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Kamatera Company Overview

Kamatera, founded in 1995, has been gaining essential industry expertise without a pause for the past 25 years as part of an international network of IT-based providers known as OMC Computers. The first hosted virtual machine employing VPS was deployed in 2002, and they've been providing these solutions to a wide range of enterprises and organizations since then.

315 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017, United States

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Kamatera Plans & Pricing

Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Hosting

Server set-up in minutes

Instant scaling up or down as required

99.95% uptime guaranteed

No hardware maintenance

Simple backup and monitoring

VPS Hosting

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Plan Features

VPS Hosting

Server set-up in minutes

Instant scaling up or down as required

99.95% uptime guaranteed

No hardware maintenance

Simple backup and monitoring

Application Hosting

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Kamatera Full Review

Kamatera, founded in 1995, has been gaining essential industry expertise without a pause for the past 25 years as part of an international network of IT-based providers known as OMC Computers. The first hosted virtual machine employing VPS was deployed in 2002, and they've been providing these solutions to a wide range of enterprises and organizations since then.

They run 13 worldwide data centers in New York, USA, including New York, Dallas, Santa Clara, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Tel Aviv.

Thousands of servers worldwide provide enterprise-level cloud-based VPS-type services to tens of thousands of clients, including start-ups, application developers, multinational corporations, and SaaS providers.

Kamatera is a well-known cloud hosting provider in the market. It provides a wide range of adaptable plans that are simple to configure. You may also deploy resource-intensive applications without sacrificing performance.

It includes topics such as gaming, VoIP, and IoT. Microsoft Exchange and possible load balancers are two more unique features. Unmetered bandwidth is also provided to ensure uninterrupted service.

In this Kamatera Review, we will look at its performance, reliability, and pricing.

Is it worth it to have your website hosted by this company? Keep reading to find out!

Getting Started With Kamatera

To start, head to the Kamatera website.

You will be greeted with a blue homepage, with the navigation menu on the upper part comprises of tabs such as Products, Solutions, Support, About, Partner Program, and Kamatera Express.

You also have access to their contact information, a signup button, and the option to log in if you are already a customer.

Here's a quick overview of the hosting services they provide:

Cloud Hosting - Take advantage of having a dedicated server without needing to spend on actual computing equipment.

VPS Hosting - A superior hosting service that combines the flexibility of dedicated servers with the cost-effectiveness of shared servers.

Managed Cloud Services - Enjoy the advantages of cloud computing without the need to manage relatively complex computing infrastructure actively.

Reseller Hosting - Create your own web hosting company without the need for any hardware.

Now, let's walk you through the signup process.

To begin, simply click the Get Started for Free button on the homepage.

You need to enter an email address you want to use and a password. Afterward, click Go.

A validation email will be sent to you. Once you have confirmed this, the account will now be created.

Now on your dashboard, you will be prompted to enter a credit card and provide personal information such as your name, address, and so forth. After that, you're ready to go!

Using and Managing Your Website on Kamatera

Once you've successfully logged in, you will be greeted with your account dashboard.

Here's a brief glimpse at how the dashboard appears:

The account's control panel layout or dashboard is clean. The dashboard's navigation was simple because of a menu on the left panel.

The user interface of Kamatera is refreshingly basic and straightforward to use. No one, however, is going to be guiding you while you try to figure out how to install all of the apps, get your hands on a preferred control panel - these cost extra money or make it easier to get your moved domain to work.

Nothing would appear on the dashboard if you had not yet set up a server.

After you've finished configuring a server, you can begin using its capabilities. You can manage everything on your server using this dashboard. You can manage almost anything on the dashboard, including reboots, backups, configuration, passwords, and activity.

Kamatera Control Panel

If you're like us and prefer to use cPanel, you can install your favorite program or control panel without dealing with SSH commands.

When you deploy cPanel with a Kamatera Server, you will incur no additional costs.

To do so, open your Kamatera Console and go to "My Cloud >> Create New App" from the left side menu bar, then select the Zone and finally the datacenter.

Select cPanel and then the version of cPanel from the list on the right. Then select the Server type, CPU size, system memory, and Disk, and make sure that the Detailed view is enabled so that you can get a detailed pricing estimate.

When you're satisfied with the pricing and application settings, click the "Create Server" button.

The action has now been added to the queue. When the deployment is finished, it will appear in your dashboard.


cPanel is the most widely used panel in the hosting industry since it is easy to use. The control panel is where you can manage your files, databases, email accounts, and other web hosting-related operations.


