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Teachery Review

Written by: Siobhan Brier  | September 16, 2021

Everybody has something that they feel strongly about, from drawing to making origami to mastering a foreign language. For some, however, sharing this passion with others is far more rewarding than exploring it solo.

Thankfully, you do not need to find a space in your local area or spend a ridiculous amount of money to do so. Online learning platforms are readily abundant and are focused on delivering features so every creator can finally have their voices heard and lessons taught to a worldwide audience.

But what is the best one? Well, you can't go wrong with Teachery, a by-the-numbers online course-building platform.

What is Teachery?

Teachery is a web-based course platform designed to help course creators develop their own courses by providing the necessary tools to get your first teacher course up and running.

With Teachery, complete control over the educational experience you wish to curate is just a few clicks away.

As such, Teachery keeps beginners in mind with its simplistic online course design and straightforward course builders. Moreover, the service makes it easy to design and sell courses and make them your own.

How Much is Teachery?

Despite the flowering praise we've given to Teachery, the words will mean little if you decide the Teachery pricing is not worthwhile. Simplistic and affordable are the buzzwords any self-respecting platform wants to be known for.

Teachery pricing starts with a free trial, a 14-day trial, something that should be the standard for every paid service. Once your days are up, you have two options: monthly and annual plans.

Monthly will cost you $49, while an annual deal will make you cough up $470. With an annual plan, you end up saving 20% of the cost as opposed to paying Teachery on a month-by-month basis.

Both plans share the same features. However, unlike its competitors, Teachery pricing plans do not lock features in higher-paid tiers. Even a quick Teachery vs. Teachable review can show the difference in opportunity.

These features may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Unlimited online courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Custom domains
  • Email provider integrations
  • Export customer data
  • Promo codes and discounts
  • Recurring payment pages

Perhaps the biggest, most noteworthy feature of them all is the service's lack of transaction fees. Without these transaction fees at play, you will see 100% of the money you receive from your students.

But are the features listed in each plan worthwhile, or do some need some more tinkering? If you are so kind, let's try to understand the pillars that make up Teachery's model, one feature at a time.

Course Content Tools

One of the most appealing factors of Teachery is its course outline process. So let's take a closer look.

Course Outline Process

Teachery's course outlining process occurs after you sign up for an account, and the process is seamless.

For your first online course, Teachery will ask a series of questions to learn more about what kind of course you want. As you answer each question, Teachery builds a high-level outline for your first online course, which you can easily accomplish as per the free plan.

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Unlimited Courses

With Teachery, you do not have to stop at one course or even 100 online courses. Notably, you can make as many courses as you desire since one of Teachery's best benefits for the course creators is its unlimited course package.

There are no additional transaction fees for the unlimited courses the site has to offer, and you can make as many lessons for each of your courses as well.

Video Hosting

Beyond building courses, you may be curious about how to embed videos into your course pages as part of the course creation.

As Teachery does not host videos, it does permit the use of embed codes from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and other platforms.

If you want to use a slideshow presentation, then you can embed your Prezi, Canva, Google Slides, and Slideshare on your lessons for your student's benefit.

Course Editor

Teachery's course editor provides users with two templates that can be used to host your videos and sell online courses effectively.

The course editor and its tools are meant to make it easy to create courses and keep them updated and informational for students of all sorts.


Teachery offers a variety of tools that allow you to make your course material one-of-a-kind.

You can, for instance, change the background color for every section of material. In addition, you can change the colors for button styles, and use different colors for your sub-lessons.

Drip Content

When delivering your content, any Teachery course can let you provide the lessons to your students through a drip campaign.

Drip campaigns allow you to set your course with its lessons to unlock over a period of time. So, you may have your online courses become available at the beginning of every week, or monthly.

Limitations of the Course Content Tools

Despite Teachery removing the technical burdens of creating your own code for your online material, there are few pitfalls that you should consider in any thorough Teachery review.

Unlike other online course platforms, you cannot create quizzes within a Teachery course. By extension, there are no completion certificates.

The only way to make a quiz for an online course is to embed Google Forms or other third-party extensions.

In addition, you cannot individually track student progress for each course title, which can limit student engagement.

Along with a lack of quizzes, the only form of content delivery is drip-feed. Unfortunately, while you can customize your content slowly, other advanced features are not available.

Lastly, since Teachery is the right online course platform for making simple and elegant websites, the platform does not provide other advanced features for customization. You are only provided with a minimal template and another version of it.

