The Best 12x12 Frames

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12x12 White Picture Frames product image

12x12 Inch White Picture Frame for Wall Hanging

I recently purchased the MCS Original Format Frame to display some of my personal artwork, and I must say, I'm quite impressed. With its thin white profile and clean aesthetic, this frame seamlessly blends into any room's decor. The front loading design with polished edge glass is a game-changer; changing out my artwork is now an effortless process.

One of the most remarkable features is the frame's versatility; it can be hung vertically or horizontally according to your preference or space constraints. Additional frames can be purchased for a gallery or collage display that adds character and interest to your living spaces. The keyhole mounting makes installation simple while ensuring stability once hung on the wall.

In terms of product specs, it comes in a 12x12 inch format, perfect for scrapbook pages, and has a lightweight design which makes it easy to hang on any wall. Overall, I highly recommend this product for those who appreciate minimalist design while still seeking high-quality framing options at an affordable price point!


12x12 Picture Frame for Wall Display product image

Easy-to-Assemble 12x12 Picture Frame

I recently had the opportunity to try out these 12X12 frames for my artwork, and I must say, the quality is impressive. The moldings are made of durable extruded ABS plastic and have a foil finish which adds a touch of elegance. The tool-free design made assembling the frame quick and straightforward - it took me hardly any time at all to get everything put together perfectly.

The highlight for me was how well these frames showcased my artwork. The precision components ensured that everything fit together seamlessly, resulting in perfect corner miters and an overall polished look. Having compatibility with various types of glazing panels and backing materials also gave me the flexibility to customize each frame according to my specific needs.

While there were some minor issues - such as removing the protective film from the panels being more challenging than expected - they didn't detract from my overall satisfaction with the product. These frames truly offer gallery-quality results at a fraction of the cost, making them a great value for money. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality framing solution for their cherished pieces of artwork or photographs.


Stylish 12x12 Silver Picture Frame product image

12x12 Contemporary Picture Frame Kit

I recently tried out a set of 12x12 picture frames for a home project, and I was generally pleased with the results. The product features a sleek, contemporary design that adds a professional touch to any room, and it's easy to assemble — just snap the four pieces together, and you'll be done in minutes.

The ABS plastic used in the frame construction provides both durability and lightness, making it easy to handle and hang. The corner connectors are particularly noteworthy; they allow for fine leveling adjustments on either portrait or landscape orientation, ensuring your artwork is always displayed at its best.

The quality of the materials and construction is impressive — every piece fits together seamlessly without any gaps or loose connections. However, there were some issues reported by customers regarding the packaging; dirty frames filled with sawdust could potentially scratch artwork if not handled properly. Additionally, there have been reports of semi-permanent fingerprints on the finish material that can be challenging to remove without damaging other areas.

Overall, these minor cons don't detract too much from what is otherwise an excellent product offering high-quality materials at an affordable price. With its elegant appearance and ease of use, this picture frame set should meet most people's needs for displaying their favorite images in style. Just be sure to inspect it carefully upon arrival before hanging any priceless art pieces inside!


12x12 Silver Picture Frame with 3/8

Elegant 12x12 Picture Frame with Snap Assembly

I recently used these 12X12 frames for a project and found them to be a great choice. The contemporary style offers a professional gallery look that elevates any image. Assembly was easy, thanks to the snap-together design that didn't require tools.

The ABS plastic moldings with metallic Mylar finish provide sophistication and durability. I appreciated the precise fit and finish, which made it simple to hang the frames in either portrait or landscape orientation using corner connectors.

One challenge was removing the protective plastic film from both sides of the acrylic pane, but once completed, my picture was well protected behind this clear layer.

Overall, I would recommend these frames for home decor projects or artwork display needs. While there were some minor issues, such as removing the protective film, the quality is high for the price point and style range.


Borderless 12x12 Frame Set of 6 product image

Borderless Clip Frame for 12x12 Images

As a frequent customer of Quadro Clipframes, I have to say that their 12x12 frame is a standout. The numerous positive reviews from other users reflect my own experience with the product. With its range of sizes, I've found it to be the perfect fit for my various art pieces.

The assembly process is quick and easy; it only takes a few minutes to pop in the clips and slide them into position on the back panel. My favorite part about these frames is their clean design - they highlight your photo without distracting from its beauty when hung on your wall.

