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12x18 Frame

Frame pictures are a popular way to display family photos and other important memories. But, sometimes framing a photo can be difficult. If you’re having trouble deciding between standard frames and custom framed pictures, then consider purchasing a 12x18 frame instead. This size allows you to fit multiple images into the frame while keeping the overall dimensions small. It’s a convenient solution for displaying large group shots or portraits. For instance, you could opt for a square frame to create a clean and simple look or a round frame to give off a vintage vibe. Regardless of the shape you choose, a 12x18 frame is a good option for anyone who wants to display a larger number of photographs. Read our buyers guide to learn more about 12x18 frame options and how to select the right one for you.

Koonmi 12x18 Poster Frame White Wood Frame for Movie Poster, Prints, Artwork (Set of 4)


Searching for a cool and trendy way to show off your movie posters? Look no further than our collection of wooden frames! Check out the Koonmi 12x18 Poster Frame White Wood Frame! Made of solid wood, this frame is perfect for displaying your favorite movie posters, prints, artwork, and more. Plus, it comes with a secure hanger for easy wall mounting. Order your frame today!

MCS Museum Poster Frame, Pewter, 12 x 18 in, Single


Display your favorite movie posters, photos, or artwork with this stylish and modern frame! Check it out today! Made of durable extruded plastic material, this frame is perfect for any home d�cor. Plus, the clear plexi front protects your artwork from dust and dirt. Hang it up easily with the included sawtooth hangers.

Golden State Art, 12x18 Aluminum Frame with Plexi-Glass - Swivel Tabs, Sawtooth Hangers - Metal Wall Frame Collection (1 Pack, Gold)

Golden State Art

Looking for a stylish and contemporary way to display your photos, posters, and artwork? Check out our collection of aluminum frames! Our 12x18 frame is perfect for displaying pictures, photos, and artwork in both horizontal and vertical formats. Plus, our included sawtooth hanger allows you to easily hang it on the wall. Order now and we'll throw in an acrylic glass front cover free of charge!

AUEAR 12X18 Frame Black Poster Frame Picture Frame Without Mat,Photo Frame for Prints-Wall Mounted Horizontal and Vertical (12X18, Black, 1-Pack)


The AUEAR 12x18 Frame is the perfect way to display your favorite photos! This black frame has a minimalist design and comes with hanging hardware for easy display. The plexiglass front gives you a clear view of your pictures, while the protective packaging ensures safe delivery of fragile items. Order with confidence knowing that AUEAR is committed to providing satisfactory photo frames for every customer.

YK Artwood 12x18 frame with mat, Poster Frame Black Display Pictures 8.5x11 with Mat or 12x18 Without Mat, MDF Wood Grain with Clear Plexiglass,Mounting Collage for Wall or Tabletop Display

YK artwood

The YK Artwood 12x18 frame is perfect for displaying your favorite photographs! This stylish frame features a black wood grain finish and comes with a clear plexiglass front that protects your images from damage. It's also easy to use, with a tiny flexible frame builder tab on the back of the frame for quick and easy access. Plus, because of its great looks, it's sure to add a touch of class to your home d�cor.

KAOIKO 12x18 Frame White Solid Wood 18x12 Picture Poster Photo frames…


Display your favorite photos, posters, and artwork with style! Check out our selection of photo frame options today! Our 12x18 frame is perfect for showing off your most cherished memories, and our solid wood construction ensures that this frame will last for years to come. Plus, our easy-to-use wall mounting system means you can easily hang it horizontally or vertically on the wall. So why wait? Get the KAOIKO 12x18 Frame today!

Frame Amo Black 16x24 Picture Frame, 11.5x17.5 White Mat Opening for 12x18 Image, 1 Inch Border (1)

Frame Amo

Check out our selection of photo frames! We've got plenty of options to choose from, including classic styles like the Frame Amo Black 16x24 Picture Frame and modern designs such as the Frame Amo White 16x24 Picture Frame. Made from wood composite material, these frames are built to last. Plus, they come with a premium-grade white 0.060" thick mat that makes them perfect for displaying photos, documents, and certificates. Order yours today!

Capcillin 11x17 Picture Frame Wood Pattern Rustic Brown Poster Frame Set of 1, Wall Mounting,Plexiglass,Great for Prints, Mural,and Art(CP003-MD11x17-BR)


Looking for a stylish and modern way to display your favorite photos? Check out the Capcillin 11x17 Picture Frame! Made of solid MDF wood with a clear plexiglass cover, this frame is perfect for prints, paintings, and more. It also features 8 flexible swivel tabs for easy installation, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Order today and enjoy free shipping!

