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03 Silverado Tail Lights

Chevrolet Silverado trucks are popular vehicles for work and play. This means that drivers rely heavily on their headlights to illuminate dark roads and highways. If your truck isn't equipped with working tail lights, then you could end up driving into trouble. That's where Chevy Silverado tail light bulbs come in handy.

Chevrolet Silverado tail light bulbs are essential accessories that ensure safe driving. They not only increase visibility, but they also protect other motorists from colliding with your vehicle. Read our buyers guide to learn more about Chevy Silverado tail light bulbs and how to install them correctly.

Sherman Replacement Part Compatible with Chevrolet Silverado Driver Side Taillight Assembly (Partslink Number GM2800161)

If you're looking for a replacement taillight for your silverado, look no further! This part is compatible with all models of Chevy trucks and SUVs. It includes the following: clear lens, white backing, and wire hanging hardware kit (some assembly required). Features a 4mm shatter resistant glass and comes with a 6 year limited warranty. Installation instructions and accessories are included as well. Made in the U. S. A.

IPCW LEDT-3039CA Crystal Red/Amber LED Tail Lamp - Pair


The IPCW LEDT-3039CA is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a long-lasting, high-quality LED light source! This direct OEM fit replacement offers the best quality and performance, with a brand new lens that provides superior lighting. Plus, it's compliant with FMVSS-108/DOT/SAE, so you can be sure it will be easy to install. Get yours today!

SOCKIR Headlight Assembly Compatible with 03-06 Chevy Avalanche / 03-06 Chevy Silverado Passenger & Driver Side (Chrome)

If you're looking for a headlight assembly that will improve your vehicle's visibility and appearance, look no further than the SOCKIR Headlight Assembly! This direct replacement for the standard unit is designed to meet or exceed DOT and SAE standards, and comes with both the driver and passenger sides. So whether you need a new headlight assembly for your car or truck, or just want to upgrade your existing headlights, this is the perfect option!

Silverado Headlight from Torchbeam, Replacement Headlight Assembly for 2003-2006 Silverado/Avalanche 1500/2500/3500 Chrome Housing Amber Reflector Clear Lens Driver and Passenger Side


Upgrade your car's headlights with the Silverado Headlight from Torchbeam! This replacement headlight is designed to fit 2003-2006 Chevy Silverados and Avalanches, and features a clear lens, amber reflector, and LED light source. With its superior visibility and waterproofing, it's sure to increase your car's safety and improve its appearance. Installation is easy, and the package includes two headlights to use on each side of your car.

MAYASAF Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid fit for Chevy Silverado/Tahoe/Suburban 1500/2500/Avalanche 1500/2500, for GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500, for GMC Yukon/Yukon XL 1500/2500, for Cadillac Escalade

Reliable and long-lasting, our vapor canisters are a must-have for any serious RV or camper. Made of durable stainless steel, these canisters are built to last and resist corrosion and wear. Plus, they're easy to install and replace, so you'll be able to enjoy your favorite camping spots for years to come.

IPCW CWT-CE325CA Crystal Eyes Crystal Red/Amber/Clear Tail Lamp - Pair


If you're looking for a more personal and stylish light, the IPCW CWT-CE325CA Crystal Eyes LED Light Bar is the perfect choice! This bar features red and amber hues that are sure to turn heads and make your vehicle stand out from the rest. With its fully compliant DOT and SAE standards, this light bar is a great option for any driver who wants to be seen but not heard.

TYC 11-5852-01-9 Chevrolet Left Replacement Tail Lamp


The TYC 11-5852-01-9 Chevrolet Left Replacement Tail Lamp is a great option if you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tail light. This lamp features all the benefits of a traditional headlight, including OE-comparable lighting and mounting provisions. With its rigorous testing and durable construction, this light will last for years to come!

