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4 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinets

Black Lateral File Cabinet with Lock, 4 Drawer lateral Filing Cabinet for...
  • 【Larger and Deeper Lateral Filing Cabinets】The 4 drawer filing cabinet is larger and deeper than...
  • 【High-quality Material, Eco-friendly Surface】: Whole-in-one reinforced with high-strength...
  • 【Higher Level Security & Anti-tilt Mechanism】: This wide file cabinets has one lock which locks...
  • 【Humanized Design Makes Work Much Easier】No loud bangs and crashes, this cabinets have 8...
  • 【Fast US Warehouse Shipping】: The 1 black file cabinet with 2 packages will be shipped out and...
Lorell 4-Drawer Lateral File, Charcoal, 42 by 18-5/8 by 52-1/2-Inch
  • Magnetic label holder for easy identification where you need it
  • 4 versatile drawers for side-to-side filing of letter-size, legal-size or A4-size
  • Package Dimensions: 54.75 L x 21.12 H x 44.5 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 195 pounds
Lateral File Cabinet 4 Drawer, Office Filing Cabinet with Lock, Large Deep...
  • 【Metal Lateral Cabinet】Lateral file cabinet is made of thick solid steel material. With...
  • 【4 Drawers Filing Storage】Lockable filing cabinets have deep and spacious drawers on...
  • 【Locking Cabinet for Security】: A lock is set at the top of our file cabinet and is designed to...
  • 【Anti-tilt Mechanism】With all drawers intelocking mechanism design, it will prevent tipping and...
  • 【Easy Assemble】This metal lateral file cabinet will be shipped by two packages. Teamwork...
4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock, Locking Lateral Filing Cabinet for...
  • [HIGH-QUALITY]:100% steel material is made into solid lateral file cabinets, which is very...
  • [HIGH-SECURITY]:Upgraded lock system possesses 1 lock & 2 keys, and do not need opening or...
  • [STRONG STORAGE]:The maximum load of wide space 4 drawer lateral cabinet around 440 LBS....
  • [HUMANIZED DESIGN]:The drawer slide with full extension on steel ball bearing is noiseless,...
  • [100% GUARANTEE]:The GreenVelly file Cabinets is delivered in two boxes need to be assembled...
Lorell 4-Drawer Lateral File, 30 by 18-5/8 by 52-1/2-Inch Light Gray
  • Interlock system prohibits the extension of more than one drawer at a time
  • Counterweight prevents tipping
  • Commercial-grade lateral file is equipped with a core removable lock, monochromatic drawer pulls,...
  • Four-drawer lateral file offers side-to-side filing for letter-size, legal-size, or A4-size folders...
  • Steel construction contains recycled material
DEVAISE 2 Drawer Wood Lateral File Cabinet with Anti-tilt Mechanism,...
  • FUNCTIONAL: Lateral filing cabinet with contemporary look that can be the little extra you needed in...
  • ANTI-TILT Mechanism: It is vital that only 1 drawer at a time can be opened, this wood file cabinet...
  • FULL-EXTENSION DRAWERS: 2 large drawers with removable divider accommodates letter, A4, legal size...
  • HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN: Stable construction and reinforced structure ensure years to use. Support weight...
  • INSTALL & SERVICE: Over Dimension: 35.43"W x 15.75"D x 29.33"H . Assembly required with instruction....
4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet for Home Office with Lock Metal Filing...
  • 【Lateral File Cabinet with Spacious Storage Space】- Deep and spacious 4 drawers on...
  • 【Heavy Duty Construction】- Black office drawer is made of metal construction for long lasting...
  • 【Reinvent Your Workspace】- This office lateral filing cabinet with file drawers and storage...
  • 【Anti-tilt Interlocking Drawers】- 2 keys are included, one lock secures 4 drawers. When one...
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】- Any issue, please contact us first and we will do our best to...
Letaya Metal Lateral File Cabinets with Lock,4 Drawer Steel Wide Filing...
  • 【All-steel Stable-Rustproof 】Lateral file cabinet is made of thick high-strength cold-rolled...
  • 【Unique Design 】Built-in interlock system secures all drawers to make sure safe file, with...
  • 【Large Storage space 】4 Drawer lateral file cabinet have deep and spacious...
  • 【Beautiful Practical】File office cabinet with modern delicate appearance can match your other...
  • 【Easy to assemble Satisfactory service】File storage cabinet requires assembly and comes paper...
4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock, Black Locking Lateral Filing...
  • [HIGH-QUALITY]:100% steel material is made into solid lateral file cabinets, which is very...
  • [HIGH-SECURITY]:Upgraded lock system possesses 1 lock & 2 keys, and do not need opening or...
  • [STRONG STORAGE]:The maximum load of wide space 4 drawer lateral cabinet around 440 LBS....
  • [HUMANIZED DESIGN]:The drawer slide with full extension on steel ball bearing is noiseless,...
  • [100% GUARANTEE]:The GreenVelly file Cabinets is delivered in two boxes need to be assembled...
RANK #10
Fesbos Lateral File Cabinet with Lock, 4 Drawer Large Metal Filing...
  • LOCKABLE CABINET - With the meta lock and keys in the file cabinet, you can locked this cabinet...
  • LARGE SIZE METAL DRAWER - The size of the drawer is designed for putting letter and legal file. When...
  • STURDY AND WELL MADE - Whole filing cabinet is made of steel, that makes the storage cabinet sturdy...
  • SLEEK AND STYLISH - The surface of the entire cabinet has adopted electrostatic spraying...
  • FAIRLY EASY TO ASSEMBLE - This cabinet needs to be assembled, this may take some time, but the...

