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14x17 Frame

Picture frames are a must-have item for anyone who loves displaying photos. If you’re tired of having to constantly rearrange your pictures, then you may want to consider purchasing a larger size photo frame. This allows you to display multiple images without worrying about where you place them. It also helps prevent your precious memories from becoming damaged.

14 x 17 picture frames are popular sizes that fit into almost any room. They’re easy to hang and can hold up to 12 4x6 photographs. Most importantly, they’re affordable so you won’t break the bank buying one. Read our buyers guide to learn more about 14x17 picture frames and how they can enhance your decorating skills.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 14X17 Frame

What is a picture frame?

A picture frame is a flat object that holds pictures. Picture frames come in all shapes and sizes, but they are most often rectangular in shape.

Where Can I Buy Picture Frames?

You can purchase picture frames at your local department store, craft store, online retailer, or even at a hobby shop.

What types of pictures can go inside a picture frame?

Pictures can range from simple photographs to more elaborate artwork. Many people use their picture frames to display family portraits, wedding photos, holiday cards, or special moments like birthdays and anniversaries.

What Kind Of Lighting Will Show Off My Picture Best?

Lighting plays a large role in how well your picture looks. If you want to make your picture look its best, consider purchasing a light box or photo tent.

What Kinds Of Things Can Get Stuck Between The Glass Of A Picture Frame?

Things like dust, lint, hair, jewelry, and dirt can get caught in the corners of picture frames and ruin the appearance of your picture.

What's The Difference Between Matte And Glossy Finish?

Matte finishes are smooth and shiny, whereas gloss finishes have a shinier surface than mattes. Both matte and glossy finishes are popular choices when displaying photographs.

What's The Difference Between A Shadowbox And A Matted Photograph?

Matted photographs are those that have been mounted onto mat board. Matting boards are thin pieces of cardboard covered in a protective coating. Matted photographs are great for framing, but they don't offer much protection against scratches or dings.

What's The Difference Between A Canvas Print And A Stretched Canvas Print?

Canvas prints are created through a process known as printing. A canvas print is printed directly onto canvas instead of traditional photographic paper.

Stretched canvases are similar to canvas prints, except they're larger and thicker. Stretched canvases are ideal for creating wall art.

What's The Difference Between A Framer's Mat And A Stretcher Bar?

Framers' mats are thick strips of foam that are placed under the back side of a framed photograph.

Stretchers are bars that are attached to the sides of a framed photograph. They allow you to hang your photograph without damaging the edges of the photograph.

What's The Difference Between A Mount And A Stand?

Mounts are objects that attach to the front of a framed photograph. Mounts are generally smaller than stands, which are bigger and taller.

What's The Difference Between A Shadowbox And A Shadow Box?

Shadow boxes are sometimes referred to as shadow boxes, although this term has fallen into disuse.

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