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Teachable Review

Written by: Siobhan Brier  | September 2, 2021

In this new technological age, many of us are always looking to streamline the ways in which we learn and teach. That's why Teachable, an online course platform, exists.

Teachable allows you to develop your own online courses through its user-friendly interface, bringing the world of online learning to the fingertips of knowledgeable individuals worldwide.

Have you ever honed a skill that you want to share with the world? Maybe you are an educator hoping to become an online course creator.

No matter what, Teachable's course builder software allows you to create courses that can reach your designated audience with ease and efficiency.

Teachable makes selling courses a breeze so that you can focus on what really matters: sharing your knowledge with the world and creating online courses that can change lives. The platform offers a multitude of plans so that you can create and sell online courses in a way that suits your business, dream, or lifestyle.

In this Teachable review, you can expect to learn about Teachable and all of the various features it provides as well as the several plans you can choose from. You can also see how one can sell courses using Teachable in order to reach a wider audience.

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What is Teachable?

We'll kick off our Teachable review with a breakdown of just what the service is. Teachable is a modern-day online course platform that allows teachers, craftsmen, businesses, and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to the public.

Teachable allows you to transform your ideas into a knowledge-based business through the power of course creation. You can share what you know and bring your online course to those who need it with Teachable's user-friendly course builder.

With online learning becoming more and more popular, it's more important than ever to have access to tools that make creating courses online simple and dynamic. But just who can use Teachable?

In short, online course creators of all kinds can use Teachable course designing software to create and sell online courses. With even the simplest free plan the services have to offer, you have access to a number of user-friendly teaching resources to help you build your course.

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From here, you have the power to customize your content to showcase you or your brand's unique perspective. Teachable also makes it easy for you to market and sell courses so you don't have to stress about course sales and focus on the things that are important to your brand.

Teachable is the perfect platform for courses on a wide range of subjects. From the arts and humanities to sciences, language, sports, or niche interests, teachable users have the power to create and share their vibrant course curriculum with the students that need it.

The Teachable platform prioritizes ease of use as well as creative liberty for course creators so that clunky online courses become a thing of the past. Never have to worry about your online course missing its target audience or lacking creativity again with Teachable's learning management system.

Teachable Pricing Overview

Teachable offers four main plans for a wide range of users. Teachable payments vary but anyone can access the free plan which comes with unlimited courses and students, while at the top of the line of teachable payments is the business plan makes it easier for larger businesses to teach and coach with a wider variety of resources.

If you are just starting out but still want to share your knowledge, Teachable's free or basic plan may be an ideal choice.

The benefit of free plans is the opportunity to experiment and determine whether the platform is a good fit for you before making any financial investments.

For those that wish to advance even further, the professional plan is the right choice. The professional plan is the most popular and offers an abundance of tools to boost student engagement.

In all of the four plans, Teachable offers unlimited courses, video, and hosting as well as integrated payment processing and no fees for free courses. Students will be able to comment on lectures and take basic quizzes in courses created through even the most basic plan.

Teachable Pricing Plans

Screenshot of Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable Free Plan

The Teachable Free Plan is the only one that avoids recurring costs. It includes all the base features that are standard in any Teachable plan with no monthly fee.

With this plan, you can still host as many courses as you would like with unlimited students, with access to the beautiful course design templates that Teachable offers. The free plan will require you to have to pay $1 plus 10% in transaction fees and will only have access to one admin-level user privilege.

Teachable Basic Plan

The basic plan is a great choice for anyone looking to take their online course up a notch.

For just $29 a month billed annually, you will only have to pay 5% in transaction fees and have access to a second admin level user, course design training, integrated email marketing, and third-party integrations, as well as access to a private student community and members-only community, among other benefits.

The basic plan is a great choice for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to level up their online course platform without breaking the bank.

Teachable Professional Plan

The professional plan is Teachable's most popular plan.

At just $99 a month billed annually, you will have no transaction fees and have access to up to five admin-level users.

While using the pro plan, you will be bumped to priority product support and have the ability to utilize an unbranded website, unlike other Teachable users. The pro plan also allows you to utilize third-party affiliate marketing tools and teaching tools, such as advanced quizzes and course completion certificates.

