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16x24 Poster Frame

Poster frames are a popular item for displaying artwork. They’re easy to hang and display your favorite photos and artworks beautifully. But did you know that poster frames are actually quite useful? If you’re looking for something unique to decorate your walls, then a poster frame is the perfect solution. It allows you to showcase your favorite images while adding a decorative touch to your space.

Poster frames come in a wide range of sizes so you can easily fit whatever size image you want into your frame. Some posters are large and others are small, but regardless of the size, they’re all equally beautiful. Our buyers guide explains everything you need to know about poster frames and helps you select the perfect one for you.

VCK 18x24 Inch Wooden Picture Frame for Posters, Prints, Photos, Pictures, Maps, Certificates, and Artwork Black


The VCK 18x24 Inch Wooden Photo Frame is perfect for displaying posters, prints, pictures, and more! This simple but stylish frame features a right-angle design that gives you a generous and fashionable appearance. Plus, our easy-to-install design makes it easy to display in any room of the house. Order yours today!

AUEAR, 16x20 Picture Frame, Display Pictures 11x14 with Mat or 16x20 Poster Frame Gallery Wall Photo Frame with Real Glass (Mahogany, 1-Pack)


The AUEAR 16x20 Picture Frame is a classic and reliable way to display pictures! This minimalist frame is perfect for displaying 11x14 photos with mats or 16x20 posters. Made of sturdy MDF, this frame has real glass front that gives you a clear view of your picture. Order with confidence knowing that the AUEAR is committed to providing satisfactory photo frames for every customer.

ArtToFrames 16x24 inch Honey Oak Wood Picture Frame, WOM01336-150-16x24


Looking for an attractive way to display your favorite photos? Our 16x24 inch honey oak wood picture frame is perfect! It comes with plexiglass and a wire hanging set for wall mounting. Made of wood, this one of a kind custom picture frame will enhance any piece of art you put in it. For other colors and non-standard sizes, please search for '2WOM 01336-150-4x4'.

FrameWorks 2-Pack Black Back-Loading Wooden Poster Frame with Classic Edges, 16 inchx20 inch


Do you have a bunch of favorite photos that you would like to display in a stylish and modern way? Check out our FrameWorks 2-Pack! It comes with two 16"x20" wooden frames that are perfect for displaying your favorite photos, and it also features a shatterproof acrylic panel so you can protect your family if there is ever a mishap. Plus, the multi-functional design means you can hang it vertically or horizontally. Order yours today!

TWING 24x36 Poster Frame Grey Solid Wood HD Plexiglass with Mat Display 20x30 Poster Frame with Mat or 24x36 Photo Without Mat Wall Mounting Photo Frame Grey


Looking for an attractive way to display your favorite movie posters? Look no further than our collection of stylish and durable picture frames! Our frames are made of high quality materials and are designed to last. Plus, they come with easy opening tabs at the back for easy access. Order now and we'll throw in a free print of our awesome vintage photo of Elvis Presley that inspired this whole collection!

Craig Frames 314GD 24 x 36 Inch Poster Frame, Solid Wood, 0.75 Inch Wide, Gold

Craig Frames

Searching for a stylish and contemporary way to display your favorite photos? Look no further than the Craig Frames 314GD! This frame features an intricate design and high-quality construction, with a solid wood profile and a rich gold finish. The frame also comes with all the necessary hardware for easy wall mounting. Don't miss out on this great way to show off your favorite memories!

11.7x16.5 Frame Black Contemporary Wood Picture Frame - A3 Frame - UV Acrylic, Foam Board Backing, & Hanging Hardware Included! for Prints and Documents Size 16.5x11.7 Inches (29.7 x 42.0 cm)

Poster Palooza

Do you have a framed photograph that is too large for the frame you currently have? The Poster Palooza A3 frame is perfect for displaying photos, artwork, diplomas, and more. This complete wood picture frame comes with everything you need to hang it on your wall, including UV-resistant acrylic front, acid-free foamboard backing, and hanging hardware. Order your Poster Palooza frame today!

Craig Frames 7171610BK 16 by 24-Inch Poster Frame, Wood Grain Finish, 0.825-Inch Wide, Solid Black

Craig Frames

Looking for an impressive and timeless frame to display your favorite photos or artwork? Check out the Craig Frames 7171610BK! This traditional-style frame features a wood grain finish that will give your space a classic touch. The frame includes clear acrylic facing, rigid cardboard backing, and wire hanging hardware kit. Some assembly is required, but it's easy to do and well worth it for the stylish look it gives your photo or print!

