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11x17 Paper

Paper is a material that is commonly used in art projects. It’s lightweight and easy to work with, making it a popular medium for artists. But did you know that you can create beautiful works of art using paper? If so, then you might consider purchasing 11 x 17 paper. This size of paper is perfect for creating collages, posters and other artistic pieces.

11 x 17 paper is sold in rolls of varying sizes. Some companies sell single sheets while others sell pre-cut sheets. Whichever method you choose, you’ll end up with a large sheet of paper that you can cut into smaller pieces. Read our buyers guide to learn more about 11 x 17 paper and how to choose the right size for you.

Navigator NPL1724 Platinum Paper 99 Brightness 24lb 11 x 17 White 2500/Carton


Looking for a bright, white paper that is perfect for printing photos, documents, and more? Look no further than Navigator NPL1724 Platinum Paper! This premium quality paper is perfect for any project, whether you're working on a personal or professional project. With its high brightness and crispiness, this paper will produce clear, vibrant images that are sure to impress. Order your 5/Carton today!

Sparco Copy Paper, 92 GE/112 ISO, 20 lbs., 11 x 17 Inches, 5 RM Count, White (SPR00812)


Sparco Copy Paper is a reliable and affordable option for businesses and individuals who need high-quality printing paper. This paper is perfect for use with laser and inkjet printers, as well as high-speed copiers and fax machines. With its tabloid size and high brightness, it's also great for use with folded brochures, magazines and more. Plus, it's acid-free for archival use. So why wait? Get your Sparco Copy Paper today!

Boise® X-9® Multiuse Copy Paper, Ledger Paper Size, 92 Brightness, 20 Lb, FSC® Certified, White, 500 Sheets Per Ream, Case of 5 Reams


The Boise® X-9 is perfect for your office needs! This versatile paper is great for everyday use, including copying and printing. With its high brightness rating and long-lasting ink, it's also great for laser/inkjet printers. Plus, it's FSC-certified, so you can be sure that it's eco-friendly. Don't miss out on this must-have office supply!

Boise OX9007 X-9 Multi-Use Copy Paper, 92 Bright, 20lb, 11 x 17, White, 2500 Sheets/Carton


Looking for a high-quality, multi-use copy paper that is both affordable and reliable? Look no further than Boise OX9007 X-9! This premium paper is perfect for use in all types of devices, from laser and inkjet printers to copiers and fax machines. With its consistent performance and great runnability, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of using this paper for years to come.

Staples 581761 30% Recycled 11-Inch X 17-Inch Copy Paper 20 Lbs 92 Brightness 500/Rm 5 Rm/Ct


Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use copy paper? Look no further than Staples 581761 30% Recycled 11-Inch X 17-Inch Copy Paper! This paper is made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and features a bright color profile for accurate contrast. It's also easy to recycle, so you can be sure that it will be a lasting addition to your office supplies arsenal.

Boise BPL0117 POLARIS Premium Laser Paper, 96 Bright, 24lb, 11 x 17, White, 500 Sheets


Looking for an affordable and reliable option for your office needs? Look no further than Boise BPL017 POLARIS Premium Laser Paper. This white paper has a bright 96 GE brightness rating, making it perfect for use with laser printers, color copiers and monochrome printers. It's also engineered for superior toner adherence and sharp image resolution, so you can expect great quality prints and copies.

STAPLES Inkjet Paper – 11” x 17” Multipurpose Paper, 1 Carton of 5 Reams for 2,500 Total Sheets, 20 lbs, 96 Bright Paper – FSC and Rainforest Alliance Certified, Acid-Free Printer Paper


Looking for a way to make your documents more readable, clearer and visually powerful? Look no further than STAPLES Inkjet Paper! This high-quality paper is perfect for printing professional-looking documents, and its acid-free manufacturing ensures that it will not yellow or crumble with time. With a 96% brightness rating, you'll enjoy perfect visibility even in well-lit rooms. So why wait? Get your order today!



Looking for a way to transfer ink from your printer to your garment without having to worry about paper jams or wasting expensive toner? The INKJET TRANSFER PAPER is perfect solution! This premium quality paper is designed for inkjet printers and features high quality printing, making it perfect for any project. Plus, the included parchment or silicone sheets make it easy to apply to your favorite fabric type - whether you're working on a new project or looking to transfer an existing design.

