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8 Drawer Dresser

Bedroom furniture is essential for creating a cozy and inviting space. It helps set the mood and provides a place where you can relax after a busy day. If you’re tired of having to search through piles of clothes to find something clean, then you might consider purchasing a dresser instead. Dressers are convenient storage solutions that organize your belongings neatly and efficiently.

Dressers come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Some are simple while others are highly decorative. Regardless of the style, size or material, dressers are a must-have item for anyone who wants to create a neat and organized room. Read our buyers guide to learn more about dressers and how to choose the best one for you.

Home Square 4 Piece Bedroom Set with 8 Drawer Dresser, 4 Drawer Chest, Two 2 Drawer Nightstands in Truffle

Home Square

The Home Square 4 Piece bedroom set is a stylish and contemporary bedroom collection that will help you create the perfect bedside atmosphere. This set includes an eight drawer double dresser, four drawer nightstand, two chest of drawers, and one headboard/footboard/shoe rack. The silver finish on this set is sure to complement any d�cor, and the contemporary style will pair well with most furniture pieces. Order your set today!

LYNCOHOME 8 Big Drawers Dresser with Shelves -Storage Large Dresser, Large Dresser,Dresser for Bedroom, Storage Tower Organizer with Sturdy Steel Frame,Black Drawer Dresser


Looking for a stylish and functional piece that will help organize your bedroom? Check out our selection of furniture and accessories! Our black dresser features eight large drawers and two spacious shelves, perfect for storing everything from clothes to books to toys. The sturdy steel frame and MDF wood board make it durable and stable, and the adjustable feet ensure that the dresser can be placed on any type of surface (even if it's not flat). So why wait? Get organized today with the LyncHome 8 Big Drawer Dresser!

Home Styles Naples 8 Drawer Dresser, White

Home Styles

This stylish dresser is a must-have for any fashionable home! Check it out today! It's made of engineered wood with a brushed nickel finish and features two lined top drawers and six large drawers. Plus, the brushed nickel hardware makes it easy to hang on the wall. Order your HomeStyles Naples 8 Drawer Dresser today!

Yesker Dresser with 8 Drawers for Bedroom - Storage Tower, Bedside Furniture & Night Stand End Table Dresser for Home, Office, College Dorm, Sturdy Steel Frame Organizer, Wood Top (Dark Grey)


If you're on the hunt for an attractive and sturdy dresser that will last for years to come, the Yesker 2 Drawer Chest of Drawers is exactly what you're looking for! Made from high-quality steel and wood, this chest is built to withstand even the heaviest of loads. With eight spacious drawers, this dresser is perfect for storing all your clothes, underwear, socks, toys, and more. Plus, the removable and adjustable height feet protect your floors from being damaged. Assembly is quick and easy, so don't wait any longer, order your Yesker 2 Drawer Chest of Drawers today!

Tvilum Diana 8 Drawer Dresser, White/Black Matte


This stylish dresser has everything you need! It's got plenty of storage for clothes and underwear, and it features two-tone paintwork and cut-out drawer hardware. The matte black finish is perfect for any d�cor, and the sleek lines and classic design will make this piece a great addition to any bedroom. Order your Tvilum Diana 8 Drawer Dresser today!

LYNCOHOME 8 Drawer Dresser for Bedroom, Closet, Hallway, Fabric Dresser for Baby, Kids, Sturdy Steel Frame, Lightweight and Movable Chest of Drawer, Wooden Top


Organize your bedroom with our stylish and sturdy 8 drawer dresser! Made from durable wood with a stainless steel frame, this chest of drawers is built to last. It features a wooden top for a luxurious look and feel, and comes with multiple functions so you can use it in any room. Assembly is easy, and the installation video and manual will help get you up and running in no time. Get yours today!

Tvilum Austin 8 Drawer Double Dresser, Oak Structure/White High Gloss


Check out the Tvilum Austin 8 Drawer Double Dresser! This stylish dresser is perfect for any contemporary bedroom, and it's also great for small spaces. It features metal handles and drawers with metal runners, as well as a glossy oak finish. Plus, it's made from sustainable, PEFC-certified wood that's designed to last. Order your today!

