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72 Inch Curtains

Curtain panels are a popular window treatment that adds elegance and privacy to your room. If you like the idea of having curtains, but hate the hassle of hanging them yourself, then you might consider purchasing readymade curtains instead. Readymade curtains are easy to install and maintain. Some are made from fabric while others are vinyl. Vinyl curtains are lightweight and easy to clean. Fabric curtains are thicker and tend to be more expensive. But, they’re also more durable and stain resistant. Whatever kind of curtain you choose, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll fit perfectly into your windows. Read our buyers guide to learn more about readymade curtains and how to select the right ones for you!

Lazzzy Linen Textured Curtains for Living Room Curtains Light Filtering Window Treatment Set for Bedroom 63 inches Long Drapes 2 Panels Grommets Top Heathered Grey


Looking for an easy and stylish way to add some texture to your window coverings? Look no further than our linen-textured curtains! They're made of durable linen fabric and feature a heaped top that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows without any glare on your screen. The simple design of the curtain panels makes them a great addition to any room in your house, and they're machine-washable for easy care. So why wait? Get your Lazzzy Linen Textured Curtain today!

Deconovo White Sheer Curtains 72 Inches Long with Embroidered Leaf Design, Set of 2, Rod Pocket Window Drapes, Soft Grey Leaf Patterned Voile for Bedroom, 52x72 Inch


The Deconovo White Sheer Curtains are perfect for adding a touch of style to any window! These stylish curtains are made of durable polyester fabric and feature a beautiful embroidered leaf design with a soft grey background. They're also easy to care for, hand-washable and dry-cleanable. With so many colors available, you can find the perfect match for your d�cor.

HLC.ME Jefferson Faux Silk Semi Sheer Light Filtering Microfiber Lined Grommet Lightweight Window Curtains Drapery for Bedroom, Dining Room & Living Room, 2 Panels (54 x 72 Inch, Navy Blue)


Looking for a way to add a touch of style to your window dressing? Check out our selection of faux silk curtains! Our team of designers has created a variety of options that are sure to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for something flashy or more subtle, we've got you covered!

Deconovo Teal Curtains 72 Inch Long 2 Pcs, 100% Blackout Curtains Linen Textured, Thermal Curtain Drapes Soundproof Window Treatment for Bedroom(Teal, 52W x 72L Inch, Set of 2)


If you're looking for a stylish and affordable way to add some extra warmth to your home this winter, check out the Deconovo Teal Curtains! Made from 100% premium quality durable polyester fabric, these curtains are sure to last. With a total blackout ability of up to 80%, they are perfect for bedrooms, kid's rooms and even living rooms. Plus, they'll help keep you warm and comfortable all season long. So why wait? Get your Deconovo Teal Curtains today!

Kotile Moroccan Sheer Curtains for Bedroom - White Moroccan Curtains 72 Inch Length Sheer Window Curtains 2 Panels Metallic Silver Moroccan Trellis Curtains for Living Room, 52 x 72 Inches


Looking for an elegant and comfortable way to drape your window? Look no further than our collection of ready-made window curtains! Made from soft and durable polyester fabric, these curtains are perfect for any room in your home. Our premium white sheer curtains are sure to add a touch of class and elegance to any window. With its simple yet classic design, our Curtain Pole Kit is a must-have for any serious DIYer or professional looking for a quick and easy installation.

Tollpiz Sheer Curtain Linen Textured Living Room Curtains Sheer Light Filtering Rod Pocket Voile Curtain for Bedroom, 54 x 72 inches Long, Taos Taupe, Set of 2 Panels


Looking for a way to add a bit of style to your window dressing? Check out our selection of textured curtains! Our linen-weight curtains are made from high-quality cotton and are machine-washable for easy care. Our Taos sheer curtains are perfect for letting in a bit of light while providing you with some privacy. And our Rod Pocket curtains are sure to suit your needs! Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to find the perfect match for your home d�cor.

HLC.ME Versailles Lattice Flocked 100% Complete Blackout Thermal Insulated Window Curtain Grommet Panels - Energy Savings & Soundproof - For Living Room & Bedroom, Set of 2 (50 x 72 inches, Teal Blue)


Tired of feeling like you're missing out because you can't see what's going on outside? Check out our collection of blackout curtains! With 100% polyester and eight metal grommets, these curtains are durable and stylish. Plus, they'll keep you warm and comfortable all night long. So why wait? Make the switch today and enjoy the ultimate in comfort and relaxation!

Vangao Beige Linen Curtains 72 Inches Length 2 Panels for Bedroom Living Room Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Grommet Top Window Drapes


Looking for an energy efficient and comfortable way to drape your windows? Look no further than our collection of linens! Our ready-made curtains are made from durable cotton and feature a metallic grommet installation that makes them easy to hang. Plus, our energy-saving thermal insulation keeps your home warm and cozy even on chilly days. So why wait? Get your set today!

