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24 Inch Monitor

Monitor monitors are flat screen televisions that measure anywhere between 20" and 30". They are commonly found in offices and homes where space is limited. This means that they are perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms, apartments and other areas where space is tight.

Monitor monitors are popular because they are affordable and easy to set up. All you need to do is plug them into an outlet and connect the cable to the television. If you’re interested in purchasing a monitor monitor, check out our buyers guide to learn more about the options available to you.

ASUS Celeron Chromebox and 24" Full HD Monitor with ChromeOS keyboard-mouse Bundle Kit


The ASUS Celeron Chromebox and 24" Full HD monitor are perfect for any tech lover in need of an affordable and powerful laptop. With its Intel Celeron processor and 8GB RAM, it can handle anything you throw at it. Plus, it comes with a bundled mouse and keyboard to make your computing more comfortable. And when it's time to relax, you can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen. So don't wait any longer, order your ASUS Celeron Chromebox and 24" Full HD monitor today!


I bought two of these for my gaming computer. They look great. Action is smooth while the colors are vivid. To date, there have been no issues and this has been a great value compared to the others I have looked at.

Its frame rate is great, its quality is great and the features allows for more customization. You can turn on a blue light filter, change backlight brightness, customize the back LED lights, and switch between cinematic and gaming modes. There is much more available, but those are my favorite features. I do not see stutters or transitions between frames when I play gaming.

For the price of this product, this monitor is very attractive. That is because it is a 165Hz and 1Ms response time. The color is wonderful and the build quality is excellent. If the problem was to get worse it would be the brightness. I want to say this because this monitor is not as bright as I would like it to be.

I purchased it because it had a display port connection and I was in need of one for my business. I now own two more with all three spanning and I love them. The picture is excellent, and the price is right if you need a display port. I would recommend this monitor.

It would be perfect for a first gaming machine. My fresh gaming PC had a 165hz refresh rate. The only negative is that the built in speakers are weak.

KOORUI 24 Inch Business Computer Monitor Full HD 1920 x 1080p IPS Display 75Hz with HDMI, VGA, Frameless, 75 x 75 mm VESA Mountable, Black


Check out our newest addition to the KOORUI family - the KOORUI 24 Inch Business Monitor! This monitor features a full HD (1920x1080p) IPS panel, HDMI, VGA, and wall mountable design. With its sleek, ultralight design, the KOORUI 24 Inch Business Monitor is perfect for those who need a reliable and portable business monitor.


Excellent screen at a killer price with inconsequential compromises such as a somewhat light and slim stand that should not really pose a problem for most people especially if you plan to mount this onto a dual or triple monitor desk stand as yours truly. Even in ECO mode the screen looks crisp and vibrant when the window blinds are open on a sunny day.

This monitor features high definition pictures. I am very pleased with it. I had been looking for a larger monitor. For the cost, however I decided to take a chance and I am glad that I did. I mounted the piece to the wall to avert desk space and it fits in nicely with my space. It's much bigger looking, than I imagined it would be, and the picture is very crisp, clear, and bright. If I have previous Samsung 22inch, I may want to consider it.

I would like to assure you that the device is a computer monitor, rather than a sound system. I have never relied on a monitor for good sound since the days of video monitors. I would recommend buying a Sound Card and some speakers to have great sound. Today, purchasing some speakers and then plugging them into your computer can provide a decent sound. I recently bought a computer monitor because my ten year old computer died, and I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a new one instead of a new drive for the old one. That was an excellent move. The new computer is faster due to the use of an SSD. It did not work well with my thirtyfiveinch flatscreen television with a lot of overscan and there was no possible way to adjust it in the TV or the computer. I wanted a new monitor. It is true twentyseveninch is a step down from thirtyfiveinch, but this monitor worked perfectly out of the box. After plugging in the power, putting in the HDMI cable and turning it on, I could view my Windows desktop full screen. No more overscans. I was upset by the angle of the stand, because the computer swung toward me at a five degree angle. It has been difficult week. I am not smart. I read the description, so I grabbed the side of the monitor and tilted it up to the perfect viewing angle. I forgot that one of the selling points on this monitor was the adjustable stand. Congratulations, this monitor will save you less than $150. It's not at all overwhelming, it's sharp and clear, easy to read, and the color is nice.