Sales Features

Although Teachery is simple, it is very user-friendly and approachable for anyone, in part thanks to its easy-to-use marketing tools, sales pages, and more.

Integrated Email Marketing Providers

As part of its paid plans, Teachery offers direct integration with Mailchimp and CovertKit. Each provider can help you improve the quality of your emails and attract more people to your email listserv.

Also, you can collect emails and leads with landing pages through an email service provider, and it does not just have to be the two provided to you. You can use several other email tools with Zapier, a third-party service.


Another useful feature of eCommerce platforms such as Teachery is its affiliate program. An affiliate program can help promote your product and for their services, you can give them a flat fee or a certain percentage of their commission. It is what so-called affiliate marketing.

Important Takeaways

There are some important notes for affiliates that Teachery wants you to be aware of. They include:

Both Parties Get Emailed

When you add an affiliate, you and the affiliate get emailed with important URLs related to the program. As such, every time you edit an affiliate URL, an email will always be sent to both parties notifying you of the change.

Also, affiliate URLs do not work with custom domains. You need to use the specific Teachery emails so both you and your affiliate can get the needed emails.


With Teacherly, course payouts are distributed 30 days after a sale occurs. Teachery ensures that the waiting period is there so that there are no refunds or chargebacks.

Affiliate Fees

When paying an affiliate through PayPal, there is a fee associated with the account, and not related to Teachery. The fee is calculated at 2%.

Landing Pages

Landing pages can help you in selling online courses by encouraging your customers to join your email listserv.

It is helpful to create email opt-in pages, landing pages for specific courses, webinar pages, and other types of content you provide.

Much like the content editor, you can add or remove sections, change the background colors, and even alter the header and supporting images to your liking for each course page.

You can check the top picks for the best landing page optimization tools.

Limitations of Sales Features

Despite the wide range of tools at your disposal, there are some limitations associated with Teachery to be aware of.

For example, you are limited to the email service providers Teachery supports. While Zapier, a Teachery-friendly integration, can help you connect with other programs, there is no other easy way of getting your preferred email marketing software on the website.

In addition, the page-builder capabilities for landing pages and such are not fully fleshed out. You only have one template to work for on the page, but the default design is clean and approachable for anyone.

Lastly, creating the sales and opt-in pages can be cumbersome. Thankfully, you can contact customer support for help on formatting the page.

Support And Payment Pages

Running your new course platform is an exciting opportunity, but unfortunately, offering your services for free won't help pay for the roof over your head.

Teachery provides flexible payment plans that may be better than other platforms, depending on your preference.

Flexible Payment Plans

On the recurring payments page, you can choose how your students pay for your online course or courses in two ways: monthly, or yearly. After all, it makes sense that Teachery would provide the same payment options it gives you if you decide to use their service.

When charging monthly or yearly, customers will be charged on the same day of the month as their first purchase, or the same day as the first year.

Different Kinds of Payments

You can also decide the number of months and years someone can subscribe for. By default, however, Teachery will set recurring payments to infinite payments.

In addition, you can set one-time payments as well. For example, if you charge an online course at $500, you can either have a customer purchase it one fell swoop, or pay for it in a monthly plan in the form of $50 per month for 10 months.

Customer Support

Along with providing thoughtful payment options, Teachery's customer support and resource center are kind and considerate of your needs.

The customer support is monitored 7 days a week, but they do not offer 24-hour customer support. However, Teachery tries to reply to your comments as soon as they can and with helpful responses.

Limitations of Payment and Support Resources

Although the support Teachery offers is rock solid and payments plans are flexible, a few quirks need some fixing.

The only built-in payment platform Teachery has for students paying you is a Stripe account. However, it is not like other platforms; due to PayPal's unique API code, Teachery finds it simple to have Stripe as their only integrated payment gateway.

Also, there are no membership site payments that you can start selling at a paid monthly fee. Instead, Teachery recommends using your monthly and annual fee as the membership payment, though there is no separate feature.

One more thing is that there is a lack of community building options. There is no social proof for integrating Facebook or Slack groups with Teachery without the use of third-party software.

We Recommend Teachery 👍

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Final Thoughts

Essentially, Teachery's simplicity is a boon for online course creators who want to start their business without being bogged down by a lack of technical knowledge.

Although Teachery lacks some features, such as video conferencing and community apps integration or quizzes, what you have is a website being run by passionate creators who want your experience to be as smooth as can be.

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