One advantage of hosting your website with a cPanel-enabled web host is the possibility to create custom email accounts for your domain.

There are several tools available, such as creating new emails, configuring forwarders and autoresponders, managing spam emails, and so much more.


Under the Domains area of cPanel, you could add new domains to your account, set up parked domains, establish subdomains, set up redirects, and even more.

You should indeed have a domain registered and linked to your server before you can set up cPanel. As an outcome, uploading it directly to cPanel will have no influence.

Setting up an extra domain in cPanel is simple, but it can be frightening the first approach. In essence, you should register the new domain, connect it to the necessary nameservers, and then add the domain to cPanel so that it can be recognized.

File Management

Through the files area of cPanel, you may backup your cPanel account, view and modify files stored in your account, monitor your disk usage, and perhaps even create and manage FTP accounts.

File Manager

The File Manager, as the name implies, is where you may manage your files. This area allows you to move, edit, upload, update, delete, and restore documents. Instead of utilizing an FTP application, the cPanel File Manager lets you operate your website via HTTP, similar to how a web browser does.


You may store and save your files, databases, forwarders, and filters to a backup file using the Backup feature. If you're not comfortable with cPanel or file backups, the Backup Wizard interface is another option.

Disk Usage

Once you sign onto cPanel, you'll find an overview of your disk space consumption on the right side. The overall disk space used by your account includes all data, including website files, MySQL databases, and email messages.


FTP can be used to grant or prohibit accessibility to your hosting account. FTP can be used to upload files to your website. You can define which directories the new user will be able to access and how much space they will take up.


The database contains your website's data, including all pages, posts, and personal details. All current websites could not function without a database, which works quietly behind the scenes to manage the website's content.


MySQL Databases is an application that manages your MySQL databases and users. You have the authority to modify, edit, and remove databases and users. Users' database rights can also be regulated.


Before you can use phpMyAdmin to handle databases, you must first create a database in a suitable format. You have absolute control over the content and structure of your database when you use phpMyAdmin. You may import and export data, conduct SQL queries, modify tables and do a variety of other functions in addition to developing and removing columns.


Keeping track of various website metrics is critical to your overall performance in company and sales. You may review various statistics, track errors, and monitor your bandwidth usage in the Metrics section.

You could determine where your website's visitors are coming from, how many people are accessing your site, and which portions of your website are being visited the most frequently by using this feature.


One of the most crucial matters you can do is keep your website secure. Using the tools in this category, you may restrict SSH access, ban IP addresses, and restrict your images from being hot-linked. And this is where you can manage your website's security certifications.


Exploring the software area can help you improve the functionality of your website. Important tools are provided here to assist you with the setting of software on your website. Feel free to take advantage of them.


Actions in this section are ones that are not commonly practiced but are nevertheless suitable for advancement.


Numerous significant components of the cPanel interface can be customized using the Preferences area. Change the display language, for example, by selecting Change Language from the drop-down menu; update your Contact Information and, if needed, reset your cPanel password from this section.

Kamatera Express

It's simple to get started with Kamatera Express. You can quickly set up your server and adjust CPU, RAM, SSD space, and bandwidth to your preference. Users can practically add an infinite number of resources.

There's no need to be concerned if you're on a tight budget. There is a price calculator to help you stay inside your budget.

The host offers a selection of 9+ operating systems, including CentOS, CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, and others. If yours is not on the list, you are free to install a new one. You may enhance the overall experience by adding premium add-ons such as cPanel/Plesk, daily backups, dedicated IPs, and so on.

Customers can use geolocation to pick servers that are nearest to their users. Even if you choose the default, your audience will have quick access to content regardless of location.

WordPress on Kamatera

Kamatera offers a variety of WordPress website creation choices, some more sophisticated than others. The simplest method is to use a pre-configured server image that is set up to install WordPress automatically. With a few clicks, you can install WordPress using Kamatera Express, but you'll need to know how to point your domain name to your new website.

Kamatera Customer Support

If you're not sure which one to purchase, Kamatera offers sales assistance lines. During business hours, two dedicated lines are available: one for the Middle East and one for the rest of the globe.

The IT team, on the other hand, is available at all times and does an excellent job. Kamatera is at the top of the support game, thanks to quick responses and highly knowledgeable representatives.

Even the most basic free support plan assures you assistance with your operating system and underlying infrastructure within two hours.

However, if you upgrade the service, you can expect considerably faster responses and have the Kamatera web hosting staff handle everything from basic server stack optimization to backup setup, server monitoring, and even app administration for you.

