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5 Gallon Water Bottle Pumps

Water bottles are essential tools for anyone who enjoys hiking, biking, running or other activities where staying hydrated is important. But, not everyone wants to carry a heavy backpack filled with bulky containers. That’s why the 5 gallon water bottle is so popular. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to bring along wherever you go.

While the 5 gallon water bottle isn’t exactly cheap, it does come with several benefits. For starters, it holds five times more liquid than a typical 2 liter bottle. This means you won't have to refill it as frequently. Also, the wide mouth opening allows you to drink directly from the container instead of having to unscrew the cap. Finally, the 5 gallon water bottle is spill proof, meaning you can fill it anywhere and then leave it unattended until you’re ready to consume the contents.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about the 5 gallon water bottle and how to choose the best one for you.

orthai Water Dispenser Pump, 5 Gallon Water Dispenser Pump USB Rechargeable Gallon Water Bottle Pump, Low Noise, for Camping Tourist Home (White) A14


Looking for an easy way to drink water on the go? Check out our selection of portable drinking water pumps! We've got plenty of models to choose from, including the Orthai Water Dispenser Pump, which comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and doesn't require any external power supply. This pump is perfect for camping and hiking trips, and its small size makes it easy to carry while you're on the move. Plus, our after-sales service ensures that you'll have nothing but happy customers in the event of any issues. So why wait? Get your Orthai Water Dispenser Pump today!

A. docarple water bottle pump-water pump for 5 gallon bottles-USB rechargeable automatic drinking water pump with reusable splash-proof cap


The A.docarble water bottle pump is perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to get fresh drinking water! This lightweight and portable pump comes with everything needed to get started, including a USB charging cable and a one-button operation. Simply install the pump, then charge the battery once a week using the included USB charging cable. When the battery is full, the water pump is ready for use. Don't miss out on this must-have kitchen appliance!

Water Pump for 5 Gallon Bottle,Double Pumps,Pump Faster. Electric Rechargeable Low Noise Water Bottle Dispenser, Simple Operation Drinking Water Bottle Pump (Black)


Thirsty? Tired? Need a drink? The TAIAE Googler Portable Electric Heater Cup is perfect solution! With its lightweight design and small size, this cup is easy to carry from place to place. It can be used anywhere and everywhere, even while on the go. Simply fill it up at a water cooler or tap, and then heat it up when needed. Its fast heating and long life span ensures that you will always have a hot cup of tea or coffee. Best of all, its electric heater works perfectly, so you dont need to worry about replacing the gas/coal/wood burning stove every year. Enjoy your morning routine again with the TAIAE Googler Portable Electric Heater Cup!.

HotFrost Manual Water Pump for 5 Gallon Bottle - BPA-Free Hand Pressure Drinking Dispenser - Secure Fit on Crown Top Jugs - 3 Tube Lengths, Protective Spout Cap, Cleaning Brush, Food-Grade Materials


Thirsty? Want a quick way to fill your water bottle? Check out our HotFrost Manual Water Pump! Made of food-grade plastic, this pump is perfect for use with 5 gallon jugs or bottles. With a smooth, strong flow and a quiet operation, this pump is sure to quench your thirst. Plus, it comes with all the accessories you need for use. So why wait? Get the HotFrost Manual Water Pump today!

Water Pump for 5 Gallon Bottle Feeliy Electric Water Bottle Dispenser with USB-Charing and Child Lock


Thirsty? Tired? The Feeliy Water Bottle Dispenser is perfect for you! This portable water bottle pump is easy to use and provides plenty of pressure for all of your needs. With a high-capacity battery that can last up to 50 days, this dispenser is perfect for families on the go. So don't wait any longer, order your Feeliy Water Bottle Dispenser today!

Trendbox Electric Portable 5 Gallon Water Pump Dispenser with ON/OFF Switch Battery-Operated For Water Bottle Drinking Parties Home


The Trendbox Electric Portable 5 Gallon Water Pump is a reliable and easy-to-use water dispenser that can be used at any time or place! This BPA free pump is perfect for use at home, restaurants, offices, and more, and features an on/off switch battery-operated operation making it easy to use. Plus, the new electric pumping mechanism makes this water pump even more efficient than ever before. Get yours today and start enjoying your favorite drinks again!

5 Gallon Water Dispenser - Pump for 5 Gallon Water Jug USB Charging Water Bottle Pump with Non Spill Bottle Cap Universal Fit for Home, Office and Outdoor (White)


Upgrade your home's water supply with the CHIVENIDO 5 Gallon Water Dispenser! This handy device is compatible with various size bottles, including 4.5L, 5L, 7. 5L, 10L, 11. 3L, 15L, and 18. 9L. It also features a USB rechargeable battery, making it easy to use and operate. Plus, the built-in LED light makes it easy to see where you are putting the nozzle. Order your dispenser today!