I wanted her a larger monitor to make things easier for her to see, and she wants to pull the monitor closer with the arms to see. I do not need high resolution for this application. I desired built in speakers. We are replacing a Dell monitor with speakers. The built in speakers are small and not very loud. They should work for what we need. I will get her some inexpensive speakers if they do not work out.

I use these monitors not for gaming so I cannot comment, but the one gamer that I have using this monitor was skeptical initially. Our monitor system is satisfactory in reviewing documents, browsing the internet, and viewing photographs and videos. I was concerned that these work will be in a dusty, rough environment on my shop floor. They have worked great since they were installed. The users are happy with the size and being able to see them from farther away. They are used to view prints, and read instructions in a machine shop. The images are clear and crisp, and the documents are viewable without issues. I am purchasing another to install at other computers. I am satisfied with the monitors as a general use monitor.

HP 24f 24" Ultra Slim Bezels Monitor HDMI VGA 1080p IPS w/AMD FreeSync - 2XN60AAT (Renewed)

Amazon Renewed

If you're on the hunt for a high-quality, ultra-slim monitor that is both versatile and easy to use, the HP 24f 24" Ultra Slim Bezel Monitor is a great option to consider. This monitor features an HD display with a thin bezel and small frame, making it ideal for desktop or laptop use. Plus, it comes with AMD FreeSync technology for even smoother gameplay.


Time will tell how long this monitor lasts. I am very impressed with its clarity, sharpness, and features for the bargain price. I use this on a Dell E7440 14inch laptop with Intel HD graphics. I set it to leverage native YB Cr 75hz 1920x1080 and it looks good. I have been working from home for a few months. I need more screen space than the old seventeeninch LCD monitor. Was this an upgrade? I have a nice 34inch Dell monitor at work that I may not see again for a while. This 24inch monitor does not make me miss that one which is an older 60Hz display on a Dell Optiplex Intel HD desktop. It has been a pleasure to use all of them, regardless of the features. I was unfamiliar with the brand Sceptre and I am happy that I did. I do not find an issue reporting pixels that are all firing. I am still working remotely and I am happy to use this monitor.

I recently upgraded my office monitor and decided to expand to a dual monitor setup. The displays were affordable and beautiful. It is a great business monitor.

I have had some apprehension regarding the brand, but considering that this model was recently released and is new, I took the opportunity. I am impressed with the screen and picture quality, after tweaking to my taste. I am very confident in the matte finish of this item. I find that people with high quality screens, such as myself, need a day or two to adapt to the screen. I am hopeful that this monitor will last a long time, just like other top brands. The bezel is very thin, as in the picture above, but there is an additional thin border when the image is displayed, unlike the picture above. I do not know if this narrow strip exists with all of the monitors, or if some make and model covers with the bezel. The quality of the screen, its color, resolution, sharpness, 75 Hz, and a lack of reflection make it perfect for the price.

I am satisfied with several Sceptre models, but particularly this one. I had to change my mind on the cost of this model to that of 185.00. It has a small bezel and excellent picture quality. I would expect that in a $110 monitor, but not an $180 monitor. It is sufficient for my use, but if I need more adjustments I would use a VESA desk mount with this monitor. I do not use any monitor speakers as I find them to be less than usable. In my opinion, they should not have built in speakers that lessen the cost or provide better speakers. I have to supply speakers that are different.

I would recommend purchasing a Sceptre monitor. Both of the brands had an issue with extended screen sharing. The reason is that I planned to by this monitor and it did work without any issues. If you doubt the brand, you can trust The Sceptre. I guarantee that it will fulfill your expectations.

LG 24MP60G-B 24" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor with AMD FreeSync and 1ms MBR Response Time, and 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design - Black


Introducing the LG 24MP60G-B 24" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Monitor with AMD FreeSync and 1ms MBR Response Time, and 3-side virtually borderless design. This monitor is perfect for personal, gaming, or business use, and features a refresh rate of 75 Hz, brand new IPS technology, and an onscreen control panel. Plus, it's wall mountable, so you can easily mount it on the wall.

