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7 Drawer Dresser

If you’re tired of having to search through piles of clothes to find something specific, then you may want to consider purchasing a dresser with multiple drawers. This allows you to store your clothes neatly and easily so you won’t spend half your day rummaging through drawers trying to find the item you need.

Dressers come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Some are large while others are compact. Regardless of size, dressers are convenient storage solutions that fit into almost any room. Read our buyers guide to learn more about dressers and how to select the best one for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 7 Drawer Dresser

What is a 7 drawer dresser?

A 7 drawer dresser is a type of chest that has seven drawers instead of five.

Where Do I Use A 7 Drawer Dresser?

You will most likely want to use a 7 drawer dresser when your bedroom needs more storage space than a 5 drawer dresser provides.

How Much Should I Spend On A 7 Drawer Dresser?

This depends on how large your room is. If you have a smaller room, then you probably don't need a 7 drawer dresser. However, if you have a larger room, then you'll definitely want a 7 drawer dresser.

What Size Dresser Should I Buy?

If you're looking for something that's going to last, then you'll want to get a dresser that holds at least 100 pounds. A good rule of thumb is that anything under 200 pounds should be able to handle the weight of a full set of clothes.

What Kind Of Wood Should My Dresser Be Made Out Of?

Most dressers are made out of pine or oak. Pine tends to be cheaper but doesn't hold up well against moisture. Oak is stronger and lasts longer.

What Color Should My Dresser Be Painted?

White paint is best since it blends into almost any decor. White paint also looks better than darker colors like red or blue.

What Finish Should My Dresser Be Finished With?

Dressers are often finished with wax or shellac. Both finishes tend to look nicer than oil based paints.

What Should I Keep In My Dresser?

Your dresser should contain all of your clothing items. Make sure to include underwear, socks, t-shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, coats, shoes, belts, ties, jewelry, etc.

What Should I Put In My Dresser?

Make sure to include things like extra blankets, sheets, towels, pillows, bedding, books, magazines, games, puzzles, toys, etc.

What should I do about dust buildup in my dresser?

Dust buildup isn't really a problem unless it gets too bad. To clean your dresser, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

What Should I Do About Scratches In My Dresser?

Scratches aren't really a big deal. Simply rub a little bit of furniture polish onto the scratch and let it dry. Then buff it away.

What Should I Do About Stains In My Dresser?

Stains aren't really a problem either. Use a stain remover and let it sit overnight. Then wash it off with soap and water.

What Should I Do About Dents In My Dresser?

To repair dents, simply fill them in with wood filler. Let it dry completely and sand it smooth.

What Should I Do About Cracks In My Dresser?

Cracks aren't really a problem either. Simply apply wood glue around the crack and let it dry. Once it dries, sand it smooth.

What Should I Do About Splinters In My Dresser?

Splinters aren't really a problem either. Simply soak the area in rubbing alcohol and let it air dry. Then sand it smooth.

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