Teachable Business Plan

The business plan is the very best that Teachable has to offer.

This plan allows you to grow your business with up to 20 admin-level users at just $249 per month billed annually. Again, this plan offers no transaction fees as well as instant payouts.

It is Teachable's most customizable plan, allowing manual student imports and bulk enrollments as well as advanced theme customization.

Who is Teachable Best for?

Through this Teachable review, you may find that Teachable is for course creators just like you.

Teachable was designed by and for course creators of all kinds. Whether you are looking to teach coding, film making, bread baking, or yoga, Teachable is the learning management system for you.

Teachable is great for entrepreneurs who are itching to get their ideas off the ground, creators of any kind with a skill to share, and small business owners looking for a beautiful space to market an online course.

Teachable is best for small businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to share their wealth of knowledge while earning the money they deserve.

The online course platform is perfect for these kinds of creators as it allows you to easily create courses or coaching in any subject you wish you teach from the ground up.

If you are someone who values learning and who has the skill to share, then Teachable is for you.

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Most course creators are drawn to Teachable for its ease of use and encouragement of creativity, so don't be afraid to build the courses that you wish to see in the world.

No matter if you are a first-time course creator or a business that is simply looking to hone its online presence, Teachable can work for you and your goals. Course creators can choose from a variety of plans that suit them, whether they want to build online courses for small, niche audiences or large crowds.

Main Features

Teachable offers a wide range of features that allow you to customize your online course to fit your unique brand. With the most user-friendly interface available in online course building and access to customer support when you need it, the service makes it simple to navigate the planning and executing your course material.

Course creation is only the beginning with Teachable; you can also track course sales and keep a close eye on analytics so you never fall behind.

In addition, Teachable's course platform makes it a breeze to include others in your team and pay them for their efforts. If you choose to opt for a paid plan, you can have unlimited new students and bandwidth for all of your teaching tools.

The possibilities are endless with a wide range of customizable features through your Teachable account.

Screenshot of Teachable's customizable features

Mobile and Asynchronous Learning

Teachable offers students the capability to take your course asynchronously or using mobile technology, vastly improving freedom and creating the ability to learn on the go.

When students can learn anywhere and at any time, there is no limit to their ability to benefit from your course.

You also have the opportunity to schedule synchronous courses. This will allow you to develop a classroom community so that everyone can get to know each other and ask real-time questions.

Customize Your Site

While Teachable allows you to customize your experience in a multitude of ways, customization is most important when it comes to connecting your students to your content and brand.

Through Teachable, course creators can create a custom domain so that their students can easily see their existing website while also taking advantage of the courses they have to offer.

Not only this but courses themselves can be endlessly customized with multimedia teaching tools so that your teaching and coaching sessions are always engaging. You can use Teachable's page builder to develop your course and track its success without any prior coding knowledge.

The endlessly customizable interface Teachable provides to its users allows you to tailor course content perfectly to your audience.

Track Your Sales and Monetize Courses

Teachable offers a multitude of ways to track your sales and market your brand effectively so your small business can thrive. Because monetization is not easy on your own, Teachable makes it simple and clear while also offering ways to customize your sales page.

Comprehensive dashboards allow you to peek at how you're doing on sales and take note of any student insights.

Sales pages offer the opportunity to gauge your course's success at a single glance, allowing you to take the back seat on marketing and refocus your efforts toward other goals. A sales page is also a wonderful way to view all relevant information in one place.

Screenshot of Teachable's sales page

Teachable also allows you to offer your students advanced pricing options. Through Teachable, you can choose to allow your students the opportunity to subscribe to your lessons, pay for memberships, or bundle together courses.

You have the ability to determine your course price as well. Choosing to offer a free course or a paid course gives you the ability to bump your sales or cater to your students' needs.

Finally, bring your courses to a wide audience through an affiliate program that helps with marketing. They will help spread the word about your course so you can focus on the course planning. You will never feel like you have to engage with an empty classroom with Teachable!

