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16 Person Tent

Tents are essential gear for anyone traveling through the wilderness. If you plan on spending extended periods of time in nature, then you should invest in a tent that offers maximum space while keeping weight to a minimum. This allows you to pack light and travel faster.

One of the best tents for backpacking is the Ozark Trail Tarp. It provides ample room for everyone to sleep comfortably and stores easily in a backpack. It weighs only 2 pounds so you won't feel like you're carrying a heavy load.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about the Ozark Trail Tarp and how it can benefit your travels.

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person Tent - Gray/Red

ALPS Mountaineering

The Alps Mountaineering Taurus 6-Person Tent is perfect for those who want to get away from it all. This tent features a polyester, mesh roof that resists water and UV damage while offering great ventilation and access. It also comes with everything you need for an easy set up including aluminum stakes and guy ropes. The base size is 10x10ft and the center height is 72".

WHITEDUCK PROTA Canvas Cabin Tent – Waterproof, 4 Season Outdoor Camping Tent Made from Premium 100% Cotton Canvas w/Reflective Sunblock Roof, Mesh & Extra-Wide Doors


The White Duck Printer Stand is the perfect solution for those who need a printer stand that is both sturdy and stylish. This stand is made of durable aluminum alloy and features a reflective sunblock canopy, water-resistant canvas roof, large windows and spacious doors with mesh for ventilation and viewing. It also has a proprietary shock-absorbing ground system to withstand harsh weather conditions. Get yours today!

ArcadiVille Camping Tent 4 People, Waterproof and Windproof Family Tents for Camping, Outdoor & Travel, Easy Setup Removable Rainfly, Ventilated Windows, Portable with Carry Bag


The ArcadiVille Camping Tent is perfect for families looking for a comfortable and portable camping tent. With its lightweight construction and easy setup, this tent is perfect for short trips or day trips. It features a removable rainfly, ventilated windows, and an internal sleeping bag compartment, making it perfect for cold nights. Plus, it comes with doormats for your shoes and belongings, and an E-port for easy access. So why wait? Get your ArcadiVille Camping Tent today!

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent Changing Room Privacy Portable Camping Shelters


Looking for a way to get away from it all? The Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent is perfect! With its portability and easy setup, this tent is ideal for outdoor showers, camping, and other outdoor activities. It features a mesh window for viewing and ventilation, and is packed down into a small space for easy storage. Don't miss out on this must-have item!

Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room


The Coleman Camping Tent is perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about bugs or inclement weather. With its enclosed screen porch and weatherproof design, this tent is perfect for camping and hiking trips. It features a removable rainfly and a tub-like floor with welded corners and inverted seams to keep water from getting in. The vertical walls and high ceiling of the tent allow you to stand up and move around comfortably, while the panoramic windows provide you with a great view of the outdoors. There's also an included carry bag for easy storage. So why wait? Get your Coleman Camping Tent today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 16 Person Tent

The good news is that modern tents are much easier to set up than their ancestors, and they also tend to last longer too. This article will help you decide whether a tent is right for you, and what features you might want to look for when choosing a new tent.

What Is A 16 Person Tent?

The Ozark Trail has many different types of tents available for rent at our campgrounds. The most popular type of tent we offer is a 16 person tent. This tent is perfect for families who want to enjoy camping together while still having plenty of space for everyone to sleep comfortably. It is very spacious inside, making it easy to move around without bumping into each other. There is even enough room for all of your gear!

Why Rent A 16 Person Tent?

If you are looking for a comfortable place to spend the night, but don't need much more than a bed and some privacy, renting a 16 person tent might be just what you're looking for. You will find this tent to be extremely spacious, allowing you to spread out and relax after a long day hiking. If you plan on bringing along any pets, there is plenty of room for them too. And if you are planning on spending time outside during the evening hours, you won't have to worry about getting cold because there is no roof over your head. Just bring your sleeping bag and pillow and you'll be ready to go.

Who Needs A 16 Person Tent?

When camping, sometimes you need more space than a standard sized tent can offer. Luckily, Ozark Trail has a line of tents designed specifically for large groups. These tents can hold up to 16 people comfortably.

The best part is that these tents are made with quality materials. They're durable enough to withstand heavy use while still being light enough to carry around easily. And they're affordable. All of this makes them perfect for families, friends, or church groups.

These tents are perfect for any outdoor activity. Whether you're planning a family vacation, attending a sporting event, or hosting a party, these tents can handle whatever comes along.

They're also ideal for anyone who wants to camp outside but doesn't want to rough it. With comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens, these tents are sure to please.

Plus, these tents are built tough. They feature reinforced floors, waterproof walls, and sturdy roofs. These features mean that they can stand up to rain, snow, sleet, and other weather conditions. No matter how bad things get, these tents will protect you from the elements.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about these tents is that they're affordable. But don't take our word for it. Check out the reviews online to see what others think.

Ozark Trail offers two models of these tents. Both are available in three sizes. Each one sleeps four adults comfortably. However, the larger model can sleep six.

Both models come with everything you need to start enjoying nature right away. They include sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, lanterns, cooking supplies, and more.

Since these tents are designed to last, they're backed by a lifetime warranty. So, if anything goes wrong, Ozark Trail will fix it free of charge.