Ophanie 12x18 Picture Frame, Poster Frames Made of Solid Wood and High Definition Plexiglass for Wall Display Pictures, Black


Looking for an exquisite way to show off your favorite photos? Look no further than our collection of picture frames! Whether you're looking to add a touch of class to your living room or just want to spruce up your bedroom, we've got exactly what you need! Check out our 12x18 frame for a classic look, our 16x24 frame for a modern touch, or our 18x24 frame for a sleek and polished finish. With its sleek design and high definition plexiglass, this frame is sure to turn heads and make your photos and memories appear to stand out from the crowd. So why wait? Get the Ophanie frame today!

FrameWorks 18”x24” Matted to 12”x18” – Deluxe Black Aluminum Contemporary Picture Frame with Tempered Glass and Removable Mat


Create a contemporary display for all your most esteemed art prints, photographs, posters and puzzles with this black aluminum frame! The sleek design features tempered glass and removable mats, making it versatile enough to use with either horizontal or vertical images. Plus, the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability. Order now and we'll throw in a free canvas print worth $25!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 12X18 Frame

A picture frame is a great way to display pictures of your loved ones, but choosing the right size can be tricky. This article will help you understand what makes a good frame, as well as give you tips on finding the best deal online.

What Is A 12X18 Frame?

A 12x18 frame is a standard size for displaying pictures. It measures 18 inches wide by 12 inches tall. This makes it perfect for hanging prints, posters, and photographs.

Why Would I Want A 12X18 Frame?

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to display photos, this is the ideal choice.

Where Should I Hang My 12X18 Frame?

You can hang your 12x18 frame almost anywhere. The only thing you need to consider is where you plan to mount it. If you don't mind having it mounted on a wall, you can choose any location. However, if you'd prefer to have it stand alone, you may want to look into purchasing a decorative easel.

Who Needs A 12X18 Frame?

Frames are one of the most versatile pieces of art decorating equipment around. Frames are perfect for displaying pictures, posters, artwork, and other items. But did you know that they can also be used as a unique piece of furniture?

The truth is, any type of frame can become a functional piece of home décor. Whether you use it to display family photos, holiday decorations, or memorabilia, a frame can add character to any space. However, some types of frames are better suited for certain purposes than others.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using a 12x18 frame over a standard 6x6 frame:

When choosing a frame, size matters. While a 6x6 frame is perfectly fine for smaller items such as photographs, larger items require a bigger frame. Larger sizes allow you to see more detail and create a more dramatic effect.

Many frames are designed to hold glass or acrylic panels. These materials are ideal for protecting delicate items such as paintings and prints. Glass and acrylic frames are also lightweight, which makes them very portable. Many models feature wheels for easy transport.

While plastic frames are usually cheaper, they aren't nearly as durable as wooden frames. Wood is naturally resistant to scratches and dents, while plastics are prone to fading and cracking. Wooden frames are also typically heavier, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Heavy frames are generally more stable and offer greater protection against damage.

There are several factors to consider before purchasing a frame. First, decide whether you prefer a traditional wood frame or a modern metal frame. Next, think about how large and heavy your item is. Finally, look for durability features such as handles and wheels. When shopping for a frame, take these tips into consideration.

Do you have questions about buying a frame? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 12X18 Frame

If you want to hang pictures on your wall, then you should invest in a quality frame. Frames come in many different sizes and styles. When you purchase a frame, it's important to think about how you plan to display your artwork. For example, if you have a large canvas print, then you may want to go with a larger frame. On the other hand, if you have smaller prints, then you might prefer a smaller frame. Regardless of size, however, it's important to buy a frame that suits your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a frame:

Look for a frame that matches your style. You'll want to match the color scheme of your home decor. This way, your art will blend seamlessly with your décor. Consider the type of lighting in your space. Do you have lots of natural light? Then you may want to opt for a lighter colored frame. Alternatively, do you live in a dark area? Then you may want to select a darker colored frame. Finally, consider the overall design of your walls. If you like modern designs, then you may want to stick with black or white frames. Or perhaps you'd rather use colors such as red, blue, yellow, or orange. No matter what kind of frame you decide to purchase, just make sure that it complements your décor.

Consider the cost. While most people would love to save money whenever they shop, sometimes it's worth paying a bit more for something that's better quality. After all, you'll be able to enjoy your artwork for years to come. So, if you really want to splurge on a nice frame, then by all means, go ahead. Just make sure that you're getting a quality product. Otherwise, you could end up regretting your decision later on.

Don't forget to ask questions. Before you commit to a particular frame, take the time to ask friends and family members who've owned similar frames what their experiences were. They may have great suggestions for you. Plus, you never know; maybe one of them has a friend who owns a company that makes custom frames.