Dell SE2-417HGX 23.6 Inch TN, Anti-Glare, LED-Backlit Gaming Monitor (Black), 1 MS Reponse Time, FHD (Full HD 1920 x 1080) at 60 Hz, Thin Bezel, 2xHDMI, VGA, Tilt and AMD Radeon FreeSync, 24


The Dell SE2-417HGX is now available! This 23.6" TN monitor is perfect for gamers who want to enjoy high-quality visuals with a quick response time. With its slim bezel design and black piano finish, it's also elegant and sleek. Plus, it's AMD Radeon FreeSyncTM compatible, so you can game with tear-free visuals. And with two HDMI ports, you can easily switch between work and play.


This monitor is not a curve monitor. However, the picture is bright and the graphic for what I do is awesome. Although the price was reasonable, we did well.

I have had numerous televisions, and this is by far the best. The remote control is simple to use and easy to setup. The picture and sound are fantastic.

It comes with an HDMI cable. It is an impressive picture.

I replaced an LG monitor. It has a better picture quality. I will purchase a Samsung in the future.

My husband loves my home office and this monitor is the star.

Dell S2421H 24 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor, IPS Ultra-Thin Bezel, 2 x HDMI Ports, Built-in Speakers, Silver


Check out the Dell S2421H 24 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor for consistently brilliant visuals and responsive performance. With its thin profile and streamlined design, it's easy to see why this monitor is perfect for any busy office or home environment. This monitor features In-Plane switching technology for consistently smooth visuals, as well as two HDMI ports and built-in speakers for connecting a cable/satellite box or other HDMI devices. Plus, the three-sided ultrathin bezel provides you with clear views of your content. Order your Dell S2421H today!


It is difficult ordering a monitor because everyone is working from home. I kept having choices sell out from underneath me before I could finish the checkout process while the inventories were low. I had this monitor added to my list early on, but I kept trying to find a deal with some lower end monitors. I gave up on that and ordered the one that really caught my eye, this one. This is the highest quality monitor I have ever had, both picture and structure wise. I was worried the product would look inappropriate next to my new Retina Macbook Pro. It appeared it looked similar in this resolution. It is 24 inch, 2560x1440. I was surprised. I use it with HDMI on my MacBook Pro and USB-C on my Chromebook. Alternately, I switch the Mac out on the stand. Takes the Chromebook particularly to a whole new level of usability. I have not tried this feature but it also works by putting multiple inputs and desktops on the same screen in different box combinations. You may also tie these together. I will buy a second computer. I would love to have one that is different than the Daisy Chain computer. You will receive the complete set of cables to connect HDMI, USB and a second of the monitors. My only complaint was how the HDMI cable was packed. It was kinked too hard in packaging and had to be replaced within a few weeks. It is not very concerning, since I already had a spare. It would be helpful if the cable manufacturer were more careful with removing them from the package. I'm happy enough to write a review of it, which I'm not normally able to take the time to do.

It is exactly what I was looking for. It is the perfect size for my desk, but not too large so that I cannot see what is on my screen.

It is the first monitor that I have ever owned. I need an adequate screen size for the Surface Pro 6 to work from home. I purchased a stand for my arm on Amazon as well as an Adapter for my Surface Pro 6. I am happy with my new setup. I find the blue light filter a lifesaver. I always have it on my Surface Pro because my eyes are very sensual and wanted the same thing on my monitor. The color white looks really good. It is surprisingly difficult to find a white monitor. The screen is 24 inches and I can easily multitask. I am happy that I made the decision.

I have been searching for a QHD screen for a long time. The one that I own is outstanding. The physical button that you need to adjust and turn it off and on took me quite some time to locate. It is extremely user friendly and intuitive. I am very satisfied with the screen. The gamer mode allows you to save money and reduce blue eye blue. The back has many cable jacks for many different connectivity options. I was able to use much of the space underneath the monitor without having it VESA mounted because of the height adjustment. The manual is on the Samsung website.

It had a few settings I had to alter to get it to fit but overall I was pleased with this purchase. I like that it automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the light levels. I would just change the look of the back when the factory mount is not installed. The VESA mount has an odd hole where the normal mount goes. However, I'm sure it looks great on the factory stand.

