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If you run a business with a marketing department, they're going to need landing pages built regularly, and quickly too.

No marketer wants to be sitting around waiting for weeks at a time when new landing pages are developed.

And even then, building landing pages is only half the job. After that, you're going to have to run A/B split tests and optimize exactly each element of pages to find the optimal design layout.

For many businesses, this can grow into a bit of a problem, which is why we're going to introduce you to Unbounce.

Unbounce is widely viewed as one of the best landing page builders in the market right now. That's why today, we have gathered some research to demonstrate it to prospective users like you.

Like in the quote you can see above, landing pages are so crucial for growing your business.

It's the quickest way to get more sales, generate new leads, and collect some basic information about your prospects.

But the problem that comes with it is: They are hard to build.

We have rounded up the very best features on the Unbounce platform, including a range of reviews available online, to show what you can expect from this platform for your landing page needs.

What is Unbounce?

Okay, we're going to start from scratch, since some of you may never have heard of the Unbounce platform before.

Essentially, Unbounce is a landing page builder. It helps you create beautiful landing pages with ease, collect email addresses to gather new leads, and grow your sales.

But for you, here is what Unbounce can do.

·         Get you more subscribers

·         Keep people on the site longer

·         Encourage them to buy more.

Unbounce makes it super easy for you to build beautiful landing pages, using their intuitive drag and drop builder feature.

Even if you have a team of coders, coding an entire website from scratch may not be the best decision for you. Simply because of the time and resources, it would involve. Especially if you're building a website with tens or possibly even hundreds of landing pages.

Who is Unbounce for?

Unbounce is for anyone who wants to build a beautiful landing page without having to develop the coding or web design skills necessary to do so.

This is exactly the problem that the Unbounce team wanted to fix in the first place.

Unbounce began in 2009, back when landing pages were unheard of. The founding team, including Rick Perreault, got frustrated by his developers taking so long for every new campaign, so decided to create a better experience for marketers all around the world.

Nowadays they are the number one landing page platform for over 15,000 brands. Focusing on getting more conversions for their clients and helping them.

It doesn't matter whether you're a multimillion-dollar business or a mom-and-pop shop on the street corner, if you have something to sell, and an audience who wants to see it then Unbounce can be the perfect tool for you to reach your audience.

It's the awesome range of features that they have, which makes Unbounce one of the leaders in the industry. And now, let's get stuck into what makes these features so special.

Unbounce Features

Landing Page Builder

Now the main feature of Unbounce: the landing page builder.

It's the amazing drag and drops landing page builder which makes Unbounce so special. It allows any user to create beautiful landing pages without having to write a single line code in the process, and without having to spend hours learning any kind of specialist design software.

All you need to build the landing page the exact way you want it is the following:

  • An Unbounce Account    
  • A general idea of what you want
  • 15 minutes of your time

Building a landing page with Unbounce is as easy as it gets.

Many other landing page builders that you come across are strict with where you can move the elements, but Unbounce doesn't do any of this. You are eligible to move your elements wherever you want them to be.

The only limitation on the kind of design you create with Unbounce is the one that you place on your imagination. Everything else is there for you to design exactly what you want it to be.


Another great thing about Unbounce is that they offer more than 100 templates. All of them are aesthetic, capturing, and most importantly, are all proven to convert customers.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you're able to optimize and tweak the templates to get them the exact way you want.

To even speed up the design process, you're able to clone and duplicate entire pages and even copy and paste between pages to save templates for use in the future.

How good is that?

And as far as the actual performance of the landing page creators is concerned, there are very few landing page builders which could come close to Unbounce.

Many landing page builders will restrict your freedom and like. Unbounce is not like this, offering complete freedom over your website design without any lag involved


When you're picking a landing page builder, it's incredibly important that you look out for the number of integrations that it has.

There's no doubt Unbounce is one of the most complete landing page tools when it comes to integrations. Unbounce lets users integrate with 60 other commonly used apps:

Oh, and if this isn't enough for you then you can even integrate Unbounce with Zapier, which gives you access to almost 1000 other integrations through their interface.

These integrations work with email marketing platforms, sales tools, and digital marketing tools, all of which will help you expand your influence and gain new customers and sales.


More than just being a landing page builder, it's easy to create your sticky bars and pop-up bars.

These can be invaluable when it comes to increasing conversions.

Users can benefit from the following features to design pop up bars that are perfect for them:

Drag and Drop Builder - An intuitive, fast-track method to build your perfect sticky bars.

Templates - Start from scratch or use a proven template layout.

A/B Testing - Test various messages to maximize the impact of your promotions.


Unbounce provides advanced insights for you to work out how your landing pages are performing on the results of your A/B split tests.

This information is easy to access, and you can do so in the Unbounce dashboard. Top tip: you'll get the best results if you integrate with Google Analytics.

You can check out full guidance on how you can do that here. However, all you have to do is insert your tracking ID from Google Analytics into the script manager, but you can find it in the Unbounce settings.

Smart Traffic

Smart traffic is a super-advanced feature of Unbounce. It reviews the characteristics of web page visitors to determine which landing page is shown to them.

This advanced algorithm will reveal attributes such as the location on which device they are using to decide which landing page will be the most effective.

Unbounce claims the smart traffic feature is possible of boosting conversions by over 20% on average. This is an incredible return for a feature that performs all the heavy lifting for you.

Now, personally speaking, I can't confirm or verify whether smart traffic delivers on this kind of claim. It's still in early development and only the beta version is rolled out to users.

We haven't tried the feature ourselves, but Unbounce shows that it continues to lead the landing page building industry forward. They constantly develop their services for the benefit of their users.

Customer Support

Impressive customer support is available for all Unbounce users. No matter what plan you are on you get access to several different customer support methods.

