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I've had the pleasure of using the Keychron V1 keyboard for several weeks, and I must say, it's an impressive piece of equipment. The build quality is noteworthy - the keyboard feels sturdy, with a solid ABS plastic casing and tray mount design while still maintaining a light weight. One standout feature is the hot-swappable PCB, allowing me to experiment with different switches without having to solder anything.

The PBT double-shot keycaps are another nice touch, providing a smooth texture and resistance to fading or wearing off over time. The south-facing RGB lights look fantastic and can be customized through the VIA software which, by the way, is user-friendly even for those new to mechanical keyboards like myself.

Performance-wise, this keyboard delivers on all fronts; keys respond without any noticeable input lag or delay. It's extremely comfortable to type on thanks to its ergonomic design which helps reduce strain on my wrists during extended use sessions. As for layout, some users might find it takes getting used to the smaller 75% layout if transitioning from a full-size keyboard – but that's down to personal preference ultimately.

In summary, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Keychron V1 for anyone seeking an affordable yet high-quality mechanical keyboard with customizable features and premium build quality!

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Product Description

After using the Akko 5075B Plus 75% Mechanical Keyboard for a while, I'm impressed with its sleek design and premium gasket mount that offers a comfortable, cushioned typing experience. This keyboard has reduced hand fatigue significantly compared to other keyboards I’ve tried in the past.

The multi-device connectivity through Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz, and wired Type-C modes makes it easy to switch between my laptop, desktop computer, and phone without hiccups. With a battery life of up to 300 hours with backlight off and hot-swappable feature allowing me to swap mechanical switches on the go, this keyboard is highly convenient and flexible for users who enjoy customization or tinkering with their keyboards.

The package comes complete with everything you need - including foam for noise reduction and plate foam - making it an affordable option starting from $149 USD on Amazon right now (prices may change depending on where you purchase it from). Full control over customizing individual keys through the Akko Cloud Driver adds to its appeal as a user-friendly product perfect for both beginners and advanced gamers alike.

Overall, this product gets high marks from me - definitely worth giving it a try if you're after something reliable while still looking good sitting next to your monitor!

Product Features
  • Battery Capacity - 3000mAh

Product Description

After using the AKKO SHINE-THROUGH 75% Layout KEYBOARD, I can confidently say it's a great addition to any gaming setup. The sleek design and shine-through keycaps give it a unique, stylish look. One of my favorite features is the hot-swappable sockets that allow me to change switches as per my preference. The premium gasket mount provides a comfortable typing experience with its soft and cushioned feel.

However, navigating the software for customizing RGB lighting effects can be challenging at times. This is minor compared to all the amazing features this keyboard has to offer, making it worth considering for anyone in search of an affordable yet high-quality gaming keyboard with customization options and a unique appearance due to its shine-through design.

Product Features
  • Connectivity Technology - USB-C

  • Keyboard Description - Gaming

  • Operating Force - 36gf ± 5gf

  • Special Feature - Backlit

  • Tactile Force - 55gf ±5gf

  • Tactile Position - 0.5 ± 0.3mm

  • Total Travel - 4.0 - 0.5mm

Product Description

After spending some time using the i-rocks Gaming Keyboard, I can genuinely say it's been a fantastic addition to my gaming setup. One of the standout features for me has been the Cherry MX keys switches that provide a smooth and responsive typing experience. The double-shot PBT keycaps also ensure long-lasting use and prevent any oily appearance over time, which is definitely appreciated.

Another great aspect of this keyboard is the NKRO support, ensuring all keystrokes are registered without any conflicts or ghosting. This has made me more efficient while working or playing games since I don't have to worry about missed inputs. The frameless design not only adds to its sleek look but also makes cleaning easy!

Moreover, customizable backlit keys offer various lighting effects such as pulsations, key tracing, rippling and sea waves – giving you complete control over its appearance on your desk. Additionally, onboard memory allows storage of up to 10 backlight profiles for customization options at hand whenever needed!

Overall, my experience with i-rocks Gaming Keyboard has been nothing short of excellent – delivering in terms of product quality and functionality. If you're searching for a reliable gaming keyboard with all essential features covered then this one should definitely be on your radar!

