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3D Scanners

3D scanning allows you to capture digital images of objects in three dimensions. This process involves taking pictures of an object from multiple angles and then combining them into a single image. Once scanned, the resulting file can be viewed in 2D or converted into 3D format.

While 3D scanners are useful tools, they can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re not interested in purchasing a scanner, you may be able to scan items yourself using a smartphone. All you need is a flat surface and a camera capable of capturing photos from different angles. Read our buyers guide to learn more about 3d scanners and how you can create your own!

EinScan-SE White Light Desktop 3D Scanner with Tripod, 0.1 mm Accuracy, 8s Scan Speed, 700mm Cubic Max Scan Volume, Fixed/Auto Scan Mode, Lowest Cost Professional Level 3D Scanner


Looking for a desktop scanner that is fast, accurate, and easy to use? The Einscan-SE is the perfect solution! This scanner features a single-shot accuracy of 0.1 mm, a scan speed of 8 seconds per scan, and a maximum volume of 700x700x700mm. It is also compatible with both fixed and auto scanning modes, and comes with a one year manufacture warranty. So why wait? Get the Einscan-SE today!


The Einscan SE was extremely efficient when paired with it. After many studies in order to determine the results of other reviews, I found some useful recommendations for improving the quality of the scans. Before purchasing, you should ensure your computer has the capability to handle 3D scanning. My setup is an AMD 1045T 16GB, and an Nvidia GeForce 1050T with fourGB. The software is much more GPU intensive and requires a driver and manual downloaded from Einscan's website. The files do not have the correct file extensions. If your computer does not recognize the files, do your scans in a pitch dark room. Rename the driver to exe and pdf. It is a structured light scanner. This will work perfectly if the scanner cannot scan clear items. The software does an excellent job of stitching multiple scans into one object. It requires merging, using three identical points from two scans. The software also has a watertight mesh and will export the files as.stl or.obj files.

I have been using this machine for two hours. Including unboxing and setup time. I have already produced two usable miniatures right from the software. For this type of technology, it is nearly as close to a push button as it gets. I will update my list if I encounter issues however, if I continue to obtain results similar to my first two scans, then I will be extremely happy.

Great product, packed nicely. I have not connected it to my computer yet.

Creality Upgraded CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner Kit, Handheld/Auto Modes of 3D Scanning,Simple Operation and No Marker Quick Scanner,0.1mm Accuracy,Favorable and Professional Color 3D Scanner for 3D Printer


The Creality UPgraded CR-Scanner is finally here to provide consumers with a higher quality 3D experience. This upgraded model features a new EinScan technology that is more accurate and provides higher resolution scans. Additionally, the scanner comes with a variety of new scanning modes and a new 48-bit high-fidelity color profile. With its portable and affordable design, the Creality UPgraded CR-Scanner is perfect for home and office use. Order yours today and start creating!

2022 Version Shining3D [AutoScan-DS-EX] Dental 3D Scanner with Multi-Function Articulator, Triple-Tray, Texture and Continuous Scanning

Shining 3D AutoScan

Looking for a high-quality, affordable 3D scanning solution? Check out the Shining 3D einscan Autoscan-DS-EX! With this device, you'll be able to easily and quickly generate accurate 3D models of objects. Plus, it's great for students and professionals who are looking for a quick way to get started with 3D printing.

Shining3D [EinScan-SE] White Light Desktop 3D Scanner,0.1 mm Accuracy, 8s Scan Speed, 700mm Cubic Max Scan Volume, Fixed/Auto Scan Mode, Lowest Cost Professional Level 3D Scanner


Looking for a desktop scanner that can handle large volumes? Look no further than Shining3D's Einscan-SE! With single-shot accuracy of less than 0.1 mm, this scanner can handle scans of any size. And with a 1 year manufacture warranty and lifetime support, you can be sure that your purchase is of the highest quality. So why wait? Get your Shining3D EinScan-SE today!

Creality Upgraded CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner, Handheld/Auto scan Mode, No Marker Quick Scanning, 0.1mm Accuracy, 0.3-2m Scanning Range, 0.2mm Resolution, Professional Color 3D-Scanner for 3D Printer


The Creality UPgraded CR-Scanner is ideal for those who want to capture life in a three-dimensional way. With its high resolution and accuracy, it's perfect for creating detailed models for 3D printing, animation, and other applications. The intelligent editing features make it easy to fix, improve, and refine your model. Get the Creality UPgraded CR-Scanner today and take your 3D printing to the next level!