Basic Rod Pocket Sheer Voile Window Curtain Panels White 52 W x 72 L inch Long 1 Pair


Looking for a way to add some style and privacy to your window? Check out the Basic Rod Pocket Sheer Voile Window Curtain! This stylish curtain is made of high-quality fabric and features a durable 2" pocket that fits most types of rods. It's easy to install and care for, and it looks great with or without curtains.

ChrisDowa Grommet Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room - 2 Panels Set Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains (Mustard Yellow, 52 x 72 Inch)


Looking for an energy efficient and cozy option? Check out our selection of darkening curtains! Made with microfiber polyester, these curtains are perfect for blocking out light and heat. They're also easy to install and machine washable, making them a great choice for any home owner looking for an eco-friendly and budget-saving solution.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 72 Inch Curtains

Curtains are a great way to add style and privacy to your room. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, but choosing the right ones can be tricky. This article will help you make sure you get the right size for your space, as well as what type of fabric would work best for your window treatment.

What Are 72 Inch Curtains?

72 inches is an average size for most window treatments. This size works well if you want to create a large amount of privacy while still allowing light into your home. If you need more space than this, consider purchasing two panels instead of one panel at 72 inches wide. You will get twice as much coverage for half the price!

How Do You Measure Curtains?

The easiest way to measure curtains is to lay them flat on a hard surface like a bed or desk. Then multiply these numbers together to determine how many feet of fabric you'll need.

Do I Need To Hem My Curtains?

Curtains should always be hemmed before hanging. Hemming allows the curtain to hang straight without sagging. It also makes the curtain look neater and gives it a professional finish.

Who Needs 72 Inch Curtains?

When you think of curtains, you probably imagine white fabric panels hung over windows. But there are other types of curtains available. These days, you can find curtains made from everything from silk to vinyl. Some are sheer while others are opaque. Others are lined with cotton or polyester. Still others are printed with patterns or pictures.

The type of curtain you use depends on several factors. First, you need to decide whether you want privacy or lightness. Privacy curtains block out unwanted views but allow only limited light to enter. Lightweight curtains let in more natural light but offer less privacy. Then, you need to determine how big you want your window to look. Finally, you need to figure out what kind of style suits your home best.

Once you know which type of curtains you want, you can start shopping around. Most stores carry a variety of sizes. However, you may have trouble finding curtains that match your exact measurements. To avoid this problem, shop online. Many websites sell custom sized curtains. This makes buying curtains online a real bargain.

Now that you know where to shop, you need to decide what kind of pattern you prefer. Curtains with solid colors are simple yet elegant. Curtain prints add interest and personality to any space. Patterns such as stripes, plaids, polka dots, and florals are classic and timeless. Of course, you can combine these styles to create unique looks.

Finally, you need to decide whether you want curtains that hang straight down or droop slightly. Straight curtains are usually heavier and thicker than drooping curtains. Dropping curtains are lighter and thinner. Both styles look great in bedrooms and living rooms. However, drooping curtains are better suited for dining rooms and entryways since they look more formal.

Curtains are one of the easiest ways to update your decor. Whether you want to change the color scheme or simply add a new design element, curtains are a great place to start.

Do you have questions about curtains? What do you think about curtains? Share your thoughts below.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality 72 Inch Curtains

Curtains are one of those things that we just take for granted until they stop working properly. When that happens, it can be frustrating and expensive to replace them. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your curtains looking their best even if they aren't functioning perfectly. Keep reading to learn about how to care for your curtains so that they'll continue to serve you for years to come.

Clean your curtains regularly. Curtains tend to accumulate dust and dirt very quickly. This makes them difficult to clean. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris from your curtains. You should vacuum once every week.

Use a dry cloth to wipe down your curtains. A damp cloth may leave streaks on your curtains. Dry cloths are gentler on your curtains.

Keep your curtains away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can fade fabric colors. If possible, hang your curtains inside where they won't receive direct sunlight.

If you have pets, try to limit the amount of pet hair that gets onto your curtains. Pet hair tends to stick to curtains and become tangled up in the material. Remove pet hair by gently brushing it off with a soft brush.

To prevent mildew growth, wash your curtains frequently. Mildew is caused by moisture trapped between the threads of your curtains. Wash your curtains weekly to prevent mildew.

Make sure that you use non-toxic cleaning products when washing your curtains. Products such as vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and dish soap can damage your curtains. Instead, use a solution of warm water mixed with a small amount of detergent.