ViewSonic VA2446MH-LED 24 Inch Full HD 1080p LED Monitor with HDMI and VGA Inputs for Home and Office,Black


If you're in the market for an affordable and reliable monitor that is perfect for home and office use, the ViewSonic VA2446MH-LED is a great option to consider. This monitor features Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, anti-flicker technology, and blue light filtering for all-day comfort. It also comes with everything you need in the box including an LCD monitor, power cable, HDMI cable, and quick start guide.


Use the red knob on the back to navigate to the game settings page. Change Shadow Control to 60 and Overdrive to Strong. You should set the luminance at 85 or 30.

I really enjoyed the display at $115. You will not find anything you can find that will deliver the same high quality. I am going to answer your most frequently asked question about this monitor. Yes, it has ghosting right out of the box. You can reduce it drastically by tweaking the settings. In the Luminance section, my Eco mode is set to Standard, Brightness and Contrast at 50, and Gamma is set to Gamma3. In a color setup, my color temp is set to temperature. My Overdrive is set to medium and my AdaptiveSync is on in Game Settings. The game color is set to ten on the desktop. They are my personal settings. You can either like them or hate them. All monitors will have a little ghosting, that is why the monitor settings exist. Select medium or off overdrive. The Strong mode is a good option for lighter objects, but also for ghosts on darker objects. In order to obtain the best results using this monitor, you should use a Display Port cord, if your graphics card or motherboard supports it. HDMI is acceptable, but it does not offer as much color accuracy as the Display Port. Also, as I mentioned, there is nothing to complain about at this price point. I am grateful that I even bought a working monitor for $115.

I am using a 3400G Ryzen, 16Gb of RAM, no dedicated graphics card, on my desktop computer. I had a 'fps' mode on my monitor and the ghosting disappeared. Port connectivity is limited, however, it has basic requirements. Limited mobility, repositioning the monitor, and ghosting without FPS mode turned on.

A lot of people have received bad equipment and are unsure of how it works. I bought two of these for recording. I have both set at 144hz and I have had zero issues. I don't see any ghosting or weird color variations. Both monitors have the same color. I cannot discern anything different. It is definitely worth the money.

For the cost of $200, this gaming monitor is terrifying to most people. However, for its price, it makes a wonderful 144hz monitor that I started with. I played with a medium-high end computer set up of 1,500 to play Cyberpunk 2077, Apex Legends and League of Legends. It has high definition rendition and does not tear.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 24 Inch Monitor

A monitor is a vital part of every modern day workstation. If you have a laptop, chances are you use it while working away from your desk. You may also use it to watch movies, play games, browse the web, and more. However, not everyone has access to a big screen TV, and even those who do often prefer using their laptops instead of watching television. This means that having a large display is essential for productivity and entertainment purposes.

What Is A 24 Inch Monitor?

The size of a monitor refers to its diagonal measurement. The larger the number, the bigger the screen area. Most people think that a 24 inch monitor is large enough for most tasks. However, if you want to watch movies or play video games, you may need a larger display. If you're looking for a new monitor, consider getting a 27 inch monitor instead of a 25 inch monitor. This will give you more space for viewing content while still fitting into your current desk setup.

If you're buying a laptop, make sure you get a model with at least 15 inches of screen real estate. You don't want to be constantly scrolling down to see what you were just typing!

And finally, make sure you buy a monitor that has an HDMI port. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on a high-end graphics card, without an HDMI connection, there won't be any picture quality. So, if you plan on using your PC for gaming, make sure you get an HDMI cable.

Who Needs A 24 Inch Monitor?

The size of your monitor has a big impact on how you use your computer. But do you really need a huge screen?

When you look at a large monitor, you probably think "Wow, I could never fit my entire desktop on this thing." However, most computers today have screens that are larger than 20 inches. Even though these screens aren't as wide as traditional 19" models, they still offer plenty of space for everything you need. Plus, they're usually cheaper than buying two smaller monitors.

