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If you play video games regularly, then you probably already know that having a good display is essential to enjoying your hobby. But did you know that the quality of your screen could actually affect your performance? That’s right, the refresh rate of your monitor affects your reaction times and overall gameplay. This means that choosing a monitor with a fast refresh rate could increase your ability to react quickly while playing.

A faster refresh rate allows you to move your mouse and click quicker so that you can respond to enemy attacks and other events before they happen. It also helps prevent motion blur, which causes objects to appear blurry when moving across the screen. Since a slower refresh rate may cause eye strain, it’s important to select a monitor with a fast refresh rate. Read our buyers guide to learn more about monitors and how to choose the right one for you!

Dell Alienware 25 360Hz 24.5 in Gaming Monitor FHD (1920 x 1080p), NVIDIA G-SYNC, 1ms GtG Fast IPS Response time, sRGB 99% Color Coverage, VESA Mounting Support, Dark Side of The Moon


Are you looking for a high-quality gaming monitor that is perfect for any gamer? If so, check out the Dell Alienware 25 360Hz 24.5 in Gaming Monitor! This monitor features 1920x1080p resolution, NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility, and 1ms GTG response time for smooth gameplay. Plus, it comes with native FHD 1080p resolution, making it the perfect choice for gamers who want to reduce screen tearing and stutter. And if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee lasting 6 months after delivery. So why wait? Make your move today!


I constantly had headaches while working as a programmers due to eye fatigue. Then this eye care monitor caught my attention. I wanted to check to see if it works. If it does not work, I will return. I found several monitors at work, that cost a lot of money and will help my symptoms. I found some but the price is either too high or they require a better computer setup to utilize their full potential. I am learning that it is a brand even though other brands are better. Some of them use the same manufacturing factory. The price will depend on how popular the brand is. I have a nice laptop, and I used to like BenQ. It is not a household name in the United States, so I have a positive feeling about the brand. Upon purchasing the monitor, I chose a Dell monitor, and a Acer monitor. It is unfortunate because I have been using an Acer monitor before it looked great but it will be more affordable when you use it. Back in 2015, the Acer monitor cost about the same as this one. It was not worth it. I believe the Dell machine was probably the most expensive, a $400.00 cost. 4K monitors typically require a better setup. I have a Mac mini from the last generation, but it does not support 4K resolution. Why do you need to spend so much for that. This monitor is described on Amazon's website. I received this just a few days ago. After a day of work and then using this monitor at home I did not develop the headaches I used to have. I hope it is a durable one as well.

I am replacing my iMac with a new PC, but I am worried about finding a comparable screen for a reasonable price. I did a great deal of research and read the lists of cheap editing screens, some of which were 300-1000. Still out of my current budget. After reading many reviews on Amazon, I decided to try this one out. I am pleased with this purchase. I received the 24inch lens and viewed a small amount of photos. I did a bit of playing with the settings, but I had a great image. I photograph portraits and weddings, and I have a vibrant style. Because of that, I needed to make sure the color was right. I used my husbands computer to edit a few times and found the hard way that his screens color was way off and it can make people's skin tone look sick. As soon as the monitor is set up, I pulled up images on my IMac and the new BenQ screen and they looked very close. I noticed that my iMac whites are a little warmer, so I pulled out a bunch of prints I have made and started comparing. The BenQ seemed to be even more accurate to what my prints looked like. A lot of people complained that this screen is too bright. I do not know if they have changed it since the reviews were written. It did not seem to be too bright to me at all, I have it set to 100 brightness. I remained with the automatic settings, I adjusted the gamma a little, and tweaked some other small things. I am happy with this purchase I will be sure to update if I have any issues or anything else to add.

