100 Inch Tvs

Product Description

The VEVOR 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen has significantly enhanced my home cinema experience. Easy to install, it comes with all necessary accessories, including an installation guide. The frame is made of strong aluminum alloy wrapped in black velvet, providing durability and aesthetic appeal.

The 100-inch viewing area offers ample space for movies or games and presents brighter, clearer images compared to regular walls. I appreciate the wide 160-degree viewing angle that allows me to invite more people without any resolution loss. Its high-quality PVC material is easily cleanable by hand, preventing creasing or damage. Additionally, this product's versatility extends to outdoor use for backyard movie nights.

While thrilled with my purchase, there are a few areas for improvement such as color accuracy and brightness control that could make this perfect projector screen even better. Despite these minor drawbacks, I highly recommend the VEVOR 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen for anyone looking to enhance their home theatre setup.

Product Features
  • Diagonal Dimension - 100 inch

  • Diagonal Size - 100"/254 cm

  • Frame Material - Aluminum Alloy

  • Frame Size - 91.8" x 53.7"/ x 136 cm

  • Frame Surface Material - Black Velvet

  • Gain - 1.2

  • Screen Material - PVC

  • Screen Resolution - 4K HD

  • Screen Size - 87.1" x 49"/221 x 124 cm

  • View Angle - 160° (Actual)

Product Description

I recently purchased the Vividstorm S Pro Motorized Tension Floor Rising UST ALR Projector Screen and have been incredibly impressed with its performance. The ultra-short throw and ambient light rejecting material work together seamlessly to provide stunning visuals in any room, even with ambient light present. The 170-degree viewing angle ensures that everyone gets an optimal experience regardless of where they are sitting, making this screen perfect for movie nights or entertaining guests.

The installation process was relatively easy thanks to the detailed instructions and included mounting hardware. Within no time, I had a smooth, wrinkle-free surface that provides stability and eliminates distortion. The motorized rising screen system is a fantastic addition, allowing for quick setup and adjustments as necessary.

One of the standout features of this projector screen is its wide viewing angle which allows me to enjoy a stunning picture without any loss of brightness or image quality regardless of where I sit in the room. This is perfect for hosting movie nights with family and friends since everyone gets an optimal viewing experience.

Furthermore, the ALR screen does an excellent job absorbing ambient light which allows projected images to pop with vibrant colors and deep blacks – like having a cinema-quality display right at home! The attention to detail and dedication to creating a top-notch viewing experience are evident in every aspect of this product. One potential drawback worth mentioning is that it's not completely immune to ceiling lights or other sources above the projection surface; however, this issue can be mitigated by adjusting your room's light settings accordingly before use.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing this product if you value immersive entertainment or are seeking exceptional visual experiences at home!

Product Features
  • Country Of Origin - China

  • Operation Mode - Automatic

  • Screen Surface Description - 亮光

  • Viewing Angle - 170 Degrees

Product Description

Using the latest OLED technology, this TV provides an incredible viewing experience with vibrant colors and striking picture quality. Scenes come to life with lifelike visuals that are perfect for both movies and nature documentaries. The advanced gaming features, like NVIDIA G-SYNC and low input lag, make games feel responsive and immersive. Additionally, HDR support brings out even more detail in both dark and bright screen areas.

LG's webOS platform powers the intuitive interface offering access to numerous streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc., making entertainment options plentiful. The Magic Remote adds convenience for browsing through these apps with motion control capabilities and voice recognition support.

Design-wise, this TV has a sleek appearance with thin bezels that create an edge-to-edge display effect allowing it to seamlessly integrate into any living space without being visually intrusive. There are also plenty of mounting options provided for flexibility in setting up your ideal viewing experience according to preferences or room layout needs – something not often seen among other brands/models within the similar price range (or even higher).

The audio quality is impressive thanks to Dolby Atmos support which adds another layer of realism when watching or listening through speakers built right into the television itself; however connecting external speakers or soundbar would definitely enhance your overall home entertainment experience further still!

Overall this product offers great value due to its combination of features and excellent visual performance delivered consistently across different types of media consumption scenarios; whether casual binge watching latest Netflix hits or intense next gen console gaming sessions –this television will exceed expectations!

Product Features
  • Dimming Technology - Pixel Level Dimming

  • Display Type - OLED Display

Product Description

The Samsung 65-inch QD-OLED TV is a stunning addition to our living room, providing a viewing experience that exceeds expectations in numerous ways. The Infinity One Design and Slim One Connect ensure the panel remains sleek and unassuming, while still delivering an impressive punch when it comes to picture quality.