But before you rush off to purchase one of these giant displays, take a moment to think about whether you actually need such a large screen. After all, you only need a display that fits your workspace. If you spend most of your time working on spreadsheets or writing documents, then a 21" monitor will likely suffice. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time browsing the web or watching movies, then a bigger screen might be necessary.

To determine which type of monitor suits you best, take a minute to measure your current setup. Then compare the measurements against the specifications of each model. Here's what you should know:

These resolutions range from 1024 x 768 to 1920 x 1080. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture. However, the higher the resolution, the larger the file sizes. Most modern monitors support resolutions of 1280 x 800 or 1600 x 1200.

In addition to resolution, the size of the screen affects its usability. Smaller screens are better suited for tasks that require fine detail, while larger screens are ideal for viewing images or videos. Of course, the right size depends on your task. If you plan to watch movies, then you'll want a screen that offers a decent amount of real estate. Otherwise, you might prefer a smaller screen that doesn't waste valuable desk space.

There are several types of monitors. LCDs use liquid crystals to create light beams that reflect back to your eyes. LED monitors use tiny lights called LEDs to produce similar results. Both technologies allow for thinner designs and longer battery lives. However, LCDs typically cost more than LED monitors. As a result, most consumers opt for the latter. However, if you value portability over price, then you might consider purchasing an LED monitor.

All monitors must connect to your computer via either VGA or DVI cables. Some newer monitors feature HDMI ports, but these connections are rare.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 24 Inch Monitor

If you want to buy a great looking monitor, then you'll want to invest in one that looks like it belongs in a professional office setting. After all, if you have a nice looking monitor, people will take notice of it. And who doesn't want to impress?

However, buying a monitor isn't just about appearance. You should also think about how easy it will be to use. Will it work with your current setup? Is it compatible with other devices? How many hours of battery life do you expect to get? These questions are important because they affect how often you'll need to charge your monitor. So, here are some things to keep in mind when you're shopping for a new monitor:

Look for a monitor that offers a wide viewing angle. This means that you won't see any distortion when you view images off to the side. A wider viewing angle makes it easier to read text and watch videos. Plus, it allows you to move your head further away from the screen without losing image clarity.

Look for a monitor that offers a bright display. Bright displays offer better visibility in dark rooms. They also save power by reducing the amount of light that gets reflected off the surface of the screen. When you're working in a dimly lit area, brighter screens may seem distracting. On the flipside, darker screens might not show up well against a brightly colored background. So, choose a monitor that provides a balance between brightness and contrast.

Consider a monitor that offers multiple connections. Monitors usually come with either VGA or DVI ports. However, most newer models include HDMI ports as well. An HDMI port lets you connect your monitor to a television set. This way, you can enjoy movies and TV shows on your big screen. Of course, you'll need an HDMI cable to complete the connection.

Look for a monitor that includes built-in speakers. Built-in speakers let you listen to music and watch video content without having to purchase separate headphones or earbuds.

Features To Consider When Buying A 24 Inch Monitor

Size matters. The bigger the screen, the more information you can display on it. But if you're shopping for a large monitor, there are other factors to take into account, such as price and quality.

Screen resolution. Most computers today feature screens with a 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution. This means they can show images with about 16 inches worth of pixels across their width and height. However, many larger monitors now feature 1920 x 1080 pixel resolutions. These allow them to show images with nearly 20 inches worth of pixels across their width and height.

Color depth. Color depth refers to how many colors each pixel can represent. Some monitors support only 256 colors while others can represent millions of colors. Higher color depths mean sharper graphics and richer colors, though this may result in slower performance.

Backlight type. Backlights are used to illuminate the screen. Direct lighting provides brighter displays, but it uses more power than indirect lighting. Indirect lighting allows for dimmer displays, but it requires less power.

Monitor stand. Monitor stands let you adjust the viewing angle and tilt the monitor. Many models come with adjustable feet to raise and lower the monitor. Others come with wheels that let you move the monitor easily.

Connectivity options. Connectivity options refer to ports on the side of the monitor. There are two types of connectors: VGA and DVI. VGA is older technology and supports fewer connections. DVI is newer technology and supports more connections.

Power supply. Power supplies convert electricity into usable electrical current. Some monitors have built-in power supplies while others must connect to external power sources. External power supplies often cost more than internal ones do.

