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Directnic Company Overview

Directnic is a flexible domain name registration, email, and web hosting services provider founded in the early 2000s aiming to become the hosting solution for your online presence needs by providing up-to-date industry tools. This hosting company is another ICANN accredited registrar that is based in Metairie, Louisiana, the USA.

9029 Jefferson Hwy., Suite D #298 River Ridge, LA 70123

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Directnic Plans & Pricing

Shared Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Lite Plan


10GB Disk Space

100GB Data Transfer

10 MYSQL Databases

3 FTP Accounts

Up To 3 Hosted Domains

Pro Plan


100GB Disk Space

1000GB Data Transfer

50 MYSQL Databases

5 FTP Accounts

Up To 15 Hosted Domains

Deluxe Plan


200GB Disk Space

2000GB Data Transfer

100 MYSQL Databases

10 FTP Accounts

Up To 30 Hosted Domains

Wordpress Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Lite Plan


10GB Disk Space

100GB Data Transfer

10 MYSQL Databases

3 FTP Accounts

Up To 3 Hosted Domains

Pro Plan


100GB Disk Space

1000GB Data Transfer

50 MYSQL Databases

5 FTP Accounts

Up To 15 Hosted Domains

Deluxe Plan


200GB Disk Space

2000GB Data Transfer

100 MYSQL Databases

10 FTP Accounts

Up To 30 Hosted Domains

Directnic Full Review

Directnic Review

Directnic is a flexible domain name registration, email, and web hosting services provider founded in the early 2000s with the aim to become the best hosting solution for your online presence needs by providing up-to-date industry tools.

This hosting company is another ICANN accredited registrar that is based in Metairie, Louisiana, USA.

Directnic homepage

But what really makes Directnic different than other providers? And is it worth the money?

I will tell you all about it in this review. I will also walk you through the whole registration and usage process, so stay with me.

Directnic has strong shared hosting and expandable virtual private servers and is a provider of reliable, efficient, and affordable web hosting services for as low as $2.48 a month.

Their domain registration offers can sometimes go as low as $0.99 a year for new TLDs when it's on sale! That's half the money you'd pay for a freshly brewed coffee at Starbucks! It's virtually free in this case.

With any annual hosting plan, Directnic's VPS hosting gives you a free domain name, WordPress optimization, and has a drag-and-drop site builder with a 99% uptime guarantee. Each plan comes with email accounts, large storage, bandwidth, easy script installs, cPanel hosting, and 24/7 technical customer support.

Now, let's take a closer look at Directnic.

Getting Started With Directnic

To start, visit the Directnic webpage. With a modern and interactive web hosting design, their website is perhaps one of the most user-friendly I've come across so far.

When you scroll down, you will be able to explore more of Directnic's wide range of products and services. Here, you will see the products of Directnic - including fast, reliable, and secure cPanel-based hosting, email hosting with loaded features, SSL certificates, and cWatch to protect websites from cyberattacks.

Directnic options

Scrolling further down, you will see the introductory price for domain registration of the most common TLDs.

For web hosting, customers have three options to choose from - Lite, Pro, and Deluxe; each with its own set of features. For the purposes of this review, we will purchase the Lite Plan out of the three hosting packages. You could also go for shared hosting but more on that later.

In order to access all the features and learn more about how flexible this shared hosting service is, I first had to sign up for an account by clicking the "Sign Up" button on their website, and it led me to this registration page. In general, you'll be able to register pretty quickly.

Directnic registration pageDirectnic has a two-step verification process for account registration. First, it will send a code to your phone number and an email to activate your Directnic account.

Directnic registration email

Once the phone and email verification process have been successful, you will have to agree to their terms of service in order to continue, so make sure that you read them carefully before making the next few clicks to successfully register on the site.

After a few more clicks, and you will be taken to the dashboard. This is where you also access the shopping cart to pay for the services you want to purchase.

Using and Managing Your Website on Directnic

Once you log into your account, you will be taken to your account dashboard, with a summary of all existing services, as well as all expired services that you've purchased from Directnic.

Directnic account dashboard

From the dashboard, you'll be able to customize your settings including activate features, payment methods, check your domains, and check your mail.

Directnic CPanel

All domains in Directnic have a shortcut to the Directnic Hosting Console as part of the hosting package. You can simply visit "https://yourdomainname.com/cpanel" to get to the Directnic Hosting Console login screen.

Directnic cPanel launch

Alternatively, you can also log in by going to the 'My Services' tab and selecting 'Hosting', then 'Primary Domain Hosting' to go to the hosting plan details page.

