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1930s Dresser

Antique furniture is becoming increasingly popular. It’s easy to understand why. Many pieces are affordable, beautiful and functional. But did you know that antiques are not limited to just furniture? There are so many other items that can be considered antiques. For instance, vintage clothes are also considered antiques. This includes dresses, coats, hats and accessories. If you’re interested in adding some unique pieces to your wardrobe, consider purchasing an antique dresser.

Antique dressers are a great addition to any bedroom. They’re elegant, classy and can easily fit into any décor. Plus, they’re inexpensive compared to similar pieces found in stores. Read our buyers guide to learn more about antique dressers and how to select the perfect one for yourself!

White Dresser with 4 Drawers, Modern Wide Chest of Drawers, Solid Wood Frame, Tall Storage Chest, Nightstand for Bedroom, Closet, Entryway, White

Looking for a stylish and functional piece that will add some serious style to your d�cor? Look no further than our collection of furniture and accessories! Check out the White Dresser with 4 Drawers for a classic look that will never go out of style. This beautiful dresser features 4 large drawers and a spacious top for all your clothes and accessories. Plus, the sleek black frame and metal ball bearing make it a great addition to any room in your home. Order yours today!

5 Drawer Dresser Long Wide Chest of Drawers Nightstand with Wood Top Rustic Storage Tower Storage Dresser Closet for Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Nursery, Kid


Organize your bedroom, living room, nursery, or hallway with this stylish and sturdy 5 drawer nightstand. Made from water resistant wood with a natural wood finish, this chest is built to last. The metal frame provides stability, while the X crossbar adds extra steady footing. The drawers are easily opened and closed, and they're even equipped with handy thumb tabs. Get yours today!

SONGMICS Drawer Dresser, Closet Storage Dresser, Chest of Drawers, 8 Fabric Drawers and Metal Frame with Handles, Rustic Brown and Black ULTS124B01


Add some fun and modern style to your space with the SONGMICS Drawer Dresser! This stylish dresser features 8 fabric drawers and metal frame with handcrafted wood handles, plus two spacious storage shelves. Made of durable PolyPolyester material, this chest of drawers is ready to withstand regular use. Don't miss out on this must-have furniture piece!

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IKEA RAST dresser, Wood Color

The IKEA Rastar dresser is a stylish and sturdy piece of furniture that's sure to last! With its solid wood construction and high quality finish, this dresser is built to withstand even the most demanding environments. It comes with a fiberboard drawer bottom and acrylic panel front to protect your clothes from damage, as well as a sturdy steel frame to keep it upright. Plus, the included wall hooks allow you to easily hang it up when not in use. Don't miss out on this great deal - order your IKEA Rastar dresser today!

Furologee 6 Drawer Dresser Fabric,Double Shelf,Closet Organizer Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom, Living Room Entryway, Rustic Bins, Sturdy Metal Frame


Looking for a stylish and sturdy way to organize your bedroom? Our Furologe 6 Drawer Double Shelf Closet Organizer is just what you need! Made of durable MDF wood, this shelf is built to last. It features six large drawers and two spacious shelves, perfect for storing everything from clothes to books to toys. The sleek black finish is sure to complement any d�cor, and the metal handle makes opening and closing the drawers easier than ever. Don't miss out on this must-have organizational tool - order yours today!

Cubiker Dresser Storage Organizer, 5 Drawer Dresser Tower Unit for Bedroom Hallway Entryway Closets, Small Dresser Clothes Storage with Sturdy Steel Frame Wood Top, Black Grey


Organize your bedroom or hallway entryway or closet with this stylish and sturdy dresser! This unit is made from engineered wood and features a black grey finish. It includes two sizes and five storage drawers, perfect for storing clothes, underwear, socks, toys and more. The strong steel frame and durable MDF wood construction ensures stability, while the easy-to-assemble design makes it easy to install.

Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Grooved Handle Wood Dresser Bedroom Storage Drawer Organizer Closet Hallway, 6 Drawer, Caramel

Walker Edison

The Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Grooved Handle Wood Dresser is the perfect stylish dresser for your bedroom! This beautiful piece is made from high-quality solid wood and MDF with a stained finish, and includes six deep drawers. It also comes with anti-tip hardware to attach to the wall. Don't miss out on this must-have furniture piece!

SONGMICS Drawer Dresser, Storage Dresser Tower with 5 Fabric Drawers, Wooden Front and Top, Industrial Style Dresser Unit, for Living Room, Hallway, Nursery, Brown and Black ULGS45H


Organize your bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, nursery, kid's room, or other rooms in seconds with the SONGMICS Drawer Dresser. This stylish dresser features five spacious drawers and a wooden front and top, plus it comes with beautiful brown and black accents. Order yours today and see the difference it makes in your space!

