two wires together. For example, you might use an 8 pin connector to connect a power supply to a computer motherboard.

There are three main types of 8 pin connectors. Each type connects between 2 pairs of wires. We will look at each of these below.

JST connectors were originally developed in Japan. They consist of four rows of contacts arranged in a square pattern. The contact points are staggered slightly to ensure good connection strength. JST connectors are widely used in Japanese electronics. They are inexpensive and reliable.

LCCs are a newer style of connector. These are smaller than JST connectors and are mainly used in consumer electronics. These are less robust than JST connectors and are prone to damage. 8 Pin Connectors are also more expensive.

SBCs are a third type of connector. They are small and compact and are mostly used in mobile phones and tablets. These are cheap and simple to manufacture.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 8 Pin Connector

What is an 8-pin connector?

An 8-pin connector is a type of electrical connector that has eight wires attached to each side of the plug. These types of connectors are commonly found on computer cables, audio equipment, and mobile devices.

Where Do I Use An 8-Pin Connector?

You will most likely encounter an 8-pin connector when working with computers, audio equipment, or mobile devices. Many modern electronics have built-in ports that require this type of connector.

How Do I Connect An 8-Pin Connector?

To connect an 8-pin connector, simply insert the end of the cable into the port until it clicks into place. Then, twist the two halves together until they click again.

How Do I Disconnect An 8-Pin Connector?

Simply pull back on the cable until it comes out of the port. If you want to make sure that your connection stays secure, push the two halves apart slightly.

Does Every 8-Pin Connector Look Like This?

No, not all 8-pin connectors look exactly alike. There are three main styles of 8-pin connectors: straight, right angle, and left angle.

Which Style Should I Choose?

If you plan to use your 8-pin connector often, then you should get a quality brand name product. These products tend to last longer than cheaper versions.

What Size Should My 8-Pin Connector Be?

This really varies depending on what kind of device you are connecting to, but generally speaking, you should get something between 2mm and 4mm wide.

Can I use an 8-pin connector with another type of connector?

Yes, you can use an 8-pin connector with almost any type of connector. Most manufacturers include a diagram showing how to attach their connectors to other types of connectors.

Can I Use An 8-Pin Connector With A 3.5 Mm Jack?

Yes, you can use an 8-pin connector with a 3.5 mm jack. Simply cut off the extra part of the cable, and then slide the new connector onto the jack.

Can I Use An 8-Pin Connector With A 5.1 Mm Jack?

Yes, you can use an 8-pin connector with a 5.1 mm jack. To do so, simply cut off the extra part of the cable, and then slide the new connector onto the jack.

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