Include Your Employees

With Teachable, you have the power to include multiple team members and contributors. Starting with a basic plan, you can have multiple admin-level users; this allows you to grow not only your teaching skills but your small business itself.

Utilize Top-Notch Teaching Tools

Teachable is ideal for creating multimedia learning environments. Even with just a free plan, you have access to unlimited bandwidth, courses and coaching services, and students for your courses.

On top of engaging course material, you can keep students on track with Calendly integration. This allows your clients to book and schedule their multiple courses with ease.

Finally, keep students motivated through quizzes and course completion certificates. In some cases, a completion certificate can be required for students to move on in order to ensure student transformation.

Secure and Private

Teachable will never claim to own your data and will simultaneously protect it from fraud. Not only will Teachable protect your data, but student data, too.

This includes securing your students' log-in information and payment information. Teachable only utilizes PCI level-1, compliant payment providers.

Teachable Features

Teachable offers a multitude of advanced features in even our most beginner plan. These features will put you ahead of the rest, allowing your course content and your skills as a teacher or coach to shine through.

Unlimited Students

Whether you are sharing niche skills or information everyone should learn, you should never be limited on the number of students who are able to enroll in your course.

Limited students mean limited sharing of knowledge and limited ability to profit off of your hard work.

Instant Payouts 

Instant payouts mean that you never have to wait to get paid for teaching your course content. Course sales will always be transparent, and when you use Teachable Payments, you will be paid once monthly through PayPal for your hard work.

Screenshot of Teachable Payments

Unlimited Courses

Selling courses is easier when you have the ability to teach as many topics as you wish. With any Teachable plan, you have the power to design any number of courses whether your knowledge base is in knitting or microeconomics.

Unlimited Coaching Services

Those who use Teachable also have the chance to offer unlimited coaching services.

Sometimes, coaching feels more appropriate than "teaching" - for instance, maybe your brand is more geared towards lifestyle tips and tricks than it is hard skills. Teachable still offers you the capability to teach as much to as many as you wish.

Product Bundles

Bundling products can increase sales and makes it easier for your students to get access to the information they require.

With any Teachable plan, you can bundle courses or learning tools to allow a perfect, seamless experience for your students

Screenshot of Product Bundles

Course Design Templates

Designing courses has never been easier with Teachable's gorgeous user interface.

With your creativity and our templates, the sky is the limit. You don't even need computer skills to design and sell online courses that make you proud. You will even be granted a custom domain for your Teachable school.

A page builder will allow you to easily build and design your course. Knowledge of coding is not necessary for beautiful and easy-to-use course pages and analytics.

Product Support

No matter whether you have the free plan or the business plan, Teachable provides advanced product and customer support whenever you need it. Email support is offered round the clock for any of our plans and with professional and business plans, you can have access to live chat support.

Teachable support is state of the art. The platform truly works to ensure your experience is just as seamless as that of your students.

Screenshot of Product Support

Third-Party Integrations 

Teachable is unique in allowing third-party integrations. This means you can sync up Google Analytics, Sumo, or Segment to discover how your course is performing with a customized sales page.

Basic Quizzes

Teaching becomes much easier when you have the tools to gauge your students' progress at the tips of your fingers. This is why Teachable includes basic quizzes in every plan package.

Quizzes can keep your students engaged and on top of their course material and make it easier for you to track the efficacy of your curriculum.

Screenshot of Teachable's Basic Quizzes

Mobile Learning

Students who take part in your course are also able to gain your knowledge base through the Teachable iOS app.

Living in an ever-changing, constantly mobile world means that the ability to take courses from your phone can make learning more widely accessible.

How to Access Teachable

Anyone can access Teachable course authoring software. Simply visit the Teachable website to sign up for the free, beginner plan today. From there, Teachable makes it easy to learn the software so you can be on your way to designing your own courses.

Utilize Teachable's built-in page builder and templates to build your course and track your success. Teachable gives you all the tools you need to get your small business or idea up on its feet and to those who want to learn more.

If you ever need help, Teachable's customer support is available through email and ready to respond to your needs. Many other Teachable course creators can offer help through YouTube videos or Facebook group pages.