5 Gallon Water Dispenser, Electric Drinking Water Pump with Rechargeable Battery, Portable Automatic Water Bottle Pump for Camping Kitchen Home Office - Black


The Calogy Drinkwater 5 Gallon Water Dispenser is perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to drink water while on the go. With its small size and lightweight design, this water dispenser is great for carrying from place to place. Plus, its easy to use and recharges quickly so you can enjoy it for weeks to come.

DLOPK 5 Gallon Water Dispenser,Water Pump for 5 Gallon Bottle,Water Bottle Pump,5 Gallon Water Pump,Electric Portable USB Charging Drinking Water Bottle Pump Automatic Small Water Pump (Black)

The DLOPK 5 Gallon Water Dispenser is perfect for anyone who wants an easy way to fill up their water bottle! It comes with a water bottle pump that works perfectly, and can even be charged via USB so you can use it while charging your phone. Plus, it's BPA free and taste free, making it ideal for those on the go.

Aibileec Manuel Drinking Water Dispenser Hand Press Pump For 6 5 Gallon Bottle

Thirsty? Aibileec has you covered with a handy drinking water dispenser! This pump delivers eight ounces of water in seconds, and is compatible with most 3-5 gallon bottles. Plus, it's BPA free and unique fastening makes it easy to assemble and clean. So why wait? Get the Aibileec Manuel Drinking Water Dispenser today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump

If you're planning on taking part in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, etc., then you may need to carry around a lot of water. This means you'll need to make sure you have enough water bottles available to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. If you're going to be doing lots of physical activity, then you'll also need to ensure that you have plenty of water bottles available to use during exercise.

What Is A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump?

Water bottles come in many different sizes, but most people only buy 1 or 2 gallons at a time. If you need more than this amount of water for yourself or your family, you will want to get a larger container. This is where a 5 gallon water bottle comes into play. These large containers are perfect for filling up multiple smaller containers like water jugs, pitchers, or even just regular old cups. They are easy to carry around and refill wherever you go. You don't need to worry about running out of space because these containers hold enough water to last you all day!

Where Should I Purchase My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump?

You can find 5 gallon water bottle pumps at any grocery store or big box retailer. However, if you would rather shop online, there are several places you can choose from. The best thing to look for is a good quality product that won't break after years of heavy use.

Who Needs A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump?

When you think of bottled water, you probably picture bottles filled with clear liquid. But did you know that most bottled water comes from municipal sources? Municipal water supplies are treated before being pumped into bottles. As a result, tap water has fewer contaminants than bottled water does. However, this doesn't mean that tap water tastes better than bottled water. In fact, bottled water tends to taste fresher than tap water.

But sometimes, you do need to drink plain old tap water. Maybe you live in an area where the tap water isn't clean enough for drinking. Or maybe you prefer the flavor of bottled water over tap water. Whatever the reason, you can use a 5 gallon water bottle pump to filter tap water. Here's how it works.

The 5 gallon water bottle pump uses a carbon block filter to remove impurities from the water. Then, the filtered water flows through a spout attached to the bottom of the bottle. Finally, the water passes through a strainer to ensure that any remaining particles remain inside the bottle.

This process removes 99% of bacteria and other harmful substances from the water. It also reduces chlorine levels by up to 90%.

As far as benefits go, using a 5 gallon water bottle pump makes it possible to drink cleaner water while traveling. It also allows you to take advantage of the convenience of carrying a portable water supply wherever you go.

Plus, a 5 gallon water bottle pump is perfect for camping trips. It's compact and lightweight. So, you can easily pack it along with everything else you need for a weekend away.

If you're interested in buying a 5 gallon water bottle pump, check out our selection here: We offer several styles, including one that attaches directly to your car.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump

If you want to stay hydrated, then you'll want to purchase a quality 5 gallon water bottle pump. There are many different types of pumps available, so it's important to do your research before making a decision. Below are some things to keep in mind when buying a 5 gallon water bottle pump:

Look for a pump that works properly. A working pump should have a clear liquid level indicator. This way, you won't waste any precious water by filling up the container until it reaches the proper level.

Make sure the pump is easy to use. When you first start using a pump, it may take several tries to figure out how to operate it. Make sure that the instructions are simple and straightforward.

Check the warranty. You should always buy a product that comes with a warranty. This ensures that if something goes wrong with the pump, you'll receive free service or replacement parts.

Consider the price. While most people would think that they can save money by purchasing cheap products, this isn't necessarily true. Cheap products tend to break down quickly. They also tend to malfunction sooner than expensive products.

Purchase a quality pump. Quality means that the pump will work effectively and efficiently. It will provide you with years of reliable service.

