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Demio Review

Written by: Joseph Sleek  | July 13, 2021

Webinars are one of the most powerful ways to market your products and business. 

If you can provide your targeted audience a great product with a webinar that captures their attention and teaches them the value, you’ll hit a home run when it comes to marketing.

If you don't, well...

Demio claims to be one of the best webinar softwares on the market, and we’re going to put that to the test.

In this review, we’re going to walk through how to set up live and automated webinars, create other assets essential to webinars like a funnel page or emails for attendees, and tackle other features like audience interaction and presentation tools. 

At the end, we’ll talk about the different pricing structures and how effective and/or vital using Demio as a webinar platform could be for your business. 

Getting Started with Demio

One of the most important parts of trying out a software product, especially if you are not a techie, is the ability to go from clicking that purchase or free trial button to starting to use the product. 

Demio makes that easy with their getting started pop-up right away.

Right when you create your account, they ask you to put your company name. 

If your company is already running webinars, they’ll bring you to the spot where you can add the files of your other webinars to create your own. To get the new experience for everyone, we chose the option to say, “No, we’re just starting out.”

After that, you have to figure out what’s the ultimate goal you have with webinars.

Do you want to generate new leads, convert existing leads, or train existing customers?

We chose the option to convert existing leads as that’s what most webinars are used for. 

When launching our first webinar on Demio, we chose to start from scratch to get the best getting started sequence for our company and this review. 

And finally, just for their own purposes, they asked us how we learned about Demio. We put a review site - just like you’re doing right now. 

Now when you choose ACCESS MY ACCOUNT, you’ll get greeted by a welcome message and a video on everything you can do in Demio, along with a video tutorial on how to get started. 

They then create an event for you with a simulated audience to show you how to use Demio. 

We jumped in right away to check it out. 

Once we’re in, we’re greeted with a video explaining to us that this is what the interface looks like when you’re running an event. 

Clicking in the top left corner allowed us to go live.

The right side of the screen is where the chat, polls, and handouts are for the simulation, and you can test anything you want right at the start. 

If you look in the center of the screen, you can see an icon indicating how many people are in the room, a file icon allowing you to play videos or slides, and a go on stage screen which hooks up to your camera and microphone to “go on stage” for your webinar. 

We clicked the video button to see how simple it really is. 

This tutorial helped us understand how to interact within a webinar room and how to add videos to the screen, read chat, run polls, and host the webinar with your camera and microphone. 

These are important things for us to know when hosting a webinar, and I think the Getting Started tutorial was a success for Demio in showing us how to run a webinar. 

Now let’s talk about how to start one. 

Creating A Webinar 

Under the events tab, you will see a tab called “+ ADD NEW EVENT”. Click on that, and we’re going to get three options. 

Standard is your normal live webinar.

If you wanted to do something live, either as a one-time webinar or use it as automation, after choosing this option. 

Series is an option for more advanced webinar hosts out there.

Basically, if your product either requires a lot of explanation or you have a higher ticket product that takes more persuasion, you might have them come back for multiple webinars to convince them that your product is right for them. 

Automated is a scheduled webinar that uses a pre-recorded session. This option is not available if you choose the starter package. 

We’re going to choose the Standard option. The next page is going to ask us what the event is about and who the host is. 

Let’s choose affiliate marketing as the topic!

After choosing affiliate marketing, we end up on a page that shows sessions either upcoming or past for this category, the ability to customize registration, emails, and more, analytics for this topic, and how to share the registration link. 

If you click the join room button in the top right, you’ll get a screen popping up saying, “You don’t have any upcoming sessions.” 

So let’s make one. 

Under the summary tab, choose to SCHEDULE THIS EVENT.

A screen will pop up to add a date and time. We’re going to choose a single date & time to see what the rest of the process looks like. 

Once we add the event to the event schedule, we can click on the join room button again and press another join room button, and we’re in. 

 Back to the interface screen, we’ve seen in the tutorial. We’ll get back to this later. 

Creating An Automated Webinar

We just went through the process of how to create a webinar and go live right away. 

What if you want to create a webinar to go up and get your sales while you’re sleeping? Or at noon, every day while you’re doing something else. 

Let’s walk through how to do that right now. 

We’re going to add another new event in the top right part of the screen. 

This time, we will choose the automated tab and name it “Affiliate Marketing - Automated” to differentiate the two.

Once we get in here, we’ll notice two things that are different:

First, the join room button isn’t available.

The reason it’s not available is because of the second different thing on the screen. It’s telling us you need to add a video to set up an automated event. 

If you go under the customize tab and scroll down to the automation section, click on it, and you’ll see a spot where you can upload a video to use as a pre-recording for your webinar. 