Objects can be scanned with a scanner from 500mm to 200mm. It is quite painful to stitch together a bunch of 200mm scans at different angles to capture a larger object. If you have a lot of patience, you could scanner anything bigger than 500mm. This scanner is optimized for toysized materials around 200mm that can fit on its turntable. If that is all you would like to scan, this scanner has a decent resolution and a good job. I am impressed by the ability of the software to assemble scans although it is a bit annoying. I am currently using an $8000 3d scanner at work and I believe this package offers better results at recognizing and aligning scans. My current problem is that I usually want to scan my figure sculptures which are between 500 and 500 mm in height. I assumed the scanner would have a long range capability for scanning larger areas, similar to an $8000 scanner. The Einscan SE can only scan objects that fall between 300 and 400mm from the scanner head. The scan region in that distance only extends 200mm in height. In order to scan something larger, you need to do a lot of manual repositioning of both camera and object. However if you are patient, you can get a good scan. I am impressed by the algorithm for meshing. It captures details well and can be used to create a watertight mesh. This is possible due to the software including the calibration, which allows you to separate the cable and turntable from the stand and position the turntable at any height you wish. I have to turn the card three times, then you have to run the calculations after scanning the card. That's the biggest complaint. It does allow you to scan a larger object with the turntable at different heights which speeds up the scanning process. Although I was serious about returning the scanner after successfully reproducing a couple of my larger sculpts, I have decided to keep it. They were helpful in getting me up and running when I initially thought that the entire product was useless (I was trying to scan outside of the 300400mm focal range. Also, I would like better information showing various methods for scanning larger objects in the poor quality Quick Start guide. There are no online manuals with more information than the quick start guide, but a Youtube video with a little bit more information.

Creality Upgraded CR-Scan 01 3D Scanner, Handheld/Auto scan Mode, No Marker Quick Scanning, 0.1mm Accuracy, 0.3-2m Scanning Range, 0.2mm Resolution, Professional Color 3D-Scanner for 3D Printer


The Creality UPgraded CR-Scanner is ideal for those who want to capture life in a three-dimensional way. With its high resolution and accuracy, it's perfect for creating detailed models for 3D printing, animation, and other applications. The one-click auto scan mode makes it easy to use, and the intelligent editing features make it easy to create accurate models. Get the Creality UPgraded CR-Scanner today and start capturing those precious moments in stunning detail!


I was concerned this would not provide high quality scans but I was wrong when I said that you should spend some time with this and the software and obtain high definition scans. Be prepared to resize down the objects in order to work with them in some of your favorite 3D modeling software. You cannot beat that.

EinScan-SP White Light Desktop 3D Scanner, 0.05 mm Accuracy, 4s Scan Speed, 1200mm Cubic Max Scan Volume, Fixed/Auto Scan Mode, Compelete Upgrade from EinScan-SE Desktop 3D Scanner


If you're in need of a high-quality desktop scanner to help you get your projects done on time and budget, the Einscan-SP is exactly what you need! This scanner features a variety of scanning modes, including fixed scan, auto scan, and human scan, as well as a minimum volume of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm. With a single shot accuracy of 0.05mm, this scanner is perfect for both home and office use. Plus, it comes with a one year manufacture warranty and lifetime support. So why wait? Get the Einscan-SP today!

3D Scanner 2022 Upgraded Mac OS/Windows CREALITY CR-Scan01 3D Scanner Kit, with Portable Carrying Case, Turantable and Tripod, 0.1mm Accuracy, No Marker Quick Scanning, Affordable 3D Printer Scanners


Looking for an affordable and portable 3D scanner? The Creality CR-Scan01 is perfect solution! This device captures life in a three-dimensional way, turning abstract into concrete. With its wide application, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Get this machine today and start capturing those precious moments in stunning detail!


This scanner does what it says. The software has many options and buttons. There is a learning curve that is similar to anything else. Personally I enjoy using it. I have had remarkable results.

CREALITY CR Scan 01 3D Scanner 2022 Upgraded Carrying Bag Kit, Come with Scanner, Turntable and Tripod, 0.1mm Accuracy, No Marker Quick Scanning, Affordable 3D Printer Scanners


Looking for an affordable and reliable 3D scanner? The Creality 3D Scanner is just what you need! This machine is perfect for both beginners and professionals, with a variety of scanning modes and a true color display. With a single-frame accuracy of 0.1 mm, this device is able to capture the fine details of an object. Get yours today and start making your vision a reality!


I had to sell my child for this unit, but it was definitely worth it. I went to the person who purchased my child, and asked them if I could make a 3D scan of him. They said there would be no problem. I have the best of both worlds now. I am waiting for the Holodeck to be released, so I can upload my child to the matrix. He will be a good man forever. I found the movie trailer very funny. I also like Fast Shipping from Amazon.