WITCOLOR Magnetic Poster Frame Hanger, 13x19 13x18 13x17 Magnet Poster Hanger for Posters, Kids Paintings, Photos, Maps, Scrolls, Picture, Canvas Art Works and Art Prints(13", Black)


Looking for an attractive way to display your favorite photos, artwork, or maps? Check out our collection of stylish and modern frames! Our black frame is made from natural wood and features N52 powerful magnets, so you can easily change posters or pictures at any time. Plus, our 100% refund guarantee means you can be sure you're making a great investment with the Witcolor Magnetic Poster Frame!

Egofine 18x24 Solid Wood Poster Frames Matted for 16x20 Black - Acrylic Plexiglass Front for Wall Mounting Hanging Picture Frame Vertically or Horizontally, Set of 2


Looking for an impressive and long-lasting solution to display your favorite posters, photos, and memories? Look no further than the Egofine 18x24 Solid Wood Poster Frame! This frame is made from elegant solid wood not MDF with a polished plexiglass front, and comes with hanging hardware for easy display. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Order with confidence knowing that your frame will arrive safely and securely thanks to our premium shipping options.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 16X24 Poster Frame

A poster frame is a great way to display your favorite photos. However, choosing the right size and style can be tricky. This article will help you make sense of the options available, and give you tips on what to look for when shopping for a poster frame.

What Is A 16X24 Poster Frame?

Poster frames come in many different sizes, but the most common size is 16" x 24". This size is commonly referred to as a "standard" poster frame because it is the standard size for posters at post offices, libraries, and other places where people display posters. The reason this particular size is popular is because it is large enough to hold a good quality poster without having to make multiple copies of the same image. It is also big enough to fit several smaller images next to each other.

Why Should I Buy A 16X24 Poster Frame?

If you want to hang a poster in your home, you will probably need to get a larger frame than a standard poster frame. If you don't already own a 16x24 poster frame, you may think that buying an extra large frame would cost too much money. However, there are some inexpensive options available if you shop around. You could always try looking online for deals on used frames, or you could even find someone who has a few old frames lying around that they no longer need. Another option is to look into getting a custom made frame.

Who Needs A 16X24 Poster Frame?

When you think of a poster frame, you probably imagine a simple black rectangle with a white border around it. But that's only one kind of poster frame. There are several other types of poster frames that offer unique benefits. Here are three reasons why you might want to look beyond the traditional rectangular shape.

Poster frames are usually made of wood or metal. However, you can customize them to suit any style. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes. Then, add custom artwork to create a truly personalized piece.

Traditional poster frames require tools and time to assemble. But modern versions use special glue and screws to hold everything in place. Assembled frames are ready to hang right away.

Many posters are simply hung on walls. Others are displayed on easel stands. Still others are framed and mounted on shelves. Whatever type of display you prefer, a poster frame offers versatility.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 16X24 Poster Frame

Purchasing a poster frame is one of those things that many people do automatically. After all, they've seen other posters hanging up on their walls. They assume that if something looks nice on paper, then it must look great on canvas. Unfortunately, this isn't true. There are lots of different types of poster frames available. And although most of them work just fine, there are certain types of poster frames that are better suited for certain types of artwork. This means that you should take a moment to think about what type of art you want to hang on your wall. Then, find the best type of poster frame for your needs.

If you have kids, chances are you already know how quickly posters tend to fall off of walls. You may even have noticed that once a poster falls off of a wall, it doesn't come back easily. A quality poster frame will hold up against the wear and tear of daily life. So, if you plan to display your artwork frequently, it makes sense to invest in a durable poster frame.

You probably know that cheap poster frames usually break after a couple years. When you buy a cheap poster frame, you'll likely end up replacing it every year or two. On the other hand, a quality poster frame will last much longer. Why? Because it won't warp or crack. Instead, it will remain sturdy and strong.

A quality poster frame allows you to create a professional looking presentation. For example, you could use a black background and white text to highlight key points from your artwork. Or, you might decide to use a color scheme based on the colors in your artwork. Either way, a quality poster frame gives you the flexibility to customize your artwork so that it stands out.

Features To Consider When Buying A 16X24 Poster Frame

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a poster frame is to determine how big you'd like your poster to be. Standard posters are perfect if you want something simple and sleek. Oversized posters are great if you want something bold and graphic.

Frame style. Next, decide between a traditional wood frame or a modern metal frame. Traditional wooden frames tend to be more expensive than their metal counterparts. However, they add warmth and character to your space. Metal frames are typically less expensive, but they lack the charm of a wooden frame.