In addition to these tents, Ozark Trail also sells accessories such as chairs, tables, stoves, grills, lanterns, and more.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 16 Person Tent

If you've ever camped in Ozarks National Forest, then you already know how great it feels to wake up after a night spent under the stars. You'll never forget those moments when you first see the sun rise above the trees. And if you haven't experienced camping yet, you have until now. So whether you're planning a weekend trip or just want to enjoy the outdoors, here are some things to keep in mind when buying a tent:

Look for a tent that offers plenty of space. When you buy a tent, you should expect to sleep 6 people comfortably. A smaller tent may seem like a better option because it's less expensive, but it won't provide enough space for everyone to stretch out. Instead, opt for a larger tent that provides plenty of room for sleeping bags and other gear.

Consider durability. While tents come in many different shapes and sizes, they aren't indestructible. They do break down eventually. Make sure that the tent you purchase is sturdy enough to withstand the elements. This means looking for a tent that features heavy duty materials such as steel poles and aluminum frames.

Look for a tent that's easy to set up. Tents take a bit of work to assemble, so make sure that the one you choose is quick and simple to erect. For example, most tents feature a pole system that makes setting them up easier. Other tents include a ladder style frame that allows you to easily climb inside.

Make sure that the tent you buy includes everything you need. Most tents offer a rain fly, floor coverings, bug netting, and even storage compartments. These items ensure that you have everything you need to stay dry and warm.

Don't skimp on extras. Although you might think that a tent that doesn't include any extras sounds like a deal, it isn't. Extras can add up quickly, especially if you plan on bringing along lots of equipment. Consider adding a stove, lanterns, chairs, tables, and other essentials to your tent. After all, you wouldn't leave home without anything essential would you?

Features To Consider When Buying A 16 Person Tent

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a tent is deciding how many people you plan to sleep in it. Then, decide if you'd prefer a two-person or four-person tent. Finally, determine if you'd rather camp solo or with others.

Weight. Next, think about weight. How heavy does this tent weigh? Is it light enough to carry easily? Does it fit comfortably inside your vehicle?

Storage space. Do you need storage space? Will you need room to store gear, food, and other items?

Ease of setup. Are you planning to set up the tent yourself or hire someone else to do it?

Design. What kind of design would you prefer? Would you prefer a traditional style tent or something more modern?

Comfort. How comfortable is this tent? Is it spacious enough for everyone to lie down?

What features matter most to you? Make sure you take these factors into consideration when shopping for a 16 Person Tent.

Different Types Of 16 Person Tent

When camping, it’s important to keep everyone comfortable and safe. A good tent is essential for any outdoor adventure. When planning your next trip, consider what size tent you will need. For example, how many adults will be staying? How big should the tent be? What kind of weather conditions will you encounter? Do you plan on bringing pets? All of these questions will determine the size of your tent.

The number of people you bring depends largely on the length of your trip. If you are going on a short weekend trip, you might only need two tents. On the other hand, if you are heading off on a multi-day hike, you will likely need four or five tents. Regardless of the number of people you bring, it is always better to overestimate rather than underestimate the space you need. Having extra room allows you to add gear without having to worry about crowding.

Tent Size. One of the biggest factors affecting the size of your tent is the width of its walls. The wider the walls, the bigger the tent. The reason for this is simple – wide walls offer more protection against wind and rain. Therefore, if you are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, you might want to invest in a larger tent.

If you are planning on sleeping outside, you will need a tent large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. To figure out exactly how big your tent needs to be, measure the area you intend to use. Then divide that by the number of people you plan on bringing. That will give you the exact dimensions you need.

Tent Type. Another factor determining the size of your tent is the type of material it is made from. Tents made from nylon or canvas are lighter and cheaper than those made from polyester. Polyester tents are sturdier but heavier. Both materials are suitable for overnight trips, but nylon tents are less durable and won’t last as long.

Weather Conditions. Weather conditions affect the durability of your tent. Rain and snow can damage nylon tents. Snow can also melt and freeze the fabric of polyester tents. If you are planning on taking your tent on a hiking trip, you will want to choose a tent that is waterproof.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 16 Person Tent

What is a 16 Person Tent?

A 16 Person Tent is a type of camping shelter that has two separate sleeping areas inside of it. Each area contains four beds and each bed can sleep two people.

How big is a 16 Person Tent?

16 Person Tents have dimensions of about 6 feet wide x 8 feet tall x 10 feet deep.

Does A 16 Person Tent Require A Permit?

No, a 16 Person Tent does not require a special permit. However, you must register your tent with the local government office within 30 days of setting it up.

What Kind Of Weather Will My 16 Person Tent Withstand?

Most 16 Person Tents are designed to handle all types of weather. However, they are not waterproof. If it rains heavily, make sure to bring along something to protect yourself and your belongings.

Will My 16 Person Tent Collapse When It Gets Windy?

No, 16 Person Tents are designed to stand strong even during high winds. However, you should always check the manufacturer's instructions before setting up your tent.

Is It Safe To Use A 16 Person Tent In Bad Weather?

Yes, 16 Person Tents are designed to withstand heavy rain and snow. However, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions when setting up your tent.

Should I Set My 16 Person Tent Up Near Water?

No, you should never set up your tent next to a body of water. Doing so could result in flooding.

Can I Pitch My 16 Person Tent Anywhere?

Yes, you can pitch your 16 Person Tent almost anywhere. However, you should always read the manufacturer's instructions first.

What size fire pit should I use for my 16 Person Tent?

Fire pits should be large enough to accommodate a grill. Most manufacturers recommend a diameter of at least 12 inches.

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