BOISE POLARIS Premium Multipurpose Copy Paper | 11" x 17" Ledger | 97 Bright White, 20 lb. | 5 Ream Carton (2,500 Sheets)


Looking for a high-quality, multipurpose copy paper that is engineered for performance in all types of copiers and laser printers? Look no further than Boise Polaris Premium Multipurpose Copy Paper! This paper is designed to perform well in all types of machines, so you can be sure it will produce great-looking copies every time. With a brightness rate of 97%, this paper is perfect for any type of printing job. It also has a smoothness rating of 130 and an opacity of 92.0, making it perfect for any project. Plus, it comes with a 100% jam-free guarantee, so you can be confident in its quality. Made in the USA from eco-friendly wood fiber, this paper is proud to be American made. Order your box today and experience the pride of being an American manufacturer!

Hammermill Printer Paper, Premium Color 32 lb Copy Paper, 11 x 17 - 1 Ream (500 Sheets) - 100 Bright, Made in the USA, 102660R


Looking for a high-quality, affordable option for printing? Look no further than Hammermill Printer Paper. This premium paper is perfect for business use, as well as home printing projects. With a bright finish and a stable surface, this paper is sure to produce accurate prints. Plus, the FSC certification means that this paper is made with sustainable wood sources. Order now and we'll throw in some extra goodies!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 11X17 Paper

Paper is something that we use every day, but not everyone knows what they are using. This article explains why you should always have a supply of good quality paper around, as well as where to get it from. We also explain what makes a great paper suitable for various uses, such as printing, writing, drawing, and more.

What Is A 11X17 Paper?

11x17 paper is an important part of any office supply kit. It is commonly known as "letter" paper because it is most often used for writing letters. However, it is much more than just a letter paper. In fact, there are many different types of 11x17 papers available. They include envelopes, labels, forms, and even business cards! The main difference between these various types of 11x17 paper is how thick they are. This means that if you need to print something on 11x17 paper, you will want to make sure that you choose the right type of paper.

Printers are devices that allow us to create images on paper. There are two basic types of printers: inkjet and laser. Inkjet printers work by spraying tiny droplets of ink onto the page, whereas laser printers use light beams to burn the image into the paper.

Who Needs A 11X17 Paper?

Paper sizes vary depending on how big you print. But most printers only accept papers that are 8 1/2 x 11 inches. However, there are times when you need larger sheets of paper. Here are three reasons why you might need a bigger sheet of paper.

Photos printed on smaller sized paper look blurry. To avoid this problem, use a large enough piece of paper to print your photo. Then cut off any excess paper around the edge of the image.

Most poster frames are designed to hold standard sized prints. However, sometimes you need a larger print. Use a larger sheet of paper to create a poster frame.

Invitations printed on smaller sized paper look messy. Instead, use a larger sheet of paper to create an invitation.

The best part is that you can easily convert a regular sheet of paper into a 11x17 one. Simply fold down the top corner until it meets the bottom corner. Now, unfold the corners back over the middle section. Finally, fold the two sides down.

This process creates a sturdy 11x17 paper that looks exactly like a regular sheet of paper.

Now that you know how to create a 11x17 paper, you can start using it whenever you need it. Just remember to follow these simple steps before printing.

Fold down the top corner until it meets the bottom corner. Unfold the corners back over the center section. Fold the two sides down.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality 11X17 Paper

If you have ever tried printing something on 11x17 paper, then you already know how frustrating it can be. You may have even experienced frustration trying to print something on 11x17 paper because the ink just wouldn't stick.

This means that it won't tear easily and it won't rip easily either. These qualities mean that your prints will stay intact for years to come.

Since the paper is so durable, you won't have to worry about the ink bleeding through the page. Instead, you'll be able to focus on other things like designing your masterpiece instead of worrying about whether or not the ink will bleed through.

Features To Consider When Buying A 11X17 Paper

Paper type. The most important factor to consider when buying a 11x17 paper is its type. This determines how thick and heavy the paper is. Paper types range from thin sheets of tissue to heavyweight cardstock. Each has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, tissue is great if you're printing something delicate, but it doesn't hold up well once printed. Cardstock is ideal for heavier projects, but it may tear easily.

