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6 Drawer Dresser

If you’re tired of having to search through piles of clothes to find something to wear, then a 6 drawer dresser might be exactly what you need. This kind of dresser allows you to store your clothes neatly and easily. It keeps your closet organized so you won’t spend half your day rummaging through drawers trying to find what you need.

A 6 drawer dresser is a convenient solution for anyone who wants to organize their wardrobe. It takes up minimal space while providing ample storage space. For those who like to travel frequently, a 6 drawer dresser is a must-have item. It provides easy access to your luggage and other items stored in the trunk. Read our buyers guide to learn more about 6 drawer dressers and how to select the best one for you.

Signature Design by Ashley Neilsville Industrial Butcher Block Style Dresser, Natural Pallet Brown

Signature Design by Ashley

The Signature Design by Ashley Neilsville Industrial Butcher Block Style Dresser is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a stylish and affordable dresser! This unit comes with everything you need for a great look, including a rustic butcher block finish, metal legs, and dark pewter-tone linear handles. Plus, it's easy to assemble with the included screwdrivers and hammers. Don't miss out on this must-have piece of furniture!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 6 Drawer Dresser

A good quality dresser is essential for every household. They help keep clothes organised and tidy, as well as providing storage space. However, choosing the right size and style can be tricky - especially if you have limited room to work with. This article will show you what to look for when shopping for a new dresser, and give you tips on where to start your search.

What Is A 6 Drawer Dresser?

A six draw dresser is a type of dresser that has six drawers. Six draw dressers are perfect for storing clothes because they allow for more space than four drawer dressers. They are also ideal for storing small items like jewelry, accessories, and makeup. Most people prefer six drawer dressers over four drawer dressers because they offer more space for clothing. However, if you want extra storage space, consider purchasing an eight drawer dresser instead.

Who Needs A 6 Drawer Dresser?

Do you have a big family? Are you planning on growing your family? Then you probably know how hard it can be to store everything that goes along with raising a large number of children. Especially if you live in a small space.

That's where a 6 drawer dresser comes in handy. It has six drawers which makes it perfect for storing clothes, shoes, blankets, and other items. But it doesn't stop there. It also includes a shelf above each drawer. These shelves allow you to add additional storage space.

The best part is that this piece of furniture is affordable. You can easily afford one for every bedroom in your home. It's a great investment that will last you for years to come.

It's also worth noting that these pieces of furniture are very versatile. They look great in any type of decor. Whether you prefer traditional styles or modern designs, you can find a style that fits right in with your existing décor.

Another thing to note is that these pieces of furniture are built to last. Many manufacturers offer warranties of 10 years or longer. That means you can rest assured knowing that you're getting quality furniture that will stand the test of time.

In addition to being durable, these pieces of furniture are also extremely functional. They're designed to hold everything you need. From clothing to books to games, you can count on these pieces of furniture to do exactly what they were intended to do.

If you're interested in purchasing a 6 drawer dresser, then you need to check out our selection today. We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes. No matter what kind of design you prefer, we guarantee that you'll find something here that meets your needs.

We've been selling furniture online since 1999. Our goal is simple - to offer only the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. We understand that buying furniture isn't cheap. However, we hope that you'll agree that our prices are fair and reasonable.

Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with anything you need. We'd love to hear from you!

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 6 Drawer Dresser

If you have kids, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to find a place for everything. This is especially true if you have six drawers. You might even have a closet full of stuff that doesn't really belong in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to organize your space so that you can keep things neat and tidy. Here are five easy steps to help you create a better organized space:

1. Keep like items together. When organizing your space, try to group similar items together. For example, if you have several pairs of jeans, keep them together in one area. Likewise, if you have several sets of sheets, towels, blankets, etc., group them together. Doing this will save you time later on because you won't have to search through multiple areas to find something.

2. Use storage containers. Storage containers come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be used to hold small items such as pens, pencils, paper clips, and other office supplies. They can also be used to store larger items such as books, toys, games, and DVDs. These containers can easily be stored away when they aren't needed.

3. Create categories. Categories are great tools for keeping track of where certain items go. For instance, you may want to create a category called "school" for school supplies. Then, you could create another category called "playroom." This way, you'll know exactly where to look for any items that you need for your child's playroom.

4. Make use of vertical space. Vertical space is often wasted space. Try to maximize every inch of available floor space by making use of shelves, cabinets, and bookcases. This will help you to free up valuable floor space. Plus, it makes life easier when you need to grab something quickly.

5. Be selective about what goes in your space. There's nothing wrong with having a cluttered space. However, it's best to limit clutter to just those items that truly belong in your space.

Features To Consider When Buying A 6 Drawer Dresser

Storage space. The first thing you'll notice about a 6 drawer dresser is how many drawers it has. With six drawers, you'll have plenty of storage space for everything you own. This makes it easier to organize your clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items.

