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55 Inch Desk

If you work from home, then chances are you spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk. This means that your backside could be hurting pretty badly. Luckily, there are ways to alleviate the pain caused by poor posture while working at your desk. For instance, you can invest in a good ergonomic keyboard and mouse set. But, if you really want to give yourself the best chance of staying comfortable throughout the day, you might consider investing in a standing desk instead.

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their ability to increase productivity and reduce stress. Standing desks are particularly useful for those who sit for prolonged periods of time. They allow you to stand while you work, which helps prevent muscle strain and other health issues associated with sitting. Read our buyers guide to learn more about standing desks and how they can benefit your daily routine.

IBF Rustic Computer Desk, Real Solid Wood and Metal Home Office Desk, Industrial Simple Writing Desk, Farmhouse Wooden Study Table Workstation, Distressed Brown, 47 Inch


Do you wish to add some rustic charm to your home? Check out our IBF Rustic Desk! This stylish desk is made from natural wood with a distressed finish, and features a metal plate instead of a glass one. It's also easy to assemble, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So why wait? Get your IBF Rustic Desk today!

EE EUREKA ERGONOMIC 55 inch Computer Desk, Home Dining Table, Modern Office Student Writing Desk Laptop Table with Adjustable Feet, Black


Looking for an attractive, modern computer desk? Check out our selection! We've got plenty of sizes and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. This black desk features multiple uses, including serving as a laptop table, gaming desk, dining room table, or office desk. It's also easy to assemble with just seven parts and two tools. So why wait? Get your EE EUREKA ERGONOMIC 55 inch Computer Desk today!

CARRVAS Computer Desk with Power Outlet, 55 Inch Rustic Industrial Desk with Storage Shelves, Study Table with Power Outlets, Sturdy Wooden Metal Frame Study Writing Desk for Home Office, Rustic Brown


Upgrade your workspace with a stylish and sturdy computer desk! Check out our Carrvas Computer Desk with Power Outlet, which features a vintage-inspired design and a rustic brown finish. This desk is made from high-quality wood and metal, and has a built-in power strip with two outlets and two USB ports. It also comes with a storage shelf and a vintage-style paperweight. Installation is easy, and it takes less than an hour to complete.

Sedeta 55 inch Computer Desk, Large Office Desk with Printer Monitor Shelf CPU Stand, Gaming Desk with Storage Shelves and Hutch, Studying Writing Desk Workstation for Home Office, Black


Organize your space efficiently with this stylish and functional desk! Its spacious working surface is perfect for hosting a variety of activities, while its built-in storage features keep your things secure and out of sight. Plus, the raised desktop can help improve your posture. Order your desk today!

Office Desk, Computer Desk with Drawers 55" Study Writing Desks for Home with Storage Shelves, Desks & Workstations for Home Office Bedroom


Upgrade your home office with a stylish and functional computer desk! Check out our selection of desks and workstations! Our Vintage Brown Computer Desk features a metal frame and a vintage brown finish, while our Black Computer Desk has a metal frame and a black finish. Both desks feature two storage shelves, and both can accommodate a laptop computer

Superjare 47 Inches Computer Desk, Sturdy Home Office Desk for Laptop, Modern Simple Style Writing Table, Multipurpose Workstation - Brown


Upgrade your home office with this stylish and sturdy desk! This desk features a modern design and a spacious work surface, perfect for hosting a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The desk also boasts multiple functions, including serving as a computer desk, housekeeping table, and more. With its versatile design, this desk is sure to suit your needs.

Coleshome 55 Inch Computer Desk, Modern Simple Style Desk for Home Office, Study Student Writing Desk,Black


Looking for an attractive and sturdy computer desk? Check out the Coleshouse 55 Inch Computer Desk! It's made of engineered wood with a black finish, and features a rectangular shape that is perfect for any room in your house. Plus, the thick metal frame makes it stable and safe to use. Order your desk today and enjoy 100% customer satisfaction!

SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 44 INCH, T- Shaped Carbon Fiber Surface Computer Desk with Full Desk Mouse Pad, Ergonomic E-Sport Style Gamer Desk with Double Headphone Hook, USB Gaming Rack, Cup Holder


Need a new gaming desk? Check out our selection! Whether you're looking for a new gaming chair, a new gaming monitor, or just want to upgrade your PC, we've got you covered. Our product line includes everything you need to get started, including: the 7-warrior gaming desk, the FHD 1080p LED Monitor, and the Steel Series Mouse Pad.

Cubiker Home Office Computer Desk with Drawers, 55 Inch Study Writing Table, Modern Simple Style PC Desk, Black


The Cubiker Home Office Desk is a stylish and functional piece that will help you make the most of your space! This desk features a 2-tiered open storage drawer and comes in black, dark rustic, rustic, walnut, or mahogany. The sturdy metal frame provides stability while the adjustable leg pads ensure that you have a comfortable workspace. Choose the size and color that fits your needs and budget.

Teraves Reversible Computer Desk for Small Spaces,Small Desk with Shelves,55 inch Gaming Desk Office Desk Bedroom Desk for Home Office


Need a versatile and durable computer desk? The Teraves Reversible Computer. It can serve as a computer desk, office workstation, study table, or writing desk. Made of P2 class particle board with perfect edge technology, this desk is built to last. Plus, the thick steel frame provides added stability. So don't wait any longer, make your workspace more efficient today with the Teraves Reversible Computer

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 55 Inch Desk

If you have been searching for a new desk, then you might be wondering what size you should get. This article will help you decide whether you should opt for a smaller sized desk or a larger one. We will also take a look at the pros and cons of each option, as well as give you tips on where to buy the best desk for your space.

What Is A 55 Inch Desk?

55" is an inch measurement for desktop computers. The size of a typical desktop monitor is about 40 inches wide, so this means that most monitors will fit into a space roughly 20 inches deep. This leaves around 15 inches of space at the bottom of the screen where there isn't enough room to sit down comfortably. If you want to work while sitting at your desk, you'll need to find a larger desk.

Where Should I Buy My Desk?

If you're looking for a new desk, you may want to consider buying a custom made desk rather than purchasing a pre-made desk online. Custom made desks tend to cost more money, but they offer many advantages over off-the-shelf desks. They allow you to choose exactly what features you'd like included in your desk, including drawers, shelves, and even lighting fixtures. You can also get a custom desk built to suit your exact needs.

Do I Really Need A Desk?

While having a desk is important if you plan on using your computer regularly, some people don't actually need a desk.

Who Needs A 55 Inch Desk?

The average size of a desktop monitor has been shrinking over time. Today, most monitors measure somewhere around 27 inches diagonally. But, if you'd prefer a larger screen, you can still find models that offer screens as big as 55 inches. These days, 55 inch displays aren't only found in ultra-high definition TVs. Many computers now feature these screens.

These bigger monitors are perfect for watching movies, playing games, browsing the web, editing documents, and doing other tasks. Of course, the extra space makes it easier to see everything onscreen. But, this doesn't mean that you need to upgrade to a new computer. Instead, you can simply add a second display to your current setup.

Many modern laptops now feature two built-in displays. However, if you already have a laptop with one display, you can easily connect a second monitor using an HDMI cable. Most newer laptops use mini DisplayPort connections. To connect a monitor to a laptop, you'll need to purchase a converter. Some converters allow you to plug in multiple monitors. Others limit you to connecting one additional monitor.

Some monitors come with built-in speakers. While these sound pretty decent, you can usually find better quality headphones. Headphones are useful for listening to music while working. Plus, they let you hear sounds coming from the computer.

Headsets are another alternative. They look similar to regular headphones but they contain microphones. When connected to a headset jack, you can talk hands free. This allows you to listen to music, watch videos, or chat online without disturbing others nearby.