On the right is a blue "Launch Directnic Hosting Console" button. This will log you in directly to your cPanel.Directnic cPanel


This section lets you check email accounts, create automated responses, track email deliveries, edit calendars and contacts, see mail disk usage, filter the emails, and more. In the same way, you can also govern the professional Spam Filter here. Email options


Access all your files by using the file manager and directory. You'll also be able to monitor how much storage you've used up, how much is left, back up your files, manage Git Version Control, and more.

File manager


You can control your databases by using phpMyAdmin, and you can also create a database using MySQL. You may use these same tools to connect the database to your website.


In this section of the control panel, you can manage all your domains, assign aliases, add-ons, subdomains, redirects, etc. You can also find the domain FAQs to help you get a feel for how domain management works.


Metrics are imperative in understanding whether or not your website is working as it should. They allow users to verify how good their site is at all times.

And the Metrics section of Directnic shows the number of visitors, the complete stats, the log of all accesses, bandwidth, resource usage, and more. You can also see here if your site has any errors on it.


This section is significant for website management since this is where you configure all security settings for your account. You can configure SSH keys, set up a two-factor authentication method, and generate, view, or delete SSL certificates.


This section shows the software that can be used to improve your website. Here, you can use Python, Ruby, NodeJS, etc. You can also use the WordPress Manager, install PHP PEAR packages, and more.

Directnic software section


In this section, you can manage web cache and indexes, cron jobs for specific command automation, view error pages, and scan for viruses.


From the Preferences side, you can see features that involve your cPanel account password, contact information, language, and more. You can also change the style of your cPanel dashboard into dark, light, or retro.

Directnic Website Builder

Weebly is an online website builder tool that has its own web hosting. It uses a simple widget-based website builder that operates in web browsers. All the site elements are drag-and-drop, and it automatically generates a mobile version of each website. Storage is unlimited, but the service restricts individual file sizes.

Weebly homepage

It is created with the designer in mind and is the website building tool you can get for using Directnic. Weebly's drag and drop website builder makes it easy to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills.

Weebly features

If you have just started and don't have a site, the company offers three packages for its site building plans. They have the Sitebuilder Starter, Sitebuilder Pro, and Sitebuilder Business. Hosting is already included in this. Listed below is the Weebly pricing offered by Directnic.

Weebly plans and pricing

For a company such as Weebly, I was pleasantly surprised to find that each plan has the following features (there are some differences between the plans still but these are common through and through):

  • Multiple one-click installations to market your websites
  • List up to 10 products on your site and checkout on Weebly
  • Easily embed H.D. videos into your websites
  • RSS, real-time community comments, social sharing, and community tools
  • Customize templates with full HTML and CSS controls
  • Track visitors and understand traffic performance
  • Perform better in search results
  • Access chat and email support, video tutorials, and more

Apps Installer

Directnic also uses cPanel as a server management panel. Here, you can easily download your desired application from within the control panel using the Softaculous App Installer for free.

It features an exhaustive list of applications, including blogs, Wikis, Social Networking, portals/CMS, Forums, image galleries, ad management, calendars, gaming, emails, project management, e-commerce, etc.

Softaculous app installer

WordPress Themes

Creating a website requires a design process that will cement a design for it. This is usually done through the use of WordPress themes, most of which are free. You can search for the perfect theme out of thousands that are available.

You can also use StellarWP for the plugins and software for your website and store. It is available in Managed WordPress hosting plans.

WordPress installation

Directnic Customer Support

Paid plans give you access to a customer support team that can assist you in the website hosting journey to address any problems that may arise. Excellent tech support is a must to even consider a hosting service a great one.

The Directnic customer support team is capable and well-prepared to help out as efficiently as possible with any issues you may have.

You can get instant self-help or contact them through live chat support. I put this to the test, and indeed they are very responsive.

FAQ page

You can also contact them using phone support at +18778569598, and you can call them during working hours from Monday to Friday (Central US time). You may also use a helpdesk ticket if the problem isn't urgent and you can afford to wait a few hours.

By posting a ticket, all of your support history can be instantly reviewed through the Tickets tab under Account Info. All support services except telephone are available 24 hours a day.

Directnic support tickets

The company also offers a comprehensive list of valuable resources you can check out when having issues or when you want to learn more about your hosting account, domain management and transfer, email management, billing and more, by providing an extensive FAQ page.

FAQ categories

You can select the category of concern from the help desk to get more technical help if it hasn't been resolved yet. In here, you can also find some walkthrough videos like logging in to the cPanel dashboard, transferring domain, etc.