I have never heard of BenQ before, so that is a new brand to me. After viewing the reviews, I thought I would give it a try. I think that the price is reasonable. I purchased a monitor for use with my tablet. I use it to monitor security cameras, surf the internet, watch videos, and do a little gaming. The color of the package in which it comes is certainly not thrilling to look at. It has a generic look. You did not buy a high end monitor. They did package the monitor up very well in the box it came in. Foam on both sides, and everything that comes with it neatly tucked away in the foam. The box also includes the monitor itself, a power cord, and a short HDMI cable. BenQ monitors come with a threeyear warranty, which is pretty good. Oddly however, they have changed their policy, you no longer have to register your product with them, in order to validate your warranty. But, if you should ever need to use your warranty, you will need to keep your purchase receipt as proof of ownership. The easiest way to set up an online shop is to take a screenshot of your invoice page. Grab the two pieces that make up the stand, connect them together, screw in the built in nut, then push the stand into the monitor until it locks in place. The best thing about this stand is that you can remove your cable for a properly installed stand. Connect your power and your data cable to the stand, and then plug them into it. Place the backing cover back on the stand as it will only go one way. It has the standard threepin computer cable port for power. This monitor comes with an outdated VGA port, an outdated HDMI port, and the newest display port. It also has a speaker and a microphone port. I have the monitor connected up to my tablet using HDMI. They have builtin speakers that are awful. However, this is to be expected due to the monitors size. The speakers produce a poor quality bass, lows, and sound quality. The speakers produce only a midrange. I suggest either using edifier or Philips bookshelf speakers or headphones. The screen is an IPS device that measures a massive two thirds of an inch diagonally from corner to corner. Additionally, this monitor would not be good for competitive gaming due to the high response time of an IPS display. A true gaming monitor should have a response time of three seconds or less and a refresh rate up to 144 Hz or better. The eight ms this monitor supports, can cause you to see ghosting. If you play single player games such as Dead Effect or Plants Vs Zombies, you will most likely be able to observe an action in the game sooner than you are able to see it. It is not the best monitor for gaming, but it does produce rich color that actually looks good. The monitor seems to prefer warmer colors instead of white. It is warmer on a blue screen, which I set to be a warmer shade of blue. This may not be the right monitor for you if you want accurate color reproduction. If you're willing to deal with the warmer tones, this will be just fine for you. The quality of blacks is probably one of the best I've seen on computer monitors. There is a small amount of light leak through the edges, it is barely noticeable. You would see greys instead of blacks on a TN panel and there would be light leaks all over the place. I can see no dead pixels and the screen is smooth with a matt finish, which helps reduce glare. The monitor uses a thin bezel design, which I like. It's not the easiest nor the most logical menu setup that I've ever used, but it works. What is interesting, however, is that the monitor displays what each button does on screen. You do not have to look under the monitor with a flashlight to see its icon. I turned off all dynamic options, both brightness and contrast, so I do not need my monitor making decisions on my behalf. I set the brightness to 50%, and the contrast to 70%, using Eye Care patented EyeCare technology. It makes it seem extravagant in its marketing. What it is, is that there is a photocell on the monitor that senses light. It can darken your screen when the light in the room is low. When the lighting in the room is bright, the brightness of the screen is razed. This EyeCare technology is most suitable for those who spend all day at a screen in an office, and do not want to have headaches. This monitor is geared specifically for the office environment, productions, programming, security, office camera feeds, Internet viewing, and light gaming. Additionally, this would make a great streaming monitor, as well. This monitor is not for gamers with heavy games. Since the hues of the monitor are natural but warm, the monitor may not be the most accurate for photo or video editing. Although I do not think you are bothered by that, I would choose this monitor. I would prefer a menu layout that was more logical. I would prefer separate volume buttons rather than having to enter the menu to change volume. It would be wonderful if the monitor had a tosslink port for audio input, most computers today have a tosslink audio output port. If you are planning on installing speakers on your monitor, then do it correctly. In addition, I have found that this monitor is working perfectly well on my current monitor. I am surprised by the price, and how high quality the screen is. I am impressed with the purpose for which I am using it. It used to be that you had to spend 400 or more to get an IPS monitor of this size. It may not be the best monitor, but it is an adequate monitor for the price. The picture of the monitor showing rainbow color is me running the tablet in Daydream Color mode, which is similar to a screensaver. The other picture in the picture shows me playing a game on my tablet.

These monitors work very well and are very durable. The screens are matte rather than glossy which took some time to get used to since the earlier ones were glossy. It is flattering, now that there is no glare. The design is professional, and they work very well together. The setup is very simple the base snaps together and then you screw it onto the monitor with the built in screw. In my previous job where I sold monitors for years, I found these to be an excellent purchase for the price.

It works great and is as advertised. I use it to gaming. The response time and the lag time are no issues at all. Since I own a television monitor, I benefit equally from the improved viewing angles. I have been using it for over two months now and I have had no issues. The settings are easy to change, and the menus are intuitive to browse through. It works for me, as I work from home, and have stared at Excel sheets on here for hours with minimal eye strain. I had to turn it down completely. I still thought it was too bright, but I have gotten used to it.