Product Features
  • Country Of Origin - China

  • Hand Orientation - Ambidextrous

  • Included Components - Keycap Puller

  • Number Of Buttons - 104

  • Number Of Keys - 104

  • Product Dimensions - 17.24 x 5.35 x 1.59 inches

  • Special Feature - Backlit, Foldable

  • Style - Modern

Product Description

As a daily user of this 75% mechanical keyboard, I can confidently say it's an exceptional product that has greatly enhanced my typing experience. The responsiveness and smoothness of the keys make for enjoyable typing sessions, and the sound is quite satisfying - especially with the foam+tape mod applied.

The customization aspect of this keyboard truly sets it apart; upon ordering, I had specific switch preferences and keycap designs in mind, and the seller was more than willing to accommodate them. This level of personalized customer service made me feel valued as a customer.

While there were no major downsides to my experience with this keyboard, one minor drawback was that it took some time for it to be made due to its custom nature - however, the quality of the final product certainly made up for any wait time. On top of its impressive build quality and ergonomic design, additional features like adjustable RGB background lighting, wired or wireless connection options, removable sides for floating mode, and USB 2.0 ports add even more value to this already versatile product.

Overall, if you're looking for a unique typing experience without sacrificing features or functionality, this Royal Kludge RK84 keyboard is an excellent choice that won't disappoint.

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Product Description

The Keychron V1 Mechanical Keyboard offers a range of features and customization options that make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, user-friendly keyboard. The compact 75% layout is perfect for those with limited desk space, while the sturdy PBT keycaps provide a satisfying typing experience.

One of the standout features is the sound absorbing foam included with the keyboard, which significantly reduces vibrations and enhances its overall sound signature. This makes for a quieter typing experience without sacrificing performance. The hot-swappable design allows users to easily change switches to suit their preferences, eliminating the need for soldering.

In terms of customization, the V1 does not disappoint. VIA/QMK support enables users to program each key and create custom macros, streamlining their workflow. Additionally, south facing RGB lights can be personalized with various effects using the included software.

Overall, this mechanical keyboard offers great value for money thanks to its impressive build quality, versatile features, and pleasing typing experience. It's an ideal option for those new to custom keyboards and looking for an affordable yet reliable option.

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Product Description

I recently had the opportunity to try out the GMMK Pro Mechanical Keyboard from Glorious, and I must say it's a fantastic product. The build quality is top-notch with its heavy aluminum frame, making it feel very robust and durable. The sleek design and compact footprint make it an excellent addition to any desk setup – it's both functional and visually appealing.

The Glorious Panda switches offer a great typing experience, providing just the right amount of tactile feedback without being overly loud or distracting. The hot-swappable feature allows for endless customization possibilities to adapt the keyboard to your specific preferences, which is a real game-changer.

Setting up the GMMK Pro was surprisingly easy, even for someone like me who isn't very tech-savvy. The 75% layout provides dedicated arrow keys while maximizing space on your desk. And let's not forget about its captivating design - its clean aesthetics make it a stunning centerpiece in any battlestation.

As far as drawbacks go, I found that some users might find the keyboard quite heavy due to its metal construction, which could cause discomfort during prolonged use if you don't have proper arm support. Additionally, some users may experience difficulty adjusting to the compact layout if they are used to full-size keyboards with number pads or additional function keys; however this can be remedied through practice and getting used to using Fn key combinations for those functions instead of dedicated keys. Lastly, despite being wireless capable (via Bluetooth), battery life could be improved – something that power users should take into consideration when deciding whether this product suits their needs best in terms of connectivity options available on other mechanical keyboards currently on market today..

Overall though these minor caveats aside I would still highly recommend this keyboard - especially given how well built yet versatile & customizable it truly is! It’s definitely worth every penny invested into upgrading one’s typing or gaming experience given all these amazing features combined together under one package neatly offered by glorious team behind creating such epic products like gmmk pro!

