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Written by: Adam C  | September 28, 2021

Ionos Review

This web hosting company that used to be known as 1&1 Internet is now known as 1&1 Ionos. United Internet owns the company directly, and Ionos started in Germany in 1988. It also offers domain name registration, dedicated server, free Geotrust dedicated SSL certificate, email accounts service, Sitelock malware protection, shared hosting site, site builder packages, cloud hosting, free domain, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers, in addition to web hosting. The company's headquarters are located in Montabaur, Germany, and Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, respectively.

I might say that's an impressive history, and many reviews lead me to Ionos by 1&1.

They are taking customer and tech support seriously. They even have an online chat with a live, personal consultant that you can find in every corner of the website.

When you try to sign up for the service for first-timers, they will welcome you with three main packages for hosting plans.

1 &1 Iono's interface has some balance. The inferior fonts are readable, and how the browser loads when I search the hosting site URL is incredibly responsive.

How it approaches customers, it felt like it is encouraging small e-commerce businesses to pursue their dreams to put up a business, especially when the pandemic started every process we have can be done through the world wide web. Ionos has all of the hosting solutions available, which is pretty helpful, cheap, and enabling consumers (professional users and ordinary users can navigate it), in my opinion. Ionos support Windows operating systems as well as Macintosh, Linux, and many more. They also have WordPress site offers, VPS hosting, and a lot more. Their effort to interact with their customers via live chat and phone rep is a great deal.

Getting Started With Ionos

To test how they are for this hosting review, I signed up for their hosting web package. Again, less than a dollar per month is a takeaway, which I find more affordable than other web hosting providers than Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, and other hosting companies.

It redirected me to a few more deals.

It is less than a dollar because of a promotion, which you can only have if you register for their business web hosting plan. So then, let's create a business plan package review analysis. But as you can notice, after a year from the discounted price, it will be ten dollars per month, which still is honestly affordable compare to other hosting website providers.

For more information, Ionos offers unlimited websites, free domain, cloud hosting, unlimited SSD storage (they have some disclaimer that says that their plans are only limited by their infrastructure and the shared web hosting environment product runs. Performance issues only occur in exceptional circumstances and are caused by the allocation of technical resources (processors, PHP storage limits, disk space, etc.) to other websites., unlimited databases, professional email (This feature is a surprise to me), domain included for the first year (they have domain names like .us, .ca, .com, .net, .org, .info, .me, .biz, .online., not limited to or only reason it can help people to distinguish you as legitimate organization), enhanced CPU and MEM resources (websites are optimized for up to 200 visitors per minute (768 MB PHP memory, up to 6 GB RAM).

After I pressed continue, it prompted me to this page, where I needed to develop my new unique domain for my ionos powered website. I tried "jackson'spottery. ca", Please avoid a single piece of invalid characters (special characters) when creating a domain name.

I searched and thought of a non-cringe, not so horrible name for my future shop. Finally, I decided to call my domain name "testingthesite.com."

Next, you have to choose between a one-month or one-year agreement. I paid for an annual plan term because the month-to-month price was a few significantly greater. Plus, I saw that the more extended contract arrived with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there was no risk in signing it.

You will also see the outstanding balance on this part. However, there's no guaranteed refund indicated in the invoice.

There were a couple of additional purchase options on the next page. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any of it. However, they did contain a search engine optimization coach (named rankingCoach Essential) and managed WordPress hosting, both of which could be handy for beginners.

After that, I had to create an account and pay via direct debit, major credit card, visa card, or PayPal.

After I paid, I was instructed to wait for a confirmation on your email account containing my account information. This email was delivered right away, but it didn't include the login details. Email stating that I need to use what password I use to verify at signing up. It took me a few moments to remember the password, intended to help me access what I had created as my account.

information of vital login details

Using and Managing Your Website on Ionos

After receiving my logins from my email account, I went to the ionos website to manage my Cpanel, etc. Secure login now gives you access to your entire IONOS world: contracts, products, and customer data, as well as the ability to order or change services. There are various ways to log in to the Ionos system. The Webmail, my IONOS, Data Center Designer, and the HiDrive can access tool links directly.

Website Login Page

The interface prompted me to connect the domain I'd purchased and install WordPress once I'd logged in. WordPress Installation

Ionos Control Panel

IONOS does not use the standard cPanel interface; instead, they created their custom website design (backend), which companies can customize. For those who are used to cPanel, it may be unclear at first and take some time to get used to, but it is relatively fair to use in the end. IONOS has a hosting that has not to have much of a difference from a typical one. They have the tool as the control panel but have a lighter and more distinct interface.

ionos hosting service backend

However, it is wrong to scare people to upsell products like this one sample below. They are suggesting that there are vulnerable websites to use other tools which cost more for the user. I am quite a bit disappointed.

ionos dashboard


A single App Launcher icon has been added to the top bar, containing all available apps in one place. When you click the icon, a complete overview in a clear layout appears. Each app has its icon and name. As a result, less space is required, and all apps are still well-organized and accessible.

Floating windows are now supported in the new Webmail. Submit an email, schedule appointments, allowing you to send a message, and manage your address book and inbox in a browser window that you can move around, making it fair to use or copy input values.

floating windows web mail


You can migrate your domains, email accounts, mails, website link, Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress hosting, etc., database, online stores, cloud hosting setting from previously developed web host sites, or online marketing analytics data from other sites to 1&1 ionos for free.

hosting | file management

It has simple details where you can get used to in a matter of few weeks, months if you are used to the control panels from the former web hosting providers that you first used. You can import all your data from other web hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, and a lot more into 1&1 ionos almost immediately!

