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20x30 Tent

If you’re hosting a backyard bash or other event where you plan to set up a temporary structure, then you might consider renting a portable tent. Portable tents are lightweight and easy to transport so you won’t have to worry about setting up a large structure. This means you can focus on enjoying yourself instead of spending countless hours putting up walls and poles. Some are small and compact while others are larger and spacious. Regardless of size, they’re easy to assemble and disassemble making them convenient for transporting. Read our buyers guide to learn more about portable tents and how they can benefit your event.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 20X30 Tent

What is a 20x30 tent?

These types of shelters are often referred to as "tents" even though they have no poles.

Where Did This Style Of Tent Originate?

This style of tent was invented by a man named John Deere. He created his first 20x30 tent in 1885. Since then, he has been making more than 100 variations of this design.

What Materials Should I Use When Building My Own 20X30 Tent?

You will want to make your own 20x30 tent out of wood. If you choose to build your own tent, you will need to purchase wooden stakes, nails, screws, and glue.

Will My 20X30 Tent Collapse?

No, your 20x30 tent will never collapse. Even if you accidentally leave your tent upside down, it will stay upright.

What Size Should I Order?

If you plan to put your 20x30 tent up outside, you should order a large enough tent to accommodate all of your guests.

Yes, setting up a 20x30 tent in your yard is perfectly safe. Your neighbors won't mind since they probably don't know what's going on inside their yards either.

Yes, they do look like a prison cell. But don't worry about looking like a prisoner; you'll feel much better once you're inside your 20x30 tent.

Is It True That 20X30 Tents Are Illegal In Certain States?

No, it isn't true that 20x30 tents are illegal in every state. Many states allow campers to sleep in their cars or RVs. Other states require campers to get permits.

Can I Rent A 20X30 Tent?

Yes, you can rent a 20x30 tent. Most rental companies offer discounts if you book multiple nights.

What Kind Of Weather Should I Expect During Camping Season?

Camping season runs from May through September. During this time, temperatures tend to be warmer than usual. Rainfall is also higher than normal.

What Happens If I Forget Something Important While Camping?

Don't worry! There are plenty of things you can bring along with you when you go camping. Make sure to pack everything you need.

What Happens If I Lose Something While Camping?

If you lose anything while camping, you can call the police. Or, you can ask around until you find it.

What Happens If I Break Something While Camping?

Most campsites provide free repair services. If you need repairs, you can always take your items back home.

What Happens If I Get Sick While Camping?

Make sure to drink lots of water. Also, try to avoid drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods. Both of these things can make you sick.

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