Easy access. Drawers are great for storing smaller items, such as jewelry, scarves, and hair clips. But they're also useful for keeping larger items organized. For instance, if you store sweaters in the top two drawers, you'll always know where to find them.

Quality construction. Dressers made of wood are sturdy enough to hold up over time. However, metal dressers tend to be more durable than wooden ones. Metal dressers are often built with thicker materials, which means they're stronger and less prone to warping or bending.

Style. There are several styles of dressers available. Some are traditional, while others feature modern designs. Traditional dressers typically have four drawers, while contemporary dressers usually have three or even fewer drawers. Choose a style that matches your decor and fits your lifestyle.

Size. Most dressers measure between 30"L x 48"W x 24"H. However, there are dressers that are taller or shorter. Make sure you check the measurements before purchasing.

Material. Dressers made of hardwood are strong and durable. They're also resistant to scratches and stains. On the flip side, dressers made of particleboard are lightweight and inexpensive. However, they may warp over time.

Color. Dressers come in a variety of colors. White dressers are classic and timeless. Black dressers are sleek and sophisticated. And dark brown dressers are rich and warm. Whatever color suits your personality and home décor.

Different Types Of 6 Drawer Dresser

A 6 Drawer Dresser is a piece of furniture that allows you to organize your clothes by placing each item in its own compartment. A 6 Drawer Dresser is perfect for those who don't have enough space to keep everything neatly organized. Here are some things to consider when choosing a 6 Drawer Dresser.

When shopping for a 6 Drawer Dresser, size matters. Make sure you choose a dresser that fits your room perfectly. For example, if you plan on having kids in your home, look for a dresser that is large enough to hold all of their clothing. Also, make sure that the drawers are deep enough to accommodate larger items like coats and shoes.

Storage Space. Storage space is important. Look for a dresser that has plenty of storage space. If you have a lot of stuff, you'll need lots of compartments. Choose a dresser that has six drawers instead of four or five. Six drawers give you extra room for storing smaller items like socks and underwear.

Style is also important. Do you prefer traditional style dressers? Or maybe modern styled dressers? Traditional dressers are classic and timeless. Modern dressers are sleek and stylish. Both styles are good choices depending on what you're looking for.

Price. Price is always a factor when making any major purchases. But especially when it comes to furniture, price should never be the deciding factor. You might think that a cheap dresser looks nice, but it's really not worth the cost. On the other hand, a fancy dresser could end up costing you thousands of dollars. So shop wisely!


Frequently Asked Questions About: 6 Drawer Dresser

What is a 6 drawer dresser?

A 6 drawer dresser is a type of chest that has six drawers instead of four. These types of dressers are often found in bedrooms and living rooms.

Where Did This Style Of Dresser Originate?

This style of dresser originated in Europe during the late 1800s. They were first popularized in England.

What Size Dresser Should I Buy?

You will want to purchase a dresser that fits your needs. If you have limited space, then you will likely want to choose a smaller dresser. On the other hand, if you have plenty of room, then you will probably want to go with a larger dresser.

Should I Get A Dresser With Knobs Or Pulls?

If you prefer to use pull-out drawers, then you should consider purchasing a dresser with pulls. Pull out drawers make opening and closing the drawers much easier than they would be if you had to push each drawer open individually.

How Tall Should My Dresser Be?

Dressers tend to vary in height depending on how big their top is. Dressers with tops that are taller than 48 inches tend to look better when placed against a wall. Dressers with shorter tops look best when placed against a window.

How Wide Should My Dresser Be?

Most dressers are between 36 and 42 inches wide. A wider dresser looks more impressive when placed next to a door frame.

What Color Should My Dresser Be?

Many people like to match their dresser to the rest of their home decor. If you plan to paint your walls, then you will most likely want to pick a matching color for your dresser.

What Materials Should My Dresser Be Made Of?

Some dressers are made of wood, but many modern dressers are made of metal. Metal dressers are generally lighter weight than wooden dressers, but they are also less expensive.

Does My Dresser Need To Be Painted?

No, you don't need to paint your dresser. Many people simply apply a coat of polyurethane varnish to protect the finish.

How Do I Clean My Dresser?

To keep your dresser looking its best, you should dust it regularly. Use a soft brush to gently sweep away dirt and debris.

How Do I Care For My Dresser?

Your dresser doesn't require special care. Simply wipe off excess moisture with a damp cloth.

What kind of warranty comes with my dresser?

This means that if anything goes wrong with your dresser within the first five years after you receive it, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

How Do I Know What Size Dresser I Need?

When shopping for a new dresser, you will want to measure the width of your closet and add about 2 inches to account for the depth of the dresser. Then multiply this number by two to determine the overall dimensions of your dresser.

How Do I Assemble My Dresser?

Follow the instructions included with your dresser. Most dressers include assembly guides that show you exactly where all of the pieces go.

Can I Put My Dresser In Storage?

Yes, you can store your dresser in your attic, basement, garage, or even under your bed.

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