Marketing Your Teachable Courses

Image about Teachable Courses

Marketing your Teachable class effectively is the best way to share your skills with a wide audience and boost your business' growth. However, learning how to market and understanding the process of selling online courses is a skill set in and of itself.

While Teachable's sales pages can help you track your existing students, you can boost your sales as well with a little marketing know-how.

Teachable's endless customization capabilities make it easy to create engaging landing pages that will draw in students. Utilize exciting templates to boost course attendance.

Learning some marketing best practices, such as cross-posting your class information to other social media or creating a sales-boosting event or promotion, can truly help you to clinch those new students.

Maintaining existing students becomes a lot easier when you encourage them through in-course marketing such as rewards and certificates.

Boost marketing practices by developing a clear and exciting brand. This brand will exist through all of your media from your copywriting to any images you use.

This will draw in your students and assure them that you are providing the same quality content throughout all of your courses. Teachable makes this easy with simple and beautiful course templates.

After creating your brand, get the word out with email newsletters. Affiliate marketing offered with Teachable's more advanced plans can help you to include sales-boosting links in any newsletter so that your students are always up to date. Making newsletters engaging will also help garner more clients who may have previously been on the fence.

Teachable's blog has an abundance of articles that can help you gain marketing skills and more.

Screenshot of Teachable's blog

Working on Teachable: Examples

Teachable courses have no limits when it comes to design and creativity, so they should certainly not be limited in the subject matter.

No matter what your skills are, if you are willing to share them, then Teachable's software could work for you. From the arts to sciences, niche skills, or large-scale academics, you can teach with Teachable.


Arts education is often limited in in-person learning scenarios around the world. Therefore, marketing your artistic knowledge on Teachable can be extremely helpful to students who may not get this training elsewhere.

Teachable's most popular art courses are often in subjects such as watercolor painting or figure drawing, but they can also cover more specific topics such as how to use different kinds of drawing software or how to fold paper flowers.

Teachable's endless options for creativity make it the perfect backdrop for a course in the arts.

Teachable's creativity options


With the rise in popularity of healthy living and exercise, it's no wonder many individuals are turning to online fitness and health classes. Your small business or entrepreneurial spirit can benefit from this by building a course using Teachable.

Some popular health classes on Teachable include training in yoga and even a fitness bootcamp, but you may choose to share your skills in healthy eating or even breastfeeding tips and tricks that you can't find elsewhere.

Offering health classes in an online medium can help to make fitness and healthy eating more accessible to all.

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You should never feel like your knowledge is too specific or uninteresting. It's more than likely that your Teachable class will be one of a kind and garner a slew of students who are just dying to know what you know.

Topics like shoemaking, bread baking, and even houseplant care have been immensely successful, so there's no reason that your class on tap dance or puppy training wouldn't reach its deserved audience.

There are tons of people who will learn a new skill at any chance they get, so why not share your niche knowledge?


Teaching academics through Teachable is a great way to give students extra help or allow them some flexibility with courses that they wouldn't have with in-person schooling.

From language learning courses of all levels to tutoring in A-level exams, students can find the help they need through Teachable courses.

Creating a Teachable class can be a great way for teachers to get their curriculum to a wider range of students and grow their success as an entrepreneur.

Class image


Membership courses on Teachable are those that students pay a subscription for in order to attend multiple courses. This can be a great choice for teachers of subjects that go beyond the scope of just one class.

For example, learning how to play any instrument may take more than just one class, so offering students the opportunity to follow along through a subscription to your courses can be immensely helpful in getting them to the proficiency they desire.


It's no secret that Teachable is a great resource for businesses of all kinds. Not only can your business utilize Teachable to reach its clients or customers, but it can also create a course to train its employees.

Even courses advertised to the general public can be a great tool for businesses to draw in customers and teach them about their products or services in advance.

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Teachable will always protect both your and your students' data thanks to an expert fraud team and monitoring.

You never surrender your data to Teachable and Teachable will never claim to own what is yours.

2048-bit SSL certificate keeps your students' login and payment information secure.