MSI Full HD 1920 x 1080 360Hz 0.5ms Built-in USB Hub DisplayPort HDMI G-Sync Technology Built-in RGB Narrow Bezel LED Backlit Gaming Monitor (Oculux NXG253R)


The MSI Full HD 1920x1080 360Hz 0. 5ms Built-in USB Hub is a must-have for any gamer who wants to enjoy the best gaming experience possible. This external device allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse to your PC in a flash, as well as power your laptop in an emergency. Plus, it comes with RGB narrow bezel LED backlighting that gives your monitor a unique accent color. So don't wait any longer, get the MSI Full HD 1920x1080 360Hz 0.5ms Built-in USB Hub today!


Is the monitor objectively good? The quality was outstanding. The item came perfectly intact and without issues. At this time, a 240 hertz IPS is a relatively slim selection. I really wanted a much higher refresh rate for the shooters that I play. What I realized after extensive use of my 1440P is that no matter how great the monitor is going down to 1080p for me personally gave up way too much visual quality so my complaint is not actually with the monitor itself. It works exactly as designed, has great colors, and is buttery smooth. I increased the resolution of certain games by adding sharpening to improve the quality. At that point you're using the same amount of RAM as you were on a 1440x2450 screen and are sacrificing pixels per inch. Therefore why use the monitor? I'm sure by mid2019 we will have some 240hertz 1440p IPS displays to choose from.

It is a perfect product. I was concerned about the high response speed setting with ghosting after using AWS 2518h. It is a significant improvement over the previous Aw2518h. The quality of the product is very good. The color is very good, and even if you set the response speed to Super Fast, there is no ghosting. The hold-up power of a monitor is very strong. The Aw2518HF was an exquisite design with no RB on the back. I use Kd25F monitor and aw2720hf rgb is totally different from Kd25F's rgb. The AA2720HF RGB is similar to the A8 headlight and the 2020 Mercedes S class interior led led. I am only playing FPS games, and I am satisfied with the speed. Cons: The monitor is white, so it can get dirty over the years. It depends on how you use it. However, it's quality is different to the TN panel (6 bit plus CVC). Cable management is better than Benq. Will IsPanel new products be released only on the panels after 2020? I have a question regarding Tn Panel, they no longer make it. I understand that the Aw2720Hf launch price is 599 dollars. This is a completely new product, why is it cheap on Amazon? I bought this product yesterday, but defective panel came to me and asked for an exchange, but I will get this product again and my friend will buy it as well. I am worried that the price will go up one day after the purchase.

I went from a 1440P GSynch monitor to a 1080P monitor, but you've never really played until you play on a 240Hz monitor. Alienware and Dell created a superior product with superior quality. I did not regret buying this monitor.

It is the same panel as the Acer Nitro XV273X, but 150 dollars cheaper. You cannot beat this price on an IPS 240hz monitor, it is the best deal on the market at the moment and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a GTX 1080 Ti or higher. You need the right system to enjoy this monitor at its full potential. The color reproduction is night and day compared to a television panel, and it has minimal blur.

It is a nice monitor for gaming. Are you interested in FreeSync and OverDrive? The monitor I have is the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor, which is 144Hz and 27inQLED. The Samsung version had more colors and a black equalizer feature. Do not confuse this with the black stabilizer on this model, this feature is not of much use. However, the CFG73 does not support GSync. It makes a significant difference in the smoothness of frames. As long as your PC can actually use the hardware in it, the Alienware is a good monitor for gaming. I paired this with my Aurora R9, AW988 Headset, AW510K Keyboard, and a Rockcat Kone Aimo mouse. You may select the RGB on the back using AlienFx, and select the standard colors and options from the built in monitor menus. If you want to control the brightness, saturation, and modes, you will have to download AWCC. The following are guidelines for purchasing this product. Do not own an Alienware computer and are interested in using custom lighting effects? You should download Alienware Command Center from Microsoft. It works well in smaller cases if you mess with fan curves in MSI Afterburner. It is very neat. You do not need any tools to make this, but it literally has one hand screw that you turn with your hand and the monitor stand locks into the back. It is the easiest monitor I have ever built and it comes with cable management holes, a cover that goes over the back and completely hides the wires and ports. No, African Americans are not as dark as other competitive monitors. This is easily fixed by modifying settings. The contrast ratio is only one thousand.

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN 24.5 inches HDR Gaming Monitor (Renewed)

Amazon Renewed

The ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN is now available! This 24.5-inch Full HD (1920x1080) fast IPS panel and world's first 360Hz gaming monitor, it's perfect for any gamer who wants to enjoy the best graphics possible. With NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and support for HDR10, you'll get tear-free gaming with brilliant colors and sharp images. Plus, the ASUS Eye Care technology with TUV Rheinland certification ensures that your eyes are protected from fatigue and irritation. And the robust connectivity with HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB allows you to easily extend your display to other devices. So don't wait any longer, order your ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN today!