Color scheme. Once you've decided on the type of frame you'd like, pick a color palette. Black and white work well for most posters, but you may want to experiment with other colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc. There are no hard rules about this, though. Just remember that black tends to be the safest choice since it goes with almost anything. White is classic and timeless, while bright colors can sometimes clash with certain decor styles.

Framing options. After deciding on the type of frame you prefer, you'll want to think about framing options. Some frames come ready-to-hang, while others require assembly. This means you'll either need to assemble the frame yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. Framing options range from basic to elaborate. Basic framing involves gluing the poster directly onto the backing board. More advanced framing techniques involve using special tools to create custom shapes and designs. These are usually pricier, but they give you more flexibility when designing your poster.

Poster quality. Another important factor to consider when purchasing a poster frame is the quality of the material used. Poster paper has become popular lately, but it's still relatively new. As a result, it's often cheaper than traditional poster paper. But, it doesn't always hold up over time. In addition, many stores sell poster paper made specifically for framing. This gives you greater control over the final appearance of your poster.

Different Types Of 16X24 Poster Frame

A poster frame is a great way to display pictures of family members, friends, pets, sports teams, or anything else you might want to share with the world. A poster frame is essentially a large sheet of glass that has been cut down to size. Poster frames are usually made from wood or plastic. Wood is cheaper than plastic but it does not last forever. Plastic is more durable but it is also more expensive. Both materials are suitable for framing posters.

The two main types of poster frames are standard and deluxe. Standard poster frames are smaller than deluxe ones. Deluxe poster frames are larger than standard ones. Both styles are suitable for displaying any kind of image.

There are three basic sizes for poster frames. Each size represents a specific number of inches wide by how tall the poster frame is. For example, a 16x24 poster frame is 16 inches wide by 24 inches tall. Posters that fit into these dimensions are called "standard" posters. Anything wider than 16 inches or shorter than 24 inches is called a "wide" poster. Wide posters are usually displayed on a wall instead of a poster frame. Wider posters are also known as "gallery" prints. Gallery prints are usually printed on canvas and are meant to hang on walls rather than stand alone.

Posters that are taller than 24 inches are called "tall" posters. Tall posters are usually hung on a wall and are meant to be viewed from above. Talls posters are also referred to as "landscape" prints. Landscape prints are usually printed on canvas and are meant to be framed.

If you are planning on hanging a poster on a wall, you should choose a poster frame that is compatible with the size of the print you plan to put up. Also consider what style of poster frame you want. Do you want something simple or fancy? Simple poster frames are usually made from wood and are less expensive than fancy ones. Fancy poster frames are usually made from metal and are more expensive than simple ones. Make sure you know exactly what you want before choosing a poster frame.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 16X24 Poster Frame

What is a 16x24 poster frame?

A 16x24 poster frame is a type of picture frame that holds a single photo. These frames measure approximately 16 inches wide by 24 inches tall.

Does my poster have to be square when I order a 16x24 poster frame?

No, your poster doesn't have to be square. Most posters are rectangular, but they don't have to be.

Will My Poster Look Good In A 16X24 Poster Frame?

If you're concerned about how your poster looks in a 16x24 poster frame, then you'll probably want to consider buying a custom frame instead.

What Size Should My Poster Be?

Landscape posters tend to look best in 16x24 poster frames, whereas portrait posters look their best in 8x10 poster frames.

What Kind Of Paper Should I Use For My Poster?

Your poster's surface should be smooth enough to allow the adhesive to stick well. Smooth surfaces include glossy papers like matte finish stock, canvas prints, and even cardboard.

What Kind Of Matting Should I Use For My Poster?

Matting helps protect your poster from scratches and fingerprints. Matting comes in three types: foam core, plastic, and vinyl.

How do I clean my poster after hanging it in a 16x24 poster frame?

After hanging your poster in a 16x24 poster frame, make sure to wipe away all dust and dirt from the front of the frame.

How Do I Store My Poster Once It's Hung In A 16X24 Poster Frame?

Once your poster has been framed, you can display it however you'd like. Keep in mind that posters are delicate items, so try to avoid placing them directly against walls.

What Happens If My Poster Gets Dirty?

Wipe away any dirt from your poster with a damp cloth. Then, let dry completely before displaying again.

What Happens If My Poster Gets Damaged?

Damage to your poster could happen due to improper framing techniques. To minimize this risk, always keep your poster upright and free from direct sunlight.

What Happens If I Forget To Take My Poster Out Of Its Frame?

Don't worry! Your poster won't break. Simply leave it where it is and return later to retrieve it.

What Happens If I Accidentally Knock My Poster Off The Wall?

This shouldn't pose too much of a problem. All that needs to happen is that the poster will slide back into position.

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