FTP user management

You can use these helpful articles for step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Ionos articles: how to export data from another hosting service.

hosting ftp accounts management


It's simple to transfer a database from another web hosting site to ionos by simply going to hosting options and selecting the database instead of FTP to manage.


Transferring a database from another reliable hosting provider to ionos is as simple as going to hosting product features and selecting a domain and SSL option.

domain registration and ssl certificate

Because 1&1 ionos does not allow Cname editing for this primary domain, we must make a DNS folder.

1 and 1 ionos domains and SSL

Make a DNS server name, tick the box to make a second DNS, and thereafter click the SAVE button.


Ionos has a utility called Kubernetes which you can collect metrics from it. It assists you in ensuring that all panels in a deployment are operational.


With its Server, Developer Shared Hosting, 1&1 Ionos includes a free GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate (encrypted website security that protects data exchanges between users and your site). In addition, your visitors will see real-time verification that the site is secure if you choose to display the SiteLock Trust Seal on your website.


IONOS is committed to making sure that service runs smoothly and efficiently. They provide a list of tried-and-true operating systems that you can use right away in your virtual cloud instances. Operating system versions already installed in the IONOS Enterprise Cloud infrastructure, so you don't have to change the OS installed on your computer. However, the older an OS version is, the more likely it will suffer from performance and stability issues. Therefore, upgrading to the most recent versions is always recommended as soon as possible (well before the manufacturer supports your old version expires).


They also offer a Website Checker, Favicon Generator, SEO Check, Whois Lookup, SSL Checker, Logo Creator, IP Address Check, Domain Check, VPS, and a lot more.

Ionos Website Builder

If you want to sell products, you can choose from various layouts and designs with the 1&1 Ionos e-commerce builder (which additionally costs a fee). There's a lot of dragging and dropping and prefab elements to add, but there wasn't much we could manually tweak in our testing. 1&1 Ionos asks you to enter your sales tax ID (optionally) and whether you want to show items with or without sales tax included in the price. You can add products, specify delivery methods, and accept various payment methods, among other things. There's also a customer database to keep track of who you're dealing with.

Apps Installer

There are over 40 cloud apps to choose from. Additionally, they will recommend the appropriate cloud package based on the performance requirements. They will then preinstall your cloud app, allowing you to focus solely on your project.

WordPress Themes

You're likely to discover something more to help you show the public what you're enthusiastic about because they have more than 5,000 WordPress themes that you can choose and apply to your website.

1 &1 Ionos Customer Support

If you have any issues with your hosting package or simply have a question about cloud hosting, you can contact the 1&1 Ionos representative via email, live chat, or phone at any time.

Live Chat Support

A personal consultant service is also available to anyone who has signed up for hosting with 1&1 Ionos. This Customer Consultant gives advice, tips, and recommendations, and they are open to contact 24/7. You can either contact them on live chat or telephone.

Buyer's Guide For Ionos 1&1

Shared Web Hosting: There are three shared hosting deals available from IONOS:

Essential Plan: This is the most basic plan, with 10GB of storage, one domain, 10 DB, and a professional email account for $4. Plans renew for $6 per month.

Business Plan: This plan costs $.50 per month and includes unlimited site hosting, storage, and DB. This plan renews for $10 per month.

Expert Plan: This is the most expensive plan, with some advanced features, and it costs $8 per month. It has a Railgun-enabled CDN, an 896MB PHP data limit, and 16GB RAM. This plan renews for $16 per month.


Ionos offers 99.9% uptime and georedundant hosting services, and you can keep your project online. Your data is replicated across two data centers, ensuring that your hosting remains up and running even during maintenance and outages back up, which is automatic.

Scalable performance management that is always ready.

Convenient integration allows you to use your favorite third parties programs with just one click.

Cloud hosting is something that 1&1 IONOS excels at. Its strength is in its scalability; with eight different plans to choose from, it's simple to upgrade as needed.

cloud hosting features

Payment Plans

Ionos allows you to pay using PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, major credit card, Visa card, and direct debit. Payment insurers with user accounts or direct transfer via a collection agency should handle transactions, ensuring that both the consumer and the company are in a safe environment.

Server Speed

1&1 IONOS is a trustworthy hosting company. It boasts a 99.8% uptime, according to their claims and other users' that I've talked to from my previous content.

Security and Backups

Its hosting packages include daily backups, anti-spam protection, and plenty of other valuable features. However, some of its offerings are more powerful than others.

Ionos Pros

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Free Domain For the First Year
  • Servers can run on Linux or Windows OS
  • Blog resources that are simple to use
  • Testing with an uptime reliability
  • Basic and advanced hosting packages are available.
  • One of the most cost-effective hosting services available.
  • Every client is assigned a personal support consultant.
  • According to negative reviews, assistance and support are frequently lacking. Requires an hour waiting or often having difficulties to resolved or fix a single issue.

Ionos Cons

  • There is no reseller hosting service available.
  • There aren't a lot of storage options.
  • Customer support is only available by phone calls or by logging into an Ionos user account. Many competing services offer open chat support, such as email.
  • There are no free site transfers available.
  • The backend Cpanel is outdated and confusing.
  • Not very user-friendly for beginner clients.
  • Some unanticipated/hidden fees

Final Thoughts

There is a comment from some hosting reviews in the past about them that customers often encounter multiple transfers and call dropped and can't get their refund back. In my opinion, unlimited storage and a free domain is the big selling point. They have good value for money, and they have the tools for the price. I hope there's no hidden upsell with the red sign, and it is not helpful. There's no reseller hosting service accessible. But overall, I can still recommend them since they have good customer support, reasonably priced hosting plans, uptime service is dependable, more minor errors or downtime according to google reviews, VPS features, and shared hosting, and many more.

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