All you have to do is make a video that you record for a webinar or an old session you recorded with Demio, and once you upload it, you’ll be able to join the room or start an event. 

Second, well... Actually there is no second because the writer of this article forgot to put in a second point and me, the editor, now has to imagine what that could be. But who knows?!

Creating A Webinar Funnel Page

One of the most important factors for a webinar platform is how the registration page looks to sign up for a webinar. 

This is probably one of the first times a lead will see your brand, and you want to leave a good first impression. 

Under the customization tab we were on earlier, scroll to the top where it says registration, and click on that to open up an option to customize your registration page.

On the left-hand side, you can see a few different options:

You can change the background to a gradient-like it is in this picture.

You can upload a background image behind your text and CTAs, or you can choose the accent option, which makes it a white minimal-looking screen. 

Under the branding section, you can add your logo and your color scheme.

Elements allow you to add a little bit more to the page, like a subheadline or video. 

And the Social tab changes what the social card looks like when the link gets posted on social media

The customization here is simple and easy, but there isn’t a lot you can do here.

However, keep in mind that this is primarily a webinar platform and not a landing page platform.

You can always use a landing page platform like Clickfunnels or Leadpages and direct them to the webinar after. 

Creating An Email

Staying under the customize tab, under the registration section is the email notification section. 

Once we click on that, we can see that Demio sets us up with the ability to have an instant confirmation email upon sign-up, 24 hours before the webinar, 1 hour before, and 15 minutes before. 

You can edit each of these emails, but you can only add a custom text snippet in the body of the email. Everything else in the email is locked in, and you can’t change it. 

Inside the Demio software, this is all the customization you could do, and that’s not enough for us, and you probably would like to add or change more. 

The good news is that you can integrate with email platforms that you may already be using. 

Demio integrates with:

  • Zapier
  • Infusionsoft
  • Aweber
  • Ontraport
  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • Activecampaign
  • Convertkit
  • Drip
  • Markethero
  • Marketo

Chat Box

Let’s look at everything hosts and attendees can do in the chatbox within a webinar room. 

If an attendee says anything in chat, the default option is to say it publicly. But attendees can privately message the comment or question, and the host and admins can see it in the admin panel. 

As a host or moderator, you can mark chat comments as questions so the host can answer them easily. You can also change the chat to just questions only if you have lots of attendees. 

Admins have three extra options that they can do in chat: polls, handouts, and featured actions. 

Polls run exactly how you would expect. You can change the question to whatever you want it to be and add options to help market your product better to your audience. 

Handouts are any PDFs, slides, or documents that you would like to share with your chat. If you have a white paper or cheat sheet that would help explain your marketing to your attendees, you would use it here. 

Featured action is the interesting one.

Most webinar hosts have some kind of offer that they want to try to market during the webinar. A featured action creates a pop-up with a picture and a button to send them to wherever you want the link to go, whether it be a sales page or a checkout page. 

If you want to load up any of these things in the room before starting the webinar, you can head to the customize tab and click on the room section to add a resource. This would make the implementation process in the webinar a lot easier. 

Demio Pricing

Demio’s starter package starts at $49 monthly or $34/month if you pay annually. If you are just starting in the webinar world, these prices seem pretty fair to get started. 

One of the downsides with the starter package is that this plan doesn’t come with automated webinars meaning you have to be live for each webinar.

This takes away one of the biggest upsides of webinars that create sales at any time of day. 

The other downside is that, even for a webinar beginner, a 50 seat room seems like a good amount but could become full quickly. 

If you have some experience with webinars and can get a good number of people in the room, the growth plan seems like an excellent option. 

You get the automated webinars, room, and email branding and can have up to 150 attendees now. The difference from 50 viewers to 150 is huge, and automated webinars can create sales while doing other things for your company. 

Obviously, if you need more than these limits or longer sessions or more hosts, there are other packages you can check out and even talk to the company and get a quote if you have a huge audience. 

Demio does offer a free trial. This trial gives you their best plan for 14 days for free. 

We Recommend Demio 👍

Click the button below and give Demio a try. We loved it, and think you will too.

A Demio Review: Final Decision

Demio seems like one of the best options for someone looking into starting to test out webinars for their company or a company looking to up their game with better webinars. 

The ability to easily create a webinar within ten minutes of signing up shows how easy the process can be no matter how much of a techie you are.

And because not many platforms allow you to do live webinars and then turn them into automated webinars, the growth plan offers the ability to really turn one live video into an evergreen asset for your company and create sales for a long time. 

Want to run webinars? Check out Demio!

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