Display port. Display ports are smaller versions of standard video jacks found on most TVs and sound systems. They transfer data faster than regular video jacks and work well with devices that support them.

Different Types Of 24 Inch Monitor

The size of your monitor is important. A large screen allows you to see more information at once and makes working on multiple documents easier. Smaller screens are better suited for mobile devices and smaller tasks. When choosing a monitor, keep in mind what you plan to use it for. Do you spend most of your day watching movies? Then you should choose a larger screen. Are you going to be doing lots of writing? Then you might want something smaller.

Monitor Size. Monitor sizes range from 17 inches up to 27 inches. Larger displays are good for desktop computers while smaller ones are better for laptops. Keep in mind that bigger isn't always better. For example, a 25 inch display won't fit on a laptop. Also consider how big your desk space is. Will you be sitting close to the screen or farther away?

Screen Resolution. Screen resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen. High resolutions offer crisp images and sharp text. Low resolutions look grainy and blurry. Look for a minimum of 1024 x 768 pixels. Anything less is unacceptable.

Display Type. Flat panels are thinner and lighter than CRTs. These are also cheaper. LCDs are becoming increasingly popular due to their low power consumption. LED displays are also gaining popularity. They are brighter than traditional CRTs and last longer.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 24 Inch Monitor

What is a 24-inch monitor?

A 24-inch monitor is a type of flat screen display that has a diagonal measurement of approximately 24 inches. These displays are commonly found in desktop computers and laptop computers.

What Size Should I Get When Buying A New Monitor?

When purchasing a new monitor, consider how much space you will have available on your desk or table. If you plan to use your monitor at home, make sure that you buy a model that fits within the dimensions of your room. Otherwise, you may end up having to move your furniture around to accommodate the extra width of the monitor.

Should I Buy A Larger Monitor?

If you want more real estate on your desk, then yes, you should purchase a bigger monitor. However, keep in mind that larger screens tend to cost more than smaller ones. Also, they take up more room on your desk.

Does Everyone Need A Large Monitor?

Not necessarily. Many people prefer smaller monitors. They feel like they don't require as much space on their desks. Plus, they're easier to carry around.

Which Brand Of Monitor Is Best?

You'll notice that most manufacturers offer multiple types of monitors. Each manufacturer offers models ranging from 19" to 27". There's no right answer here. Choose what looks good to you and what suits your needs.

What Makes A Monitor Look Better?

Many factors contribute to making a monitor look great. First, the quality of the picture displayed on the monitor affects its appearance. A higher resolution monitor produces sharper images. Second, the color accuracy of the monitor contributes to its overall appearance. Third, the brightness level of the monitor influences its appearance. Lastly, the contrast ratio of the monitor determines whether or not it appears too bright or dark.

How Do I Clean My Monitor?

To clean your monitor, first turn off your computer system. Then, wipe away all dust particles with a soft cloth. Next, spray the surface of the monitor with a glass cleaner. Finally, let the monitor dry completely.

How Often Should I Change My Monitor?

Most experts recommend changing your monitor every two years. However, this recommendation varies depending on the type of monitor you own. Most LCD monitors last longer than CRT monitors. Therefore, you may be able to extend the life of your monitor by simply replacing it once per year.

Where Can I Buy A Monitor?

You can find monitors at electronics stores, department stores, office supply stores, and even online retailers.

What Is The Difference Between A Monitor And A Television?

Monitors are flat panel displays that are typically about 20 inches wide and 30 inches tall.

What Is The Difference Between A Computer Monitor And A Tv?

Computer monitors are flat panel displays that are about 20 inches wide and 30 inches tall. Flat panel televisions are about 40 inches wide and 60 inches tall.

Plasma TVs are flat panel displays that contain gas molecules instead of electrons. Plasma TVs are generally more expensive than LCDs. LCDs are flat panel displays that use tiny crystals to block light rather than gases.

What Is The Difference Between A Crt And Led Monitor?

CRTs project a beam of electrons onto a phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. When the electron beams strike the phosphors, they excite the atoms in the phosphors, causing them to glow. Thus, the CRT creates visible light.

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