Size. Another important consideration when buying a 11x17 paper is its size. Most printers print onto standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch pieces of paper. However, there are many sizes available. Some papers are smaller than others, while others are larger. Before purchasing, check the specifications on the packaging to determine the exact size needed.

Weight. Finally, another key feature to consider when buying a 11x17 paper is its weight. Heavyweight papers tend to cost more, but they're worth it if you plan on using them for large projects. Thin papers are less expensive, but they may not stand up to heavy ink. Choose wisely!

Quality. After considering these factors, you'll know exactly what kind of quality you want in your 11x17 paper. High-end papers typically have higher quality prints, such as glossy finishes. They're perfect for professional projects, but they're often quite pricey.

Low-cost options. While high-end papers are nice, they're usually very expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost alternatives. These papers are generally thinner and less durable than their pricier counterparts. But they're still perfectly acceptable for personal use.

Printing speed. Many people think that thicker papers take longer to dry. In reality, this isn't true. Thicker papers actually dry faster than thinner ones. That said, thinner papers are easier to handle and fold, so they're often preferred by beginners.

Flexibility. As mentioned above, thicker papers are harder to work with. They're also stiffer, which makes them difficult to bend.

Different Types Of 11X17 Paper

11x17 paper is a standard sized sheet of paper that measures 11 inches by 17 inches. It is commonly used for printing documents and photos. When shopping for 11x17 paper, you should look for brands that offer good quality papers at affordable prices. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing 11x17 paper.

Paper Type. Paper types vary greatly depending on what kind of document you plan to print. For example, matte finish paper is better suited for photographs whereas glossy paper is preferred for text documents. Matte finish paper is less prone to smudging and bleeding. Glossy paper is more durable and resistant to fingerprints. Both matte and gloss finishes are recommended for prints.

Size refers to how large the sheets are. A larger sheet means that the image printed on the page will be bigger. Larger sheets are useful for printing multiple pages of a book or magazine. Smaller sheets are preferable for smaller projects like posters and flyers.

Color. Color refers to the color of the ink used to print the document. Black and white printers use black ink whereas colored printers use various shades of gray. Colored inks are more expensive than black ink. Therefore, you should choose a printer that offers a wide range of colors.

Price. Price refers to the cost of the paper. Cheaper papers are suitable for small jobs like making business cards. More expensive papers are better for large scale printing projects like brochures and magazines.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 11X17 Paper

What is 11x17 paper?

11x17 paper is a type of paper commonly used for printing photographs. It has a width of 11 inches and a height of 17 inches.

Where Can I Buy 11X17 Paper?

You can purchase 11x17 paper at most office supply stores. Many online retailers sell 11x17 paper as well.

What Should I Use 11X17 Paper For?

You can print photos onto 11x17 paper, but it's best suited for printing posters and flyers. If you want to make prints that will last longer than a week, consider purchasing canvas.

What kind of ink should I use when printing onto 11x17 paper?

Use regular ink when printing onto 11x17 paper. Avoid using waterproof ink, since it won't dry quickly enough.

Will My Photo Look Good Printed Onto 11X17 Paper?

Yes! Photos printed onto 11x17 paper tend to have more detail and depth than those printed onto standard 8.5x11 paper.

How much does 11x17 paper cost?

Prices vary depending on where you live. Most office supplies stores carry 11x17 paper, and you can often get it shipped directly to your home.

Can I Cut 11X17 Paper Myself?

Yes, you can cut 11x17 paper yourself. Simply fold the paper along the crease lines and then unfold it.

Can I Tear 11X17 Paper Myself?

Yes, you can tear 11x17 paper yourself. Simply pull apart the paper along the perforation line.

How do I store 11x17 paper?

Store 11x17 paper flat between sheets of cardboard or plastic wrap. Don't put it in a box or bag.

How do I dispose of 11x17 paper?

If you're recycling 11x17 paper, simply drop it off at your local recycling center. Otherwise, call your city hall or county extension service to learn about proper disposal methods.

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