Some of the most common ones are as follows:

·         Through the phone

·         Live chat box feature

·         Via email

I've never had to use the Unbounce support team myself. Maybe this demonstrates how straightforward their platform is to use.

But either way, the Unbounce support team is known for being quick to respond, helpful, and passionate about offering the most streamlined customer experience possible.

No matter what kind of issue you have, you can reach out to them and they'll do your best to help you.


Trust and security are touchy subjects online. Especially when you're setting up your own online business using a platform like Unbounce, you want to make sure that your data and privacy is in the very best hands possible.

As you would know all it takes is 1 breach of security and years of hard work is all down the drain.

That is exactly why Unbounce takes advanced measures to make sure you can have complete peace of mind whenever you set up an account with them.

Here are just some of the ways that they go to extra lengths to make sure you are secure when using their platform:

Two Factor Authentication

Take the security of your buns to account to the very next level by adding an extra step [requiring a trusted device] on top of a password. This is available in almost every up Unbounce plan.

Single sign in

The single sign-in feature makes it easier for you to manage all your permissions authorizations and usernames just from one place.

Automatic time-outs

You will be automatically logged out of your web sessions on Unbounce after a certain period. This is done to offer total peace of mind to all Unbounce users.

All of these, backed up by International Security standards such as GDPR, CASL, and paired with advanced protection makes Unbounce one of the very best and safest landing page builders on the web.

Unbounce Drawbacks

But of course, there are two sides to every coin. Now we're going to analyze some of the slight drawbacks of the Unbounce platform.

Firstly, the most common complaint is that you can't split test other landing pages which were created outside of the Unbounce platform. There are other landing page providers such as Google optimize and VWO that offer this exact feature.

This is particularly unhelpful if you're testing out multiple landing page builders and want to measure the performance against each other.

Another complaint is some users expressed difficulty when using their landing page with Google Analytics. Many users report bugs and glitches when using this feature, while others seem to find a workaround, but either way it's not an ideal situation.

And lastly, another major complaint is that users can’t add custom classes to their buttons meaning they will have to build them in HTML after they create the website. This could prevent users from tracking goals in the Unbounce platform.

Of course, there's no denying that these drawbacks can cost quite a lot of time when developing a new website or landing page. But after all, it’s quite likely that you'll experience problems like this with any landing page builder that you use such as Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

Overall, with Unbounce you are going to save a lot of time and money in the long run, especially once you get grips with how to use the platform.

There's no denying how good the landing page builder is, the templates are phenomenal and you'll get more freedom than you'll ever need to customize the pages the way you like.

So overall, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the pros here outweigh the cons.


Now let's talk about another one of the most important factors in landing page builders. The price.

Unbounce has 4 main plans for new users. You will get access to most of their features across all of them.

So, normally when you're searching for a landing page building provider, you'll find that the higher the price, the more features you'll get on your plan. However, surprisingly, with Unbounce it doesn't quite work that way.

Let me explain this now.

Screenshot of the pricing options at Unbounce software

As you can see from the image above the main differentiator between the place pricing plans is the number of conversions and visitors that you can have. With the Launch plan, you can have 500 conversions and 20,000 monthly visitors.

And again then, the only main difference between the Optimize plan and the Accelerate plan is that the number of conversions and visitors increases again. Apart from this, all the main features are available to customers in every plan which is great to see from a software provider like Unbounce.

The only other thing that we should really point out is that the Scale plan has an upper limit of 50,000 monthly visitors. If you’re expecting to pull in numbers greater than this, then you’ll have to talk with the Unbounce sales team.

But for most small businesses, the essential plan should suffice. You will get access to many of the incredible features Unbounce offers for a very reasonable price.

For us, this is one of the things which makes Unbounce so special. the price is certainly a huge bonus in their favor

Frequently Asked Questions for Unbounce

Are Unbounce pages mobile-friendly?

Yes! Unbounce pages are mobile-friendly.

Regardless of whether you craft your landing page completely from scratch, or use one of their pre-built templates, all your landing pages will be 100% mobile responsive.

This means you won't have to worry about reaching customers on different devices, giving you total peace of mind when you go for the Unbounce platform.

Does WordPress integrate with Unbounce?

Yes! You can.

To do so you're going to have to install the dedicated Unbounce plugin, and then connect it with your WordPress account. This is pretty straightforward to do.

From there all you do is add the WordPress site to your Unbounce account and voila, you're all ready to go.

Is there any kind of free trial?

Yes! There is a free trial available for all customers.

If you're not sure Unbounce is for you then you can check out the 14-day free trial to see if it's the best fit for you and your business.

Whilst I do believe that you're going to love the Unbounce platform almost regardless of what your business is, it’s always important to research around and make sure that it’s 100% the best option for you because this is what free trials are for, right?

We Recommend Unbounce 👍

Click the button below and give Unbounce a try. We loved it, and think you will too.

Final Thoughts

To conclude then, there is no doubt that Unbounce is one of the leading landing page-building tools in the industry. It’s there for good reason, too.

The advanced features, the simplistic nature, and the constant desire to grow and improve the platform, almost to the stage of developing technologies beyond their platform, is what makes Unbounce so special.

Of course, there are a couple of little niggles that add an extra bit of work to the process. It would be nice to have a smoother overall process for new buyers but generally, I don't think that small business owners can complain about the simplistic nature of building landing pages.

But like we mentioned before we personally believe that the pros outweigh the cons, and Unbounce provides far more value for its users than problems.

Whether it's the very best landing page builder on the entire Internet, well we can’t say that. It depends on your own business's needs and the nature of the service that you offer.

But what we can guarantee is that it is no doubt one of the best in the world, and if you place your trust in them for you to build your landing page then they won't let you down.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing the best of luck building your landing page!


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