SONGMICS Dresser for Bedroom, Chest of Drawers, 6 Drawer Dresser, Closet Fabric Dresser with Metal Frame, Wooden Top and Front, Brown and Black ULGS23H


Bring order to your bedroom with the SONGMICS Dresser for Bedroom! This stylish dresser features 6 large, deep drawers and a metal frame for durability. The linen non-woven fabric finish is perfect for any room in your house, and the wood grain detail provides an authentic touch. Order your SONGMICS dresser today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 1930S Dresser

If you have been searching for a vintage piece of furniture, then you may have come across the term '1930s' - but what does that mean exactly? This article will help you understand more about the history of this period, as well as the styles and designs available today. We will also show you where to start shopping online for the best pieces of furniture from this era.

What Is A 1930S Dresser?

The 1930s was an exciting time for American design. The Great Depression had just ended, and people were eager to enjoy new styles and trends. This meant that many different types of furniture designs came into fashion during this period. One type of furniture that became popular during this era was the dresser. Dressers were made of wood, metal, glass, and even porcelain. They could be small, medium, large, or extra large. Most dressers featured drawers and shelves inside, but some models included cupboards instead of drawers. These dressers were typically found in homes where there was limited space. In fact, most families only owned one dresser at first, until they grew larger and needed more storage. By the 1940s, dressers were no longer considered "fancy" furniture, and they began to become common household items.

Who Needs A 1930S Dresser?

The 1930s were a time of change. People wanted to live differently. They wanted to look better. They wanted to do things differently. And they did. They created new styles and trends. One of these was the dresser.

Dressers came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some had drawers. Others didn't. But one thing remained constant - they were made of wood. Wood was strong and durable. It could hold heavy items. And it looked beautiful.

Today, we still use wooden dressers. We love how sturdy they are. And we appreciate how versatile they are. Dressers can be used for everything from storing clothes to holding jewelry. They can even be used as nightstands.

But back then, most dressers were built using solid wood. Solid wood was expensive. So, manufacturers started using cheaper materials such as plywood and particle board. These materials weren't nearly as strong as solid wood.

This meant that dressers couldn't handle the same amount of weight. So, they began to crack and break. This led to a decline in popularity. By the 1970s, only a handful of companies offered dressers. Most people stopped buying them altogether.

Thankfully, this trend has changed. Today, you can find dressers in almost any style imaginable. From traditional to modern, dressers come in every shape and size. They're perfect for anyone who wants to create a unique bedroom space.

Whether you're looking for a dresser for your home office or a dresser for your master bedroom, you'll find a wide range of designs and colors. You can even customize your dresser to match your decor.

When you shop online, you can easily compare prices across brands. Then, you can decide which model works best for you.

When you're ready to purchase a dresser, think about where you plan to put it. Will you store clothing inside? Or will you hang it on the wall? How big does it need to be? What color would you prefer? Is it going to be used for everyday wear or special occasions?

Once you know what kind of dresser you'd like, you can narrow down your search based on price. Remember, you can save money by shopping online.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 1930S Dresser

If you want to add style and elegance to any space in your home, then you should invest in a beautiful vintage dresser. Vintage dressers have so many uses. They can serve as storage units, display pieces, or even accent tables. You'll find them in every price range, whether you're looking for something small or large. So if you're ready to purchase a vintage dresser, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for quality. When buying a vintage dresser, you want one that looks like it could withstand years of use. A poorly constructed dresser may break down after just a short period of time. This means that you won't be able to enjoy your investment for very long.

Consider size. Make sure that the dresser you buy is big enough to hold everything you need. For example, if you plan to store linens inside the dresser, make sure that it holds enough to accommodate your needs. Also, make sure that the dresser is tall enough to reach items stored above it. This way, you won't have to bend over to retrieve items.

Make sure that the drawers open smoothly. If they do not, you might encounter difficulty trying to pull out certain items. Try opening the drawer by hand first to see how easily it opens. If it doesn't open easily, try pulling it out slowly until it starts to move freely.

Check the condition of the wood. Wood tends to darken over time. This makes it difficult to determine the age of the dresser. Check the finish to ensure that it hasn't faded or peeled off. If it appears to be damaged, ask about the history of the piece. Was it used in a previous owner's house? Did it come from a family member who passed away? These questions can provide valuable insight regarding the value of the piece.

Features To Consider When Buying A 1930S Dresser

Style. The style of a piece of furniture has a big impact on how well it fits into your room. Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle and match your decor. For instance, if you love midcentury modern design, then you may want to look for a piece that features clean lines and bold colors. On the other hand, if you prefer traditional styles, you might want to look for something more ornate.

Size. Size matters when it comes to dressing tables. Make sure the table you pick is large enough to hold everything you need. This means having plenty of space for clothes, jewelry, makeup, accessories and anything else you store on top of the table.