One of the most striking aspects of this television has to be its brightness – colors are brought to life with incredible vividness, resulting in truly immersive viewing. The built-in features are user-friendly too; adjusting settings for the ideal setting is simple and effective – even fast-paced action scenes appear smooth and lifelike with fine tuning.

The self-illuminating pixels deliver an incredible amount of visual detail due to Quantum HDR OLED+ technology. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about cable management thanks to the One Connect Box which keeps unsightly cords out of sight and neatly organized.

Overall, owning this model has elevated entertainment in our home; it's easy on the eyes yet packed full of powerful capabilities that provide an exceptional visual experience every time we turn it on! For those seeking a top tier television boasting impressive performance combined with convenience - look no further than Samsung's 65-inch QD-OLED TV; you won't regret your decision!

Product Features
Product Description

I've been using the Samsung Q90T QLED 4K TV for a few months now, and it has far surpassed my expectations in terms of visual and audio quality. With its 85-inch display and 4K UHD resolution, I find every detail to be sharply defined, while the vivid contrast brings movies and TV shows to life in my living room.

The Quantum Processor 4K Lite automatically upscales content to provide an enhanced 4K viewing experience. The combination of 100% Color Volume and Quantum HDR brings over a billion true-to-life colors to the screen, making each scene look vibrant and lifelike. The Direct Full Array 16X showcases fine details in both dark and light scenes, while the Ultra Viewing Angle feature ensures that the picture remains crisp from any seating position.

The Object Tracking Sound provides rich, realistic sound that follows the action on screen, further immersing me into what I'm watching. In addition, Ambient Mode+ allows my TV to seamlessly blend into my home decor when not in use – an added touch of elegance to my space that I appreciate.

SmartThings integration makes it easy for me to control all of my smart home devices with just my voice or a click of a button on the remote. Although some users have reported issues with sluggishness or difficulty using the remote, I have not encountered such problems myself – using Bixby’s powerful AI capabilities built into the TV makes finding shows or movies through voice control effortless for me!

In conclusion, the Samsung Q90T QLED 4K TV offers an unparalleled viewing experience right at home! It combines stunning visuals with immersive sound for truly satisfying entertainment without breaking the bank. Highly recommended for anyone looking for high-quality visual entertainment!

Product Features
Product Description

The LG C2 OLED TV has been an absolute game-changer for my home entertainment experience. With a stunning 77-inch screen, I feel engulfed in the immersive viewing experience. The AI Picture Pro feature takes image quality to new heights, making every scene look vivid and lifelike.

One of the standout features for me is the AI 4K Upscaling technology. This has made a significant difference by elevating non-4K content to higher picture quality and clarity. Fast-paced scenes are also smooth thanks to the 120Hz Native Refresh Rate, which eliminates blurring or juddering issues - perfect for gaming!

The build quality is top-notch as well; everything feels solidly constructed and sleekly designed. It fits perfectly into my space without taking up too much room. In conclusion, if you're looking for an epic cinematic experience at home with cutting-edge features like AI Picture Pro and AI 4K Upscaling - look no further than LG's C2 OLED TV!

Product Features
Product Description

The LG C3 Series OLED 4K UHD Smart webOS TV is an exceptional piece of technology that delivers a truly immersive entertainment experience. I recently had the opportunity to test and use this product for several weeks, and I am confident in saying that it is worth every penny.

One of the most impressive features of this TV is its incredible picture quality. The 83-inch OLED panel brings scenes to life with stunning clarity, vibrant colors, and deep blacks. Self-emissive pixels provide precise control over lighting, ensuring unmatched contrast and picture uniformity that makes watching movies or playing video games a truly breathtaking experience.

In addition to its incredible visuals, the LG C3 Series offers premium audio performance with Dolby Atmos support that creates a three-dimensional sound experience. The speakers are well-tuned, and AI-powered audio enhancement features ensure clear sound even in larger rooms. This combination of exceptional visuals and audio makes it an ideal choice for movie nights or gaming sessions with friends.

LG's webOS smart platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing quick access to various streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max¹ ,and more than 300 free LG Channels². You can customize your viewing experience with separate accounts and personalized recommendations for every member of your family using webOS 22. The included Magic Remote allows for easy navigation with point-and-click functionality as well as voice control options for added convenience.