Features To Consider When Buying A 12X18 Frame

Frame style. The type of frame you choose depends on how you plan to display your artwork. For example, if you want something simple, then you may prefer a basic white frame. However, if you want something more elaborate, then you may want to opt for a wood frame. Either way, you'll want to pick a frame that fits your personal taste.

Size. How big do you want your frame? Do you want a large frame for a full-size print or a smaller frame for a 4x6 photo?

Material. What material does the frame come made of? Will it hold up over time?

Quality. How well constructed is the frame? Can you tell if it was built using quality materials?

Delivery. How quickly will the company deliver the frame to your door? Most companies ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, but some take longer.

Return policy. Does the store offer returns? If they do, what happens if you return the frame?

Warranty. Does the store offer a warranty? If so, what kind of warranty does it cover?

Customer service. How helpful were customer service representatives during checkout? Did they answer any questions you had about the frame?

Different Types Of 12X18 Frame

Frames are a great way to display pictures of family members and friends. Frames come in many shapes and sizes. Here we will look at some of the most popular styles and what makes each style special.

Picture Frame. Picture frames are the most basic kind of frame. They consist of two pieces of wood connected by metal hinges. Pictures are inserted between the two pieces of wood and held in place by the hinges. Picture frames are inexpensive and simple to use. 12X18 Frames are also fairly durable. Picture frames are available in various colors and finishes. You can choose from black, white, silver, gold, bronze, copper, brass, nickel, chrome, and stainless steel.

Postage Stamp Frame. Postage stamp frames are similar to picture frames except instead of having a hinge, they have a slot through which you insert a postage stamp. Stamps are placed on top of the frame and secured by the slot. Postage stamps are cheap and easy to use. They are also quite durable. You can find post office stamps in a variety of designs and colors.

Framed Artwork. Framed artwork consists of a piece of art mounted on a wooden board. The artwork is attached to the board with screws and nails. Framed artwork is a great alternative to framed photographs. It allows you to hang art without worrying about damaging the original painting or photograph. Framed artwork is also cheaper than framed photographs. You can find framed artwork in a wide range of prices and styles.

12x18 Picture Frame. A 12x18 picture frame is a large size frame that holds a standard sized photo. The name refers to the fact that the width of the frame is 18 inches and its length is 12 inches. 12x18 picture frames are commonly used for displaying photos of family members and friends. 12X18 Frames are also useful for holding posters and calendars. 12x18 picture frames are available in a wide variety of materials including wood, plastic, glass, acrylic, and aluminum. Prices vary depending on the material used and the quality of the finish applied.

12x24 Picture Frame. A 12x24 picture frame is larger than a 12x18 frame. Its width is 24 inches and its height is 12 inches.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 12X18 Frame

What is a 12x18 frame?

A 12x18 frame is a type of picture frame that holds pictures at a standard size of 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

Where Can I Buy A 12X18 Frame?

You can purchase a 12x18 frame at most department stores, specialty framing shops, online retailers, and even your local hardware store.

Does a 12x18 frame have glass?

No, a 12x18 frame has no glass. Instead, it uses plastic sheets to protect the photo inside.

Will My Photos Look Good In A 12X18 Frame?

Most likely yes! A 12x18 frame makes great use of space, and it's easy to hang multiple photos in a row.

Generally speaking, yes. But keep in mind that this isn't always safe. If you're concerned about safety, then you should probably stick to hanging prints instead.

Can I Put A 12X18 Frame In My Bedroom?

Sure! Most people don't worry too much about the location of their frames, but if you're worried about safety, then you'll want to make sure that you choose a secure spot.

What kind of paper should I use to wrap my 12x18 frame?

You can use regular wrapping paper, gift wrap, or even wallpaper. As long as you're careful, you shouldn't have any problems.

What Size Should I Cut My 12X18 Frame?

12x18 frames are available in three different sizes: 8x10, 10x14, and 12x16. Each size comes in two versions: matte and glossy.

What's the difference between matte and glossy frames?

Glossy frames are coated with a clear protective layer that helps to preserve the color of the photo. Matte frames aren't coated like glossy ones, so they tend to show fingerprints and smudges more easily.

What's The Best Way To Display A 12X18 Frame?

Hanging a 12x18 frame horizontally is ideal. That way, all of the images line up perfectly.

What's The Best Way To Display A 12X18 Frame Vertically?

Vertical displays are less popular than horizontal displays, but they're certainly viable options. They allow you to showcase more of your favorite photos without taking up too much floor space.

How Do I Care For A 12X18 Frame?

Keep in mind that frames are pretty durable items. So, you don't really need to wash them unless you plan on washing them regularly.

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