IPCW LEDT-3039C Crystal Clear LED Tail Lamp - Pair


The IPCW LEDT-3039C is a clear, bright, and long-lasting LED taillamp that can be used instead of the standard H4 white light bulb. This tail lamp is compliant with FMVSS-108 and DOT standards, so it's easy to install and use. Plus, it has a longer lifespan than other non-LED aftermarket bulbs, so you'll be saving money on replacement bulbs for years to come!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best 03 Silverado Tail Lights

If you have a car, then chances are you also have a set of headlights. These are important parts of your vehicle, as they allow other drivers to see what you are doing behind the wheel. However, not everyone has the same taste in headlight styles, and finding the right ones for your car can be tricky. This article will help you figure out what kind of style you prefer, and whether or not you should get new ones.

What Are 03 Silverado Tail Lights?

The Chevrolet Silverado has been around for many years now, but there was a time when this truck had no headlights at all! The first headlight came about in 1953, and since then, Chevy trucks have come up with some pretty cool designs. In fact, the new Silverados have a lot more than just headlights. They have taillights too!

03 Silverado Tail Lights

Chevrolet introduced its third generation Silverado pickup truck in 2003. This model year brought along with it a set of redesigned front and rear fascias, bumpers, grilles, hoods, and even wheels. It also included a completely revamped interior design, including an improved dashboard and center console. The most noticeable change in the exterior was the addition of a chrome bar across the middle of the grill. These bars were meant to make the truck look like a "truck" instead of a "cab".

2003 Chevrolet Silverado Tail Lights

In order to help people see these trucks better, Chevrolet added a set of bright white tail lights to each side of the truck.

Who Needs 03 Silverado Tail Lights?

Chevrolet Silverado trucks were built from 2002 through 2006. These trucks had a long list of features including a large bed, heavy duty suspension, and powerful engines. However, one feature was missing - headlights. Chevrolet didn't offer any aftermarket headlight bulbs until 2007. But now that they do, we know that these bulbs are worth every penny.

The best part is that you can save money while getting better lighting. Headlights are expensive, but replacing them isn't cheap either. Not only does this add up quickly, but it could take weeks before you see results. Fortunately, you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars by buying replacement bulbs online.

Headlights aren't the only thing that can break on your truck. Your taillights are another area that can cause problems. When they start to fade, they can become difficult to see. This makes driving dangerous. Luckily, you can fix these issues easily. All you need is a set of LED bulbs.

LED bulbs use far less electricity than traditional bulbs. This means that you'll save money on your electric bill. Plus, LEDs last longer. They can last 10 times longer than conventional bulbs. This means that you won't have to replace them as often.

When shopping for LED bulbs, look for models that match your truck's style. Some models are designed specifically for Chevy Silverados. Others are made for other vehicles. Make sure that you purchase the right type of bulb for your vehicle.

Once you've purchased your bulbs, install them using the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Doing so ensures that you get the most out of your investment.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality 03 Silverado Tail Lights

Buying a used car is one of the best ways to save money. You'll find great deals on used cars if you do your homework first. Before buying a used vehicle, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Look for a clean title. A clean title means that the seller took care of any outstanding liens or other financial obligations related to the vehicle. This includes paying off loans, repaying taxes, etc. Make sure that the seller paid off any liens or other debts before selling the car.

Check the odometer. Check the mileage on the odometer. If the mileage doesn't match up with the year model, then the mileage may have been tampered with by the previous owner. Be wary of vehicles that have had their odometers rolled back.

Get a mechanic's inspection. Ask a trusted friend or family member to take a look at the engine compartment of the car. They can tell you whether everything looks normal. If they notice anything unusual, ask them to let you know about it.

Do a visual inspection. Take a look under the hood of the car. Is there oil leaking? Are there signs of rust? Do you see dents or scratches anywhere? These could indicate damage caused by accidents.

Ask questions. When you buy a used car, it's important to ask lots of questions. Find out how many miles the car has driven since being sold. How often did the brakes work properly? Did the tires wear unevenly? Was there ever a recall issued regarding the vehicle? What kind of maintenance has the car received?

If you follow these steps, you'll be able to purchase a safe and reliable used car. Keep in mind that even a cheap car can become expensive if something goes wrong with it later.