The TV's extensive connectivity options make it simple to connect external devices such as gaming consoles or soundbars via HDMI ports or USB ports while also offering Bluetooth capabilities. Additionally, gamers will appreciate the HDMI 2.1 ports that enable high frame rates, low input lag, and smooth gameplay on compatible gaming consoles - making this TV an excellent choice for avid gamers who want the best possible gaming experience on their large screen TVs!

Despite its large size (83 inches), stability is not compromised thanks to top-notch build quality – plus its slim profile prevents it from being too imposing within any space where it might be installed/placed/mounted etcetera...etcetera...etcetera...(and so forth :P). The sleek bezels coupled with premium construction result in a sophisticated look that seamlessly blends into any modern living room decor while adding an element of luxury at the same time!

Product Features
  • Resolution - 4K (2160p)

  • Screen Size Class - 77 inches

  • Smart Platform - webOS

Product Description

I recently had the opportunity to test out the LG OLED77CXP TV, and I must say, it did not disappoint. The 4K display powered by the α9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K produced stunning visuals, with pixel-level dimming that created true-to-life colors and an impressive contrast that made my viewing experience truly immersive.

Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos upped the ante of my cinematic experience, making everything come to life like never before. Additionally, LG ThinQ AI, Google Assistant, and Alexa integration provided seamless voice control and smart home connectivity for a more convenient user experience. With LG's webOS platform, accessing streaming content was quick and easy too.

The gaming performance was equally impressive – NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility paired with various gaming features such as low input lag and HDR gaming made playing games on this TV smooth as butter. Also worth mentioning is the sleek design of this TV which enhanced any space it occupied; my friends who visited during my test period were wowed by its elegance combined with powerful performance. And using the Magic Remote was a breeze as it allowed us to switch between devices seamlessly.

However, there are some downsides to consider – reports have mentioned issues with WiFi connectivity that could potentially impact your viewing experience if not addressed properly during setup or troubleshooting later on post purchase. However, this issue may vary based upon individual usage habits/needs so it's essential to keep that in mind before making a final decision about whether this particular model meets your unique requirements & preferences best! That said though overall feedback from verified purchasers has been overwhelmingly positive thus far so there’s definitely something worth considering here if you're looking at upgrading your current television set soon enough!

Product Features
Product Description

This 82-inch Samsung Smart TV has truly enhanced my viewing experience, thanks in part to the Q Contrast feature that provides dramatic depth and definition between dark and bright scenes. The Q HDR really shines when watching movies or shows, making colors pop and delivering a more vibrant visual experience. The clean design is also worth mentioning as it features a cable management solution that keeps your living room tidy. I have found the Bixby Voice feature to be very intuitive; it allows me to use voice commands for searching streaming content and live TV shows through its universal guide.

However, there are some downsides to this TV model that I've noticed during my time with it. When streaming 1080p content or watching standard definition DVDs, the picture quality can be inconsistent at times. Adjusting settings was necessary occasionally to achieve better results on those occasions. Additionally, like some other users have reported, I experienced issues with the remote losing connection after just a few months of use.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an impressive large smart TV with great color accuracy and advanced features like HDR support and voice control capabilities - then this Samsung Smart TV may be worth considering despite these minor drawbacks in picture quality consistency when viewing different types of content.

Product Features
Product Description

Experience the next level of home entertainment with the LG OLED65C1PUB TV! This television is an absolute game-changer, boasting incredible picture quality thanks to its advanced Self-Lighting OLED Display. The screen's vividness, sharpness, and realism make watching movies or playing video games an immersive experience you won't forget.

One of the standout features for me was trying out the AI Picture Pro feature that automatically adjusts picture settings for optimized visuals based on what you’re watching. This tailored approach truly enhances your viewing pleasure. Plus, with Dolby Atmos sound system, say goodbye to mediocre audio experiences - this feature delivers realistic sound that takes action-packed movies and intense games to a whole new level.

Connectivity is also a breeze with various HDMI inputs and wireless options like Bluetooth and WiFi at your disposal. Though there were some minor software glitches, these issues didn't take away from the overall exceptional performance of this television in terms of design, picture quality and user experience. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their home entertainment setup!

Product Features
Product Description

Since getting my Samsung 77" Class S95C OLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV, I have been in awe of how stunning it looks and performs. The true-to-life colors, impressive 4K resolution, and the vividness brought by its OLED display take my viewing experience to another level.

Not only does the television excel at displaying visuals; it also has a user-friendly interface with its intuitive Smart Tizen platform. With built-in voice control capability, I can easily find content or adjust settings without wasting time navigating through menus or pushing buttons. All my favorite streaming apps are readily accessible on this platform.