Kamatera provides quick response times to support queries. Not only that, but unlike most cloud computing providers, it also includes complete server management.

If you have a specialized cloud operations staff, support may not be high on your priority list.

However, most consumers can benefit from competent support if their Kamatera VPS is acting up or they need assistance with a complicated setup.

Buyer’s Guide For Kamatera

Kamatera is a cloud computing company that operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. You have complete control over your server configuration and can scale up or down at any time.

Because of its adaptability, Kamatera offers over 1500 alternative server configurations. The lowest server costs $4 per month, and you may expand up to more than $4,000 per month. Keep in mind that this is without considering the option of adding many servers and load balancers, as well as constructing a vast international network.

As you may expect, Kamatera pricing is pretty complex.

Fortunately, Kamatera provides a helpful calculator on their website that will allow you to estimate your final expenditures.

Kamatera Pricing and Plans

Cloud Hosting plans start at $4/month.

Cloud hosting is a network architecture that is distributed over multiple physical servers. It enables the construction of virtual servers that exploit the infrastructure's pooled resources, delivering several benefits not generally available in shared servers.

Kamatera's servers begin with one CPU core, 256MB of RAM, and 20GB of storage. You may scale up to 104 CPU cores and 512GB RAM per server, as well as virtually any amount of block storage. Even better, Kamatera allows you to select individual resource caps, allowing you to create your own server setup.

If you require more resources than a single virtual machine can provide, you can join additional servers. Kamatera instances have been tuned for load balancing across numerous devices.

In short, no matter how much your app grows, you will always have the perfect amount of server resources.

VPS Hosting plans start at $4/month.

VPS Hosting is a premium hosting service that combines flexibility with the cost-effectiveness of shared servers. VPS hosting is distributed among several dedicated servers, which collectively comprise a cloud infrastructure. This increases uptime ratings while providing tremendous flexibility to run alternative operating systems and software combinations as needed.

VPS hosting provides unrivaled benefits such as endless scalability, flexibility, unrivaled uptime rates, unrivaled performance, and cost.

The VPS Hosting model is designed primarily for websites that cannot afford downtime but still want to be affordable.

When you choose a Kamatera VPS, you do not have to pay for the entire month. Instead, you are charged hourly and have the option to scale up or down at any time. As a result, if your workload decreases, you can acquire a smaller server and not pay a dollar more than necessary.

In contrast, if you require more power, you are not limited to a small server.

Managed Cloud Services plans priced at $50/month.

Choosing the level of management was one of the most appealing features while writing this Kamatera review.

The most basic plan is unmanaged, which means Kamatera manages the infrastructure while your developers handle tech stack configuration and app deployment. This is ideal if you want to learn about the cloud or already have someone running the complete setup.

If you require additional assistance, you can pay an additional fee for managed Kamatera cloud hosting.

Managed server hosting is an excellent choice for the non-tech savvy. With this package, Kamatera's technical team handles the difficult task of managing your server.

You can host your site using a Content Management System such as WordPress. It provides a wide array of features to assist you in getting about. Drag-and-drop website builders, productivity and security plugins, and some free templates are among them.

Unfortunately, Kamatera managed cloud is somewhat expensive. It can cost up to $50 per month.

Reseller Hosting

For enterprises and entrepreneurs, the Kamatera reseller package is an excellent choice. There are two options: reselling or white label hosting.

The first offers substantial discounts to clients who resale their products. To take advantage of this, you must make large purchases. You will have access to a billing tool that will allow you to generate individual invoices for your customers.

The other option is white label hosting. It provides users with a plethora of options for customizing services. You may rebrand your website, set your rates, and host services from it. Kamatera's robust API is also offered. It allows you to operate servers via custom applications remotely.

Server Speed and Uptime

One of the most significant components of a hosting service is website uptime.

The assurance that a Kamatera cloud server will be operational 99.95% of the time is entirely reasonable to hear. This means you don't have to be concerned about your servers decelerating and interfering with your entire business's operations and processes.

Kamatera accomplishes this by deploying numerous data centers that use cutting-edge technology. Your cloud servers remain stable and active at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

According to Website Planet's testing, uptime remained at a steady 100 percent during their admittedly brief testing period.

In terms of server speeds, a quick page speed is crucial for a number of reasons. The average time for the whole website to load was 1.1 seconds. You can improve performance by making a few changes.

Security and Backups

With Kamatera, it is better not to worry about this subject because, as per user experience, it has all the necessary security measures you require.