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Product Description

As a user, I was thrilled to receive my NuPhy Air75 Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard. The package arrived promptly and the sleek, elegant design was evident upon unboxing. Typing on the keyboard felt great with just the right amount of resistance, providing confidence and a professional experience. The convenience of switching between devices with one button press has improved my workflow efficiency. Plus, battery life is impressive, lasting a full workday even with heavy use. Overall, I highly recommend this top-performing and durable keyboard for those seeking reliable wireless connectivity in a low-profile mechanical keyboard format.

Product Features
  • Angle - 3.5o/ 6.5o / 8.5o

  • Backlight Modes - 40

  • Compatible System - macOS/Windows/Linux/Android/iOS

  • Layout - ANSI 75%

  • Number Of Keys - 84

  • Operating Environment - -10 to 50°C

  • Switch Type - Gateron Low-profile Mechanical (KS-33)

Product Description

The Keychron K2 is a 75% layout 84-key wireless mechanical keyboard that provides all the necessary keys and functions in a compact design. It boasts several standout features, including hot-swappable PCB, white LED backlight, double-shot ABS keycaps, and Bluetooth connectivity with up to three devices.

One of the most impressive aspects of this keyboard is its versatility. The Mac layout is compatible with Windows as well, making it perfect for home or office use. Extra keycaps for both operating systems are included in the package to cater to users' preferences. The Bluetooth connectivity works seamlessly and allows easy switching between devices, which is great for multitasking purposes.

However, there are some areas where the Keychron K2 could improve. For instance, while the included brown switches may be too loud for an office setting; they can be easily swapped out for quieter ones thanks to its hot-swappable feature. Additionally, although connecting via Bluetooth takes only about four seconds, it might not be as instantaneous as some users would expect or require.

In terms of battery life and durability, the Keychron K2 does not disappoint - its 4000 mAh battery can last up to 72 hours when typing or up to seven days of normal usage (counting eight hours per day). The double-shot ABS keycaps provide excellent legibility and are built to last with millions of keystroke lifespans expected from them and Gateron G Pro Mechanical Red switches installed by default provide unrivaled linear responsiveness . Plus points also go towards comfortable design (considering weight distribution) along with ease of use which includes n-key rollover on wired mode or 6KRO wireless mode allowing you complete freedom over your typing experience!

Product Features
  • Batteries - 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

  • Country Of Origin - China

Product Description

The Keychron K2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard has been my go-to for daily work over the past two months, and it's been a solid experience. The compact 75% layout and option to switch between Windows or macOS keycaps make it versatile for any user. The build quality is impressive, featuring PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizers that keep larger keys from wobbling, which is something I really appreciate as someone who types for hours every day.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its hot-swappable sockets that allow for easy swapping out any MX mechanical switch without needing to solder them in place. This is perfect if you prefer a specific tactile feedback while typing or want to experiment with different switches. Plus, it supports QMK & VIA software, meaning you can remap any key on any system (macOS, Windows, or Linux) using drag-and-drop functionality – an incredibly convenient level of customization!

Another feature I enjoy is its wireless connectivity options. You can connect up to three devices via Bluetooth and swiftly switch between them as needed – great when working across multiple devices throughout the day. When you need a wired connection, it also includes a reliable USB Type-C cable for added convenience. The RGB backlight settings provide an eye-catching look while typing in low light environments without being overly distracting during daytime use - perfect for both gamers and professionals alike!

Although there are some minor drawbacks: For instance, although they include stabilizers on larger keys such as space bar and shift buttons these can sometimes feel uneven when pressed down; however this could vary depending on personal preference or even tolerance levels for such things! Secondly there’s no dedicated software included so customization may require familiarity with third party tools like QMK/VIA which might not be ideal if you're newbie user looking just wanting basic setup options out box.. Lastly some users have reported occasional lags when using wireless mode but again mileage will vary based upon individual usage scenarios/environments etc.. All things considered though these minor drawbacks don’t detract too much from what remains a high quality product at reasonable price given all its featureset .

Product Features
  • Number Of Keys - 93 & above

Product Description

I have been using the Keychron K3 wireless mechanical keyboard for several weeks, and I must say, it has been a delightful experience. The compact design is visually appealing and takes up very little space on my desk while still providing all the necessary keys.

