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18x24 Wood Frame

Picture frames are a wonderful addition to any room. They not only serve as decorative pieces, but they also double as storage space. If you’re looking for something unique, then consider purchasing a wooden picture frame instead of buying a standard glass frame. Wooden frames tend to last longer than their counterparts and are easy to clean. Some of the popular options include square, round, oval and rectangle. The size of the frame depends on the size of the photo you wish to display. For instance, a 24 x 36 rectangular frame would fit a 4 x 6 photo while a 12 x 16 oval frame would hold a 5 x 7 photo.

If you’re interested in adding a touch of elegance to your home decor, then wooden picture frames are a must-have item. Our buyers guide will teach you everything you need to know about wooden picture frames so you can select the best option for you.

18x24 Picture Frame Modern Gray - Matted for 12x18 Poster, Frames by EcoHome


Do you have a favorite photo that you would like to display in a sleek and modern way? If so, then you should check out the EcoHome 18x24 Picture Frame! This beautiful frame is made from recycled PS and Plexiglass, and features a beveled cut white mat that overlaps the image to cover the edges. The clear plexiglass front and rigid backing protect your picture, and the frame comes with a sturdy wooden base that can be hung vertically or horizontally. Plus, it comes with our EcoHome Lifetime Warranty, so you can be sure that your frame will last for years to come!

Gallery Solutions 16FP2214 18x24 Large Wall Hanging Picture Poster Frame, 18" x 24", Gray

Gallery Solutions

Looking for an attractive way to display your favorite photos? Check out our large wall picture frames! Our 16x20 frame is perfect for holding a poster or photo size of 18x24, and our classic scoop frame has a flex tab back opening so you can easily add and remove photos or art. Plus, our frame is crafted from extruded plastic made to look and feel like real wood, with a Greywash finish that will keep your artwork looking great for years. So don't wait any longer, order your Gallery Solutions frame today!

The Display Guys –– Solid Pine Wood Picture Frame with Mat and Tempered Glass – Wall Mounting – Tabletop Display – 4" x 6" - Black

TheDisplayGuys For Your Modern Living

Art is meant to be displayed, not hidden away in storage! Check out our beautiful solid pine wood picture frame with mat and tempered glass, which is perfect for displaying your favorite photos on your wall. This minimalist design frame has a crisp and elegant look that will complement any setting. Plus, it comes with a built-in wall mount so you can easily hang it vertically or horizontally. Order your Display Guys frame today!

ENJOYBASICS 18x24 Picture Frame Black Poster Frame Wall Gallery Photo Frames,1 Pack


Looking for a chic and trendy way to show off your favorite photos? Look no further than our collection of picture frames! Our black 18x24 frame is perfect for showing off your most cherished memories, and it comes with ready-to-hang hangers for easy installation. Plus, our protective packaging ensures that your frame will arrive safely and in perfect condition. So why wait? Order your ENJOYBASICS 18x24 Picture Frame today!

CAVEPOP 18x24 Inch Black Wooden Picture Frame with Polished Plexiglass - Horizontal and Vertical Formats with Included Hanging Hardware, Frame Posters, Puzzles and Artwork…


Check out our newest addition to the CAVEPOP collection, the 18x24 Black Wood Picture Frame with Polished Plexiglass! It's a stylish way to show off your favorite movie posters, band posters, oversized photos and puzzles. The frame was made from high-quality black wood and features a polished plexiglass surface that gives a clear view of your images. Plus, the included hanging hardware makes it easy to hang on the wall. Don't miss out on this great way to frame your favorite memories!

18x24 Frame Vintage Brown 2 Pack, Rustic Art 18x24 Poster Frame Tabletop Display Wall Mounting Hardware Included


Searching for a stylish and unique way to display your favorite photos? Look no further than our selection of photo frames! Our 18x24 frame is perfect for showing off your most cherished memories, and our vintage brown finish will complement any d�cor. Plus, our satisfaction guarantee means you can be sure you're making a great investment with the SILDEN Brand. So why wait? Order your SILDEN 18x24 frame today!

DEHA Design Picture Frame Fontana, 18x24 inch Oak Natural

DEHA Design

Do you have a favorite photo that you would like to display in a sleek and stylish way? Our DEHA Design Fontana frame is perfect for you! This frame features a 0.63 inch thin profile and comes in a rich brown finish. The frame is made out of pinewood that is FSC-certified, and torsion springs are mounted on the backing. You can easily change artwork, and the frame can be used vertically or horizontally. The frame also has a 0.08 inch strong shatterproof acrylic panel. Before use, please peel off the film protecting both sides of the acrylic panel.