Signature Design by Ashley Flannia Scandinavian Modern 8 Drawer Dresser, White

Signature Design by Ashley

The Signature Design by Ashley Furniture goes the extra mile to create stylish furniture that complements any d�cor. This dresser features eight drawers and a chest, perfect for storing clothes and other items. It also comes with a crisp white finish that will complement any d�cor. Don't miss out on this must-have piece of furniture!

8 Drawer Nouvelle Dresser Cherry

Venture Horizon

The 8 drawer novella dresser is a stylish and practical piece that will help to organize your bedroom. This chest of drawers is made from engineered wood with a cherry finish, and features removable drawers. It also comes with a matching nightstand, chest, and lingerie bureau. Don't miss out on this must-have furniture piece!

Signature Design by Ashley Shawburn Modern Farmhouse 8 Drawer Dresser, Whitewash & Dark Gray

Signature Design by Ashley

The Signature Design by Ashley Furniture goes the extra mile to create stylish furniture that will complement any d�cor or interior design. With their modern farmhouse styling and high quality construction, they have truly outdone themselves with the Ashley Furniture White Wash 8 Drawer Chest in Whitewash with Dark Gray Mat. This charming piece was crafted from engineered wood and features eight drawers, each with a unique design. It also comes with pewter-tone hardware for an authentic industrial feel. Don't miss out on this must-have piece of farmhouse furniture!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 8 Drawer Dresser

If you have a small room but still want to make it look bigger, then a good option would be to get a large piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers. They are usually made of wood, metal, plastic, glass, or even stone. However, not every style is suitable for every space. So what makes a great choice?

What Is A 8 Drawer Dresser?

An eight drawer dresser is a type of dresser that has eight drawers. Eight drawer dressers come in different sizes and styles. They are perfect for storing clothes, linens, blankets, and more. An eight drawer dresser is an excellent choice if you want to add extra storage space to your home without having to buy a new wardrobe.

Where Should I Put My 8 Drawer Dresser?

If you're looking for a good spot for your eight drawer dresser, consider placing it near your bed. This will make it easy for you to get dressed quickly in the morning before leaving the house. You'll also find that this location makes it easier to reach all of your clothing items while getting ready for work or heading off to school. If you don't like the idea of putting your eight drawer dresser next to your bed, try moving it into your living room instead. This will allow you to enjoy some additional seating while watching television or reading a book.

Who Needs A 8 Drawer Dresser?

8 drawers are a must for any modern home. But, do you really need one? After all, most homes only require 4 or 5 drawers. Why pay for extra space?

The average American household has 7.5 items per person. That means that each person uses 1.7 drawers every week. Now, let's say that you live alone. That means you use 2.1 drawers every week.

Not only does a larger number of drawers mean more clutter, but it also takes longer to organize things. When you open a drawer, you have to dig through everything inside. Then, you have to sort through everything again before you put anything away. All this time adds up quickly.

Plus, you probably already have enough stuff around your house. Don't waste money buying another piece of furniture that you don't actually need.

Instead, take advantage of the space that you already have. Use a smaller chest of drawers to store clothes and shoes. Put your bedding in a closet. Keep your kitchen utensils in a cabinet. And use baskets to hold linens.

This way, you'll spend less time organizing and more time enjoying your home. And, you'll still have plenty of room for other things.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 8 Drawer Dresser

If you have kids, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to find storage space in their bedrooms. When they grow up, many children end up having so much stuff that they start storing everything under their beds. This makes finding things later very frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem. One way to do this is by buying a quality 8 drawer dresser. These types of dressers offer plenty of storage space and are easy to organize. They come in various sizes and styles, making them perfect for any type of home decor.

It offers ample storage space. You'll never have to worry about running out of closet space again. A quality 8 drawer dresser provides plenty of storage space. There are even drawers inside the chest itself. This means that you won't have to keep searching through piles of other items just to find something specific.

They're affordable. Quality 8 drawer dressers aren't expensive. This isn't bad considering the amount of storage space they provide.

They're sturdy. A quality 8 drawer dresser is built to withstand years of use. This means that if one of the drawers breaks down, you can easily replace it. This is especially true if you purchase a solid wood dresser. Solid wood dressers tend to be stronger than those made of particle board or MDF.