The low-profile switches are a standout feature, making typing comfortable and quiet. It took me a bit of time to get used to the rightmost column keys as they are positioned differently from other keyboards I’ve used before. However, after spending a few days with this keyboard, I can confidently say that it's not much of an issue anymore.

The backlighting and customizable RGB features add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the keyboard and provide an optimal typing experience. When I first started using it, there were some minor connectivity issues with Bluetooth connectivity – at times my keystrokes would take longer to register onscreen or connecting automatically from standby would be slow; but these issues were solved by simply turning off power-saving mode or connecting through wired option when necessary.

Connecting up to three devices simultaneously has been extremely useful for multitasking between work and personal tasks throughout my day-to-day activities – which makes this model ideal for people who use multiple devices often! Overall though its pros definitely outweigh any small cons there might have been along our journey together through writing reviews about products like this one here today.

Product Features
  • Batteries - 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

  • Country Of Origin - China

  • Hand Orientation - Ambidextrous

  • Keyboard Backlighting Color Support - RGB

  • Number Of Buttons - 84

  • Number Of Keys - 84

  • Operating System - Windows, Mac OS

  • Product Dimensions - 1.3 x 0.67 x 0.16 inches

  • Style - Modern

Product Description

I recently got my hands on the Air75 Mechanical Keyboard and I must say that it has completely exceeded my expectations. This keyboard is perfect for anyone looking for a 75% low profile wireless keyboard that provides comfort, performance, and style all in one.

The typing experience is incredibly smooth and responsive, making it easy on my wrists even after long periods of use. The gateron blue switches are highly responsive, providing a satisfying clicking sound with each keystroke. The multi-device connectivity is another highlight feature as it allows me to easily switch between my laptop and other devices with just a few key presses without any lag or connection loss.

Not only is this keyboard super functional, but it's also stunning to look at with its sleek design that adds a touch of class to any desk setup. It's built like a tank too - the aluminum frame feels sturdy and durable while being lightweight enough to transport between home and office without hassle. Plus, the battery life lasts for ages so you don't have to worry about constantly plugging it in!

In conclusion, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the Air75 Mechanical Keyboard - its combination of comfort, performance, style and functionality make it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a new mechanical keyboard which checks all boxes!

Product Features
Product Description

The ROG Azoth gaming keyboard has truly enhanced my keyboard experience. Its unique gasket-mount design and three layers of dampening foams provide a comfortable and smooth typing experience. I really appreciate the OLED display and intuitive controls, allowing me to view system information and make settings adjustments with ease. The included switch lube kit is perfect for beginners looking to get into customization, like myself.

The ergonomic design also stood out for me - the two pairs of adjustable feet offer up to three tilt positions that can be tailored to your comfort level, making long hours spent on my work-from-home setup much more enjoyable. Additionally, MacOS support allows for easy toggling between Windows and MacOS modes for added convenience.

While there are some minor drawbacks, such as the price being on the higher side and the bottom casing made of plastic potentially affecting durability, these didn't impact my overall satisfaction with this product greatly. Playing games at night has become even more enjoyable thanks to all of its premium features! The bundled essentials from Krytox GPL-205-GD0 lubricant ensure that beginners like myself can start our DIY journey without needing additional purchases - which is a major plus! Overall, I highly recommend this keyboard to those looking for an excellent addition to their gaming setup that feels tailored just for you!

Product Features
Product Description

After using the MageGee 75 Keyboard for a few weeks, I can confidently say it has exceeded my expectations. The build quality is outstanding - constructed with high-quality ABS plastic and metal, the keyboard feels sturdy and durable. The keys are smooth to touch and offer satisfying tactile feedback, making typing and gaming an enjoyable experience.

The backlighting options are an added bonus, providing various color modes that enhance the overall visual appeal of the product. However, I found some of the lettering on the keycaps might fade over time due to wear and tear – something to keep in mind when considering this keyboard as a long-term investment.

