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Krokusweg 9A, 48165 Münster, Germany

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Euro 40.44/mo - Euro 167.05/mo

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ZAP-Hosting Full Review

ZAP Hosting, otherwise known as ZAP-hosting .com, is a unique hosting provider originating from Germany. It started in 2010 and now has over 30000 servers and hundreds of installed games. It still provides the tool and the products you need to host your site and makes it available online. But ZAP Hosting perhaps is most known for hosting game servers. Although they offer various products and services like cloud, VPS, and dedicated server hosting, most are directed to online players.

Online game players use game servers to hold the game they are playing isolated from the central server of the game publisher. It allows for a seamless game experience that you do not usually get with the primary game provider or publisher while competing with the rest of the players in the world. Here, you can create realms or worlds that are only available to you and the accounts you approve of getting in. Many online players are now transitioning to having their game servers, and ZAP Hosting is here to make it happen. It was graded as an excellent hosting provider from Trustpilot with 16000 + reviews. They have 11 data centers from different parts of the world and is considered as one of the largest game hosting provider in Europe.

Getting Started with ZAP Hosting

As I went to ZAP-hosting.com, I was greeted by this page. Here, you can see the hosting services that they offered and a registration form. I registered an account and then signed up for a web hosting plan for only $4.56 per month to understand how ZAP hosting works.  I also noticed that there are two ways of settling your account, either prepaid or contract. Prepaid accounts will expire if not paid on time. You don't need to give any bank or account details. Contracts will automatically be renewed, and you have to provide account and billing details.

For this review, I chose Webspace Large for my hosting packet and a monthly billing period. You can also choose to have access to your DDos protection overview or not. For this review, I decide not to have access.

I choose the prepaid payment method, and then I am good to go. I received a welcome email with my hosting accounts and details. Once everything is done, you can see your purchased webspace in your dashboard.

Using and Managing Your Website with ZAP-Hosting

Managing your site using ZAP-hosting.com is easy. It comes with a very user-friendly dashboard that is not only intuitive but also visually appealing. Here, you can see your insights and summary, packages, user address, username, password, and account settings.

To fully manage your site, you need to open its control panel. It is easily accessible through a button that tells Open Administrative Page that you can find at the lower part.

ZAP-Hosting Control Panel

After you click the Open Administrative Page button, you will be redirected to a login form from Plesk. The Plesk interface is the control panel we can use for our website. It has all the features needed to optimized your site. You can see your login details from the welcome emails, or you can directly see them in your webspace dashboard.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to add a domain name to your account.

Plesk Interface

The Plesk interface is pretty straightforward. Here are the dashboards you can find at the left of your screen:

  • Websites & Domains - This is your default view when you open Plesk. It has the shortcut to the different tools in managing your site. You can see your domain, its status and type, a summary of your resource usage, files and databases, security settings, and development tools in this area. You can also add FTP accounts from this tab.

  • Mail- This tab is where you can find your mail settings and manage your email address: you can create, delete, modify mail accounts.

  • Applications- This tab will let you manage your installed application. You can add, install, delete, or update existing applications.
  • Files - this is where you manage and modify your website files.
  • Databases - this tab is where you can access and manage your site's database.

  • Statistics- this tab shows your site insights and stats. It includes visits, resources, and many more.
  • Users - This is where you can find all website users
  • Accounts -this shows the details of your web account. Here you can also modify your web account settings.
  • WordPress - this is where you can manage your WordPress site. Here, you can customize, add plug-ins, and many more.
  • SEO Toolkit - this section contains the tools that could help you manage your SEO insights

ZAP-Hosting Website Builder

You can quickly build your site using WordPress. WordPress is a very well-known content management system that includes site-building. If you are into web development, there is a massive chance that you are already familiar with this site builder. It comes with a lot of themes and plug-ins that you can choose from. You can install it to your ZAP web hosting account to access it from your Plesk dashboard.

ZA- Hosting App  Installer

Installing an application using Zap hosting is quite advanced. Let us take, for example, how to install a WordPress app to my Plesk dashboard. First, I have to download the app from WordPress.org to my local computer.

I unpacked the zip file then looked for the folder that is named "wordpress." I uploaded that folder using by creating a user in my FTP accounts. Connect your webspace to your account, then make your database and your email accounts. Lastly, click the button to start the installation. You can follow the exact process above to install other applications.

ZAP-Hosting Customer Support

ZAP-hosting offers excellent customer support to its users. You can contact support via live chat, emails, or by reading the ZAP documentation. They also provide ticket support to their customers so you can get accurate support from their fantastic team. They are accommodating and polite in answering queries. Aside from the programmed bot response, you can also choose to talk to a real person with just a button.

Buyer's Guide and Pricing

Do you enjoy playing multiplayer games? Don't you just love having a realm all to you and your friends which you can customize and be personalized? Don't you just hate it when your favorite game experiences downtimes and lagging? Are you tired of manually saving your game all the time? ZAP-hosting.com is the right place for you. Let your gaming world come to life through their game server plans. It is every gamer's dream, and ZAP-hosting.com is here to make it a reality. You can choose to buy a Minecraft server, Valheim, Curse/Twitch, FiveM server, and many more. You have so many options at your fingertips.

Plans, Pricing, and Features


ZAP-Hosting offers powerful game servers to host your game's data and power your multiplayer realms. You can choose to rent a game server powered by the cloud, or you can buy a lifetime server. Either way, it's a guarantee that you and your friends will always have fun personalizing your game. It is ideal for Minecraft servers, FiveM servers,

Cloud Game Servers support a wide range of games. Below are some of the cloud game servers you can rent:

These cloud game server prices start at $3.15 per month. You can switch games is as fast a one minute. It comes with the following features:

  • High-speed SSD's so you enjoy your game without lags
  • DDoS protection to keep your server safe from brute force attack
  • Easy and automatic game server setup
  • Ability to switch from one game to another anytime
  • Easy game server updates
  • Four game server slots
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Standard CPU (SSD, 2.0-3.4 GHz, DDR3/4 memory

You have to option to increase game server slots, boost memory, use premium CPU, set up your IP address, get access to the DDoS manager, and choose billing interval. These additional options are for a fee. Sometimes, when installing a game server, the required RAM is greater than 2GB, so you have to add some. You can also preorder game servers that are unavailable in Zap to ensure you are never behind. It will automatically get set up whenever it becomes available. You can also make game request for your favorite games, and they can notify you when it's available.

Lifetime Servers only supports Minecraft products.

Zap Hosting offers lifetime servers that allow you to get a permanent server for a one-time payment instead of paying monthly. Below are some of the lifetime servers you can buy. Prices range from $76.70 to $118.00. When purchasing a lifetime game server, you can choose your own data center and server location. Choices are Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. In addition, you can also increase your game server slots, add your IP address, boost your memory, choose a CPU and host server. Of course, these add-ons are for a fee, but you don't have to worry because you are still getting enough features to make your gaming experience extra special.

The features included in their lifetime servers are the following:

  • 2.0 GB RAM
  • Standard CPU (SSD, 2.0-3.4 GHz, DDR3/4 memory)
  • 20 game server slots
  • Standard DDoS protection

You can also choose to preorder lifetime servers.


ZAP-Hosting offers this plan for those who want to create their own website or make an existing website available online. It is a complete hosting package that starts at $4.60 per month. Included in this hosting packet are the following:

Webspace Large - price starts at $4.56 per month and comes with the following features:

  • Plesk control panel makes website management super easy
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Easy and quick backup options
  • 5000 MB disk space
  • 40 Email Accounts
  • 40 SQL Databases
  • flexible billing interval

Webspace Xtra Large -price starts at $5.73 per month and comes with the following features:

  • Plesk 12 control panel
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Easy and fast backup options
  • 10 000 MB disk space
  • 70 Email accounts
  • 70 MySQL databases
  • flexible billing interval

Webspace XtraXtra Large - price starts $8.07 per month and has the following inclusions:

  • Plesk control panel
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Easy and fast backup options
  • 20 000 MB disk space
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 70 MySQL databases
  • flexible billing interval

You can add a feature where you can access your DDoS overview for $1.07 per month.

Root server Hosting

A root server supports and facilitates Internet use. It is considered to be the backbone of internet use. ZAP-Hosting offers two hosting packets. One is the Windows server, and the other is for Linux. You can use your servers any way you like. You can host a game server or host a website. If you choose the latter, you can add a Plesk control panel license to manage your website.

Windows Root server Hosting - starts at $21.12 per month and comes with the following features:

  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors -high-performance servers
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM host systems -to power server applications
  • SSD Server -for quick access time
  • Full access -anywhere online via remote desktop option
  • Stats - shows server usage
  • Livechat support - customer support at your fingertips
  • Prepaid function - for those who do not like the single contract
  • Multiple payment methods-including but are not limited to credit cards, online payment apps, bank transfers, bitcoin, and more.
  • Own web interface - you can choose to customize
  • Automatic setup - quick and easy installation.

Linux Root server Hosting-starts at $15.22 per month and comes with the following features:

  • Intel Xeon E5-1650v4 or Intel XEON X5670 processors
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM host systems
  • SSD Server
  • Full access
  • Stats
  • Backups
  • Livechat support
  • Prepaid option instead of contracts
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Easy and quick configuration and installation


TeamSpeak3 MusicBot hosting lets you listen to music with your friends.

