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24x18 Frame

Picture frames are a must-have item for anyone who loves photography. If you’re interested in purchasing a frame for yourself, then you’ll definitely want to consider buying a custom frame. Custom framing allows you to create a unique masterpiece that reflects your personality and interests. It also gives you complete creative freedom, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck with a boring photo.

When shopping for a custom frame, you may not realize that you have several options. For instance, you could opt for a standard frame or a frameless frame. Standard frames are made of wood or metal and include glass or acrylic sides. Frameless frames are similar to standard frames except they lack side panels. Instead, they have a solid back panel. This means that you can customize the size and shape of the frame to fit your specific needs.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about custom framing and how you can achieve the perfect frame for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 24X18 Frame

What is this page about?

This page will answer frequently asked questions about the 24x18 frame. We'll start off with what the frame looks like and then we'll move onto how to care for your new frame.

Where Did I Get My 24X18 Frame?

You probably got your 24x18 frame at your local craft store. They're available in all sorts of colors and styles.

Does The 24X18 Frame Have Glass?

No, the 24x18 frame doesn't have glass. Instead, it has a plastic backing that's attached to the back side of the frame.

Does The 24X18 Frame Look Good Hanging On My Wall?

Absolutely! If you want to hang your 24x18 frame on your wall, make sure that it's hung straight and level. Then use a pencil to mark where the screws should go into the wall. Once you've marked the screw holes, drill out the holes with a power drill.

Can I Put Anything Inside The 24X18 Frame?

Sure! You can put pictures, mementos, or even a mirror inside your 24x18 frame. Just remember that whatever goes inside the frame must stay flat against the front of the frame.

If you're having trouble putting something in your 24x18 frame, try turning the item upside down first. Also, don't forget to turn the item right side up again after you've placed it inside the frame.

Make sure that the frame is standing upright. If it's leaning forward or backward, push it back into position. Also, check to make sure that the screws aren't loose. Tighten them if they are.

To clean your 24x18 frame, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Don't let water drip directly on the glass. Use a soft brush instead.

No, your 24x18 frame shouldn't break when dropped. Make sure that the frame is sitting upright and stable before dropping it.

Yes, your 24x18 frame is completely weatherproof. That means that it will last outdoors year round. Just keep it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

No, you don't need to purchase additional parts. All of the pieces included with your 24x18 frame are necessary.

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