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15 X 15 Frame

Picture frames are a wonderful addition to any room. They not only serve as decorative pieces, but they also double as storage space. If you’re looking for something unique, then consider purchasing a picture frame that doubles as a photo holder. This allows you to display photos while keeping them safe and secure.

We've compiled a list of the top 10 picture frames based on customer reviews. From metal frames to wooden ones, there's bound to be a frame that fits your tastes and decorating preferences. Check out our buyers guide to learn more about picture frames and how to select the right one for you!

Poster Palooza 15x20 Contemporary Black Wood Picture Frame - UV Acrylic, Foam Board Backing, & Hanging Hardware Included!

Poster Palooza

Do you have a favorite memory? Make it into a piece of art with this black wood picture frame from Poster Palooza. This complete frame comes with everything you need for easy installation, including wall hangers. The overall frame dimensions measure 16.5x21.5 inches, with the frame moulding width being 0.75 inches and the frame rabbet depth being 3/8 inches. The acrylic front protects your artwork while the acid free foamboard backing ensures that the frame will last. Order your Poster Palooza frame today!

Poster Palooza 11x15 Contemporary Black Wood Picture Frame - UV Acrylic, Foam Board Backing, & Hanging Hardware Included!

Poster Palooza

Do you have a framed photograph that is too large for the frame you currently have? Look no further than our collection of picture frames to find the perfect one! Our 11x15 frame is made from high quality wood and features a black finish. The frame moulding width is 0.75 inches and the frame rabbet depth is 3/8 inches. The frame can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Proudly manufactured in the USA, our photo frames are sure to add a bit of style to your home d�cor.

Clear Tempered Glass Wall Picture Frame 15 x 15 Inch (Perfect for Photo / Art Size 12 x 12 Inch) Wall Mount or Hang - Farmless Double Glass Photography Display with Brushed Stainless Steel Standoffs.


The ZAFUU Clear Tempered Glass Wall Picture Frame is perfect for displaying your favorite photos or artwork! This frame comes in a sleek black finish and features tempered glass that protects your images from damage. It's easy to assemble with the included screwdriver and standsoffs, and it makes a great gift for any occasion!

Poster Palooza 12x22 Contemporary White Wood Picture Frame - UV Acrylic, Foam Board Backing, & Hanging Hardware Included!

Poster Palooza

Do you have a favorite memory? Make it into a piece of art with this 12x22 Contemporary White Wood Picture Frame from Poster Palooza! This complete wood frame comes with everything you need for a quick and easy installation, including UV-resistant acrylic front, acid-free foamboard backing, and wall hangers. The sleek black finish is perfect for any home d�cor, and the shatter-resistant glass protects your precious memories for years to come. Order today and make your favorite moments into beautiful pieces of art!

MCS Single Groove Record Album Frame, Black, 15 x 15 in


Add some fun and modernity to your living room with this stylish and trendy frame! Check it out today! This frame is made from engineered wood with a 1.8mm glass front, and comes with a beveled white double mat and corrugated album holder for easy display. The frame also includes pre-attached sawtooth hangers for vertical or horizontal wall hanging. With a passion for design, trend and function, MCS delivers best-in-class products that help make your house a home.

14x14 Picture Frame Black 3 Pack Solid Wood for Mat 10x10 Wall Mounting Square Poster Photo Frames


Display your favorite photos, posters, and artwork with style! Check out our 14x14 Picture Frame Black 3 Pack for a chic and timeless way to do just that. Made from durable solid wood, this frame is perfect for displaying your cherished memories. Plus, our easy-to-use wall mounting design makes it easy to hang on your wall. Order yours today and experience the SKAOTUS difference!

Creative Picture Frames 15" x 15" LP Vinyl Cover Record Frame Display with White Mat, Cover Insert, Glass and Wall Hanger

Creative Picture Frames

Looking for a stylish way to show off your favorite vinyl records? Check out our collection of picture frames! Our frame display is perfect for showing off your 12. 5x12. 5-inch record album covers, including doubles. Plus, our wall hanger makes it easy to get the frame into the wall. And our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can be sure we're offering the best quality products. So don't wait any longer, order your Creative Picture Frames today!

Poster Palooza 15x15 Contemporary White Wood Picture Square Frame - Picture Frame Includes UV Acrylic, Foam Board Backing, & Hanging Hardware!

Poster Palooza

Do you have a favorite memory? Make it into a piece of art with this 15x15 inch wood picture square frame! This complete frame comes with everything you need for easy installation, including wall hangers. The frame's sleek white finish is perfect for any home d�cor, and the shatter-resistant glass protects your precious memories for years to come. Order today and add a touch of nostalgia to your home!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 15 X 15 Frame

A picture frame is a great way to display photos and other important memories. However, choosing the right size and style can be tricky. This article will help you decide what type of frame suits your needs, as well as give you tips on where to get the best deals on quality frames.