The design of the TV is sleek and modern, enhancing any living space with its slim bezels and thin profile. Plus, the powerful upscaling capabilities enable even lower resolution content to look great on this TV! In summary, the Samsung 77" Class S95C OLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV has completely changed how I enjoy home entertainment - it's a product that's definitely worth its price!

Product Features
Product Description

After using the Samsung QLED TV 65" Q70A for several months now, I can confidently say that it has significantly enhanced my home entertainment experience. One of its most notable features is the breathtaking picture quality that truly brings movies and shows to life with deep blacks and vibrant colors. The Quantum Dot technology delivers true-to-life images with exceptional detail in both bright and dark scenes, making watching anything on this TV an immersive experience.

The sleek, minimalistic design of the Samsung QLED TV 65" Q70A blends seamlessly into any living room environment and adds a touch of sophistication to the space. The build quality is impressive, giving me peace of mind knowing it will last for years to come.

One standout feature that I appreciate as an Apple enthusiast is the integration with Apple products – AirPlay content from my iPhone or iPad has been incredibly convenient and elevates my viewing experience even further. Additionally, the robust app ecosystem provides access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ ensuring there are plenty of content options available at all times. While some users might miss the flexibility offered by Android TV in terms of installing additional apps, I haven't found any issues finding everything I need within the available selection. It’s important to note though that if you prefer an open platform or have specific niche apps in mind this might not be your best choice.

The audio response deserves its own praise as it performs admirably whether coming directly out speakers themselves or synced via an external receiver system without delay - enhancing immersion exponentially no matter what kind movie night experience you want! However, occasional minor issues such as slight halo effects around bright objects during regular viewing sessions cannot go unnoticed but they don't detract from overall satisfaction with this product which delivers fantastic picture clarity across every genre we tested from action-packed blockbusters all way down through nature documentaries alike! All said & done? One happy customer here folks!! Bravo Samsung !! Keep up good work :-)

Product Features
Product Description

The Samsung Q60A Series 75-Inch QLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV has been a great addition to my home entertainment setup. The visuals are truly exceptional, with the QLED display producing vivid colors and deep contrasts that bring movies and games to life. The 4K resolution makes images extremely crisp, providing an immersive viewing experience across all content types.

Navigating between apps is seamless with the intuitive smart Tizen operating system, making it easy to connect and manage devices. I especially enjoy the Ambient Mode feature which lets me showcase artwork or information when the TV is not in use – adding a modern touch to my living room.

While there are some limitations such as limited viewing angles and sound quality that could be improved for a more inclusive experience, these drawbacks do not detract from the overall quality of this TV. Consideration of a soundbar or external speakers can enhance its audio performance significantly. Overall, I would rate this TV as one of the best in its class for its vibrant visual display and user-friendly smart functionality – 4 out of 5 stars!

Product Features
Product Description

The Silver Ticket Products Fixed Frame projection screen has been a standout addition to my home theater, exceeding my expectations in various ways. The aluminum frame is durable and the velvet material does a great job of absorbing excess light, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

One of the most notable features of this screen is its easy and quick assembly - much faster than other screens I've used before. The pocket and rod system ensures that the material remains taut and wrinkle-free, providing a smooth surface for projection. Additionally, with 4k resolution capabilities, movies and shows are displayed in stunning detail and clarity.

On the downside, some users might find it challenging to perfectly align their projector due to the square tubing frame design; however, this is only a minor issue considering its many benefits. With its sleek black color, high build quality, affordable price point, and real projection screen material (not just a sheet), this product offers fantastic value for money. While some users may prefer other brands with flocked frames rather than aluminum wrapped in velvet fabric, overall this screen would be an excellent addition to any home entertainment setup.\xa0

Product Features
  • Color - Black

  • Frame Material - Aluminum

  • Material - Velvet

  • Number Of Pieces - 6

  • Resolution - 4k

Product Description

I recently purchased the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV and have been blown away by its exceptional picture quality and color accuracy. The device is well-built with an elegant Infinity One Design, while the attachable Slim One Connect solution keeps all those unsightly cables out of view.

One thing that really stood out to me was how user-friendly this TV is. Navigating through the menus and settings using the included remote control is straightforward, allowing for a seamless transition from setup to watching my favorite content. The built-in Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound+, and Q-Symphony 3.012 add a whole new dimension to the audio experience, making it incredibly immersive.