However, there have been some reports of waviness or flexibility when using thinner acrylic sheets instead of glass. This should be taken into consideration depending on your needs and preferences. But overall, Quadro Clipframes are lightweight yet sturdy enough to support your artwork well.

After testing Quadro Clipframes for myself, along with taking note of other users' experiences with this product, I highly recommend them as an affordable and attractive option for framing your artwork or photographs!


Stylish 12x12 Black Picture Frame for Home Decor product image

Elegant Handmade 12x12 Picture Frame in Black

Since purchasing the Andover Mills 12x12 Frames, I've been impressed with their quality and style. The clean lines seamlessly blend with my home decor, keeping the focus on the photographs or artwork displayed within. Constructed from engineered wood, they are durable yet lightweight – perfect for hanging up without worrying about damage to walls.

One standout feature is the ease of mounting these frames either horizontally or vertically; this versatility allows me to change up my gallery wall or display whenever inspiration strikes. Plus, all necessary hardware is included for a hassle-free setup. Additionally, the 1.8mm glass provides an extra layer of protection while complementing any style and making it easy to switch out photos as desired thanks to its snap-in picture insertion feature.

Overall, I highly recommend these Andover Mills 12x12 Frames as an affordable and elegant way to showcase cherished memories and artwork without breaking the bank.



12x12 Black Front Opening Shadow Box Frame by Studio Decor

The Black Front Opening Shadow Box by Studio Decor makes it easy to showcase your favorite memories with its simple design and affordability. The hinges on the front of the 12x12 frame allow for easy arrangement of items from either side, making it convenient to create professional displays. The velour backing gives an added touch of class and prevents smaller items from falling out of place. Though the magnetic door could be stronger, this shadow box offers a black finish that complements most interior décor styles, various sizes to fit your space, and a working depth that allows for more than just flat mementos. Overall, this frame is perfect for those on a budget who want to display their treasured items in style.


12x12 Black Floating Frames for Canvas Art (4 Pack) product image

12x12 Deep Floating Frames for Canvas Artwork (4 Pack)

After trying out the Illusions Canvas Floater Frames, I found them easy to set up with the included hardware. The black interior creates a beautiful floating effect for my paintings. These frames are lightweight and don't damage walls, allowing full view of my artwork. They come in various sizes for different canvases. Overall, these frames exceeded my expectations and are now my preferred choice for framing paintings. They are well-made, attractive, and easy to use.


Stylish 12x12 Picture Frame in Light Gray product image

Rustic 12x12 Picture Frame with Weathered Finish and Sawtooth Hanger

When I purchased this 12x12 hanging picture frame, I was impressed by its rustic charm and sturdy construction. The engineered wood feels durable and well-made, with a weathered finish that adds character to any photo displayed in it.

One of the standout features of this frame is the sawtooth hanger attached to the back, which made hanging it on my wall incredibly easy. Additionally, the square shape and classic design allowed it to seamlessly blend with other rustic elements in my living room decor.

However, I did encounter one issue: there is no protective glass or acrylic included with the frame. This could be inconvenient if you have a valuable or delicate photo you want to display in it. Nevertheless, overall, this hanging picture frame has been a delightful addition to my home decor and showcases precious memories beautifully!


DIY Metal Floating Frame for 12x12

Elegant Metal Floating Frame for 12x12 Canvas Artwork

Using this high-quality metal finishing frame has truly transformed the way my artwork is displayed in my home. Unlike traditional wooden frames or polystyrene foam, this product offers a professional and stylish look that complements any decor style.

The assembly process was surprisingly smooth and stress-free, even for someone like me who isn't very handy with tools! The kit included all the necessary screws and an easy-to-follow guide, making it simple to put together. I appreciated the versatility of being able to switch out my artwork without having to invest in a new frame each time.

One of the most impressive aspects of this frame is its durability – it still looks as chic and sleek as it did when I first put it up, despite months of use. Moreover, the frame is environmentally friendly and doesn't emit any unpleasant smells or odors, which gives me peace of mind while displaying my artwork.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a modern and elegant way to showcase their canvas art at home or in an office space. It's an excellent investment that will last for years while providing a beautiful backdrop for your cherished pieces of art.


12x12 Black Floater Frame for Canvas Art product image

Stylish Black Floater Frame for 12x12 Canvas Art

I recently ordered the 2" Deep Black Floater Frame For 1.5" Canvas, and I'm thrilled with the result! The sleek, modern design perfectly complemented my latest artwork. The built-in spacer ensured an even float around the canvas, making installation a breeze.