(11x17 in | 28x43 cm) Black Solid Oak Wood Picture Frame Poster Frame Wall Photo Frame

Opposite Wall

Looking for a chic and budget-friendly way to display your favorite posters? Look no further than Opposite Wall's beautiful solid oak wood picture frames! Our frames are made from high-quality, FSC-certified wood and are designed in Montreal, Canada. The visible wood grains on our real oak wood picture frames lend them an authentic look. The poster frame comes with a lightweight and durable 1.5 mm thick plexi (a transparent & protective polystyrene sheet) which is protected by a thin scratch-resistant film on both sides. Our frames are easy to clip and hang, and can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit in the space available. We are committed to your total satisfaction and offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. So why wait? Make your posters more readable and interesting today with Opposite Wall's beautiful solid oak wood picture frames!

18x24 Picture Frames Set of 2 Rustic 24x18 Photo Frame for Vertical Horizontal Wall Hanging


Display your cherished memories in a unique and stylish way with our collection of picture frames! Check out the ZBEIVAN 18x24 Picture Frame! This classic frame is made from engineered wood with a rustic wood grain finish, and comes with a sturdy backing and a mounted hanger for easy wall mounting. Plus, it's easy to customize by changing the pictures. Give the gift of memory with this beautiful frame!

Frametory, 18x24 Aluminum Frame, Metal Wall Mount Frame for Prints with Real Glass, Great for Photos, Artworks, Posters, Puzzle (Black, 1-Pack)


Do you have a bunch of favorite photos that you would like to display in a sleek and modern way? Check out our selection of photo frames! Our aluminum frame is built to last and comes with real glass, so you can be sure it will protect your pictures. Plus, our ready-to-hang design makes adding new photos a breeze. Order with confidence knowing that our frame is shipped safely and securely thanks to our packaging protection.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 18X24 Wood Frame

A wooden frame is a great way to display pictures and other artwork. However, choosing the right size and style can be tricky. This post will help you understand what makes up a good wooden frame, as well as give you tips on how to pick the best one for your space.

What Is A 18X24 Wood Frame?

An 18x24 wood frame is an attractive option for displaying photos, posters, artwork, and more. The size of this type of frame allows you to display large pieces of artwork without having to worry about how big the image will look. This type of frame is made from solid hardwood and comes in many different colors and finishes. It is available in either black or white finish only.

Who Needs A 18X24 Wood Frame?

Wood frames are one of our most popular products. They look amazing and add style to any room. But did you know that they can do more than just hold pictures? Wood frames can actually display artwork, posters, and other types of art. Here's how.

The best part is that you don't need fancy framing skills to create beautiful pieces of art. All you need is a hammer, saw, drill, glue, nails, paint, and paper. Then you can start creating unique pieces of art right away.

Start by cutting two pieces of 1/4" plywood to fit inside your frame. Use a jigsaw to cut along the edge of each piece. Make sure to use a straightedge guide to ensure accuracy. Once you've finished cutting, sand down the rough edges until smooth.

Next, attach the top and bottom pieces of plywood to each other using screws. Be careful not to over tighten these screws. Otherwise, you could damage the surface of the wood.

Now, take a large sheet of paper and place it on top of the frame. Using a pencil, trace around the outside of the frame. Remove the paper and then repeat this step three times. Next, use a utility knife to carefully remove the excess paper.

Use a power sander to smooth out the edges of the frame. Now, apply several coats of clear polyurethane finish to protect the wood. Let dry overnight before hanging.

How To Build A Diy Photo Wall

Creating a custom photo gallery isn't hard. However, building a photo wall takes time and effort. Fortunately, you don't need to hire a professional builder to complete the job. Instead, you can easily build a photo wall using materials you already have at home.

To begin, measure the size of your walls. Then, determine the number of photos you'd like to display. Finally, decide whether you'd prefer a horizontal or vertical layout. To assemble your photo wall, follow these steps.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 18X24 Wood Frame

If you want to hang pictures on your wall, then you should invest in a quality wooden frame. A quality wooden frame will ensure that your pictures remain beautiful for years to come. You'll find many different types of wooden frames available online. However, not all wooden frames are created equally. This means that you have to do your research before making any purchase.

Look for a wooden frame that is made from solid wood. Solid wood frames tend to be stronger than laminated ones. Laminate frames are usually less expensive, but they won't stand up to heavy use like solid wood frames. When selecting a solid wood frame, make sure that it's made from real wood. Fake wood may look nice, but it won't hold up under regular wear and tear.

A wooden frame isn't just about looks. It needs to be sturdy as well. Make sure that the frame is designed to withstand heavy use. For example, if you plan to display posters in your home, then you might want to go with a frame that can handle frequent exposure to moisture.