Storage. Storage options matter when it comes to dressing tables. Some models feature drawers, while others have shelves above them. Drawers are great for storing smaller items such as scarves and necklaces. Shelving allows you to organize larger items like purses and shoes.

Design. Design elements play a huge role in determining the overall appeal of a piece of furniture. Consider the color scheme, materials used and details included. These factors can add personality to your bedroom and give your room a unique vibe.

Functionality. Functionality plays a key role in determining how useful a piece of furniture is. Does it work? Is it sturdy? Do its drawers slide smoothly? How does it hold up over time?

Quality. Quality is important when shopping for a piece of furniture. Look for quality craftsmanship and construction. Check for scratches, cracks and warping. Are there signs of wear and tear?

Cost. Cost is another factor to take into consideration when shopping for a piece of furniture. While you want to spend less than you would on a new piece of furniture, you still need to stay within your budget. Shop around for deals and discounts to help you save money.

Different Types Of 1930S Dresser

The 1920s was a decade of excess. People were spending freely and living large. This included furnishing their homes. Furniture makers had never seen anything like what was going on. During the early part of the decade, manufacturers began producing furniture that was larger than ever before. Dressers became bigger, wardrobes grew taller, and beds got longer. That’s almost half of our entire GDP!

As the stock market crashed in October of 1929, people lost faith in the economy. Suddenly, consumers stopped buying things. Manufacturers cut production and prices plummeted. By 1932, unemployment reached 25%. Consumers didn’t know how to spend their money anymore. They couldn’t afford to buy big items like wardrobes and dressers. So, they bought smaller pieces instead. Smaller pieces meant cheaper pieces. And cheap pieces meant lower quality pieces. Quality went down and quantity went up.

After the depression, people wanted to start spending again. But they weren’t willing to shell out huge amounts of money for big pieces of furniture. So, they decided to go small. They bought smaller pieces that cost less. Wardrobes shrunk, dressers shrank, and bed sizes shrank. That’s right – two point five billion dollars!

By 1940, the average American household owned four pieces of bedroom furniture. A dresser, chest, nightstand, and mirror. That’s it. Everything else was optional. Bedrooms were getting smaller and smaller. The average size of a bedroom dropped by nearly 10 inches between 1935 and 1945. This was due to the fact that families were having fewer children. Also, women were working outside the house more often. So, bedrooms were becoming more utilitarian spaces. Men were moving away from dressing rooms and towards bathrooms.

In the late 1940s, the baby boom hit America. Families suddenly had lots of kids.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 1930S Dresser

What is an antique dresser?

Antique dressers were originally designed to store clothing. They often have drawers that open outwards, making it easy to reach items stored inside.

Where Did The Name "Antiques" Come From?

The word "antiques" comes from the Latin antica, meaning old. People began calling their homes "antiques" after they started collecting things like paintings, furniture, books, etc., instead of buying new items.

When Was The First Antique Dresser Created?

The earliest known examples of antique dressers date back to around 1750. These early versions had wooden drawers that opened outwards.

Who Invented The Modern Day Dresser?

In the late 1800s, American inventor George Eastman developed the first modern-day dresser. He patented his design in 1881.

Did He Invent All The Parts Of A Modern Dresser?

No, he didn't. His patent covered everything except the top drawer, which was added later.

What's The Difference Between A Chest Of Drawers And An Antique Dresser?

A chest of drawers has two doors that swing outward. An antique dresser has three doors that swing inward.

Does Every Antique Dresser Look Exactly Alike?

Not at all! There are thousands of variations of antique dressers. Each manufacturer uses its own unique style, size, shape, color, finish, hardware, and more.

How Tall Should My Dresser Be?

You don't necessarily need to buy a dresser that's taller than your bed. If you're going to use it as a nightstand, then make sure it's no higher than 6 inches off the ground.

Should I Get A Dresser With Glass Shelves?

Glass shelves aren't necessary. Many people prefer wood shelves. Either way, you'll want to choose a dresser that fits your needs.

How Much Space Will My Dresser Take Up?

Your dresser won't take up too much room. That means you could put a mattress right next to it without having to worry about bumping into it.

Will My Dresser Last Forever?

Dressers tend to last longer than most pieces of furniture. A good quality dresser can last decades.

What's the difference between solid wood and veneered wood?

Solid wood is real wood. Veneered wood looks like real wood but isn't actually made from wood. Instead, it's made from layers of thin sheets of wood glued together.

What Kinds Of Hinges Should I Get?

Hinges are available in a variety of styles. Make sure you pick one that suits your taste.

What Types Of Handles Should I Consider?

Handles come in a variety of shapes and designs. You can even find ones that match your existing decor.

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