I know that when I run out of items to buy, I like to buy a $20,000 3D scanner.

Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with Turntable and Powerbank 0.3mm Accuracy 8 Fps Scan Speed Desktop and Handheld Fixed/Auto Scan Mode for Face and Body Scanning Modes for Color 3D Printing - A6


If you're looking for an easy way to scan your home or office, the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is a great option! This scanner is portable and easy to use, making it perfect for taking on the go. With its lightweight design and high-quality construction, the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is sure to provide top quality results.


We use the same scanner on HP wired devices, so we decided to upgrade to wireless devices in order to eliminate clutter around our checkout counter. A more flexible option allows an employee to remotely scan a product for a purchase, as well as other items. We started with HP Wired. It was the best of the best. Upgraded to wireless is only going to make it better. I have dropped it several times and I have not seen any scratching or damage. It is a genuine commercial product of very high quality.

I really enjoyed this new wireless 2D scanner. It had lower latency and was capable of reading QR codes faster than my previously wired scanner. The charge lasts far longer than I could ever reasonably require without returning the scanner to the dock, so there should be no issues there. The range is incredibly impressive because it easily reads barcodes anywhere in my 350squarefoot store.

It is a great wireless scanner. I own a small business. Having a wired one wasn't working out due to the constant constraint of not being able to scan boxes and labels at a certain distance. I can scan through all the rooms easily and safely with this product. I would highly recommend it to individuals who seek reliability.

It fits very well and works at my store.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 3D Scanners

3D scanners have become increasingly common in recent years. They allow users to capture images of objects, then create digital versions of those objects using software. This allows users to make changes to their designs before they are printed. The following article explains what 3D scanners are, why they are useful, and how to use them effectively.

What Are 3D Scanners?

These devices all work by projecting a pattern onto the surface of the object and measuring how much light bounces off the object. This information is then processed into a digital model of the scanned object.

How Does A 3D Scanner Work?

When using a 3D scanner, the first step is to set up the scanner. You will need to calibrate the scanner before beginning the scan. Calibration involves placing the scanner at different angles relative to the object and capturing images of the object at each angle. After calibration, the next step is to position the scanner over the object and capture the data. Finally, the data captured during this process is analyzed to create a digital representation of the object.

Who Needs 3D Scanners?

The world has changed since the days of flat 2D images. Today, we live in a 3D world. We use our smartphones to take photos, videos, and upload them to social media sites. But how do we know which photo is best? How do we know which video is going viral?

Well, thanks to 3D scanners, we now have the ability to scan objects and create digital models of them. These scanners allow us to see things from every angle. This makes it possible to view things from any perspective. With this new technology, we can analyze everything from clothing to furniture to cars. Even food items can be scanned and analyzed.

This allows us to determine whether or not an item is authentic. This information can then be shared online. This could mean that someone else can purchase the same product but at a lower price. Or it could mean that a company can sell its products at a higher profit margin.

But before you start buying these scanners, you need to understand exactly what they do. Here are three reasons why you should invest in one.

When you look around your home, office, or car, you probably notice that most of the time, you end up taking pictures of things. Why? Because it takes time to photograph each object. When you scan an object, you can instantly download the image and save it to your computer. Then you can edit it however you'd like. This saves you time.

Some companies offer services where you can scan certain items and receive money back. Some examples include selling clothes, jewelry, and electronics. Others charge a fee for the service. Regardless of the type of scanner you decide to purchase, you can increase your profits by offering these types of services.

Many times, people are willing to pay extra for quality merchandise. However, they aren't sure if the item is genuine. By using a 3D scanner, you can scan an item and send it to a third party for analysis. Once the results are received, you can share them with the customer. This gives them peace of mind knowing that the item is authentic.

With the right kind of scanner, you can easily scan almost anything. From shoes to furniture, you can quickly and accurately capture the details of any object. This can help you save time and money. Also, you can earn money by sharing your scans online. This can help others learn about the latest trends. All of this adds up to a better lifestyle.

Are you ready to start scanning? Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of purchasing a 3D scanner.

If you've ever tried to scan something like a document or photograph, then you already know how tedious and difficult it can be. You have to find the perfect lighting conditions, set up the scanner properly, and wait patiently for the results. This is especially true if you want to scan something larger than a business card. When you're trying to scan something large, such as a book, magazine, or even a poster, you'll probably end up frustrated because you won't be able to capture everything perfectly. Fortunately, technology has come along to save us from having to do things manually. Today, we have 3D scanners that can take care of most of the work for us. These devices use special lenses to create three dimensional images of objects. They can produce very detailed scans of almost any object.