You don't necessarily need to buy a traditional style frame. There are so many other styles available now. You could even opt for a modern design. Just make sure that the style matches your décor.

Features To Consider When Buying A 18X24 Wood Frame

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a wooden frame is to determine how big you'd like your finished project to be. Then, take into account the amount of space you have available. This way, you know exactly how many pieces you'll need.

Frame material. Wood is the most popular choice for framing pictures, posters, prints, etc., but there are other options. Metal frames are sturdy and durable, while glass frames are lightweight and elegant.

Quality. Quality isn't just about price; it's about durability and longevity. Look for frames made of solid wood, metal, or acrylic. These materials are strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Design. There are several ways to design a frame. Some designs feature simple lines, while others are more ornate. Choose a style that matches your decor and personal taste.

Finish. Frames are often painted or stained to match the color scheme of the room they're placed in. However, if you prefer a lighter finish, you may opt for a natural stain instead. Natural stains tend to blend well with wood surfaces.

Frames are usually sold preassembled. Preassembly saves time, but you may want to assemble them yourself if you plan to hang them immediately.

Storage. Most frames come with built-in storage areas where you can store items such as photos, artwork, etc. Make sure this area has ample space for storing these items.

Accessories. Others may only have screws. Be sure to check the packaging carefully to ensure you receive everything you need.

Warranty. All frames are covered under warranty. In fact, most manufacturers guarantee their products for 10 years. Check the manufacturer's website for details.

If you're planning to hang your framed print right away, you may want to skip the assembly process. But if you plan to display your print over time, assembling the frame is recommended.

Different Types Of 18X24 Wood Frame

Wood Picture Frames are a wonderful way to display pictures of family members and friends. They are inexpensive, durable, and can last forever. There are two main types of wooden picture frames; standard and custom. Standard frames are the cheapest option and are made from pine boards. Custom frames are made from cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, oak, and birch. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, maple is soft and light, but it is also prone to warping. Oak is strong and heavy, but it is also susceptible to cracking.

The size of the frame is determined by how big you want your photo to appear. A 24 inch wide frame will fit up to 12 inches tall photos. An 18 x 24 inch frame will hold up to 36 inches tall photos. Larger sizes are possible, but they are rarer and cost more.

There are three basic styles of wood picture frames. Traditional style frames are rectangular in shape. Modern style frames are square shaped. Rectangular frames are the easiest to hang and look good. Square frames are harder to hang and look less professional. Framing experts recommend choosing between traditional and modern styles depending on what kind of image you plan to put in the frame.

Frames are traditionally hung on walls. However, they can also be mounted on furniture. When mounting frames on furniture, make sure to use proper hardware. Make sure the screws are long enough to go through the entire thickness of the frame. Also, make sure to drill pilot holes before screwing down the frame.

If you are planning to mount the frame on a wall, you should consider hanging it on a stud. Studs are metal rods that run vertically through the wall. Hanging a frame on a stud makes it easier to remove the frame later if you decide to move it to another location. If you choose to mount the frame on furniture, you should use brackets instead of nails. Brackets are small pieces of metal that attach to the frame and connect to the piece of furniture. Nails are large and can damage the surface of the furniture.

When selecting a wood picture frame, keep in mind that the color of the wood will affect the overall appearance of the frame.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 18X24 Wood Frame

What is an 18x24 wood frame?

An 18x24 wood frame is a type of wooden picture frame that measures approximately 18 inches wide by 24 inches high. These frames are commonly used to display posters and photographs.

What size should my photo be when I am framing it?

Photos taken with digital cameras have a resolution setting. This means that your photos will appear larger or smaller depending on how large your screen is. If you want your pictures to look their best, make sure that you set your camera's resolution to its highest setting.

Will An 18X24 Wood Frame Protect My Photograph?

Yes, an 18x24 wood frame protects your photograph from dust and scratches. They are also easy to clean.

Can I Hang My Framed Photograph Inside My House?

Yes, you can hang your framed photograph anywhere in your house. However, keep in mind that this could potentially scratch the glass.

Can I Use An 18X24 Wood Frame Indoors?

Yes, you can use an 18x24 wood frame indoors. Just remember that it won't last forever.

If you're concerned about scratching your wood frame, try putting masking tape along the edges where you don't plan on displaying your artwork.

Yes, you can repair your own wood frame. First, take off the back panel. Then, carefully cut out the damaged area. Finally, sand down the remaining pieces until they match the rest of the frame.

Can I personalize my 18x24 wood frame?

Yes, you can personalize your 18x24 wood frame. Simply select the text option under Customization Options.

Can I Change The Color Of My 18X24 Wood Frame?

Yes, you can change the color of your wood frame. Simply click on the Color Swatch link next to the Frame Type dropdown menu.

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