On the other hand, although most users appreciate its heaviness as a sign of good build quality, it could be challenging for those who prefer lighter setups or frequently move their keyboards around. Nevertheless, these minor issues haven't impacted my experience with this product - making it a worthwhile addition to my workspace!

Product Features
  • Brand Mage Gee - MageGee

  • Color Black White Brown Switch - Black White/Brown Switch

  • Os Laptop Pc Windows - Laptop,PC,Windows

Product Description

The Keychron K3 is an exceptional keyboard that has exceeded my expectations in both performance and design. As a professional working from home, I appreciate the ergonomic low-profile switches and ultra-slim case that provide comfort while typing. The compact 75% layout fits perfectly on my desk without taking up too much space.

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its customizable RGB LED backlighting with 15 different lighting modes, allowing for a personalized atmosphere. Additionally, the large 1550 mAh battery lasts up to 72 hours with the backlight on, making it perfect for long work sessions or gaming marathons without worrying about recharging frequently.

Connectivity options are impressive as well - capable of connecting to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously and easily switching between them using dedicated function keys; ideal for multi-taskers juggling various devices in their workflow process without any hiccup! However, I did find that some minor adjustments were needed to get used to the low-profile switches compared to conventional ones but overall they proved responsive after practice.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a compact, highly customizable wireless mechanical keyboard built with quality materials then look no further than Keychron K3 - providing optimal ergonomics in addition to its stylish design while meeting all connectivity requirements seamlessly across multiple devices at once!

Product Features
  • Actuation Force - 40 g

  • Actuation Point - 1.1 mm

  • Adjustable Backlight - Y

  • Adjustable Keyboard Height - Y

  • Backlight - Y

  • Backlight Colour - Red/Green/Blue

  • Backlight Type - RGB LED

  • Battery Capacity - 1550 mAh

  • Battery Life Max - 34 h

  • Battery Technology - Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

  • Bluetooth Version - 5.1

  • Cables Included - USB Type-C

  • Charging Source - USB

  • Device Interface - USB + Bluetooth

  • Ergonomic Design - Y

  • Keyboard Battery Type - Built-in battery

  • Keyboard Form Factor - 75%

  • Keyboard Key Profile - Low-profile

  • Keyboard Keys Operating Life - 70 million characters

  • Keyboard Key Switch - Opto-mechanical key switch

  • Keyboard Language - Nordic

  • Keyboard Layout - QWERTY

  • Keyboard Number Of Keys - 84

  • Keyboard Style - Straight

  • Keyboard Weight - 483 g

  • Key Travel Distance - 2.5 mm

  • Manual - Y

  • Mouse Included - N

  • Multimedia Keys - Y

  • Number Of Products Included - 1 pc(s)

  • Numeric Keypad - N

  • On Off Switch - Y

  • Pointing Device - N

  • Power Source Type - Battery, USB

  • Rechargeable - Y

  • Recommended Usage - Universal

  • Surface Coloration - Monotone

  • Windows Keys - Y

Product Description

The Keychron Q1 Pro has been my go-to keyboard for a couple of weeks now, and it truly stands out among the market's full metal mechanical keyboards. One aspect I found impressive is its wireless and wired connectivity; switching between devices is a breeze. The double-gasket design, paired with comfortable PBT keycaps, minimizes noise levels while still delivering satisfying tactile feedback with each keystroke.

Customization options are a huge selling point for the Q1 Pro: its hot-swappable support means you can experiment with different switches according to personal preferences. In terms of battery life, I have found that it lasts up to 100 hours on the lowest brightness setting – perfect for all-day use without recharging. The 22 RGB backlight settings add another layer of personalization and enable fine-tuning hue, saturation, brightness, and effect speed through QMK/VIA.

While I appreciate this customizable full metal keyboard’s many strengths, there are areas where improvements could be made: Some may find the absence of programmable keys limiting on wired mode; additionally, larger keys like space bar or enter could benefit from better stabilization for smoother performance. Despite these minor setbacks, overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience using the Keychron Q1 Pro and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of a high-quality wireless/wired custom mechanical keyboard

Product Features