When choosing a monitor, think about how you plan to use it. Will you primarily view photos or video files? Are you going to edit images or write articles? How long do you anticipate spending each day at your computer?

Also, consider whether you need a touchscreen or not. Touchscreens are becoming increasingly common. They're particularly useful for controlling media players. But, they can also be useful for entering text on websites.

Finally, consider the type of lighting in your workspace. Natural light is best. But, if natural light isn't possible, then you can turn on lights during the day. This will reduce eye strain. Plus, it will improve your mood.

There are several factors to take into account before purchasing a 55 inch monitor. But, once you know what features you need, you'll be able to narrow down your search.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 55 Inch Desk

If you have a small space in your home, then you might want to invest in a smaller sized desk instead of opting for a larger one. A smaller size desk may seem like a better option because it takes up less space. However, if you plan on working at your desk every single day, then you should definitely opt for a bigger desk. This way, you'll be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

A big desk allows you to spread out and organize your belongings. You won't have to worry about having to move things around when you need them. Plus, you'll be able to see everything clearly.

You'll find plenty of different styles of desks available. There are many different types of desks that come in various sizes. Make sure that you purchase a desk that suits your needs. For example, if you have limited storage space, then you'll probably want to go with a desk that doesn't take up a lot of space. On the other hand, if you have lots of storage space, then you'll want to buy a desk that holds a lot of stuff.

Make sure that you select a desk that's sturdy. When selecting a desk, you'll want to ensure that it's built to withstand heavy use. You'll want to make sure that your desk is stable so that it won't tip over easily.

Look for a desk that has wheels. These days, most people prefer to sit down at their desk rather than standing up. Having a wheeled desk makes it easier to move around your workspace. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to adjust your desk according to how you want to position it.

Consider buying a desk that has adjustable shelves. Shelves provide additional storage space. They're perfect for storing items such as books, magazines, and papers. If you do a lot of reading, then you'll want to add a shelf where you can keep your favorite book.

Select a desk that has drawers. Drawers are great for organizing your paperwork. They're also useful for keeping supplies handy.

Features To Consider When Buying A 55 Inch Desk

Size matters. The larger the desk, the more space you have to work comfortably. But if you're going to invest in a bigger desk, make sure you know how big you really need. Do you need a desk that holds everything you own? Or do you just need enough room to fit your laptop and other essentials?

Storage. Storage options matter. Some desks come with drawers built into them, while others come with shelves and cubbies. Decide what kind of storage you prefer and then decide where you'd like to put it. Is there room for a filing cabinet? How about a bookcase?

Style. What style of desk appeals to you? Modern? Traditional? Contemporary? Industrial? Whatever style suits your personality and decor, you'll want to pick a desk that fits your needs.

Functionality. Does the desk hold everything you need? Will it accommodate your printer, scanner, fax machine, copier, and other equipment? Are you willing to sacrifice function for style?

Ease of assembly. Ease of assembly is important. Most desks are fairly simple to assemble. However, if you're planning on assembling your own desk, be sure you've got tools and instructions handy.

Cost. Cost isn't always the most important factor when shopping for furniture, but it does play a role. Make sure you compare price between similar models. And remember that cheaper doesn't necessarily mean less quality. In fact, many manufacturers build their desks using top-of-the-line materials and craftsmanship. They may even give you extras such as drawer pulls or knobs.

Quality. Quality is another consideration. Many companies sell inexpensively made desks. While they may be sturdy and durable, they may lack features found in higher-priced desks, such as adjustable height legs.

Design. Design plays a major part in determining the overall appeal of a piece of furniture. Consider the type of design you prefer. Do you like traditional designs? Minimalist? Midcentury modern? Classic? Contemporary?

Different Types Of 55 Inch Desk

The size of your desk is important. A small desk can easily become cluttered and disorganized. On the other hand, a big desk can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Finding the right sized desk for your needs can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you choose the right desk for you.