Don't let your curtains touch anything wet. Moisture can seep through fabrics and cause stains. Hang your curtains far away from dripping faucets and showers.

Be careful when removing your curtains. Make sure that you pull them straight down instead of tugging on the bottom of the curtain. Tugging on the bottom of the curtain could rip it.

Features To Consider When Buying 72 Inch Curtains

Fabric quality. The fabric used to create your window treatments has a big impact on their overall appearance. In addition, the type of material affects how well they hold up over time. Consider these factors when shopping for window treatments.

Color. Color plays a major role in determining the mood of a room. Choose colors that match your decor and complement each other. This will give your space a cohesive look.

Design. Window treatment styles range from traditional to modern. Traditional designs tend to be more formal while modern designs are typically less structured.

Style. There are many types of window treatments available including roller shades, Roman blinds, pleated shades, vertical blinds, and woven wood blinds. Each style has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Decide which style suits your needs and lifestyle.

Size. Size matters! Most window coverings are sold in standard sizes such as 36 inches wide x 48 inches tall. However, there are also custom options available if you'd prefer something larger than this.

Material. Fabric is the most important part of window treatments. Select fabrics that are soft against the skin and breathable. They should also resist fading and wrinkling.

Durability. Durability refers to how long your window treatments will last. Some materials may fade over time while others may wrinkle easily. Test samples of the materials you plan to use to ensure durability.

Cost. Cost is another factor to consider when purchasing window treatments. Prices vary depending on the style, color, and size of the window covering. Shop around to compare costs between stores.

Quality. Quality refers to the craftsmanship involved in creating window treatments. High-end window treatments often feature superior construction and design.

Considerations. Before buying window treatments, think about where you would like them installed. Do you want them hung inside or outside? Would you like them to block light or allow natural sunlight into your home? Will you be using them frequently or infrequently?

Different Types Of 72 Inch Curtains

Curtains are a wonderful way to add style and privacy to any room. Curtains can be hung above windows, doors, or anywhere else you might want to create a barrier between you and the outside world. They can also be used to block light and keep rooms cool in summer months.

The main difference between window treatments and curtains is that curtains are meant to cover the entire window whereas window treatments are specifically designed to fit over specific parts of the window. For example, blinds are designed to hang over the top half of the window while shades are designed to cover the bottom half. Blinds are also known as roller blinds and shades are called Roman Shades.

Window Treatments vs Curtains. Window treatments are a better option than curtains for covering large areas of glass. They are less likely to sag and wrinkle and are therefore cheaper to maintain. On the flip side, curtains are cheap and easy to install. They don't require tools and can easily be removed and replaced without leaving holes behind. 72 Inch Curtains are also lightweight and easy to move around.

Types of Curtain Materials. There are three basic materials that can be used to make curtains. Each material offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is soft and comfortable. It's also breathable and doesn't trap heat. However, cotton curtains are prone to mildew and shrinkage. Linen is durable and stain resistant. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Silk is luxurious and beautiful. It is also incredibly strong and durable.

Curtain Width. Curtains come in various widths. Standard curtain sizes range from 36 inches wide to 96 inches wide. A standard size curtain should cover about two thirds of a window. If you have a larger window, you'll need longer curtains. Longer curtains are also more expensive since they cost more fabric.

Length. Curtains come in varying lengths. Short curtains are perfect for small spaces. They're inexpensive and easy to fold up and put away. Larger spaces benefit from longer curtains. They offer more coverage and are more decorative. 72 Inch Curtains are also more expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 72 Inch Curtains

Frequently Asked Questions About: 72 Inch Curtains

72 inch curtains are large window treatments that hang from the ceiling to the floor. They are often found in hotels and restaurants.

You can purchase 72 inch curtains at most home improvement stores. These curtains are available in various colors and styles.

Most 72 inch curtains will require two curtain rods per window. If your windows are larger than 75 inches wide, then you will likely want to use three curtain rods.

Many people think that 72 inch curtains look great in their homes. However, they tend to make rooms feel smaller. If this sounds like something you would like to avoid, then you may want to consider purchasing shorter curtains instead.

72 inch curtains don't require much maintenance. Simply wash them once every month or two.

72 inch curtains provide privacy without blocking out light. They also add elegance to your room.

One drawback of 72 inch curtains is that they can block out sunlight. If you live somewhere where the sun shines directly into your living space throughout the year, then you may want to choose curtains that allow more natural lighting.

No matter how well you clean your 72 inch curtains, dust tends to collect on them. To keep them looking fresh, simply wipe them off periodically.

Wash your 72 inch curtains in cold water. Use mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Hang them outside to dry.

If you decide to take 72 inch curtains down, simply pull them back into place. Do not try to fold them.

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