If you are trying your navigate your way through the Directnic website and are confused with all these tabs, they've also included a sitemap that is incredibly handy in helping with navigation, considering all the relevant links are in one place.

Directnic sitemap

Plans and Pricing

Directnic's shared web hosting packages are all reasonably within the range of what you will see in most pricing of other companies. For what you are getting, these prices seem very reasonable. If you shop around, you can likely find much lower pricing, but possibly without so many useful features.

Pricing of hosting plans

Lite Plan: A low-cost starter package that is perfect for hosting your first website in an easy-to-use cPanel environment. The price starts at $2.48 per month and comes with an easy install to get your website or blog online in less time than it takes to watch a movie.

This is the most basic hosting package that they offer. This package includes 10 GB space, 100 GB data transfer, 50 POP3 emails, 10 MYSQL Databases, 3 FTP Accounts, Up To 3 Hosted Domains, and Up To 50 Sub Domains.

Pro Plan: A mid-level package that is perfect for small to medium-size businesses. It comes with more disk space, POP3 emails and databases, and cPanel hosting tools you need for your growing business.

This mid-level package costs $4.48/Month in exchange for 100GB Disk Space, 1000GB Data Transfer, 100 POP3 Emails, 50 MYSQL Databases, 5 FTP Accounts, Up To 15 Hosted Domains, and Up To 150 Sub Domains.

Deluxe Plan: This is an inclusive hosting package that is perfect for managing multiple domains from one hosting account, also designed to meet the needs of professional websites that receive a high volume of traffic.

The grandest hosting plan you can get doesn't come with unlimited resources but 200GB Disk Space, 2000 GB Transfer, 250 POP3 Emails, 100 MYSQL Databases, 10 FTP Accounts, Up To 30 Hosted Domains, and Up To 250 Sub Domains. This, you can get for $7.98/Month.

On top of all these, Directnic offers a FREE domain name with any of these hosting plans.

All of the annual plans offered by this hosting provider come with a free domain and an affordable renewal price in the succeeding years.

Server Speed

The provider sometimes migrates email/hosting plans to provide better optimization for customer needs as well as address difficulty in server maintenance.

I didn't have problems loading my website so far, but I have also read reviews from other customers that say they experienced some delays. The company has updated its servers back in June, which are much faster than what they had before.

Security and Backups

Directnic also has a backup wizard that you can use to back up the website manually or set it up to back up on specific dates, automatically.

They have an email and spam filter with controls that the customer can set. They also offer cWatch as an additional add-on but it means extra payment for it too. But that's just how it is with almost everything in web hosting- a comprehensive website security feature comes with a price.

Directnic security features

Features of Directnic

All Directnic Hosting plans come with the same excellent services. The most popular features include POP3 & IMAP Email accounts, Webmail Access, and one-click installations of all your favorite scripts, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart, and more. You're going to have to choose the right annual hosting plan that is suitable for your level of needs.

Hosting plan features


This is a very user-friendly hosting company. They understand that their customers and target users usually don't want anything overly complex regarding hosting, and they built on that idea. I was impressed with their comprehensive FAQ page that includes some walkthrough videos for a specific problem.

They displayed all the information you need on the FAQ page to solve some minor issues. On top of that, their live chat is exceptional! All these mean they have an excellent support team. The interface is also straightforward so you can get everything working without any trouble.

I also think that the pricing is affordable for the number of websites and email addresses (50) you are allowed to host, even for the most basic plans, and they allow a money-back guarantee when the account is canceled within 30 days.


You might not need it yet, but they don't have a package that includes unlimited resources. We have to purchase SSL certificates separately, which is annoying to me. The prices for these are pretty expensive and the choices for TLD domains are limited.

Final Thoughts

Directnic has affordable prices, and their web host products and services can definitely hold their ground compared to similar offerings from another web hosting provider. However, none of their packages offer unlimited resources. It's also not the cheapest hosting service out there.

There are quite a few other more affordable options that can host your website with the same storage. For a small business or organization, the Lite Plan is packed with features that are be useful.

So, to answer our question at the beginning of this review, is it worth it? The answer is dependent on your needs. My recommendation is to start with a cheaper plan. You can always upgrade later on. Directnic can help you with the migration process to a more expensive plan.

Your expected website activity and the increase in the number of visitors can take a long time, so, as a more practical approach, you shouldn't pay a lot of money until the need arises.

Therefore, try to evaluate your needs, put it on paper and then gather more information about prices, featured packages, and feedbacks from other hosting service providers before you commit to Directnic.

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