They're versatile. A quality 8 drawer dresser can be used for multiple purposes. For example, you could use it as a nightstand, a desk, a toy box, etc. This versatility allows you to customize the dresser to match whatever purpose you want it to serve.

You can customize it. While most people like to stick with the standard designs available, you can customize a quality 8 drawer dresser to suit your needs. For example, you may prefer a traditional design, but would rather have a modern finish instead.

Features To Consider When Buying A 8 Drawer Dresser

Storage space. The more storage space you have, the easier it is to organize your clothes and other items. Look for drawers that hold between 4 and 6 inches deep, depending on how many pairs of shoes you own. Drawers that hold less than 3 inches deep may not give you enough room to store everything you own.

Easy access. When you're trying to decide where to put your new dresser, think about how easily you can reach into each drawer. Make sure there's plenty of clearance under each drawer so you can pull them out easily.

Quality construction. Dressers made of particleboard tend to warp over time. Look for dressers constructed of hardwood or solid wood instead. Solid wood dressers are usually more expensive, but they're built to last longer.

Style. While you're shopping for a dresser, take note of its style. Do you prefer modern or traditional? Modern dressers often feature clean lines and sleek designs while traditional dressers tend to have ornate carvings and detailed molding.

Size. Before you start shopping for a dresser, determine if you need a full-size or compact dresser. Full-size dressers typically hold more clothing and accessories than compact models do.

Consider your lifestyle. How often do you plan on using your dresser? Will you be storing large amounts of linens or smaller items such as jewelry? Think about these factors when deciding which type of dresser is right for you.

Different Types Of 8 Drawer Dresser

8 Drawer Dressers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to hold lots of items. They are particularly useful if you have children and/or pets. These are also great for storing clothes and shoes. Here we will look at some of the main features of 8 drawer dressers.

Size is important when choosing an 8 drawer dresser. Make sure you choose a size that fits your needs. A large dresser will be better suited to someone living alone. A small dresser will be better suited to couples or families with young children. Keep in mind that larger drawers mean bigger boxes. So, if you plan on keeping a lot of clothing in your dresser, you should consider getting a larger model.

Storage space is another feature to think about when choosing an 8 drawer dresser. If you plan on having a lot of storage space, you might want to go for a smaller model. On the other hand, if you don’t plan on storing anything in your dresser, you could save yourself some money by going for a larger model. Just remember that larger models will take up more room.

Drawers. Drawers are the heart of any dresser. Choose a style that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you live in a busy household, you might want to go for a stackable design. Stackable designs are great for those who travel frequently. They are also good for parents who have kids. 8 Drawer Dressers are simple to use and can easily fit in a suitcase. Other styles include roll top, slide out, and pull out.

Cabinets. Cabinets are optional extras. These are nice to have if you plan on storing things like books or knickknacks. But, they aren’t essential. You can always keep everything in a box if you don’t have cabinets.

Locks. Locks are a safety precaution. When you lock your dresser, you prevent anyone else from opening it. This means that you can rest assured that nothing valuable will ever fall out. Locks are especially helpful if you have children or pets. They are also handy if you plan on traveling with your dresser.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 8 Drawer Dresser

Where can I buy an 8 drawer dresser?

You can often find an 8 drawer dresser at your local department store or home improvement center.

How Much Should I Pay For An 8 Drawer Dresser?

This varies depending on what features you want. If you want a dresser with lots of storage space, then you will likely have to spend more money than if you don't care about how much space you have.

Should I get an 8 drawer dresser or a 10 drawer dresser?

If you want to maximize the number of clothes you can keep in your closet, then you should go with an 8 drawer dresser. However, if you like having extra room in your closet, then you should consider buying a 10 drawer dresser instead.

Can I use an 8 drawer dresser in my bathroom?

Yes, you can use an 8 drawer dresser in your bathroom. Make sure that you clean out all of the drawers regularly though.

Can I Put A Mirror Inside Of My 8 Drawer Dresser?

Yes, you can put a mirror inside of your 8 drawer dresser. Just make sure that you clean off the glass frequently.

Can I Put Pictures Inside Of My 8 Drawer Dresser?

Yes, you can put pictures inside of your 8 drawer dresser. Just make sure that you clean off the glass regularly.

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