The frame is well-constructed from polystyrene, contributing to its durability and lightweight nature. The included hardware and straightforward instructions made assembly quick and easy - even for a novice like me. It's worth noting that some may find the price higher than other frames on the market; however, the quality is unmatched in my experience.

Overall, this floater frame is an excellent investment for any artist looking to showcase their work in style! It has added sophistication to my painting while being easy to install and built for long-lasting use.


12x12 Inch Wood Picture Frame in Cherry Red Finish product image

Elegant Wooden 12x12 Picture Frame with Mat and Glass Protector

I recently had the opportunity to use this rectangular picture frame, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. Constructed from genuine wood with a beautifully grained finish, the frame is remarkably sturdy and well-crafted. The included white mat, glass photo protector, and cardboard backing provide an extra layer of protection for your treasured memories.

One standout feature of this frame is its concave surface design which draws attention to the photograph displayed within effortlessly. The sawtooth hanger allows for easy mounting in either portrait or landscape orientation, giving you options for displaying your images as you see fit.

A few minor cons worth mentioning: some users may prefer having more color choices for the mat instead of just white. Additionally, others may find the shiny finish slightly overwhelming in certain lighting conditions. These are small issues that do not detract from the overall quality and appeal of the frame itself though.

Overall, if you're looking for a well-made wooden picture frame that will protect and highlight your cherished memories with elegance and simplicity – this is definitely worth considering!


Product: Imperial Frames Kensington Collection Gold 12

Elegant 12x12 Museum Quality Frame for Canvas Painting and Photos

After using this 12X12 frame for my canvas painting, I can confidently say that it offers exceptional quality. Constructed with durable materials and a metal luster finish, the frame has a stylish yet classic appearance. The dark antique copper embellishments and black reverse scoop in the Spanish Baroque style elevate the overall presentation of my artwork. Perfect for showcasing pieces in exhibitions or museums, this frame is highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their artwork with a touch of sophistication.

Although the product did not include instructions for attaching hanging loops, which could be confusing for some users, this small issue does not detract from the overall elegance and quality of the frame. Many friends and family have complimented its beauty, making it a worthwhile investment for any artist seeking to display their work in a professional manner.


Kelly Clarkson Home Imelda 12x12

Antique-Inspired 12x12 Wood Picture Frame with Scalloped Edges and Embossed Scrollwork

As a frequent user of the 12x12 picture frame, I must say that it's not only visually appealing but also quite simple to use. The antiqued, textured look combined with the faintly scalloped surface and embossed scrollwork brings a lovely touch of French country style to my walls. The solid wood construction is sturdy and adds to its rustic charm.

In terms of set up, I found it very quick and easy – the glass protector, white matting, and black backing kept my photograph securely in place without any hassle. Plus, the pre-attached sawtooth hangers made hanging effortless! I particularly appreciated the included white mat color as it complemented my photograph seamlessly.

There was one minor drawback: the gold color appeared more pale gold in real life rather than silver as described initially. Nevertheless, this did not take away from how beautiful and substantial the frame feels overall. Overall, this picture frame has been an excellent addition to my home décor collection!


Black Wooden 12x12 Picture Frame Set (9 Pack) for 8x8 with Mat and 12x12 without Mat, Poster Frames product image

Elegant 12x12 Picture Frame Set with 8x8 Mat for Home and Office Decor

I recently tried out a set of 12 x 12 picture frames and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The frames are made of high-quality engineered wood, which is both eco-friendly and durable. The plexiglass front is an excellent choice for avoiding dust or scratches while providing better light transmission for a bright and lustrous display.

The package includes nine picture frames along with nine mats, which makes it easy to showcase your favorite memories or photos in various ways. The mats have an easy opening tab at the back for quick loading of photos, and the package also includes non-trace hooks and black paddles for hanging the pictures on display.

These frames are incredibly versatile as they can be used as simple home decor, part of an art exhibition or to create a gallery wall in your home or office - adding elegance wherever they're placed. Despite some shipping delays from China, once I received them I found that their quality was superb for their price point - making them well worth the wait! Overall, these 12 x 12 picture frames are definitely an excellent choice if you're looking to showcase your memories or artwork in style while staying budget-friendly.