The Quantum Matrix Pro technology with Mini LEDs produces bright and vivid colors that truly bring each scene to life. Whether I'm watching a movie or playing video games on my console via HDMI input or streaming content through Smart features like Netflix or Hulu, everything looks sharp with minimal blur thanks to Motion Xcelerator Turbo+! As an avid gamer, I've been thoroughly enjoying pairing up my PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X consoles alongside this television setup, resulting in an unforgettable gaming experience.

While there are minor areas for improvement in some aspects such as weight distribution and overall durability concerns, these do not detract from the overall exceptional quality of this product which deserves its high rating among users - including myself! From ease of use to stunning visuals , Samsung Neo QLED 8K has definitely provided great value for its price tag . It's perfect not only as entertainment hub but also serves well when hosting friends over during sports events , movie nights etc .

Product Features
  • Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H - 74.50 x 12.00 x 45.40 Inches

  • Assembled Product Weight - 127.2 lb

  • Connector Type - USB, Coaxial F-Type, HDMI, TOSLINK Optical, RJ45

  • Display Technology - LCD

  • Is Smart - Y

  • Refresh Rate - 120 Hz

  • Remote Model - TM-2360E

  • Resolution - 4320p

  • Screen Size - 85 in

  • Television Type - QLED TV, Smart TVs

  • Wireless Technology - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Product Description

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the TCL 98-inch S Class TV in my daily life, and I must say, it has truly been a game-changer. The 4K Ultra HD resolution provides an incredible level of detail that truly immerses you in your favorite movies and shows. The Motion Rate 480 with MEMC Frame Insertion technology ensures smooth visuals even during fast-paced action scenes, making it perfect for sports fans and gamers alike.

One of my favorite features is the wide color gamut, which truly brings images to life with vibrant and accurate colors. The High Brightness Direct LED Backlight further enhances the picture quality, creating brighter images that pop off the screen. HDR ULTRA support only adds to this by providing enhanced contrast and accurate colors for an overall exceptional viewing experience.

TCL's AIPQ Engine with Deep Learning AI optimizes color, contrast, and clarity while watching content, which is great for both movies and gaming enthusiasts. Gamers will appreciate Auto Game Mode and Game Accelerator 240 for reduced lag and responsive gameplay without any input delays or dropped frames interrupting their gaming experience.

The DTS Virtual:X feature delivers immersive 3D sound that perfectly complements the outstanding visuals on this TV. It offers crystal clear audio quality across all content types – from blockbuster movies to late-night news broadcasts – so you never miss a beat! And let's not forget about the FullView Metal Bezel-less Design; its sleek appearance blends seamlessly into any room décor without drawing attention away from what's happening on screen!

Overall, I highly recommend the TCL 98-inch S Class TV if you're looking to elevate your at-home viewing experiences without breaking the bank! Its impressive combination of superior picture quality, powerful sound capabilities, advanced smart features tailored towards gamers too makes it a top contender among other high-end models available today – but at an affordable price point compared to its competitors!

Product Features
  • Actual Screen Size - 98 Inches

  • Adjustable Stand Width - No

  • Bluetooth - Yes

  • Bluetooth Version - 5

  • Carton Depth In - 9.6 Inches

  • Carton Height In - 56.3 Inches

  • Carton Weight Lbs - 176 Lb(s)

  • Carton Width In - 93.9 Inches

  • Display Resolution - 4K Ultra HD (2160p)

  • Display Type - LED

  • Featured Streaming Services - Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube TV

  • Gaming Tv - Yes

  • Hdmi Pc Inputs - 4 HDMI Inputs

  • High Dynamic Range Formats - Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG

  • High Dynamic Range Hdr - Yes

  • Led Backlight Type - Direct Lit

  • Model Year - 2023

  • Number Of Digital Optical Audio Outputs - 1

  • Number Of Hdmi 2 1 Inputs - 2

  • Number Of Usb Ports - 2

  • Panel Refresh Rate Native - 120Hz

  • Panel Type - LED

  • Product Depth Without Stand In - 2.7 Inches

  • Product Depth With Stand In - 16.5 Inches

  • Product Height With Stand In - 50.7 Inches

  • Product Weight Without Stand Lbs - 120 Lb(s)

  • Product Weight With Stand Lbs - 125 Lb(s)

  • Product Width - 85.7 Inches

  • Remote Control - Voice Remote

  • Screen Mirroring - Yes

  • Screen Mirroring Technology - Chromecast

  • Screen Size Class - 98 Inch

  • Smart Platform - Google TV

  • Smart Tv - Yes

  • Stand Depth In - 16.5 Inches

  • Stand Included - Yes

  • Voice Assistant Built In - Google Assistant

  • Wall Mount Included - No

  • Works With - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant