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GlockApps Review

Written by: Connie Bazet  | September 22, 2021

With much of today’s marketplace being held online and consumers doing more and more of their everyday purchasing, from essentials to groceries to clothes, on their electronic devices, growing your business is mostly a matter of connecting with consumers and getting your name out there.

While the option of partnering with a larger entity, such as becoming an Amazon Partner, can be appealing, you’ll always have to share a portion of your profit with the bigger company as payment for being promoted on their website.

While this can seem acceptable on the surface, those seemingly small portions can become problematic in the big picture. Over the years, $1 on every sale made can become an incredible profit loss.

Instead of sharing the spotlight with companies like Amazon, you may want to try growing your business on your own terms. Thankfully, the software vendor GlockApps is here to help budding entrepreneurs.

What is GlockApps?

GlockApps, developed by G Lock Software, offers users a variety of plans, offering creators exactly what they need for their business without overpaying for features that they won’t use.

It offers a variety of services through one convenient site where you’re able to check everything at once while helping you keep your email providers in check.

The level of customization present in the software vendor is ideal. You can always add items as you move forward in your efforts to keep your emails from losing their way to the consumer and improve deliverability overall.

This is essential for the fundamental purpose of maintaining relations with your customers to expand your business.

Ways GlockApp Could Help Expand Your Business

Importance Of Building Relations

Ways glockapps could help expand your business

When you use a partner like Amazon, the people purchasing your product may not form a relationship with your brand, and they may see you as just an extension of a larger brand.

While this may seem acceptable in the beginning, as it could convince them to purchase your product as opposed to a competitor’s, it also means you could be replaced in their eyes with another promoted brand since you’re both held to the same standards.

A much more direct and reliable way of creating a relationship with consumers is to be a standalone brand that manages its own marketing and promotion, including consumer outreach through email marketers utilizing constant contact.

GlockApps can help you create your brand by testing your emails and ensuring that your customers get your messages.  

Significance Of Email Campaigns

Significance Of Email Campaigns

When consumers sign up for newsletters and constant contact, they’re opting into receiving inbox updates from brands they trust–which could include you!

You also may be given a chance to send promotional emails to consumers who have not heard of you before but are looking for a company that offers your services.

However, there is one major caveat of email marketing: the risk of your email being tagged as spam and moved to the consumer’s spam folder, where it will most likely be deleted without them ever opening it, as opposed to in their inbox.

Avoiding The Spam Folder

An email being tagged as spam or never even delivered means a potential customer does not receive information about your business, and you’ve wasted money on marketing. Therefore, preventing these issues from occurring during your marketing campaign is important.

Conveniently, some programs and websites on the software vendor allow you to check your emails to ensure that you won’t fall into the easy-to-avoid pitfalls of email marketing such as bouncing, being moved to the spam folder as opposed to the inbox, DMARCing, and ensuring that your IP and domain aren’t on industry blocklists.

Through this GlockApps review, its features will be tested and placed against its prices to determine whether or not GlockApps is right for your business.

Glock Software Pricing

Glock software pricing

Before diving into all the features that Glockapps helps your email marketing services, pricing is an important factor to consider. As is customary, all users can sign up for a 14-day free trial on the software vendor, including 3 email spam tests and access Uptime and DMARC monitoring.

Once the trial is expired, you have a few paid plans that may meet your expectations. These include:

  • Basic plan: $59 per month ($708 annually)
  • 3,600 email spam tests
  • 1.2 million DMARC messages
  • 1 User
  • Standard customer support
  • Business plan: $99 per month ($1188 annually)
  • 8,400 email spam tests
  • 12 million DMARC messages
  • 5 Users
  • Premium customer support

In addition, you can create your own custom plan and choose however many DMARC messages, users, etc., you want at a pricepoint you find agreeable. Finally, for those wanting a little extra, contact customer support and get started with an Enterprise plan.



Now that you have decided on a paid plan right for you, we can get to the fun part of the review: discussing important features useful for your needs. These include bounce monitor, bounce checker, uptime monitor, and other tools in its deliverability arsenal so you can have your email marketing messages delivered appropriately.

Spam Filtration

GlockApps by G Lock Software offers several online services for small businesses all in one platform. At a basic level, there is a tool that allows for email deliverability testing and will find its way to the consumer's inbox instead of being filtered to their spam folder through spam tests. 

Knowing this information will improve your inbox insight and allow for greater success through email marketing campaigns.

Many email providers will have different spam filters that vary depending on which email service providers you are attempting to send your email to. For example, an email sent to an account managed by the email service provider Yahoo Mail will undergo a different spam-check than an email sent to a Gmail account.

This is because spam filters are not standardized. A smaller website most likely doesn’t prioritize spam filtering as a large corporation dealing with many accounts like Google so that they won’t have an extensive spam filtration system.

Inbox Placement

Using GlockApps, you’re able to effectively check and ensure no issues arise through its spam tests without filling your brain or a notebook with the heaps of email accounts that you use to carry out spam testing. Also, GlockApps provides you with an inbox placement tool to help send emails.

You can run inbox placement tests by sending your emails to a seed list, helping you identify any issues in your messaging or if your spam score is too high. Also, GlockApps checks for a few items in its spam check, such as:

  • Spam score for email content
  • IP reputation monitor and reputation for the email or domain you send from
  • Authentication and genuine email placement from plentiful IP addresses
  • Shows if any of the IP addresses used to send emails were spotted on blocklists

However, you might be wondering what a seed list even is. After all, it's not a phrase one would use in regular conversation. Simply, a seed list consists of managed email accounts in which you can distribute your messages.

GlockApp's seed list contains email addresses from various providers, including:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • La Poste

When sending your email through its system, the company discloses that they will be resending your email using its delivery methods, so results may differ from those you will actually receive outside of the spam testing software. However, as long as you keep your IP and domain reputable, there should be no major issues with using your own Internet service provider (ISP), other ISPs, major ISPs, or email servers to send the emails as opposed to theirs.

Diagnostic Tools

In addition to simply telling you how many email servers tagged your email campaigns as spam and filtered it accordingly, GlockApps' report shows diagnostic tools to improve your emails and keep such things from happening when you plan to officially send the email campaign out to consumers, which might affect your spam score. 

The test is not just a one-time feature to improve deliverability, either. If you would like, then GlockApps can also set up the tool in such a way that you receive real-time updates for whenever your email slips into someone’s spam folder, essentially creating the ability to run deliverability audits again and again.

So, if an originally perfectly deliverable email suddenly becomes taggable as spam by some filters, then you will be alerted of this change and told of ways to fix your email to prevent more emails from meeting the same fate and saving you money and consumer ethos. This makes it a great tool for businesses just starting on their email campaigns.

To use the tool, simply copy and paste your email to test its deliverability and see if it will make it to the recipients' inbox.

Content Analysis

content analysis

Email marketing campaigns often utilize several visual components in their email marketing efforts since consumers appreciate seeing pictures integrated into marketing. However, including images opens your email up to other deliverability issues, such as HTML problems.

Incorrect HTMLs can create dead links that lead nowhere, affecting inbox placement and hindering your company's efficiency at delivering emails to consumers. No one wants to lose the correct inbox placement because your image didn't load due to poor optimization. GlockApps allows you to run tests that check for this along with preventing that hit on your spam score.

When checking for inbox placement through spam filters, you can also tell the program developed by the GlockApps team that you would like to also check HTMLs before you send emails to customers. Furthermore, GlockApps can scan sending IP addresses and compare them with dozens of common blocklists.

The GlockApps team has a variety of major and minor services. Their HTML content analysis is one example of a minor service that can improve your reputation with email service providers and improve email deliverability due to this software vendor.



DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance.

Simply, for those who want to improve their email deliverability and email marketing techniques, its relevance has to do with your domain and its reputation.

DMARC analysis will tell you whether or not your domain has recently been involved in (with or without your consent) phishing, producing spam content, or spoofing.

DMARC records and reports ensure that your company isn't involved in any nefarious activity without your knowledge.

Furthermore, you can use the results from your DMARC analytics and create SMTP settings (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol settings used by email servers) that can help test your message at a regular time interval. This example of online services can help you get inbox insights into the changes over time.

Lastly, these tests can help you warm up to new IP addresses as well.

Bounce Monitor

As part of the business, marketing, and custom paid plans, the bounce monitor, or bounce tracker, helps determine why your email delivery is not reaching a recipient's email inbox.

There are two kinds of bounces, and each has its own unique properties:

  • Soft bounce
  • Recipients are not getting your messages due to server issues
  • Hard bounce
  • Messages are not sent to an inbox because the email address is no longer in use or the inbox has reached its full capacity.