Desk Size. When choosing a desk, think about how much space you need. Do you plan on having multiple computers? Will you use your desk for storage? How much room do you have under your bed? Are you planning on moving soon? All of these factors should influence your decision. Make sure you measure your current workspace and determine what kind of desk you need.

Desk Height. Your height plays a huge role in determining the height of your desk. If you are short, you might consider getting a smaller desk. Conversely, if you are tall, you might want to go for a larger desk. Remember that you don't always have to sit down at your desk. Consider placing a stool next to your desk so you can stand up and move around without feeling cramped.

Desk Material. Wood is the traditional material for desks. But plastic, metal, glass, and stone are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on your budget, you can pick any material you desire. Just remember that wood is heavy and requires regular maintenance. Plastic and metal are lighter and last longer. Glass and stone are beautiful and durable.

Desk Shape. Round tables are nice because they give you plenty of surface area. Rectangular desks are better suited for those who like to keep things organized. Square desks are good for those who like to keep everything neat and tidy. Choose whatever shape works best for you.

Desk Color. Desk color is largely dependent upon personal preference. Black is classic and timeless. White is clean and modern. Gray gives off a professional look. Blue is fun and bright. Red is bold and eye catching. Green is relaxing and calming. Yellow is cheerful and sunny. Purple is mysterious and elegant.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 55 Inch Desk

What is a 55-inch desk?

A 55-inch desk is a type of computer desk that measures about 54 inches wide by 18 inches deep. These desks have been popular among businesses since they were first introduced in the 1980s.

Where Did The Name "55-Inch" Come From?

The term "55-inch" was coined when the original 55-inch desk was released. At the time, this size was considered to be ideal for most business owners.

What Types Of Computers Can I Use At My 55-Inch Desk?

You can use almost any desktop computer at your 55-inch desk. However, you should make sure that the monitor will fit into the space available. If you want to use a laptop instead, then you'll need to purchase a smaller sized laptop.

Does A 55-Inch Desk Take Up Too Much Room?

No, a 55-inch desk takes up less than half of the floor space that a standard computer desk would require.

Which Companies Manufacture 55-Inch Desks?

Many companies produce 55-inch desks today. However, the best known brand is probably Herman Miller.

How big is a 55-inch desk?

A 55-inch desk has a width of 54 inches and a depth of 18 inches. Therefore, its total width is 72 inches and its height is 36 inches.

How Tall Can I Put My Feet On A 55-Inch Desk?

Most 55-inch desks allow you to stand upright without having to bend over. However, if you're planning to sit on your desk, then you'll need to ensure that your legs don't touch the ground.

Should I Buy A New 55-Inch Desk?

If you already own a computer desk, then you shouldn't have trouble finding a suitable replacement. However, if you've never owned a 55-inch desk before, then you might consider buying one.

What Are Some Advantages Of Owning A 55-Inch Desk?

Owning a 55-inch desk gives you more workspace than a traditional computer desk. It's also easier to move around your house because you won't have to worry about tripping over cables.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Owning A 55-Inch Desk?

One disadvantage of owning a 55-inch desk is that it doesn't offer enough storage space. Another drawback is that it's harder to hide wires behind the desk.

How Can I Clean A 55-Inch Desk?

To keep your 55-inch desk looking good, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth every now and again.

Can I Store Things Under My 55-Inch Desk?

Yes, but you'll need to make sure that whatever you plan to store underneath isn't going to fall onto the desk itself.

Can I Use A 55-Inch Desk As A Dining Table?

Some people like to eat their meals at their 55-inch desk. However, you'll need to make sure that the surface area is sufficient for eating.

Can I Use A 55-Inch Desk As A Bed?

This is possible, although you'll need to make sure that the desk is sturdy enough to support your weight.

Can I Use A 55-Inch Desk As A Coffee Table?

Yes, you can use a 55-inch desk as a coffee table. Make sure that the desk is stable enough to handle the extra weight.

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