What Is A 15 X 15 Frame?

A 15 x 15 picture frame is an inexpensive way to display photos of family members, friends, pets, and more. These frames come in many different styles and colors, including black, white, silver, gold, and more. They are available at most department stores, discount retailers, and even some grocery stores.

Where Should I Hang My Pictures?

If you want to hang your pictures in a specific spot in your home, consider using a wall mount for your frame. Wall mounts allow you to hang your frame directly onto a wall without having to drill holes into the wall. You can find these mounts at hardware stores, craft stores, and online.

Do I Need To Buy A Special Type Of Frame?

No! Most 15 x 15 frames will work just fine. However, if you want to make sure your frame looks its best, you may want to invest in a high quality frame. Frames made from glass or acrylic tend to look better than those made from wood or plastic.

Who Needs A 15 X 15 Frame?

When you think of a picture frame, you probably imagine something rectangular. But did you know that square picture frames are actually quite common? And they're not only useful for displaying pictures. They're also ideal for holding other things. Like business cards, invitations, and notes.

In this post, we'll look at how you can use a square picture frame to display photos, mementos, and other items. We'll also discuss how to hang these types of frames. Then, we'll take a closer look at some of our favorite styles. Finally, we'll share some tips for choosing the right size and style for your home.

Square picture frames are perfect for displaying photos, artwork, and other objects. They're also great for storing business cards, invitations, and other paper documents. Because they're made of wood, they're durable enough to hold heavy items. And since they're usually smaller than standard frames, they're easier to store away when not in use.

Hanging a square picture frame isn't difficult. All you need is a screwdriver and a drill. First, remove any nails or screws that are holding down the back of the frame. Next, measure the width of the frame.

Then, place the frame against the wall. Use the screw holes to mark where the screws should go. Drill pilot holes using a bit slightly larger than the diameter of the screws. Screw each hole until the heads touch the wall.

Finally, insert the screws through the holes and tighten them gently. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the second side of the frame. Once the frame is hung, add any finishing touches such as hanging hardware or decorative trim.

There are several different styles of square picture frames. Here are three of our favorites:

Traditional - These traditional frames feature simple lines and straight corners. They're typically made of dark brown wood. Traditional frames are best suited for displaying family portraits, landscapes, and other large images.

Modern - Modern frames are sleek and modern. They're often made of white or light colored woods. Modern frames are great for displaying prints, drawings, and other small pieces of art.

Contemporary - Contemporary frames are bolder and more colorful than traditional frames. They're often made of black, gray, or silver metals. Contemporary frames are ideal for displaying photographs, posters, and other small items.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 15 X 15 Frame

If you want to display photos of your family members and friends, then you'll definitely want to purchase a nice picture frame. A picture frame is one of those things that everyone needs. Whether you have a large collection of photographs or just a small handful of pictures, a picture frame is something you should invest in. After all, who doesn't like looking at beautiful images?

However, if you're going to buy a picture frame, you may want to think about buying a higher quality frame. There are many different types of picture frames available, including canvas, wood, acrylic, metal, glass, and even plastic. Each type of frame has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, canvas frames tend to be less expensive, but they aren't very durable. Wood frames are typically more expensive, but they are extremely sturdy and can withstand heavy use. Acrylic frames are usually the most affordable option, but they can scratch easily. Metal frames are often the best option because they are strong, yet lightweight. Glass frames are incredibly elegant, but they are also fragile and break easily.

So how do you decide which type of frame is best for you? Well, first, you should determine whether you want a traditional wooden frame or modern metallic frame. Traditional wooden frames are classic and timeless, so they work great for displaying portraits, landscapes, and other artistic images. Metallic frames are sleek and contemporary, making them perfect for displaying snapshots and holiday cards.

After deciding between a traditional wooden frame or a modern metallic frame, you'll probably want to figure out what size frame you need. When selecting a frame, you'll want to keep in mind the number of people that will view the image. Since a larger frame takes up more space, you'll want to select a smaller frame if you plan on sharing the image with others. On the other hand, if you plan on keeping the image private, then you'll want to go with a larger frame.

Features To Consider When Buying A 15 X 15 Frame

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a 15 x 15 frame is to determine how big you'd like your art print to be. This will help you narrow down your search. For instance, if you want something simple, then you may only want to look at 12" x 12" prints. However, if you want something more elaborate, then you might want to look at 18" x 24" prints.