Features To Consider When Buying 3D Scanners

Portability. The first thing you'll want to do when shopping for a 3D scanner is decide if you want to carry it around with you everywhere you go. Some handheld scanners weigh less than 1 pound, while others weigh more than 10 pounds. This means they may not fit into your backpack or purse.

Scanning speed. Scanning speeds range from 2 seconds to several minutes. Fast scanning times mean you can scan multiple items quickly, while slow scanning times allow you to take your time and capture detailed images of each item.

Battery life. Battery life varies depending on how often you use the scanner. While most batteries last between 6 and 12 months, some models only last 30 days. Make sure you know how many scans you plan to perform before purchasing.

Storage space. Storage space is another important consideration when buying a 3D scanner. Many models store data directly onto your hard drive, while other models connect via USB cable.

Software. All 3D scanners come with software, but this isn't always included. Be sure to check the specifications sheet to determine if the model you're considering has software included.

Different Types Of 3D Scanners

There are two main categories of 3D scanners. Stereoscopic cameras and laser rangefinders. Both produce images of objects by projecting light onto them. Laser rangefinders use lasers instead of visible light. 3D Scanners are less accurate than stereoscopic cameras but are cheaper. Stereoscopic cameras are more accurate but cost more. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Stereoscopic Cameras. Stereoscopic cameras project three separate images onto the object. These images are taken from slightly offset angles. When viewed through special glasses, each image appears to be a flat picture. A computer program stitches the pictures together to create a complete 3D model. Stereoscopic cameras are good for creating models of large items. They are also useful for measuring distances. For example, if you wanted to measure the distance between two points on a wall, you could place a camera above the point and below the point. Then you could scan the area and the software would calculate the distance between the two points.

Laser Rangefinders. Laser rangefinders use infrared light to determine the distance to an object. 3D Scanners are very accurate but cannot see through walls. TOF uses pulses of light to determine how long it takes for the light to travel to the target and return. By timing the pulses, the distance to the target can be calculated. This allows the scanner to detect small changes in distance. Because they are so accurate, laser rangefinders are excellent tools for measuring distances. 3D Scanners are also great for measuring the size of objects. For example, if you were making a scale model of a house, you could use a laser rangefinder to measure the height of the roof.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 3D Scanners

What are 3D scanners?

A 3D scanner is a device that creates three-dimensional images of objects. These devices use lasers to measure distances between points on the object being scanned and then create a digital model of the object based on those measurements.

Where Do 3D Scanners Come From?

Most 3D scanners were originally developed by hobbyists and enthusiasts who wanted to make their own models out of plastic toys, action figures, etc. They would take pictures of the toy and then scan it into a computer program where they could manipulate the image to turn it into a 3D model.

How do I scan something?

To scan something, first you have to set up your camera. Then you will want to position the item you wish to scan in front of the camera. Next, press the button on the top of the unit to activate the laser light. Finally, move the unit around until all sides of the object are covered by the laser beam.

Does My Scanner Need To Be Plugged In To Charge?

No, most 3D scanners don't require charging. If yours does, it should tell you how often it needs to be charged.

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to a 3D scanner, you can try taking photos of things with your smartphone. Most smartphones now include apps that allow you to convert 2D photos into 3D models.

How Accurate Are 3D Scanners?

While 3D scanners aren't perfect, they are pretty darn close. Higher end units can go as high as 1 mm/px.

How Do I Know When My Scanner Has Finished Scanning?

Some 3D scanners display a progress bar during the scanning process. Other units simply say "Scanning Complete" once the job is done.

How Long Does It Take To Scan Something?

This varies depending on the type of scanner you choose. A basic consumer level unit can scan items in under 10 minutes. An industrial strength unit can scan items in under 30 seconds.

How Big Is The File Size Of A 3D Scan?

File sizes vary greatly depending on what kind of scanner you purchase. Consumer level units tend to produce files that range anywhere from 100 MB to 500 MB. Industrial strength units can produce files that are 20 GB or more.

Can I Share My Scans Online?

Sure! Almost every 3D scanner allows you to export the data contained within its memory card directly to a website. Simply plug in your scanner to your computer and open the software provided by your manufacturer. From there, you'll be able to select the location of your exported file and then click save.

What Happens After I Finish Scanning?

Once you've saved your file, you'll probably want to view it in a viewer application. Popular applications include Google SketchUp, Microsoft Visio, Autodesk 123D Catch, and Blender. Once you're happy with your design, you can either send it off to a printer or start designing your next project.

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