Features To Consider When Buying 03 Silverado Tail Lights

Cheap price. Buying a set of new car tail lights can add thousands of dollars to the cost of your vehicle. But if you're willing to do a little bit of research, you can find great deals on quality replacement parts. First, check online auctions sites such as eBay. They often sell used parts at very low prices.

Quality. Before purchasing a set of new car tail lights, make sure they fit properly. The part may work fine, but if it doesn't fit right, it could cause problems down the road. Make sure the light bulbs match the color of your headlights and taillights.

Easy installation. After you've found a set of tail lights that fits well, you'll want to install them yourself. Most sets of tail lights come with detailed instructions, so there shouldn't be any problem installing them yourself.

Look for discounts. Many dealerships offer discounts on their own brand of tail lights. And many manufacturers offer rebates on their own brand of tail lights. Check with your local dealership to see if they offer these types of incentives.

Make sure you know how to change them. Changing your car's tail lights isn't something most people enjoy doing. But if you're going to replace your old tail lights anyway, you'll want to make sure you know how to change them correctly. This way, you won't damage your car while changing the lights.

Different Types Of 03 Silverado Tail Lights

Tail Lights are important parts of any vehicle. Without them, drivers cannot see what’s behind them. Unfortunately, they can also be easily damaged by road debris and weather conditions. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your tail lights. We will now look at three of the most popular methods.

LED Tail Light Replacement Kits. LED kits are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost and durability. They are also very energy efficient and last longer than traditional bulbs. LED kits consist of two main components; the bulb and the housing. Both are interchangeable and can be replaced individually.

Bulb replacement. Bulbs are the easiest part of the kit to replace. Simply remove the old bulb and install the new one. Make sure to use the correct size bulb for your car. Failure to do so could result in damage to the light assembly.

Housing replacement. The housing is the second component of the kit. It holds everything together and protects the bulb. To change the housing, simply unscrew the bottom half of the housing and slide off the top half. Replace the housing with the new one and screw it back on.

Bumper Cover. Bumpers cover is the third and final option for protecting your tail lights. These are cheap and easy to apply. All you need to do is peel away the protective film and stick it on. When done correctly, the bumper cover should stay put without needing tape or glue.


Frequently Asked Questions About: 03 Silverado Tail Lights

What are the differences between the 02 and 04 tail light assemblies?

The 02 and 04 tail light assemblies have been completely redesigned. These new LED bulbs provide better illumination than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they require more power than their predecessors. As a result, the 02 and 04 tail light assemblies must draw more current than previous models.

Which Headlights Should I Install On My 2002 Silverado?

If your vehicle has factory headlamps, then you will want to replace them with aftermarket units. If your vehicle came equipped with halogen lamps, then you will want to keep those.

You can purchase either white or amber bulbs for your replacement tail lights. White bulbs offer better visibility at night, whereas amber bulbs make your taillights appear brighter during daylight hours.

When your fog lights turn off automatically, this means that they are functioning normally. When they stay lit even though you don't activate them, then you probably have a bad bulb. Replace all four bulbs and try again.

Your taillight switch was designed differently for the 04 Silverado. To fix this problem, simply swap out the switch for a newer version.

No. Your old taillight switches were wired differently than the 04 Silverado. If you attempt to connect them together, you could potentially short circuit the electrical system. Instead, buy a set of 04 Silverado tail lights.

04 Silverado tail lights are available online for less money than OEM parts. They're also easier to install than older style bulbs.

Installing a set of 04 Silverado tail lights on your 2002 Silverado will improve its appearance. But keep in mind that the 04 Silverado uses a different wiring harness than earlier versions of the truck. So unless you have access to a wiring diagram, it would be best to leave things alone.

To ensure that everything functions correctly, you'll need to install a pair of 04 Silverado tail lamp covers. These plastic pieces snap into the openings where the taillights once resided. Then you'll need to wire the bulbs in the correct order.

Sure! All you need to do is follow the instructions included with the part. Be careful not to touch the wires until you understand how they function.

Either option is acceptable. But if you decide to install them yourself, you'll need to follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, you risk damaging your vehicle.

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