Frame style. Next, think about the type of frame you'd like. There are many options available, including wood, metal, glass, acrylic, and even plastic. Some styles are more expensive than others, so you'll want to compare prices on different types of frames to see what fits your needs.

Material. Another consideration is material. Do you prefer a matte finish or gloss? Matte finishes tend to hold their color longer, while glossy finishes reflect light and show off colors more brightly.

Finish. What kind of finish do you prefer? Glossy or matte? While most manufacturers offer both finishes, you may want to opt for one over the other depending on your preference.

Color. Color plays a major role in determining the overall appearance of a piece of artwork. In general, darker colors work well with black backgrounds, while lighter colors work well with white backgrounds. But there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, reds work well with black backgrounds, but they can sometimes overpower a white background.

Artwork. Finally, think about the artwork itself. Is it a photograph, painting, drawing, or collage? How large would you like your artwork to be? These factors will help you decide what type of artwork you'd like to display in your new frame.

Different Types Of 15 X 15 Frame

Frames are a wonderful way to display pictures of loved ones. 15 X 15 Frames are inexpensive and versatile. Frames can be hung anywhere and are easily moved around. They can be displayed in any room of the house and can be used year round. Here are some of the most popular sizes and styles of frames currently available.

Picture Frame. Picture frames are the most basic style of frame. They consist of two pieces of wood connected by metal hinges. A glass pane sits between the two pieces of wood. Pictures are placed behind the glass and then secured with adhesive tape.

Photo Frame. Photo frames are slightly larger than picture frames. 15 X 15 Frames are constructed similarly to picture frames except that they include a hinged door. Photos are placed behind the glass and then secured with glue.

Framed Prints. Framed prints are similar to photo frames except that they are printed instead of painted. They are usually smaller than photo frames and are meant to hang on walls rather than sit on tables.

Laminate Frames. Laminate frames are manufactured from plastic and laminated paperboard. 15 X 15 Frames are lightweight and durable. 15 X 15 Frames are commonly used in offices and schools.

Metal Frames. Metal frames are heavy duty and sturdy. 15 X 15 Frames are often used in museums and art galleries.

Wooden Frames. Wooden frames are beautiful and classic. These are traditionally used for portraits and landscapes.

Plastic Frames. Plastic frames are light weight and affordable. These are often used in children's rooms.

Custom Frames. Custom frames are created especially for you. 15 X 15 Frames are custom built to fit your needs. They are usually quite expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 15 X 15 Frame

What is a 15 x 15 frame?

A 15 x 15 frame is a type of picture frame that holds photographs inside of it. They are often used to display pictures of family members or friends.

Where Did They First Appear?

They were invented in Japan during the 1980s. Since then, they have been popular among families all around the world.

What Makes Them Unique?

Unlike traditional picture frames, 15 x 15 frames allow you to put more than one photograph into each frame. This means that you can create a collage of your favorite photos without having to buy multiple frames.

What Size Should I Get My 15 X 15 Frame?

You will want to choose a frame that fits your current collection of photos. If you have a large collection of photos, you may want to consider purchasing two 15 x 15 frames instead of one.

What Materials Do 15 X 15 Frames Use?

Most 15 x 15 frames are constructed out of wood. However, some manufacturers offer metal versions as well.

Does A 15 X 15 Frame Look Good In Every Room?

Absolutely! A 15 x 15 frame looks great in almost any room. Whether you hang it above a bed, on a wall, or on a shelf, this style of frame will make a statement no matter where you decide to display it.

Can I Customize My 15 X 15 Frame?

Sure thing! Many companies sell custom framing services. These services include adding special touches like gold plating or engraving.

Who uses 15 x 15 frames?

Many celebrities and famous individuals use 15 x 15 frames to display their most cherished memories. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie frequently purchase 15 x 15 frames.

What Else Can I Use A 15 X 15 Frame For?

You can use a 15 x 15 frame to display artwork, collectibles, and even jewelry. Some people even use them to store important documents.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A 15 X 15 Frame?

To keep your 15 x 15 frame looking its best, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. Do not use soap or water.

How Do I Care For A 15 X 15 Frame?

Wipe your 15 x 15 frame regularly with a soft, dry towel. Avoid touching the glass when cleaning. Never leave your frame unattended.

What Types Of Things Can Go Wrong With A 15 X 15 Frame?

Some 15 x 15 frames are prone to warping. To avoid this problem, never stack heavy objects on top of your frame.

What Happens If I Drop A 15 X 15 Frame?

If you drop a 15 x 15 frame, it could break. Make sure that you always secure your frame to something sturdy.

What Is The Difference Between A 16 X 20 Frame And A 15 X 15 Frame?

A 16 x 20 frame has a larger opening than a 15 x 15 frame. As a result, you can display more items in a single frame.

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