Features To Consider When Buying A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump

Easy to fill. When you're trying to stay hydrated during hot summer days, you may not always remember to refill your water bottle. That's why you'll want to invest in a water bottle pump. These pumps work just like a regular water faucet, except they allow you to easily add more water into your bottle.

No leaks. Water bottles tend to leak over time, especially if they've been sitting in direct sunlight. But water bottle pumps eliminate this problem. They feature built-in valves that prevent leaking and ensure there's no mess left behind.

Versatile. Most water bottle pumps are versatile enough to fit most standard water bottles. Some even double as ice cube trays!

Portability. Whether you're traveling or working outside, you'll want a portable water bottle pump. This way, you can take your water anywhere you go.

Ease of cleaning. Because these pumps are made of plastic, they're easier to clean than traditional glass bottles. Plus, they're dishwasher safe, so you can toss them in the sink instead of washing them by hand.

Safety. The last thing you want is to end up spilling water while refilling your water bottle. That's why you'll want to make sure your water bottle pump features childproof safety caps.

Value. When you're shopping for a water bottle pump, you'll want to make sure you're getting a good value for your money. Shop around online or visit local retailers to compare prices on different models. You might also want to check for deals and discounts.

Different Types Of 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump

There are many different types of water pumps available on the market. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. We will now look at what each type of pump does and how they differ.

Bottle Pump. A bottle pump is simply a small device that attaches to the top of a standard plastic water bottle. When activated, the pump sucks up water through the bottom of the bottle and forces it out through the spout. Bottle pumps are inexpensive and simple to use. They are also fairly quiet and don't produce any noise. However, they are not suitable for pumping large amounts of water due to the fact that they cannot handle larger volumes.

Water Dispenser. Water dispensers are essentially the same thing as bottle pumps except they are capable of handling larger quantities of water. They are commonly seen in restaurants and offices. These are also known as "water coolers" and are sometimes referred to as "fountain systems".

Faucet. Faucets are the most basic type of water pump. They consist of a valve attached to a faucet head. When turned on, the water flows freely until the flow is stopped by turning off the tap. Faucets are cheap and easily installed. However, they are noisy and inefficient. They also waste a lot of water since they continuously run whenever the tap is opened.

Water Filter. Filters are devices that remove impurities from the water supply. They are typically placed between the source of water and the faucet. They are effective at removing bacteria and sediment. 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pumps are also useful for filtering chlorine and fluoride levels.

Water Purifier. Water purifiers are devices that filter water without adding chemicals. These are particularly useful for those living in areas with poor quality water supplies. 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pumps are also useful for those who are sensitive to additives.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump

What is a 5 gallon water bottle pump

A 5 gallon water bottle pump is a device that allows you to fill your 5 gallon water bottles quickly and easily. They are often found at sporting goods stores, camping supply shops, grocery stores, hardware stores, and even gas stations.

Does A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump Require Electricity

No, most pumps run on batteries. If yours doesn't, then you should check out our guide about how to make your own battery powered water bottle pump.

What Size Container Does A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump Fill

5 gallon water bottle pumps generally fill containers ranging from 2 gallons to 20 gallons.

Which Brands Of 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pumps Are Available

Many companies sell their own brand of 5 gallon water bottle pumps. These include Aquafina, Brita, Coleman, Culligan, Graybar, Klean Kanteen, Nalgene, Nestle, Sigg, SteriPEN, and more.

What Kind Of Warranty Comes With A 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump

Some manufacturers offer warranties that last 1 year, 3 years, or 10 years. Check the manufacturer's website to determine what type of warranty applies to your specific product.

Can I Use My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump To Fill Multiple Containers Simultaneously

Yes, you can! So, if you want to fill two 12 oz. bottles at once, simply select the appropriate setting.

Can I Refill My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump Without Removing The Cap

Yes, this is a great feature when refilling large amounts of water. Simply unscrew the top of the pump, pull out the old water, replace it with new water, screw back on the lid, and turn the pump on again.

Can I Use My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump To Fill Ice Chests

Yes, you can! Many pumps include an adapter that lets you attach the hose directly to the bottom of the cooler. Other pumps have hoses specifically designed for filling coolers.

Will My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump Break After Repeated Use

No, 5 gallon water bottle pumps are built to withstand heavy duty use. Even though they are durable, we recommend replacing them every couple of years.

Can I Use My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump To Fill Jugs

Yes, you can! Many pumps include adapters that let you connect the hose directly to the jug. Other pumps have special fittings that allow you to fill jugs.

Can I Use My 5 Gallon Water Bottle Pump To Fill Buckets

Yes, you can! Most pumps include adapters that let you connect the hose directly to the bucket. Other pumps have special fittings that allow you to fill buckets.

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