Customer Care Team

Teachable's customer care team is award-winning and available at any time through the website. Simply reach out via email if you ever have any questions or comments and the team will be quick to respond and fix the issue.

Contacting the team becomes even easier with the professional or business level plan, as you have access to round-the-clock live chat when needed.

Screenshot of Teachable's Customer Care Team


The Teachable blog is home to many articles covering a wide range of topics that help you learn how to use Teachable. Many of the ideas discussed in this Teachable review are addressed in more depth via Teachable's blog material.

From marketing your courses to learning how to grow your team, blog articles that you can access through the Teachable website can help you learn the tips and tricks you need in order to succeed. You'll notice this boost in your growth right away on your sales pages.

Teachable's blog also has invaluable information on creativity and mindset, topics in which you need to be savvy in order to create online courses. Boosting your productivity without draining your energy can be a hard skill to learn, which is why the blog has many articles to point you in the right direction.

Several blog articles also have tons of info on video production and how to efficiently work from home so that you can make your online courses more dynamic than ever.

Visit the blog through the Teachable website and peruse useful articles by signing up for the Teachable newsletter.


Reviews of Teachable average around 4.4 stars out of 5, proving that Teachable's user interface stands up well to its advertisements. Each Teachable review offers unique insight, but the vast majority of users have nothing but positive comments to make.

Users mention that standouts with the technology include ease of use and popularity among online course creators as well as ethics behind the company. Even when other competitors release new features, Teachable's features remain steady and useful and fill in the gaps still left behind.

Some users mention drawbacks with Teachable's email application, but note that this is easily amended with the use of one's own email or customer service help.

Throughout this Teachable review, we've broken down many of the features that users (teachers and students alike) love: customization, ease of use, and a complex network of resources mean that the Teachable platform stands out from the rest.

Teachable’s Beginnings

Teachable was started in 2013 by Ankur Nagpal. At the time, he was instructing a course on marketing but realized that the course platform could be more customizable and have a much better payment system. This idea eventually became Teachable.

Created by teachers and learners for teachers and learners, Teachable is now the backbone of courses for more than 100,000 instructors and coaches. Teachable's beginnings prove that the simple business model of an idea to share with the world can boost creativity and success.

Entrusting your knowledge and skillset in Teachable software means that you can develop and progress too.

Teachable Careers

Image of Teachable Careers

At Teachable, you can find a number of careers in fields ranging from content marketing to software engineering in locations such as New York, Raleigh, and Brazil, though many positions also offer remote work possibilities.

Working for Teachable means that you are a creative individual who values small scale and open communication as well as ambitious and dynamic projects. Teachable values team members and the relationships it can bring together as well as those it has with its customers.

While working at Teachable you will receive benefits such as paid sick and parental leave, comprehensive health coverage, and the flexibility to work from home.

Alternatives to Teachable

Teachable competitors include Cornerstone LMS, Performance Pro, and Mindflash. While all of these software may have their benefits, Teachable has clearly established itself as a favorite and leading technology for a number of reasons.

Teachable's design and user interface make it easy for anyone, whether tech-savvy or not, to develop a course and promote it to a large audience. The beautiful design makes it not only easy but fun to use and learn from as well.

Teachable outcompetes Performance Pro and Mindflash in all of the top features from capabilities of asynchronous and synchronous learning to high-quality video conferencing.

Final Thoughts

Teachable's online course building software is an efficient, creative, and useful tool for entrepreneurs, teachers, small businesses, or anyone who wishes to share their knowledge.

This software allows endless opportunities for customization on the part of the course builder so that they can tailor their course to students' needs and desires as well as their unique course material. This makes it the perfect resource for not online typical online academics, but more niche topics as well.

Teachable is perfectly suited to the needs of 21st-century teachers and learners, giving classrooms the ability to learn together or apart.

Teachable also prioritizes the needs of the course maker, highlighting the necessity of marketing effectively and profiting off of the hard work it takes to build an online course.

Throughout this Teachable review, one thing is clear: due to a simple and beautiful user interface, Teachable is the leading software and teaching platform for creating and selling online courses.

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