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Multi platform expertise


Get Plaintiffs Fast – With Our Proven Class Action Marketing Services

Successfully finding plaintiffs for class action law firms requires a certain type of expertise – one we have perfected. 

Our class action marketing service:

  • We work with you to identify your ideal plaintiff
  • We use multi-channel marketing (aka we go everywhere) those people are 
  • We collect plaintiff info & pass it to you – all the hard work is done for you
  • We have experience running countless mass tort & class action advertising/marketing campaigns

Advertising for Mass Torts & Class Action Attorneys

There are quite literally hundreds of things that go into optimizing your website for SEO & trying to handle them all internally is overwhelming. We’re able to deliver the highest quality online marketing services to our clients because we have a streamlined process that allows us to be hyper productive – and get you results.

Class Action Marketing Strategy

We believe our success in class action marketing comes from our in-depth understanding of not only the legal industry – but of our clients.

Before we start anything, we have an in-depth conversation with you to understand the theory you are working with and get a solid grasp on who would be the people we need to target AND how we are going to find them.

Google Ads for Class Action Cases

The fastest way to get in front of your ideal audience is to pay for the placements. 

Our Google Ads team has extensive experience running search & display campaigns for class action lawyers who want to find plaintiffs.

Not all mass tort / class action marketing campaigns involve Google advertising, but alot of them do – and we are ready.

Facebook Ads for Class Action Lawsuits

Let’s face it. Everyone is on Facebook. And if you’re still not convinced of it’s power – think back to Brexit & Cambridge Analytica.

Your plaintiffs are on Facebook and we know how to find them.

Creative Ways to Get Class Action Plaintiffs

Sometimes things get a little weird – and due to restrictions, or other external factors we can’t use one of the main areas to find your cases.

So, we get creative. 

Some of the cases we have done required using Reddit ads, Twitter ads, Email blasts, Forums, and other ways to get your cases – but we find them.

Our legal marketing services brought Scott & Smith Law a 310% Increase In Traffic  and brought so many new cases that they needed to hire additional attorneys to handle the caseload.

Pages Designed for Conversion

Your website is the digital representation of your legal practice &  should be one of the primary drivers of new leads & cases – when built correctly. 

We create beautiful websites, engineered to perform & designed to encourage your website users to take an action when on your site (contact your law firm).

Data-Driven Analytics

Our decisions are 100% based on data.

We set up your analytics & customize them to your practice. 

What does that mean for you? 

  • It means that you know where your traffic is coming from.
  • It means that you know what marketing channels are profitable and which ones aren’t.
  • It means that we can improve any aspect of your digital marketing and make it something that helps your law firm.

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Scott & Smith has served the legal needs of individual, families, and businesses, through the critical times that will affect them for years.  Although much of our practice is based on serving the needs of individuals, we are equally dedicated to achieving optimal results for all of our business clients.

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If you're not satisfied, we will fix your concerns or let you go on your way. We earn your business month in and month out.


Every client is assigned a reliable & available account manager. A dedicated single point of contact ready to help you.


We guarantee that you will always know what we are working on, and if you have any confusion we are available to give you detailed explanations.


We guarantee that you will see improvements in the marketing KPIs we determine are important for your business to succeed.

Class Action Lawsuit & Marketing: Here's What You Need to Know

In today’s society there are more companies than ever that serve consumers. Class action lawsuits are inevitable – not if but when.

Advertising fraud, defective products, false “made in the US” claims, digital and non-digital privacy rights violations, improper call recording, data mishandling, deceptive pricing, and unlawful communication via sms, e-mail, voicemail, regular mail, etc.—all are just a small handful of the types of class action possibilities that can plague a business.

The sheer volume of consumer class action law suits & mass torts have increased in recent years. Also the size, complexity and scope of these cases have been increasing. This is a huge opportunity for solo practice attorneys & even large law firms to identify problems in the market place and file suits to protect consumers.

The problem for many lawyers is not coming up with the theories – but finding the plaintiffs. Thats what class action marketing (also called class action advertising) is all about.

Class Action Marketing Timeline

So, how does a class action marketing campaign typically pan out?

  1. Create Your Theory: This is typically something that an attorney or law firm will come to us with, but if you need help fleshing it out we have done alot of these and can help you get clear about what we are going after.
  2. Strategy Session: Once we have your theory, it’s time to dig in and plan. We attribute a large majority of success of class action campaigns to the planning – who is your ideal plaintiff, where do they exist/hang, how will we reach them, what will we present them with to make them want to take action.
  3. Find a Plaintiff: Sometimes a plaintiff approaches a law firm about a potential class action lawsuit, but let’s set that lucky scenario aside and have some real talk – we find them. Using the methods described above we create a game plan to use digital marketing to find & attract that plaintiff and we capture their contact information so you can get them to file.
  4. The Rest: The rest is really your expertise and we don’t need to tell you how these things run. You’re here to get plaintiffs, not read about what you already know. Once we find you the person/people you want – your team contacts them and does what you do best.



Class Action Marketing FAQs

What do your services cost?

We price our mass tort marketing & class action marketing services based on the scope of work that will need to be done to get you results. 

Every case is different, but we believe we are very competitively priced – and we deliver results, so value is never a question.

Do you only work with class action attorneys?

No, we actually have in-depth experience doing marketing for the legal industry for a number of years and work with many types of attorneys. If you are looking to expand other areas of your legal practice we can definitely help you do that as well.

How do I get started?

We start by having a Strategy Session – A quick phone call where we get to know you and understand your theory so we can create a strategic plan to get you there within a budget that is comfortable for the size of your operation.

Simply fill out this form to get started: Contact Us!

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