Major ISPs will interpret high bounces as the sender using improper management practices and utilizing a faulty list acquisition.

In addition, if users consider you a spammer, that will negatively affect your reputation; it could also cause email service providers like Gmail to send your real email campaign messages to spam or block them.

So, a bounce monitor can provide quick litmus tests by tracking bounces and complaints via automatic tests. It will determine how many bounces you get from email campaigns daily.

Furthermore, the email testing spam process categorizes bounce emails into types, so you can investigate why your emails are bouncing for all the clients you have. Some reasons may involve:

  • Invalid email addresses
  • Message deliverability blocking
  • Email deliverability issues

Additional Features

If you are interested in related advanced features, you can also view bounce analytics and reports. By navigating to 'Bounce Monitor' and clicking 'Analytics,' you can see bounce data by email addresses or sender domains.

Under 'Live Feed,' you have access to a compiled report about every bounced email. To make sure you do not accidentally send mail that previously bounced and to improve deliverability, you can export your bounces and load the list into a suppression list so that they will be excluded from your future campaigns.

Also, you can receive an alert and report when the number of bounce emails exceeds a certain threshold indicated by you. For certain email delivery systems, such as Amazon SES, it will suspend your account if the bounce rate reaches or goes beyond a standard percentage of the volume of sent messages.



Apart from ensuring that each email does not end up being registered as spam, you may also want even more reassurance that your business messages are always going directly to the customer's inbox. Enter the GlockApps solution: Gappie.

This dog/bot, named Gappie, can be automatically added to your Telegram or Slack. A Gappie report shows your email domain checker and security to help you think of ways to improve your business model.

Gappie, being a good doggo, will send you notifications concerning:

  • DMARC analytics if your compliance rate drops
  • Changes in records that show in DMARC reports
  • Reports of authentication failures of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) or SPF (Sender Policy Framework) in traffic from genuine sources

Also, Gappie will let you know about your inbox ratio and if your messages are being blocked or delivered to spam folders, according to the report.

Lastly, Gappie can act as a tool for validating domain records to enhance deliverability. By sending "/domain" to Gappie, the good doggo will help you receive a report about your DMARC, SPF, and other records so you can take immediate action if needed.

Customer Support

Many of these GlockApps features sound great, but if you find yourself stuck on using a specific tool, then this last part of the GlockApps review might be the most vital: their customer support.


customer support

The support section has four subsections: guides, glossary, help center, and contact us.


Guides are a list of tutorials that focus on various features of GlockApps, including explaining more about the uptime monitor, understanding spam scores, and making the best inbox placement.

Each guide is written by an employee and provides helpful information.


The glossary puts together various definitions you may want to know for specific terms.

For example, an entry for a seed list describes how a seed list is a collection of test email addresses to which various tested mails are sent.

Other definitions include email deliverability, among other useful terms you may need to understand in order to take advantage of all the features.

Help Center

In the "help center" section, myriad topics are put together for your reading pleasure. Topics such as DMARC analysis, account and billing, and more are included to help with sending each mail to your customers.

Contact Us

Lastly, the "contact us" features establishes ways to get into contact with an actual person.

Contact options include:

  • Live chat
  • Email [email protected]
  • Contact form, in which you list your name, email, and a message detailing your query

Most importantly, the customer support staff can be reached Monday to Friday from 2 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

It is thanks to the efforts of Julia Gulevich, head of customer success and countless other employees of GlockApps that the customer support is strong and determined to help you.

We Recommend Glockapps 👍

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Is GlockApps Right For You?

Although partnering with bigger companies is a tempting option, GlockApps can help you stand out on your own while attaining revenue that can help you further expand your goals.

The various features will help you ensure that your emails are not being sent to spam folders, enabling you to focus on creating compelling content.

For beginners, the prices of the monthly and annual plans might be a hard pill to swallow, including features you might not think you need. You can even try to customize your plans for a lower cost if you want to use specific GlockApps features.

Furthermore, customer support is flexible and accessible; however, there is a lack of 24/7 support. You can always leave a message, and the team will respond to your query as soon as possible during their availability.

GlockApps can help you get started with creating compelling email marketing campaigns. We hope you found this review helpful in some small way and wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Hope to see you in our inbox...not spam!

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