For anyone wondering about using GSync, like I was, it seems to be compatible, as far as I can tell from turning it on but there is no mention of it. I don't know of any screen issues. It is excellent gaming quality. You should enable GSync and VSync and limit your frame rate to 156 or whatever you can comfortably run in each game. This will give you the smoothest image with zero input lag.

It's for business and work use. My friends are craving one.

I really enjoyed it. Ergonomic, liviano, and delgado.

You can use it to download software in Ubuntu, and the display runs perfectly. The Tamao allows you to enjoy several different vents without experiencing the view.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 360Hz Monitor

If you love playing games but hate having to sit still while doing so, then you may have heard of the term '360hz'. The benefits of using a higher frame rate include smoother movement, less motion blur, and more realistic graphics. However, not everyone has access to such a screen, and even those who do often prefer lower resolutions and smaller screens. If you're interested in getting into the world of gaming, but aren't sure where to start, read our guide to choosing the best gaming monitor for your budget.

What Is A 360Hz Monitor?

This means that each frame of video will appear more smooth than if it was displayed on a standard 60Hz display. The increased refresh rate allows for smoother motion and less flicker, making this type of monitor perfect for gamers who want to play fast paced games without having to worry about screen tearing.

Why Should I Buy A 360Hz Monitor?

The benefits of a higher refresh rate include improved image quality, reduced eye strain, and better performance. For example, while watching movies on a standard 60Hz monitor may look fine, there might be some flickering or ghosting effects due to the fact that the images aren't refreshed quickly enough. With a faster refresh rate, these problems don't occur because the images are updated much quicker.

Who Needs A 360Hz Monitor?

Back then, only super expensive monitors could do this. Nowadays, most LCDs can display 60 fps, but nothing beats the refresh rate of 120Hz.

This makes everything look smoother and clearer. But, how does this affect games? What kind of games can you play on a 120Hz monitor? How fast can you move around in these games?

Let's take a closer look at these questions and see what you can expect from a 120Hz monitor.

Refresh rate refers to the number of times a screen refreshes every second. Most modern displays use a 60 Hz refresh rate. This means that each frame of video displayed on the screen takes one minute to complete. However, some screens offer higher refresh rates. These refresh rates allow for faster movement within games and videos.

When a game or movie plays, the computer sends signals to the monitor telling it to update its contents. When the monitor receives these signals, it begins refreshing itself. As soon as the new content appears, the old content disappears. This process repeats until the entire image is refreshed.

Most gamers prefer a refresh rate of 120Hz because it allows for smoother movements. With a 60Hz refresh rate, objects appear to jump back and forth across the screen. This creates a jerky motion which looks unnatural. On the other hand, a 120Hz refresh rate gives players smooth movements. This makes it easier to aim and shoot accurately.

Yes, you can. Many games support refresh rates above 60Hz. Some examples include Call Of Duty 4, Battlefield 2142, and Star Wars Battlefront. However, some games require a specific refresh rate. For instance, Crysis Warhead requires a 144Hz refresh rate while Counter Strike 1.6 requires a 90Hz refresh rate.

With a 120Hz refresh rate, you can move around quickly. This is because the monitor updates its contents twice as fast as a 60Hz refresh rate. Therefore, you can move around quicker. However, this doesn't mean you can run faster. Your speed will still be limited by the hardware inside your PC.

In general, yes. Higher refresh rates are better because they create smoother visuals. However, they cost more money.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 360Hz Monitor

If you have ever played video games, then you've probably noticed how fast they move. This makes it difficult to play them on a standard television screen because the refresh rate is simply too slow. Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem called "360hz monitors." These monitors display images at a higher frame rate than traditional 60hz screens. They do so by displaying two frames every single second instead of one. This means that you'll see less blurring and stuttering when playing video games.

In addition to making video game play smoother, these monitors offer other advantages such as improved color reproduction and better viewing angles. So if you want to enjoy the best possible experience when playing video games, then you should invest in a quality 360hz monitor.

CRT displays work by projecting light onto phosphors inside the tube. Unfortunately, CRTs cannot project bright colors very well. Instead, they tend to produce a yellowish tint. A 360hz monitor uses liquid crystal panels instead of CRTs. These panels are capable of producing vibrant colors, even in dim lighting conditions.

This means that you won't have to worry about having to adjust your position constantly. You can sit farther away from the screen without sacrificing image clarity.

So if you want to enjoy the best possible gaming experiences, then you should invest in a quality 360hz monitor. Check out the following links to learn more about these amazing monitors:

Features To Consider When Buying A 360Hz Monitor

Acer Predator XB270HU has been our favorite gaming monitor since we first reviewed it. But if you've been thinking about upgrading to a new monitor, there are plenty of other options available. Here are features to consider when shopping for a new monitor.