  • The price starts at $5.30 per month
  • Intel E5-2650v4
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM
  • SSD Server
  • Play YouTube videos instantly
  • SoundCloud integration
  • Play internet radios
  • Livechat support
  • Prepaid option instead of contracts
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Discord support
  • Up to 50 GB SSD space
  • Shoutcast interface
  • Youtube browser
  • Web Interface
  • DDoS protection
  • Usable with and without Query rights
  • Text to speech support


ZAP Hosting.com offers Plesk license rental for its users. Plesk is used for website management. It gives you access to tools that could help you manage your files, databases, email addresses, accounts, and many more. It comes with the following:

  • Price starts at $10.02 per month
  • Hassle-free licenses issued directly and entirely automated
  • FTP access
  • Pre-installed Plesk
  • Compatible with older Plesk versions
  • Easy management of FTP accounts
  • Livechat support
  • Prepaid option instead of contracts
  • Multiple payment options
Dedicated Server Hosting

The advantage of hosting using a dedicated server is that you don't need to share the resources with other users. Unlike the VPS shared hosting, you don't have to worry about getting affected by other user's issues. You can also configure your server the way you want. ZAP-hosting.com offers a dedicated server hosting with the following inclusions:

  • Price starts at $47.08 per month
  • Freedom to choose from available servers
  • 10 Gbits network cards
  • 256 GB RAM
  • Two 2 TB SSD hard drives
  • Intel Xeon E5v2 server CPUs
  • HP hardware network controller
  • Remote management
  • Automatic hardware monitoring
  • Game/Ts3 server web interface
  • ISO Uploader
  • Setup in 60 seconds if stock is available
  • Setup in 5 days if stock is not available yet
  • Scalable hard disk drive and working memory
  • Premium DDoS protection
  • Multiple operating systems to choose from
  • Flexible billing interval from 1 month to 5 years
  • It comes with 1 IP address, but you can add more for a fee

Jitsi Meet Hosting

Jitsi Meet is a video conferencing server. This packet allows you to host your conferences and chats on your server. ZAP-hosting.com offers this plan for only $9.32 per month. It comes with the following features:

  • Video chat and screen sharing
  • Shareable conference links
  • Own virtual server
  • Stable audio feed
  • High-performance video feed
  • Intel Xeon-E5 Six-core Processors
  • Technician onsite 24/7

Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting

Teamspeak 3 allows you to speak with your teammates during your match. This plan starts at 1.90 € per month and has the following inclusions :

  • High-quality hardware
  • High-speed SSDs
  • DDoS protection and DDoS manager
  • Low ping
  • Global server locations
  • Voice server via a single click
  • Easy backups and restores
  • Ten slots
  • Zap hosting.com banner
VPS hosting

Linux VPS hosting - is a very affordable hosting solution that starts at $9.32 per month and with the following inclusions:

  • Europe and US datacenters only
  • Premium DDoS protection
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU cores
  • Linux operating system
  • 25 GB disk space
  • One IP address
  • Up to 500 Mbit/s up/down bandwidth
  • Flexible billing interval
  • Instant installation
  • Innovative web interface

Windows VPS hosting - price starts at $11.68 with the following inclusions :

  • Easy administration via remote desktop connection manager
  • Easy server app installation
  • Windows server runs continuously even if you turn off your computer
  • Extensive DDoS protection
  • 7 Layer Protection
  • Quick and automatic server installation
  • Available in Europe and US datacenters
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 4GB RAM
  • 25 GB disk space
  • One IP address
  • Windows 2019 Operating System
  • Up to 500 Mbit/s up/down bandwidth
  • Flexible billing interval

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting at ZAP-hosting.com starts at only $9.32 per month, and it comes top-level domains appropriate for webspace and game hosting and unlimited subdomains. Additional features are:

  • 24/7 online guaranteed
  • Various TLDs
  • Domain Check
  • Nameserver included f
  • DNS Editor
  • Livechat support
  • Prepaid option
  • Many payment methods

Many hosting providers offer flexible payment options ranging from credit cards, online wallets, bank transfers, and many more. But ZAP- Hosting puts this assignment to the next level with their broad payment method integration, including zap coins and bitcoin.

Security and Backups

All ZAP-hosting plans come with an included DDoS protection. Web Space hosting packages also include free SSL Certificates for Let's Encrypt. You can enable it using your Plesk control panel. Backups using Zap-hosting can be done manually or automatically.


Here are some of the advantages of using ZAP- hosting.com :

  • You can ping check each data center before choosing
  • Web hosting comes with a pre-installed Plesk control panel
  • Excellent uptime and server speed
  • All new server is set up automatically and is immediately accessible
  • Good customer support
  • Multiple payment options
  • Good reviews
  • Offers coupons and ZAP coins which you can use to pay for your purchase
  • Customizable plans
  • Plans include DDoS protection


  • WordPress installation is not as quick and easy as other hosting providers
  • No free site builder
  • Limited security options
  • Prices initially reflected changes for some data centers
  • Add-ons are pretty expensive
  • No phone support
  • No refund or money-back guarantee mentioned
  • The access to the DDoS overview is not for free

Final Thoughts

ZAP-Hosting.com is one of the best hosting providers in the market in terms of game server hosting. Aside from game server hosting, it also offers the following services: VPS, root servers, dedicated server, and web hosting, to name a few. Despite being relatively known for game servers, they still offer excellent hosting services, including good performance, low prices, quick response time, multiple data centers, and excellent support to non-game server users. All in all, ZAP- Hosting is an excellent hosting company specially designed for gamers and web developers.

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