Kamatera is well-renowned for its high-security cloud infrastructure. Not only this, but the private cloud network that the company offers is also pretty amazing because it offers added restrictions to data usage.

All this is done to ensure increased safety and security by keeping everything private and under control.

Nonetheless, if any unforeseen thing happens, its constant backup keeping function comes in handy to get every precious thing back in your hands.

Let's dive into details, shall we?

SSL Certificates

All cloud servers include a set of automatic SSL certificates. This can actually cause some confusion because, for some server bundles, the generated SSL certificate is keyed to the server's temporary address.

However, if you choose a server image with a control panel, you can simply generate your own certificates using Let's Encrypt, which isn't a major issue.

Kamatera Firewall

For cloud server protection, Kamatera provides proactive firewall management. It is set up to run on the cloud and successfully protect users from external assaults. It protects against malware, viruses, and DDoS assaults.

Aside from that, the system performs an excellent job of filtering out suspicious traffic. This keeps malicious bots and spams away from your website. It also closes all open ports.

The history of activities is displayed in the protection tab. Advanced users will like it because the details can be used to make further modifications. You can, for example, utilize root access to ban IP addresses and geo-restrict your app/website.

In general, employing WAF accelerates the performance of your projects. It restricts behaviors that would have resulted in excessive latency and slow server output otherwise. According to Kamatera reviews, its excellent accessibility ensures that consumers have a pleasant experience at all times.

Load Balancers

Load balancers are included with the Kamatera cloud servers. The setup works by linking web servers in order to maintain several connections at the same time. It provides several benefits, such as minimal ping time, rapid content delivery, and service availability.

Around peak traffic, the system is set up to disperse load equitably across the network. This is accomplished by efficiently redirecting TCP, UDP, and HTTP requests towards less congested servers. It improves session persistence by decreasing interruption.

This service is charged separately. The advantage is that it is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no long-term obligations, and you only pay on a per-second basis—a highly cost-effective choice.

Block Storage

Block storage is another part of Kamatera's functionalities. This innovation provides a low-cost method of storing massive amounts of data. Because it is cloud-based, users can access the files whenever they want.

You will save money on other hosting expenses. All you have to do is pay for SSD storage space. There is no need to add CPU or RAM. A lot of free bandwidth is also a big bonus. Kamatera does not charge you for any uploads or downloads you perform.

This function is best used as a remote backup computer. You can also increase the size of your primary system's disk and archive files. Aside from that, it does provide some relief when performing upgrades. It enables simple data duplication over multiple sets of servers.

Disaster Recovery Management

All hosting plans from Kamatera include disaster recovery. The service protects you against losing your data in the future. It is compatible with Microsoft's SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL servers. It is also suitable for any type of information or application saved on your cloud.

It takes time to go back online after a calamity. This feature, on the other hand, quickly updates your Kamatera IP via the network. Expect service interruptions to be minimal at best when combined with fast server reinstallation. You don't even need to work up a sweat. Simply delegate the menial tasks to the company's team of specialists.

Kamatera Features

  • Cloud servers
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud block storage
  • Cloud Private network
  • Load balancing servers
  • Cloud firewall
  • Kamatera express
  • 24/7 technical support
  • One-click installer
  • Kamatera remote desktop
  • Block storage
  • E-commerce features
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Load balancing features
  • 30-day free trial
  • High-level flexibility
  • Scalable resources for virtual servers
  • Affordable VPS services
  • A prompt customer service team
  • An excellent choice for experienced users
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • No hidden charges
  • SSD storage
  • Offers both Windows and Linux servers
  • WordPress installations come with a pre-installed SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Daily backups are offered for a fee
  • Customer support may be prompt, but they're not always helpful - instead of detailed solutions, the tech support team provides quick replies to questions, as claimed by user reviews.
  • Server management services cost extra.
  • Multisite WordPress installation by default
  • No shared hosting
  • No chat support

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a low-cost but dependable cloud hosting solution, Kamatera is a fantastic choice. I will recommend it to individuals with technical skills, particularly those with experience with WordPress multisite installs and MySQL databases.

Kamatera remains competitive with many other VPS and cloud hosting providers due to consistent server performance and reasonable pricing. Unless you have some money to invest in the server management add-on, we suggest this service for VPS beginners.

But if you do, or if you enjoy handling servers on your own, we would recommend Kamatera for you.

All in all, Kamatera is a hosting company you can trust for speed, scalability, and reliability.

We hope our Kamatera review has been helpful in your search for a hosting company!

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