Screen resolution. The screen resolution refers to how many pixels each inch of the display contains. Higher resolutions mean more detail and sharper images, but they take up more space on your desktop. Lower resolutions tend to work well for games, while higher resolutions are ideal for productivity applications like spreadsheets and word processing.

Response time. Response time measures how quickly the monitor reacts to changes in light levels. Faster response times let you move through windows faster and react to moving objects quicker. They also allow you to play video games with less lag. However, slower response times can improve image quality by letting the monitor capture details in dark areas of the picture.

Backlight type. Backlighting uses LEDs behind the panel to illuminate the entire display. This lets you view the display even in low light conditions. LED backlights typically consume less power than traditional CCFLs, though they do cost more upfront.

Color accuracy. Color accuracy refers to how closely colors match their actual values. Colors appear more accurate on displays with IPS panels, which use liquid crystals instead of polarizing filters. These types of screens produce vivid colors and deep blacks, though they lack the wide viewing angles of TN panels.

Viewing angle. Viewing angle describes how far off center you can view the display when sitting directly in front of it. Ideally, you'd want a display with a 178 degree horizontal field of vision and 170 degrees vertical field of vision. Wide viewing angles let you position yourself farther away from the display without losing visibility.

Refresh rate. Refresh rates measure how often the monitor refreshes its screen. The refresh rate determines the number of frames displayed per second.

Different Types Of 360Hz Monitor

The term “360Hz” refers to the refresh rate of a display. This means that each frame takes 1/60th of a second to appear on the screen. Therefore, a 120Hz screen refreshes every 8 ms. This results in smoother motion and less flicker. For gamers, this makes everything look better. Unfortunately, it also causes problems for those who suffer from motion sickness.

There are two main categories of monitors. First, there are standard 60Hz models. Second, there are 240Hz models. Both offer benefits and drawbacks. Let’s start by discussing the pros and cons of each category.

Standard 60Hz Monitors. Standard 60Hz screens are cheaper and therefore more affordable. They also use less power. However, they cannot run at 240Hz without causing issues. The reason why is because the human eye does not perceive anything above 60Hz. Anything below 60Hz looks blurry. So, what happens when you turn up the refresh rate? Well, nothing really changes. Your eyes see exactly the same thing as they did before. That is until you reach 144Hz. At this point, your eyes begin to notice things that were previously invisible.

240Hz Monitors. 240Hz monitors are slightly more expensive than standard 60Hz monitors. However, they offer a few advantages. Firstly, they can run at 240Hz without any problems. Secondly, they don’t produce any motion blur. Thirdly, they are capable of displaying HDR images. Finally, they can support 4K resolution. All of these features add up to a superior experience.

If you plan on playing video games, you should definitely consider getting a 240Hz monitor.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 360Hz Monitor

Does this make games look better?

In theory, yes. A higher refresh rate makes everything appear smoother and faster. Unfortunately, most monitors don't support a high enough refresh rate to provide a noticeable improvement when playing video games.

Will I Notice A Difference Between A 240Hz Monitor And A 360Hz Monitor?

Most likely not. If your current monitor supports a lower refresh rate, then you won't notice much of a difference between a 240hz monitor and a 360hz monitor.

Should I Buy A New Monitor?

If you have a computer capable of running at a higher refresh rate, then you should consider buying a new monitor. Most computers today use a standard refresh rate of 60 fps, which isn't fast enough to provide a smooth experience when playing video games.

Where Can I Get A Cheap 360Hz Monitor?

You can find inexpensive 360hz monitors online. Many stores sell refurbished monitors that were previously owned by gamers.

Is It Safe To Play Video Games On A 360Hz Monitor?

Yes, but keep in mind that even though the monitor has a higher refresh rate, the game will run slower. As a result, you'll want to set the graphics settings to their lowest setting.

Is It Possible To Connect Multiple Monitors To My Pc?

Yes, you can connect two or three monitors to your computer. Simply plug all of your monitors into your computer's VGA port and turn on your computer.

Make sure that your computer has a VGA cable connected to its VGA port. Then try turning off your computer and unplugging your power cord. Finally, try plugging your monitor back in again.

This issue occurs when your computer doesn't recognize that your monitor needs to be turned on. Try restarting your computer and waiting about five minutes before trying to switch your monitor on again.

Try adjusting the screen resolution until you reach the correct size. Afterward, click on the "Apply" button to save your changes.

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