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What can SEO do for you?

Get Found By Your Ideal Customers

89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions. If you want your business to grow you have to be where the customers are - page 1 of the SERPs (that's Search Engine Results Page in case you were wondering).

Build An Asset

The best part about SEO is that the longer you invest, the more your business becomes the authority for your industry. As you begin to create content and secure Page 1 rankings you wont have to pay for that traffic, it will just come to you - day in and day out.

Make You The Industry Leader

People trust Google. The businesses who show up at the top get alot of eyes, and alot of trust. Ranking at the top will immediately validate you as a leader in your industry. Not something all your competitors can say.

Our SEO services brought The Retrofit Source a 700% Return on Investment by ranking them for keywords that bring interested buyers to their products everyday.

Our Home Services SEO Process

Position your business as the industry leader, and grow with organic search traffic.


Before we start any campaign we need to make sure that your business is a good fit for SEO.

In the analysis phase we go through a number a steps that help us understand your goals relative to the market, the competitive landscape and what we will need to bring you from point a to point b.

Every campaign is different, and so we start each campaign with a discovery form.

  • You start by filling our our Discovery form. This form gives us details about your business that we use to begin our analysis.
  • After we receive your form, we take 24-72 hours to dive into your industry, geography, and provided information to get a feel for your campaign.
  • Once we understand the environment, we will film a custom video explaining our findings and send it to you for review.

Our follow-up conversation to the Discovery analysis is called our Discovery Call – basically it’s a strategy session with us + you where we start to map out the best plan of attack for your success online. This call:

  • Gives you a feel for how we work, while providing a ton of actionable value – before you ever spend any money.
  • Gives us enough of an overview to understand if your business is ready for (and can benefit from) SEO.

A competitive analysis is something we do during every campaign for our Enterprise clients, and is not required pre-campaign.

However, running it before your campaign begins can definitely help us understand your current SEO equity, and the gap we need to close between you and the companies you want compete with.

It will provide you a ton of actionable information about your SEO that you can implement yourself, take to another agency, or put towards your campaign with us should you choose to take the next step. This analysis:

  • Shows us exactly how you stack up versus your top competitors.
  • Shows us all of your websites weak points (for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical seo)
  • Gives you an actionable list of 50+ items that you can take anywhere to get fixed (kind of like one of those 50-point car inspection checklists.)
  • Our Competitive Analysis is $1,500 and is yours to keep whether you decide to work with us or not. It does not obligate you to start a campaign with us, but should you choose to do so – the act as a deposit towards your monthly retainer or campaign setup fee.

Every campaign starts with a Strategy & Proposal.

  • If you are a local business, 99% of the time the ROI analysis will give us everything we need to know to just get started right away – and we can skip this step.
  • For Ecommerce & National brands, we need to align a strategy with your budget.
  • Our Strategy & Proposal step will give us one last opportunity to dive deep, and get super granular about the strategies we will use to grow your business with SEO & Content.
  • We will prepare documents for you with extensive keywords/content research, competitive SEO strategy breakdowns, and actionable information we will use in your campaign.
  • This step gives helps us align your budget with our strategy – so we know what we can expect.
  • Our Research & Strategy phase is $1,500. Like the Competitive Anaysis this is yours to keep. It is not an obligation to work together on a full-fledged campaign, and it can be used as a deposit to your first month setup fee. (This is what we would have to do in month 1 anyways, so getting it done before is actually beneficial for everyone)

At this point – all that is left is for us to (virtually) shake hands, and get started.

  • If everything looks good, we will send you a link to setup an automatic payment so we can begin the campaign.
  • When the payment processes successfully we will start with an on-boarding form, and get to it!


After your analyses are finished you will have an excellent idea about the type of value, service, and expertise we provide. At this point you are welcome to start a campaign with us, or part ways with no hard feelings.

If you choose to engage in an SEO campaign with us we will sign our agreement and get started. 

Our SEO campaigns happen in phase, and although each campaign rolls out slightly differently, there is a general order we always follow, which is mapped out below.

Below you will find a timeline of how our SEO campaigns roll out.

Note the “speed” aspect (what happens in which month) can always be adjusted faster or slower depending on your budget and desired growth.


We value transparency, communication, and collaboration with our clients.

No one knows your business better than you – and the more we communicate, analyze, and report during the campaign the better results we will get!

How would you like a dedicated, single point of contact, knowledgeable, available account manager?

  • We set you up with an account manager who is your main point of contact for everything you may need.
  • We have dedicated live chat support, a client-only ticketing system, and a dedicated account manager to help you along the way.

Want to know everything that’s going on in your campaign in real time? Of course you do!

  • We get you setup with a live workbook of everything we are doing in the campaign, detailed down to line-by-line deliverables.

Like tracking the progress of your campaign? No Problem!

  • Our KPI report is custom tailored to your business and updated every month so you can see the progress we are making towards your goals.

All your keywords – monitored.

  • Checking keyword progress is actually pretty fun – we set you up with a private password-protected link to a real time ranking report of all the keywords you want to monitor.
  • We can set these keywords to update daily, weekly, or monthly – the choice is yours!

How would you like to monitor all your directory listings, reviews, and Google Business activity? We got you covered.

  • In the first month of your campaign we will have you setup with a personalized dashboard to track everything you need to monitor the health of your Business Profiles on the web.

And if all that isn’t enough…

  • Every month you will receive a summary video from your Lead SEO when our dynamic reporting doesn’t give you enough information.
  • In this video we go over wins, opportunities, problem areas, and present solutions.
  • We discuss what was done that month, the progress you are making, and what’s on the schedule for the next month.
  • Video reports are quick, easy to understand, and give you the overview all in about 5-10 minutes.

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If you're not satisfied, we will fix your concerns or let you go on your way. We earn your business month in and month out.


Every client is assigned a reliable & available account manager. A dedicated single point of contact ready to help you.


We guarantee that you will always know what we are working on, and if you have any confusion we are available to give you detailed explanations.


We guarantee that you will see improvements in the marketing KPIs we determine are important for your business to succeed.

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