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the  best 4 drawer lateral filing cabinets

What is the  Purpose Of A Lateral File Cabinet?

Lateral file cabinet is  a type of storage unit which has drawers arranged horizontally rather than vertically.  These units are commonly found in offices, schools, libraries, etc. where  there is limited floor space available. The main advantage of these types of  file cabinets is that they take up very little room compared to vertical file  cabinets. Another benefit of lateral file cabinets is that they allow users  to store files in a way that is easy to access. Drawers can be opened  individually or together depending upon user needs. 

Benefits of Using Lateral File Cabinets

They  are compact and occupy minimal amount of space.

Easy to  install and maintain.

Provide ample storage  capacity.

Can be customized according to  requirements.

Easily accessible.

Less  costly than traditional file cabinets.

Drawbacks of using  Lateral File Cabinets

The drawers cannot be  locked.

Cannot accommodate large number of  documents.

Not suitable for storing heavy  loads.

May require frequent  maintenance.

Types of Lateral File  Cabinets

Single tier lateral file  cabinets

Double tier lateral file cabinets

Triple  tier lateral file cabinets

Four tier lateral file  cabinets

Advantages of Single Tier Lateral File  Cabinets

Simple design.

Lowest  price.

Great for small spaces.

Suitable  for short term storage.

Disadvantages of Single Tier  Lateral File Cabinets

Limited storage  capacity.

Difficult to reach top  level.

Requires constant  monitoring.

Advantages of Double Tier Lateral File  Cabinets

Higher storage capacity.

More  convenient to reach upper levels.

Better suited for long  term storage.


The Importance of Purchasing a Quality  4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinets

Filing systems are  essential tools for organizing information. Whether you are using paper files  or electronic documents, there is no doubt that file cabinets are useful  devices. However, many individuals fail to take into account the importance  of selecting the right type of cabinet for their needs. There are several  different types of filing cabinets available today, each designed to meet  specific requirements. For example, there are vertical filing cabinets which  are ideal for storing large amounts of paperwork while horizontal filing  cabinets are perfect for smaller quantities of records. Furthermore, there  are drawers which are suitable for holding loose materials while others are  specifically designed to hold folders and binders. Each type has its own  advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is vital that you select the  correct filing cabinet for your particular storage needs.

Types  of Cabinet Available Today

There are two main categories  of filing cabinets available today. Vertical filing cabinets are typically  constructed from metal and glass while horizontal filing cabinets are  generally manufactured from plastic. Both styles are extremely durable and  long lasting. However, they differ significantly in terms of appearance and  functionality. Horizontal filing cabinets are commonly found in offices where  space is limited while vertical filing cabinets are most frequently utilized  in homes and businesses where ample room  exists.

