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Written by: Adam C  | September 23, 2021

Hetzner Review

Hetzner Online GmbH is a data center and Internet hosting provider established in Gunzenhausen, Germany. They've been providing dedicated hosting, shared web hosting, virtual private servers, managed servers, domain names, SSL certificates, storage boxes, and category cloud server solutions for 22 years. Throughout this time, the company has expanded quite a bit and has harbored hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

The headquarters of the company is in Gunzenhausen, Bavaria, Germany. Their data centers are located in Nuremberg, Falkenstein, and Helsinki.

Xneelo (formerly Hetzner (Pty.)) Ltd. which operates in Midrand and Cape Town, is a South African partners firm.

When you visit their website for the first time, you'll notice a plethora of awards. These awards essentially signify that the company has earned its spot near the top.

Getting Started With Hetzner

One of their ads appeared as I was watching Youtube videos. I started my search for this hosting company by going to their website and researching their offers for quite a while.

The site's interface is fairly basic and doesn't look as good as their competitors' websites. Hopefully, they'll be able to improve upon this in the future. While looking at the prices I noticed that they were offering the next free setup sale. While this prospect was good, I also noticed that certain stuff isn't available in most plans but predominantly in Platinum ones.

There's one part that caught my attention. The server auction screen is where you can choose your desired hardware specifications and compare other businesses' or companies' offers. It's best to keep an eye out for this section as they often offer some incredible deals.

Firstly, you'll need to log in to KonsoleH by clicking 'create an account' right at the bottom of the page, as you can see here.

After selecting the "Create it Now" option, the site will show you step by step how to start your own domain, webspace account, managed server, or SSL certificate. After you've signed up, the company will send you an Email with all your login information.

To create an account you must provide your name, business name, your (if applicable) VAT, your address, and phone number. The good news is that you won't have to input any additional information just yet.

For this analytics test, I went for their level 1 package and chose the UK or around-Germany cloud server. My target is either Russian, German, or Frankfurt traffic.

Once done, the above window should appear for you in your browser. Make sure you still have access to your select Email as you'll need it for future work, especially when adding new domains or changing vital settings.

Using and Managing Your Website with Hetzner online

Once your account is verified, you can log in to your dashboard and register your chosen hosting plan.

This is where you need to confirm your order. I stated that I will register my own new domain. And I chose annual payment since there is a 3% discount for doing so.

After choosing the services, hardware, domain, and inputting payment details, you'll be greeted by the invoice summary.

KonsoleH Control Panel

The Hetzner control panel is called KonsoleH. In all actuality, it serves the same purpose as cPanel, albeit with a personalized twist. It'll take some time getting used to.

We're going to navigate it by starting on the left side of the panel as it has the following: the account information which contains domain details, manage services option, statistics, software, and mail option.

Domain Details

This is where you can enter and find your domain, quota allocations, DNS, URL options, etc.

Manage Services

This section is where you can manage files and folders, restore backups, take a look at databases (MySQL), use project configuration controls like adding new users to FTP, and more.


Under this tab, you can disable spam mail, receive and send an email, see mail logs, etc.

Hetzner Online GMBH Website Builder

Apps Installer Software

Using the "Software" tab, you can install your own software on a managed server over SSH.

The Debian package "hos-dev" is required by some software. You can install it by submitting a support request through KonsoleH. You can visit their general customer information and tips by following this link: online application installer.

WordPress Themes

WordPress theme installation is simple and easy; all you have to do is choose which theme you'd like and apply it to all of your content. Remember, you'll need to wait for it to take effect. You may also get a warning about overwriting past information. If you end up having any issues, make sure to check out this link for some helpful content and information: WordPress Customers' Account Management.

Hetzner's Customer Support

For now, they only offer telephone and email customer service. Hopefully in the future, they'll update their packages with real-time customer support as there's no better way to deliver quick answers to people who demand them.

Buyer’s Guide For Hetzner Online

Features of Hetzner

Some of the features you can expect to get with Hetzner are VServer, Load Balancer, Storage Box, security firewalls, Co-location, Domain Registration, Snapshots, 20 TB of included traffic, high-performance hardware, automatic backups, secure private links/networks, SSL Certificates, floating IPs, DDoS first-rate protection, and more.

Payment Plans

The most basic Level 1 web hosting plan starts at €1.90 per month (VAT included), but you'll have to pay an additional €9.90 for setup. This setup fee decreases for more expensive plans, and isn't charged at all for their most expensive Level 19 plan (which costs €19.90 per month).

Server Speed

The current total external bandwidth is 1320 Gbit/s, thanks to a 100 Gbit/s expansion of peering points at DE-CIX; the world's largest Internet node. This shows a four-fold increase in private peering compared to Amazon and a 10 Gbit/s connection to Rascom.

Security and Backups

End-to-end encryption is used by Backup Services, which encrypts data on your server before it is transferred, adding an extra layer of security throughout any process. De-duplication is used by the Backup Service. This allows you to make the most of the storage capacity of your Storage Box and create more backups.


  • Absolutely stunning prices
  • Storage space is scalable
  • Supports Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora operating system, and more
  • Up to 10 Gbit network connection
  • Monthly bandwidth is high, especially in lower configurations (30TB/month)


  • Their blog and most of their articles are in German (you can find some in the English language on their site)
  • The website is a bit sluggish but serves its function
  • There's no live 24/7 chat support for customers

Final Thoughts

This hosting provider is a great choice for those that are starting out and want to dip their feet in the water. Setup fees are a part of their sales plan but they aren't exorbitant. All plans have a fairly respectable price.

As far as their customer service is concerned, their employees do a great job based on what I've seen so far. In general, they will solve any problem you may have, no matter how big and that's a pretty big deal considering how other hosting providers operate.

In general, this hosting provider is worth the money you invest in them.

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