Advantages of Using Vertical  Files

Vertical filing cabinets are very popular due to  their ability to store larger volumes of material. As a result, these  cabinets are able to accommodate a greater number of documents compared to  their horizontal counterparts. Additionally, vertical filing cabinets are  easier to access since they are located closer to the floor. Therefore, users  are required to bend down slightly to retrieve documents stored within the  lower shelves. This reduces strain on the spine and neck  muscles.

Disadvantages of Using Vertical  Files

Although vertical filing cabinets are easy to  access, they require additional maintenance. Specifically, the top shelf must  be cleaned regularly to ensure that dust does not accumulate. Dust buildup  can become quite problematic especially if the cabinet is placed near windows  or air vents. Moreover, vertical filing cabinets are prone to rusting and  corrosion. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that the cabinet be  painted periodically.

Horizontal filing cabinets are far  superior to vertical filing cabinets in terms of aesthetics. Since they are  flat, they appear sleek and modern. Additionally, they are highly versatile  and can be customized according to individual preferences. Users can  customize the color scheme and design of the cabinet to match existing décor.  Furthermore, horizontal filing cabinets are capable of 

Features To Look For When Buying A Lateral File  Cabinet

Lateral file cabinet is a type of storage unit  which has drawers arranged along two sides of the cabinet rather than being  stacked vertically. There are many different types of lateral file cabinets  available in the market today. Each type has its own unique features and  benefits. Here we discuss the most common ones.

Benefits  of lateral file cabinets

They are easy to assemble and  disassemble

The drawers are adjustable and can be moved to  suit the needs of users

There is no need to stack files  horizontally

Drawers are easier to access 

Files stored inside the drawers are visible 

Easy to maintain

Can be placed anywhere  within the room

Comes with locking mechanism 

Filing systems are very versatile 

Provides ample amount of storage space 

Lightweight and portable

Very  affordable

Available in multiple colors 

High quality materials

Long lasting 

Eco friendly


Great option for small offices

Ideal  for storing documents, photos, etc.

Traditional lateral  file cabinets

Modern lateral file cabinets 

Roll top lateral file cabinets

Vertical  lateral file cabinets

Wall mounted lateral file cabinets 

Desk mounted lateral file cabinets 

Mobile lateral file cabinets

Wire  shelving units

File boxes

Metal file  cabinets

Wooden file cabinets

Steel  file cabinets

Glass fronted file cabinets 

Whiteboard file cabinets

The four  drawer lateral file cabinet has become very popular among businesses due to  its versatility and ease of use. There are many different styles available  depending upon the needs of the user. Some models include drawers which slide  out while others have hinged doors. Many manufacturers offer optional  accessories such as locking mechanisms, adjustable shelves, and pullout  trays.

Features of Four Drawer Lateral File  Cabinet

Locking mechanism - Allows users to lock files  away securely.

Adjustable shelving - Provides additional  storage capacity.

Pullout tray - Can be used to store documents  or supplies.

Optional accessories - Available in a variety  of colors and finishes.

Benefits of Using Four Drawer  Lateral File Cabinet

Versatile design - Ideal for storing  records, receipts, bills, etc.

Easy access - No tools  required to remove files.

Easily portable - Perfect for  temporary storage.

Low maintenance - Requires little  upkeep.

Types of Four Drawer Lateral File  Cabinets

Sliding door - Slides out of way when not  needed.

Hinge door - Hinges open to reveal  contents.

Drawer - Contains individual  compartments.

Rolltop - Has top cover which rolls into  position.

Advantages of using Four Drawer Lateral File  Cabinet

Flexibility - Great choice for small offices where  space is limited.

Portability - Easy to transport and set  up.

Convenience - Quick and easy to access  files.

Disadvantages of using Four Drawer Lateral File  Cabinet

Expensive - May require larger initial  investment.

Limited shelf space - Only holds certain sized  items.

Not suitable for heavy duty usage.

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